Blessed Little Plans, September 22

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This is just beautiful. I’ve rarely seen so much packed into so little space.

“Our cameras don’t cover as much as we’d like.”

Really. Poor things. Their perimeter cameras. You know, the “off-grid” ones.  Right.

More likely, the cameras on their phones.

. . . attempts to undermine the business. . .

There is no, zero, nada, zilch credible evidence to suggest that anyone, anywhere, ever tried to do any such thing. Nicole called employers of other people (and admitted doing so) but nobody is bothering her business.  Naugler victimhood fiction.

. . . building materials ain’t cheap.

This is the paragraph directly following the ad for the business where you can buy pity bows and donate money. We get it, Nicole.

If we accomplish anything outside of that [playing around building forts and doing “chores”], cool. If not. Cool.

And this is sort of depressing. This statement, coming from a woman who advertises herself as a sort of guru and inspiration for other families who want to raise a family larger than they can reasonably support and live on nothing, but who says, “Fuck it. If it gets done, great. If it doesn’t get done, that’s okay too.”

You do understand that there are no “chores” at the Naugler property, don’t you?  Exactly what would they be?  Clean up the trash?  Nope. Mow the weeds?  Nope. Inspect and repair the garden shed?  Nope. Bathe? Nope.

“Chores” to these people means things like “get up,” “find something to eat,” “go to the grooming salon,” “run by Hardees,” “watch a movie.” Occasionally, maybe somebody does a bit of straightening up so that 13 human beings can move in that garden shed, but beyond that, I see evidence of nothing in the way of “chores.”  There is no school work. There is no real work (apart from what Nicole legitimately does at her business and what the oldest son theoretically does if he is still gainfully employed) of any sort.

But of course, there are the ever-present “unfinished homestead projects.”

I’d like to see an actual finished homestead project.  So far, after three years, there are none. Zero. None.  Show me one.  The shitshack was horrible.  Buying a garden shed with donated money and having some company plop it down on your property is not a finished homestead project. It’s a joke.

september 22

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  1. My old fart and I are buying an old fixer upper. In fact, we close next week. The house is very small and is cheap…the land is good and it’s in a good location. We have budgeted money to pay cash for the house and to pay cash for building on and upgrading; of course, we will be doing most of the work ourselves. I am tile expert; well, not like I’ve done it for a living, but I have helped friends do tile back splashes and I did learn to do some intricate designs. Between my daughter and her husband and our grandkids, we plan to do it all ourselves. Yeah! Now here’s the deal with N and J….45000 dollars, money spent without anything to show for; unless they paid cash for the shed. I started thinking about why buy a movable shed…something that isn’t permanent and I realized that they don’t expect to be there long term. If they had plans to be there long term, they could have used that money to really build a substantial building that could have been permanent and could have been more sustainable. From all I’ve read about N and J, they jump from one place to another and never seem to build into any community of people. In fact, they come across as divisive and alienating. Her unfinished homestead projects are really land/home improvements: 1) getting a safe water source onto the property; 2) building an environmentally safe septic system; 3) providing enough room for the children; 4) cleaning the land of all the refuse; 5) providing safe management of their animals; 6) keeping the grass, bushes, and trees trimmed and neat; etc. They don’t do any of the things that people who are planning to stay on a piece of property do. They seem to be just bidding their time until they are evicted or they are given a release from the state to take their children out of state.

    I was also amused about the cameras not covering all they want them to cover. Let me see, she can always take a shot here and take a shot there if she has such great improvements she is wanting to show her readers. I also got that pushing her cheap little bows and ties right before announcing that building materials ain’t cheap. At least she should put a skirt around the little shed so that some of the cold air can be blocked. If I’m not mistaken, they have that shed sitting on cinder blocks…that cannot be safe.

    I agree that their ideas of chores is fending for themselves….each child scavenges around looking for a way to get food or some food that may have been left over….but none of those children have much structure in terms of responsibilities….it’s what leads them for the day and if they don’t want to do it, N doesn’t have the tenacity to provide them with the structure…..she irritates the hell out of me.


  2. It’s late September and she can’t even state that they’ve cut, split, stacked, dried and have sufficient firewood for the the winter.

    No hay laid in for the remaining goat(s) and rabbit(s). No indication that the pig will be butchered and put up. Haven’t set aside a store of feed for the animals.



  3. Yeah, Jeannie, she irritates the hell out of me too. Hopefully, she’s begun to irritate the hell out of her few long term leghumpers.
    Seems as though she shares her shit(and that’s what it usually is…no pun intended) on every fb page she can find, trying to find junior leghumpers. Doesn’t seem to be working though.
    She needs to face real facts, use any helpful comments and criticisms to assist the family and stop being so aggravating, hateful and irritating.
    She says she’s running asomewhat successful business…I hope so be cause the way she acts and the way she posts are not good PR for her business. She states she doesn’t care whether people like her or not…which is fine, I’m a bit that way,but that is not the way to be a successful,positive businesswoman.
    So, she’s apparently clueless, as well as hateful, aggravating and irritating!


  4. Jeannie— Not only does the Nauglers’ history of bouncing from one state and residence to another predispose one to think they have no real intention of staying on the “homestead” longterm, the Nauglers likely cannot build a permanent cabin anyway. Not in the near future at least. Joe and Nicole do not have a conventional mortgage. It is a “lease to own” scenario and likely KY would not permit a permanent structure until the land is paid off.

    Sally— loved your comment on due date of beach vacation: “Better do this quick. It’s already mid-September.” I think we can safely say that that project has passed its expiration date, unless Joe and Nicole mount another GFM and take the family to Florida.


  5. All those free resources on their land. Trees to cut and cure for winter. Maybe even enough wood to build that outdoor shower/bathroom. Kill two birds with one stone, they could have been clearing the land for that desired and planned cabin they talk about all the time. Rain to collect and store. Humanure compost for next years garden worked into the land.

    A garden full of vegetables to preserve and can. Chickens to raise. Eggs to collect. Goats to milk and make cheese. Bacon to cure. It was all there for the taking.

    All it would have taken was some work, some sweat equity. All it would have taken was some basic animal husbandry, some watering and weeding. They had the chainsaw. They had the tools. They had the animals, they had the seeds. They had the time and the people to do it. Instead she has a thousand excuses again. She can try to blame whomever she wants. The buck stops with her and Joe.



  6. It would have been wise for Nicole to invest the Go Fund Me money in equipment and remodeling for her business. She just can’t tell people if that is where the money went because Go Fund me money is taxable if spent on a business. She probably knew better than to put it in an account where Joe could access it and buy chainsaws. If she spent it all on a house, she would be tied to a location and unable to run from Joe’s former and future convictions and from child welfare.


  7. No hay laid in for the remaining goat(s) and rabbit(s).

    They don’t have a hay field in the first place. You can’t bring in hay without grass and they don’t have grass. They have weeds.


  8. KY would not permit a permanent structure until the land is paid off.

    I don’t think that’s true. We have a neighbor who bought land on a land contract and he is busy building to beat everything.


  9. Ok I know this has been asked but please forgive me as I am basically the opposite of a homesteader and al about as far from back to basics as you can get! But how much exactly would a rain water catchment system cost? Why in the hell would that have not been bought with $45k is beyond me! It seems priority should have been a water source and somewhere to shit! Also am I the only one still bothered by their blatant animal abuse? I mean they had 10 roosters and 1 hen . Someone just posted a link that says there was supposed to be like 20 gems to one rooster or something like that! I mean animal abuse is not the main concern ! Child abuse is but animal abuse is pretty damn shitty too!


  10. Cameras huh?

    Her neighbor will soon have comprehensive video surveillance.

    This will be rather revealing.

    Dogs. All that shit.

    Funny shit.


  11. Oh wait, I get it now. Her “cameras” are supposed to imply that she has video surveillance of their blessed shit pile. Yeah…let’s see…no electricity to run the video surveillance and probably no wi fi or other technology to network them to some home base….and no money to buy building materials….no money to buy toothpaste (okay, that was tacky), no money to buy the children beds or room for beds but by god they got them some of them there video surveillance cameras that’s keeping an eye on their shit pile…..and it’s caught a neighbor’s dog taking a shit on their property….Poor, poor, fools.


  12. Ok I know this has been asked but please forgive me as I am basically the opposite of a homesteader and al about as far from back to basics as you can get! But how much exactly would a rain water catchment system cost? The cost depends upon the size and quality of the container used to hold the collected water. I asked my cousin about his and he started out with rain barrels and buckets that he had strategically placed on his property. The barrels were gifts from all of us who were trying to help him get situated. But after the first few months, he spent a couple of thousand dollars on one huge ass container that he had placed underground, I think. When it rains, the container fills up and then there’s a pump that pulls the water out for his use. He also still uses above ground barrels to collect rainwater for his animals and his garden. I don’t think they drink the rainwater, but they wash clothes with it and maybe shower. They also have a well that they use for cooking and drinking and that water is filtered. He told me after it was all said and done, he has probably spent five thousand or so dollars on the rain containment system, the pump and pipes to bring it into the cabin, and the equipment for drilling for the well. He said, “it ain’t cheap but we had to have water.”


  13. “We have several unfinished homestead projects.” Just for clarification, she did post on the Facebook page that it is not a homesteading page. So folks, don’t get too enthused. Because it may be unlikely to get to see those trendy homesteady projects of previous plans. Like, whatever happened to the shower/bath house project? How about the pressure cooker and canning the bounty from the garden? Alternative energy solar panels? Water collection barrels and system? The 100 eggs a week chicken production? Soap making and milk from the goat(s)? Beginnings of the permanent cabin construction in the perfect location she plotted and shared on the vlog last Spring? Paperwork and permit for a residential human waste composting system? But never mind, it’s not a homesteading page.

    “And our cameras don’t cover as much as we would like.” The only time her phone camera is not in her hand and the ready, is probably when it’s recharging. This sounds more like there isn’t anything to capture in video/photos, because nothing is happening. No stalking, harassing and Nicole feeling threatened.

    “And dang, building materials aren’t cheap.” But talk is. Talk is cheap. That little idiom that means it’s easy to talk about something, but harder to actually do it.


  14. Jeannie: There was one of those on the property when the Nauglers moved in. Mrs. Naugler said that it was actually a bad thing, because they wanted completely raw land so they could dig a well themselves.

    It needed some repairs in order to make it usable. The last I heard, that hadn’t happened. Mrs. Naugler talked about sulfur in the water and blah blah, but I think it boils down to this: She and her husband can go into town whenever they like, so having clean drinking water available onsite isn’t important.


  15. They’re all talk and no action (except in excessive procreation). The only cameras they have are their cellphones, I mean ‘my precioussss.’

    They found that their voluntary and self-created public expose’ of themselves has resulted in a lot of nadda for them except increased awareness of their laziness, con-tactics and bully tactics. They can’t staaaand being told the obvious–that they’re lazy, inept, ignorant of how to live even with running water and flushing toilets, and that all the bluster in the world cannot make up for their errors, failure and laziness.

    For the sake of the kids, let’s hope it’s a mild winter.


  16. Her son seemed to have been building a pole building adjacent to the shack. Kitchen area maybe? “We” means her kid’s work and probably her kid’s money. He’s probably learning the wages paid without an education/ skill don’t go far.
    Funny to just now be commenting on the cost of materials. I guess free pallets aren’t adequate for the first time, (and of course it’s a plea), or “other” sources have dried up. Ahem.
    With winter right around the corner, I sure would want 24/7 surveillance of my property, trees and water. No more river bath/ wash days. What a nightmare for those poor neighbors.


  17. I need to add there is nothing low stress about living in poverty, and often it results in much higher stress levels. This is another delusion Nicole likes to preach but is in fact completely false. Touting her family’s “freedom” and “low stress” living when in fact the majority of us “rats” have much more freedom and less stressful lives, without fear of LE and confidently knowing each day we have food, shelter and a good future ahead.
    Her kids must be so tired of listening to her delusions. Freedom will be when they finally escape from her tyranny.


  18. There is no reason that things shouldn’t be progressing faster on ye old homestead. 10 able bodied to build, clean and cook. They aren’t doing anything all day, otherwise that place would be a shrine. If money is an issue then the work definitely is not enough income.


  19. Jeannie thanks so much! That sure would have been great to do with the $45k!!!! Sounds like your cousin has a nice setup! It still angers me all that could have been done with that money! They could have bought a real home! They basically hit the lottery when the Today show aired their story and people were hoodwinked. They will not get another windfall like that!


  20. We aren’t homesteaders in the least. We also have half the kids the Naugs have. My husband works 60+ hours a week and still we manage to do more around our home than they do. I can more produce from my garden, hell my garden on a city plot is bigger. I just don’t get it. Actually that’s a lie, I do get it. They are lazy. Their priorities are screwed up. Perhaps they didn’t realize homesteading was so hard. The lesson in the Naugs case is don’t portray yourself as something you are not because you’ll eventually be found out to be a fraud. They are reaping what they sowed.


  21. I bet one of the projects is a bath house. There was a picture of I think the 2nd oldest building a structure that was taken from the front door of the shed. It’s either that, or a shed for the animals is all I can figure. It looked like it had a slanted roof. Maybe they’ll move the blessed bathtub in there.
    Funny how when one of the kids asked for money to buy a bike, Nicole gave him a snarky answer. She caught a lot of flack for that. Now all of the kids have bikes. Typical Nicole cover your assiness. I suppose you could say that BLH naysayers are to be given the credit for Nicole getting her kids bikes. Had there not have been a backlash to her comment the kids still would not have bicycles.


  22. Jeannie, Dawn P. Naif,

    To piggyback on your observations somewhat about the Naugler tendency to live a somewhat nomadic lifestyle (no offense to any genuine nomads) the only reason they remain there, in my opinion, is because they are legally and financially bound to.

    Despite Nicole’s profuse assertions of her plans and her insistence that if something vital doesn’t get done that’s okay, it is extremely obvious they are living with as little commitment and investment as possible. Her websites and pages show little or no photographic evidence of achieving any kind of permanent investment to an undeveloped property that they have lived on for over three years. Every semi-permanent fixture (a shed for a house, a portapotty for a latrine) were acquired because they were made to. Her ‘ideological’ positions about refusing to be accountable to anyone for her claims, plans and responsibilities are just demonstrations of her stunted maturity and obfuscation of her intentions. Her assertions are also feeble in counteracting the overwhelming evidence that her lifestyle is anything but a degenerative living condition. Nicole and her worthless husband are lazy, do nothing for their children except out of fear of legal repercussions, and are aggressive towards their neighbors as far as they can be without invoking a legal response. Such lovely people.


  23. Sigh..the Nauglers are so predictable. I think the project she might be working on now is to come up with a plausible story of why her lease for the salon will not be renewed next March. She has not put in much of an effort to promote her business. The bows , or Pace, will not save her salon. She is already dropping hints that people purposefully targeted her business. Pure bullshit.

    She is waiting for CPS to release her from their oversight whilst CPS is waiting for her to screw up. I wonder who will win this game of chicken?


  24. I don’t think anyone has been stalking her at home or at her business. I stumbled across her business one day, and found out that it’s in the same shopping center where I get my nails done.

    Like the guy from homestead rescue says, “you get out of your land what you put into it”. Since they ain’t putting anything into it, they are never going to get anything from it.


  25. The property that we are buying has a well and has a septic system. But, a few years back, city water was brought close enough so the previous owners hooked it up to city water and to city sewer. Now, the well is still there and we had the water tested and it is good water. We are going to use it for a while to water the chickens, the garden, and maybe other things. When we decide to quit using it, we will fill it in some way or another…there’s a company that does it; in fact, because AR is much like KY and other mountainous areas with a lot of ground water, unused wells must be properly capped or you cannot put chemicals on your yard or near your house. I didn’t know that. But back to N…bless her heart. They’ve been on that property all this time and have made absolutely zero attempts to improve the land. In fact, they have damaged the land with shit, trash, chemicals, non recyclable crap, and who the hell knows what else. The pond looks like it has been dumped full of fertilizer…all greenish looking and trash littering the water and the bank of the creek. No water source on the property….but the self proclaimed off grid N runs into town to fill up containers from other people who are on grid to bring back to her off grid living….Then, she hauls their clothes into town and using the grid to wash their clothes…buys gasoline or propane from the grid to run her stove…and then she says she is able to get electricity with her solar panels….yeah, my off grid cousin (who is really off grid to the point of needing to pick us up a mile or two down the road because his driveway can only be navigated by his old ass jeep) says that solar panels don’t provide enough electricity especially during the winter. He built a windmill completely out of recyclable bits of junk and he has enough electricity to run his little homestead (electricity in the house, in their milking barn, in their chicken place during the cold winter, and four outside lights too) as well as selling electricity to the grid (the electric company). My cousin has been at his homestead for about three years and he and his wife are older than I and they both work outside the home and they work their butts off improving their land. They grow a huge garden and they can, ferment, dry, and pickle all the produce from their garden and fruit from their fruit trees. They actually raise meat to eat (pig, calves, chickens, and bass (a pond with bass and catfish)…I swear, when he told me they spend about 100 bucks a month on groceries from the store, I choked. I suppose their animal foods cost more. My point is N and J are lazy and lack vision. They profess to be members of all these groups (homeschoolers, homesteaders, off grid folks) but they are all talk. I can tell you guys and post on my FB page that I am a body builder. I can say, OMG, I am doing the program…but over a few months, the fruits of my labor should reflect bulking up and if there isn’t some bulk, you guys would and should call foul…Now here’s the problem that N’s leg Humpers are not able to logical analyze…their land does not show evidence of improvement and their lifestyle doesn’t show evidence of sustainability…they are posers, fakers, impostures…All her supporters can say is you are such a great mom…no, she isn’t…she didn’t take her child to the ER when he burned his hand…her kids hauled shit in a bucket…they don’t have good hygiene….but I am convinced that their supporters are supportive of the Ns because they are all “something” wannabes….want to be a good mom but keep getting kids removed; wanna be a hard worker but keep sleeping in; wanna be a good homesteader but damn, it’s too hard…and on and on.


  26. Here’s a slightly expanded repost of the stuff the Nauglers could have made with just one item, white buckets, plus dollar store items and junk off Craigslist, plus free plans and instructions online:

    1. A rain catchment system.
    2. A self-watering garden.
    3. A bunch of little muscle-powered washing machines.
    4. Tubs for growing winter fodder for the goats. (Basically, this is sprouts–and it costs about a third as much as hay.)
    5. Hanging planters for food plants that do better in that setup.


  27. She posted pictures of someone else’s bucolic homestead on BLH today.

    One kid cleaning a horse’s hooves. The baby in a toy car. A tree swing.

    Manicured lawns. Maintained fencing. No garbage to be seen anywhere. She writes “what a relaxing spot”. With work over the last 4 years the shitstead could have looked like that.

    How disappointed she must have been when she drove home, got out of her car, and surveyed the untended kingdom of shit, tall weeds, rusting junk and garbage she really lives in.


  28. She posted pictures of someone else’s bucolic homestead on BLH today.

    That’s the deal with these beautiful, picturesque places. They look so serene. They are not. They are sites where a great deal of back-breaking manual labor takes place daily, sometimes hourly. Dave and I spend about three hours per day, every day, doing farm-related chores (and I am not including seasonal stuff like gardening, or normal home maintenance like mowing the lawn). Just milking, feeding and watering livestock and taking care of whatever godawful mess they have created occupies that much time (and that is three hours for each of us). And we have been able to reduce our chore time significantly by building and installing all sorts of labor-saving infrastructure, none of which was cheap or easy.


  29. So help me God, if they put a horse on their property, let it roam, and expect it to be able to forage for food..I will be calling several numbers I have already collected for their area. I have worked in equine profession for many, many years. I have my own horses, and also take in horses for our local shelter that confiscates due to abuse/neglect. My property and my barn are a horses dream. I want them to be equally healthy and happy! Sally has seen pictures of my older barn and can vouch that it’s cleaner and more comfy than the Naugler Shed!

    We all know you read here, Nicole. If your daughter acquires a horse you best board it at a professional facility. Because if you put a horse on your land, strewn with trash, glass, and everything in the world a horse shouldn’t be walking around on or living in…I will be calling to report you ASAP!

    And for all of us: Always remember that “animal abuse/neglect” goes hand in hand with “child abuse/neglect”. In other words, the kind of person who is willing to abuse/neglect an animal is the kind of person who will treat/neglect children in the same manner. This link often leads law enforcement to find that there is much more going on in a home than meets the eye.


  30. There are plenty of places here that are grimy, messy, and piled with stuff. But when you look more closely, the animals’ shelters and eating areas are always clean and as dry as they can be in this climate. The piles turn out to be scrap that’s accumulating until it becomes economical to haul the whole thing to the dealer, or spare parts, or scrap lumber waiting to be sawn into usable pieces; actual tools are neatly racked in a weathertight shed, and garbage is hauled away, composted, or burned. The mess is shoveled up and disposed of regularly–not daily, but regularly. There’s no paint and you won’t see any flower boxes or doorstops shaped like little geese in hats, but the place is actually in good working order.

    Place like the Nauglers’ would be put on the hazardous waste disposal list and condemned.


  31. They can’t have a horse because they would have to haul extra water. Same with a bath house. And in winter, an unheated bath house? Brrr! And what is with the bows? Is there really enough of a market for them to make it worthwhile? Seems even the people that might use them would only need a few. And I can’t think of many people who would want them. Unless I’m missing something!


  32. Oh My….so today, my old fart and I decided to go take a long drive to visit my homesteading, off grid, cousin and check out some of his hard work and see how his efforts have paid off. I showed him and his wife pictures of N’s little shit shack and the property and he laughed and laughed and laughed. He was especially amused with the kid milking the goat in the plastic glass. Of course, he milks a cow so milking the goat was a real laugh for him. He did say that it’s a disgrace that they have been there for three years and still have no water. I asked him what was the first thing he did and he said, Sis (he calls me sis), I did a lot of first things…we had to get the cabin built but we needed a way to save water and we needed to get a septic system…so we were going non stop for about two months getting the place livable. He did tell me that animals cannot be free ranged because they need protection from predators and a good homesteader or farmer knows how much their animals are eating, pissing, shitting, and even drinking. If you let them run around, you don’t know which animal is eating what. He also said a goat can ruin your fruit trees quicker than a pig can ruin a turnip patch…I just have to trust him on that one. While I was there, he loaded me up with a basket of eggs, some greens, two gallon jars full of raw milk and his wife gave us some extra jars of just cream that she said we can make butter….I will make butter tomorrow. My point is that N and J are shamefully lazy. Can you imagine sitting on your butt, scrolling on your phone while your living space was a damn three walled lean to.
    Okay, I have to quit comparing J and N to my cousin and his wife….no comparison.


  33. I don’t understand doing nothing all day. I’m a stay at home parent and am constantly finding something that can be done. My husband works and still gets projects done on off time. Isolating themselves really doesn’t help the Nauglers. So much more could be done if they made connections with other. True give and take relationships- not just take. We have so many wonderful friends and family members. 4 years ago we replaced the roof on our house and my husband’s shop. We had many friends help. We paid them in food and beer. Today my husband spent the afternoon building a fence on our friend’s property and his wife cooked us dinner. We water the neighbor’s garden when they are on vacation and they watch our pets when we are away. Our ac went out this summer (in tx with an infant) and our neighbor across the street invited us in while we waited for our neighbor from the next street to fix the ac. And when nobody needs help we just enjoy time together! Life is much less stressful when you have a strong support system around you. But you also have to contribute to the support system and that sometimes requires hard work.


  34. The “cameras” remark was so obviously bullshit. And regarding Al’s comment that the neighbors will soon have a comprehensive video system: I hope they do. But, I also feel so bad for them that they have to. I can’t imagine working so damn hard to build a nice place only to have to worry about some new and awful neighbors lurking about and watching your every move, let alone likely be deliberately loud and deliberately messy, just to be assholes. What a way to have your senior hood (I’m assuming they are seniors ) marred. Poor folks. I wish them peace.


  35. A note about the horse…
    The cost of buying a horse is small compared to actually owning & caring for one. A horse needs a minimum of a cleared acre to graze. It must be free from debris & fenced. It should be good coastal hay/winter rye. This does not negate the need for feed. They need hay & a good protein feed. Also need to be seen by a farrier. Don’t have to have shod to ride in a pasture, but the horses feet need to be trimmed & filed. Another expense is the saddles, bridles, bits etc. Those cannot be left exposed to weather. The need to be cleaned & the leather needs conditioning oil put on it. Horses also need a vet. Since we know the N’s do not have a truck & trailer to take the horse in, they’ll need one to come out to them. That’s a pretty hefty vet bill before they have even done anything. My husband has always said the initial cost of buying a horse is not what drains your bank account. It’s the upkeep of the paddock/barn & all the things your horse needs, not wants but needs.


  36. Even pasture boarding requires safe, sufficient fencing and a store of hay and (this is critical) a LOT of potable water. Horses can’t tolerate crappy hay – it’ll kill ’em. They don’t all require grain (by the way, corn isn’t really that good for them) and it can’t be moldy and if they eat to much – it can kill ’em. They should also have at least a run-in shed to get out of crummy weather. Yeah, they’re from the steppes but that doesn’t mean they don’t ever want to get out of the wind, rain, sleet or heat.

    Veterinary care: may you never need it BUT when you do – do not stiff the vet. Ever.

    People can and do trim their own horses (I can and still do sometimes) but you should learn from a GOOD farrier first. Never stiff your farrier. Ever.

    Basically, you can learn many good life lessons and skills when you care for a horse and then there is riding one well. That’s two separate things. When you put them together, you are aspiring to becoming a horseman.

    Personally, I dislike wood fencing. It splinters and if you’ve ever seen a horse that has been impaled by a busted board and were involved in the wound care afterward, you may agree with me. If they opt to set up a pasture or paddock using t-posts, for the love all they hold dear, USE THE CAPS ON THEM! Check the fencing regularly. No one is going to be pleased with a free-range horse. Plus if they get into the road and cause an accident, that will cost Joe and Nicole dearly.


  37. Who is Nome

    Naomi Thompson. One of Nicole’s most vocal leg-humpers. She came over here and played for a while.


  38. If you recall, I got a couple of gallons of raw milk and a couple of huge jars (those huge pickle jars from Vlasic) of cream from my cousin when my old fart and I went to visit the cousin and his wife. I didn’t go empty handed; I took them some of my black berry and plum jelly and I made his wife a beautiful poncho…she saw my daughter’s that I made and told me she would happily pay if I would make her one….I didn’t make her pay but she sent us home with milk, cream, and eggs. Anyway, I have made butter a million times over the years. In fact, when I teach my grandchildren about chemistry, the first lesson besides the speeding up and slowing down of molecules in water (ice for slow molecules and steam for fast molecules) is to teach them the chemical process of turning cream into butter. When they are really young, it’s magic of course…you put milk (cream) into a jar and put a lid on and they get to shake it and watch it change from a liquid to a solid. They love adding flavors to their butter and they eat that butter with crackers while we talk about the chemical process that begins with milk setting and the cream rising to the top….It’s one of the things my daughter hated the most about me but now the thing she loves the most….you know…mom never could just say god made the leaves green…she had to explain photosynthesis or digestion or circulation ….but now she loves it because her children are very smart…the youngest child is in the 99.999 percentile in math, science, literacy, language…and yes I brag and her middle child scored on his pre, pre ACT test practice test highest in the nation…he is 11. LOL…but I have never really made cheese because I always said if I was going to make cheese, I was going to do it right but I had no idea what right was. I looked on line and there were a million ways to do it so I called my friend the goat farmer who also makes goat cheese, lots of goat cheese that she sells at the farmer’s market. I swear this woman dresses like a pioneer. She pulled up at my apartment building in an old truck that says something about the cruelty of factory farming and she came in carrying a pipe, yes she did because she smokes a lot of herb, a basket with part of a stomach in it–a calf stomach that she got from the butcher (I’m a vegetarian, do you know how hard it was for me to let her put a piece of that stomach in that milk?) but I did what she said and we heated the milk that she tasted first and said, wow, this is fresh….she had me put some vinegar in it and we stirred it and watched it and then in went a piece…very small piece of the stomach. When I did the research it said we could use the digestive juices of a calf or we could use a recombinant DNA digestive juice that was made in a lab…I wanted that one but my friend said, no way….here and she snipped and dumped and immediately, I swear, that little bit of calf’s stomach had enough stuff in it to turn that entire stock pot full of milk into this thick blob of what was on its way to becoming cheese. It took us all day but it was worth it….the cheese is aging and she showed me how to rub the rind with olive oil and she has come back a time or two and said, nope, let it age more. I have to say that making cheese is another one of those chemical projects I will do with my grandchildren so they can see how digestion in an animal prompted people to make cheese and I suspect by accident someone cut open a calf’s stomach and saw what was starting to be cheese and tasted it and figured out how to make it never knowing factory farming would end life of animals as they knew it…okay, I’ll stop…but back to the cheese, I think when I get the house situated, I’ll have my daughter maybe keep a mother cow (she lives on our old farm and has cows that give birth to calves and when they are a certain age, she sells them, so how much more could it be to milk the cows so I can make cheese? Who knows. But these are the things that I would suspect would be a part of every wannabe homesteader’s dream…make the cheese, make the butter, can the garden stuff…you know?


  39. , so how much more could it be to milk the cows so I can make cheese?

    I burst out laughing at this point. The answer? A LOT. 🙂


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