Blessed Little Wilderness

joe wilderness

They’re not misleading anyone.  Their land and all around them is very much wilderness.

And it doesn’t matter what language you use to describe yourself.  Hell, I’m the Prime Minister of Germany.  I just blog in my spare time.

Note: “. . . so on and so forth”, Joe. “Fourth” is a number.

Click to enlarge the thumbnail. It’s okay to laugh.


Google Earth
image publicly available via Google Earth

Please notice the property next door to the Blessed Little Homestead. See the cleared fields?  See the house?  Notice that you could easily walk from the Homestead to the neighbor’s property, and in fact, your “free-range” goats and dogs and chicken could quite easily wander over there, often.

Want to see the house closer?  Okay.

next door
Google Earth – it’s not “stalking”

This “wilderness house” has not only a paved front walkway, but a paved driveway.  That is not gravel. It’s pavement ( I checked).

But the best thing is the pond   in-ground swimming pool in the backyard.  Imagine that, right there in the middle of the wilderness.

I bet those folks have electricity and running water.



37 thoughts on “Blessed Little Wilderness”

  1. I take it back. Breck county is far more wild then I ever imagined. I’m off to look for big foot. I bet he uses the dimensional portal. We more than laughed. We roared like a lion or tiger or bear, oh my.


  2. Is Joe serious? Wilderness? Surely he is joking. Living most of my life in Breckinridge County, I think I can safely say this area has not been a “Wilderness” since the early 1800’s.


  3. Given the predatory powerlines, the malevolent agricultural crops, the untamed gravel roads, the many houses (probably filled with wolves — you forgot the wolves), the “virgin forest” (so said Mr. Pace Ellsworth), the probablility of undiscovered species of vicious carnivores . . . perhaps Mr. Naugler in his assertion that they are a “wilderness family” deserves the utmost respect.

    Do they have supplies flown in? Have they ever offered shelter to explorers or cartographers? This is truly the Swiss Family Naugler meets Gilligan’s Island reality series just waiting to be served to the hungry statists on a plate. Where’s Discovery Channel when we need them. Alas, when one is surrounded by wilderness, it may take decades before mankind discovers their very remote existence.

    Maybe they’ll share their brave adventures in their promised book. How they foraged the land, learned to differentiate milk duds from goat pellets, found dented cans of carrots in the mossy underbrush, energy bars growing along the edge of their pristine, crystal clear pond. How they learned that frogs and toads are different. Which wild pancakes are poisonous and which are edible.

    Joe, the medicine man curing with medicines found next to the generator and the burnt out single wide mobile homes left there by the ancient ones.

    I gotta tell ya, when you consider that they are able to make it through the wilderness at least twice a day, (back and forth to Fort Radcliff), hey, respect man.

    No wonder they leave guns where the children can access them. These people are serious survivalist/homesteading/pioneers! They need that protection from the dangers of the unknown.

    Is that an in ground swimming pool at the farm next to them on google earth?


  4. Spelling, word meaning and grammar do matter. How do I know? Joe has finally taken note that an ellipsis is three dots, not two dots. Still, it would be nice if he returned to his post and corrected the other errors.

    a wild, uninhabited, and uncultivated region — no
    any desolate tract or area — well… see below!
    a confused mass or collection — yes and entropy continues to win
    See a voice in the wilderness
    See in the wilderness
    adjective (ˈdɛsəlɪt )

    uninhabited; deserted — no
    made uninhabitable; laid waste; devastated — getting there!
    without friends, hope, or encouragement; forlorn, wretched, or abandoned
    gloomy or dismal; depressing — yes

    ▷ verb (ˈdɛsəˌleɪt ) (transitive)

    to deprive of inhabitants; depopulate — clearly not the case
    to make barren or lay waste; devastate — that land isn’t improving
    to make wretched or forlorn — yes
    to forsake or abandon — forsake, yes; abandon, several of the definitions – yes


  5. By the way, when I referred to other errors I was referring to his other grammar errors and misspellings. There’s a lot to edit and it would be informative to have his older kids do so.


  6. Just reading what he has on his FB profile makes me laugh!

    “Im a Sapiosexual terminally sick freak who worships
    in the church of the painful truth at ground zero”

    Joe is right about one thing. He is a sick freak.


  7. Now that I know it’s a wilderness area, I understand the big knife (assuming a knife from seeing the case on his belt) that her son was wearing in town in the juggling video. He could use it to subdue the lions and tigers, or to dig up/cut down food and medicine. Seriously, is it common for a young man to be armed in public? Away from chores, it seems that a knife becomes a weapon rather than a tool.

    Sadly, some of the poor condition of that land can be seen from the google earth image (perhaps the pic is very old?) The surrounding area doesn’t show the same mistreatment. Are there really vast areas of virgin forest?

    Please, are you a writer? You have command of language. Hilarious too!

    Did he really say they want to forage in the wilderness for food and medicine? Year round? They don’t believe in modern medicine? If somebody was ill, they’d go foraging? Surely not. They could actually grow food but, the first thing they should forage for is water…oh, yeah…that didn’t work out so well last time.


  8. Hahahahaha! Thanks, Blessed little blog for my daily laugh! Thanks to all that left comments as well. They are hilarious!


  9. “One with Nature”

    Ah yes, the timid chirp of the spotted iPad as it greets the rising sun.

    The gentle trepidation of the smart phone sniffing the air for potential threats from the red tailed laptop soaring overhead . . . ready to strike. Silently and with deadly accuracy.

    In the mist, you hear the various facebook pages rising from their short slumbers. They stand magnificently and sniff the air, seeking out their competitors.

    A red breasted Netflix account beckons from the bucolic sanctity of the human den.

    The scents and sounds of nature. Extruded round receptacles, nearby, an area teeming with material that will eventually find itself back in harmony with the earth . . . the soil.

    Memes begin to chirp and mice begin (not to squeak) — but to click. They click and whir and with a flurry of activity, the underbelly of the forest comes alive. Pages get visited, likes get counted. The chatter of the speckled screenshot almost deafening.

    The Facebook pages begin to move. Small branches crunching underfoot. Like the feelings and egos of the weak. A snap here, a crunch there. In the distance you hear the wailing and concern of a white tailed sock as the Facebook pages step into the clearing.

    Then with the violence and fury only found in the most primal and “natural” setting . . . the clash of antlers. Socks fly from the trees, memes dart from one spot to another, adversaries size each other up, out of nowhere a great horned cut-and-paste snatches up an old and feeble iPhone and a brief silence ensues.

    But the pages continue their battle in the forest clearing. Their antlers clashing and echoing off the apps and pinterests and blogs surrounding them.

    A warbling wifi router observes as it feeds its young.

    Because . . . “one with nature”


  10. Oh dear Please, I am cracking up!

    There will be much rage in the “Wilderness” tonight, that’s darn right.


  11. Kudos to “Please” for the the lyrical portrait.

    Wilderness. I love the wilderness. It’s where you experience the omnipotence of the Earth, God, Universe, whatever you want to call it, over us puny human beings. Because we really are weaklings compared to the power of the wild. It is a remote place that in 2016 America is shrinking due to suburbanization and development.

    I’ve spent time in the wilderness. Desolation trail in the Sierras, up at 10,000 feet. There is a trail, a few humans hiking. But as far as the eye can see, there are no power lines, no paved roads, no towns, no grocery stores, no strip malls a few miles out, no gas stations for 30 or more miles. Most of all, no cell service, no Internet. No FB, no Netflix, no Walking Dead. Just you, the nature around you, weather, and critters in the bush/forest that could make a meal of you or just take your food.

    Joe and Nicole can wax poetic in their own mind, but they are not living in the wilderness. Nor do I think they would survive living in it.


  12. Is there hunting allowed in this vast wilderness? Everyone who owns land, or knows someone who owns land has landed a buck or two in the last few weeks. Tons of deer meet being processed. Imagine how many meals could be had if they utilized that wilderness to their advantage. Imagine how many deer, rabbits and squirrels they have just waiting to be eaten!


  13. To add visual with “one with nature” and Please “comment of the day”….that one photo from the news media coverage of the clean up day. One human at the near, seated. And one in the distance, necks bent. Faces mostly obscured. As fingers gently caress the smart phone surface. You know which one?


  14. Please, brilliant! Thanks, I could use the laugh. Keep it coming.
    Also, aren’t those overhead wires we see in many of the BLH pictures? I guess it will be explained at some point that being off grid, and wilderness to boot, doesn’t mean there isn’t electricity available. JN, The Grand Delusionist.


  15. Please for the win
    and Breck county is a sprawling metropolis compared to actual rugged wilderness
    However I can see where the narcissistic need for Facebook fan attention lingers for the Nauglers
    But I applaud the verbosity of the comments and blogs


  16. I believe that the Nauglers should get involved with the Bundy Ranch/Militia. They are forging a path in the wilderness of an Animal Reserve, without snacks or socks, or toilet paper. I believe this can be a cause for the Nauglers. Remember, they used rags for toilet paper and white buckets for storage and pooping. I do believe I will contact the Bundys and let them know that the Nauglers will help them in their fake constitutional quandary. They need help with gofundme, too.


  17. Lalaloopsey wrote, “Remember, they used rags for toilet paper and white buckets for storage and pooping.”

    Yes and Nicole never once indicated that she utilized the “extra rinse” option when she took the toilet rags to the laundromat, or added vinegar or bleach to it either. There is always a fecal load when you wash your underwear and if you’re going to use rags as reusable toilet tissue, then you have a responsibility to NOT get the next patron sick.

    “A load of underwear during a wash can contain approximately 100 million E. coli and can then cross-contaminate the next load of laundry. “There’s about a tenth of a gram of poop in the average pair of underwear,” said Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, to ABC News. Some of the germs that fecal matter can carry include hepatitis A virus, norovirus, rotavirus, Salmonella, and E. coli.”

    Well, at least some people will consider getting themselves vaccinated against hepatitis A (and hepatitis B). Particularly if they realize they’re sharing more than just the usual amount of shit.

    Hanging your clothes out on the line to dry when possible does two things:

    1) Saves you money
    2) Sunlight is a disinfectant and rivals bleach.

    Which still won’t prevent the person who used the washing machine previously used to wash the Naugler family’s butt rags.


  18. oh gawd, Tekla, feel a little nauseous thinking of the Laundromat. Having a broken washer, been utilizing the Laundromat. With itchy type possible bed bug bites we now suspect as treasures brought back home from Laundromat washers, I am now enlightened to whatever else possible residual left over from previously washed in the machines. Reusable toilet rags?? eeks!


  19. Welp, he’s right about one thing. They do live in a wilderness–if you use the oldest definition I know of, which is “land that people used to manage in order to produce something, but nobody is looking after it now.”

    I’ve ranted at length before about the difference between the Nauglers and a comparable group of wide-eyed feckless hippies off to homestead the Alaskan wilderness. TL;DR: Said ’70s dreamers also had patches of second-growth forest connected to the road system, with zero knowledge of how to actually make the land produce, but some of them buckled down and learned what they needed to know from books, working their butts off and making a bunch of mistakes along the way, but producing at least a usable cabin before they went on to other things/decided to open a wilderness lodge/subdivided. These ninnies have a much milder climate and the flipping Internet and have yet to ripen a tomato.


  20. I happen to know that the next door neighbour is NOT the individual who was menaced by Joe. Back when they were first making a national spectacle of themselves, there was a broadcast with the paperwork onscreen. If you watched it frame-by-frame, the name of the complainant was visible. That person lives several miles away.

    It still amazes me that anyone would be stealing, bartering or begging for water for their family for more than a year. Animals too. That is an inappropriate amount of generosity to expect from your family, let alone your new neighbours. Plus, doesn’t it run counter to their whole stated thing of living off the land, “prepper”/counterculture lifestyle? I would think it would disqualify Joe from being someone with authority to handle recruitment or training for the merry band of ERT’s.


  21. Laughing obnoxiously loud!! Having revisit this blog post, something led me to it, something about “wilderness”.

    Please said, “Given the predatory powerlines, the malevolent agricultural crops, the untamed gravel roads, the many houses (probably filled with wolves — you forgot the wolves), the “virgin forest” (so said Mr. Pace Ellsworth), the probablility of undiscovered species of vicious carnivores . . . perhaps Mr. Naugler in his assertion that they are a “wilderness family” deserves the utmost respect.”

    Just as funny, all over again! hahahaha!! gawd I love this BLB…


  22. Question. Early on I read a whole lot about how the “haters” should shut their mouths because when the zombie apocalypse (or whatever) happens, this family and these kids would “know” what to do. I researched preppers a little more, as my previous knowledge extended to the dad from ‘Family Ties’ in the big underground worm movie. I’ve read everything possible that Queen Bee has written and seen most of her pictures. Where is it? I see the posts of actual homesteaders on her page, and the kooky lady with the high meat, but where is anything that isn’t common sense stuff? My kids can build a fire, camp, know what to eat outside, etc. And my kids certainly know how to open a can of Walmart garbage food with a pocket knife in a pinch. Where is the actual prepper/homesteader stuff? Before everyone gets upset she said her bs BLH was open to public to educate. The only thing I’ve learned is how not to create a PR disaster and that the CPS in Kentucky is WAY too understanding!
    I was reading some lady’s question/comment about the water situation being more important than the internet, then her enabler friends start chiming in that “you can be off grid and have a computer blah blah blah”. Ok, no water=death. No Facebook= practically dying in the Queen’s eyes. Wow, priorities/mothering instinct. That’s all I will say for now, however the food/vaccine thing simmers in the back of my mind constantly too. It’s like she picks up some “new/controversial” tidbit and spouts it trying to make herself sound educated and be admired, without evaluating the fundamentals and APPLYING it to her life. Even her kind of, shall we say, interesting sister calls her on that.
    Wait, JMHO. Better not forget that.
    For the record, I am one of quite a few people I know that follow this debacle but would not comment because of the Ns. Not because I have anything to hide, but because I have too much of a life to get in a Ben Franklin pissing match. Oh, and the harassing. Poor Valerie, and April, and Amanda… wait, those are the supporters. I haven’t seen their stuff posted. I meant poor Lisa, Marilyn, Cheri, Al, et all.


  23. I see Nicole is trying to pick yet another fight with Al and she’s still going on about her road not being a shortcut. Completely overlooking that when you’re riding a mountain or dirt bike, you don’t always want to be on main roads and riding on gravel or dirt ones is more fun.

    How funny that she’s going on about cameras and her property line. Clue for Nicole – no one wants to step in a mystery pile of human waste and you haven’t provided any photographic evidence that you have a viable humanure compost pile. That one shouldn’t take you more than five minutes, Nicole. Take the photos and discuss how you manage human feces and urine on the Blessed Little Wasteland.


  24. You nailed it, Just Me, “It’s like she picks up some “new/controversial” tidbit and spouts it trying to make herself sound educated and be admired, without evaluating the fundamentals and APPLYING it to her life.”

    That’s where her credibility ends, imo. Not well read or educated on the controversial topic, and doesn’t apply it to her life. A simple vetting on the controversial topic or meme, and most of the time it lacks credibility. It’s nonsense. Not intelligent debate. Maybe it’s stand up comedy material, she’s been told she is funny.

    I too am one of many that have been following, but would not comment on Facebook pages. I too didn’t want the backlash harassment, stalking, and threatening for me or family and friends. It is shameful and disappointing, what the Naugler Camp does to these people, and probably several more that have disappeared off Facebook. I am glad though, that these people that Just Me mentioned, are still having a presence. Because we are watching, and will go to bat for them in a heartbeat!


  25. Tekla, I am more apt to be concerned that others have audio/video cameras. To capture any potential altercations with them. Like the water/menacing issue, if only the woman would of recorded the incident. I would say, game on! Everybody keep your cell phone camera at the ready.


  26. @Just Me: And even serious preppers usually miss the single most important resource for The End of the World as We Know It: neighbors.

    I got interested in the prepper subculture when people were going nuts about Y2K . I found exactly one calm and sensible handbook (since taken down) that discussed how people can pick themselves back up after a complete loss of services. That’s TEOTWAWKI right there: not zombie hordes rolling over your land, but no water running in your pipes. No electricity, nobody refining gasoline, nobody shipping food, nobody driving ambulances, nobody fixing roads or dams or bridges. Nobody making fridges or cans or new lids for Ball jars. Every night dark as pitch. Every storm a surprise.

    What that means, practically, is that your world would become much, much smaller. Villages in old Europe used to be no more than 4 miles from their market towns because you could get up at can-see, load your oxcart, plod into town, sell your goods, and be home by can’t-see. When existing fuel and engine parts had been used up, a 4- or 5-mile radius would become your entire world. Now, a person could squat in their redoubt, threatening to shoot anyone who came near, and live on canned food for a long time. But not forever.

    This author said that anybody who was serious about prepping should have at least one, preferably three, barterable skills–not just the romantic ones like making deerskin shirts or apple cider, but the plain practical stuff like double-entry bookkeeping or bicycle repair. (Even if the roads deteriorated too far for bikes, they could be used as pedal power for all kinds of nifty machinery.) And they should get to know their neighbors, so that each neighborhood could pool useful skills as soon as TEOTWAWKI hit. Again, the most likely form of TEOTWAWKI wouldn’t be something that would require moving, such as a thousand-year quake, but the cessation of the services that even preppers (certainly the Nauglers) take for granted.

    So of course the Nauglers have ticked off pretty much everybody in a 5-mile radius…

    Also, you can say anything you like, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Somebody who can actually do a thing is worth ten people who kind of sort of messed around with it one summer.


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