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  1. July 28.
    I am not a drinker, but beer and bacon are on the menu. I have been here a few times & there too. I am mostly a silent reader there because Charles/N. Is a hateful mean spirited human. I have marked my little calendar & tomorrow is grocery day.

  2. Several new posts about corrupt LEOs on her page again. There are good and bad folks in all professions. One of my favorite cousins is a LEO, and it really bothers me that she’d expect him to defend her after her anti-law enforcement rants. And guess what, he would, because that’s the job he chose. He’s good to his community and is a dog lover lol. Just glad she doesn’t live in his area. Funny how she expects tolerance from others, while she’s so intolerant.

  3. Apparently neither Joe or Nicole read Dr. Seuss’s tome “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

    It’s all about perseverance, patience, set backs and triumphs but it all comes down to your own decisions and actions. It has pictures too.

  4. According to Nicole’s latest blog post, the chilluns were so traumatized by cps that they couldn’t build the cabin and start a garden. Besides the fact that the parents should provide/arrange for said things…weren’t the Nauglers living there for about two years already? Didn’t they move from a prefab cabin to the blessed little shitshack? Nicole says the children don’t trust their parents because of cps interference. OF COURSE THEY DON’T. Because of cps, the Naugler kids now have a FOUR-walled shack to live in, which sadly is the biggest improvement in their lives for the past two years…..

  5. A friend wrote this comment on the blog post about the children and it doesn’t seem it passed moderation so far:

    “It is traumatic to go through what you have gone through regardless of whether or not it is justified. I hope that you are seeking the support of mental health professionals for yourselves and the kids. It sounds like that support is needed badly. When you speak of the children’s trauma and fear, that is no different than experiencing a physical health problem. Posting about it publicly rather than seeking professional help not only infringes on their right to privacy, it is negligent on the part of the parents. Please get them the help they need. Since the case is still open, you can likely access mental health support through CPS.
    Or else Joe can get some sort of paid employment while you are home with the kids so that you all can afford some therapy. It sounds like an emergency situation and the longer it goes unattended, the worse it will become.

    For the sake of your children who appear to be struggling more than it seemed prior to this post, I urge you to find a way to remove yourselves from the constant fight. It is clearly impacting them. You may have theories and reasons for exactly why they are impacted, but as the parents it is 100% your responsibility to see to it that they get the help they need and deserve. My advice to you is to connect with parents who are homeschooling, and homesteading and doing so without constant issues with authorities. There are many many families who are doing this successfully. Find out what they are doing and do that.”

  6. There’s a local place to get mental healthcare called Communicare. Payment is based off income. But it would involve the children being seen without parents in the room for a bit. You know how that would go over with the BOs. I suspect, as most probably do, they won’t do this because it’ll show all the skeletons in the closet.

  7. Don’t forget that also due to the county they don’t have to haul buckets of urine and feces to “somewhere”. I imagine the kids appreciate that interference as well.

    Imagine how much easier it is to simply use the facilities and know that the waste will be disposed of (safely and properly) and the only thing they have to worry about it keeping it supplied with toilet tissue.

    How evil that people don’t want the children getting ill with E. coli, cholera or other diseases. That the public doesn’t want their waste improperly disposed of and risking the run-off, the aquifer, etc. `How dare the government try to protect ALL the citizens health and insist that the N family participate in protecting the ecosystem.

    I know how to compost large amounts of shit, Joe and Nicole. It does not “melt away” into the ground in 2 years. I have one small paddock that is 20+ years of composted horse manure. It hasn’t “melted away” but it is thick, black, rich soil and due to its depth my tractor with its bushhog sinks unless it hasn’t rained for weeks.

  8. If I moved from a house to a trailer to a shed as a child, and the shed was taken away and I had to move into a three-sided shanty in winter, I would be panicked for the rest of my life.

  9. @Susan Slate

    I couldn’t agree more. The children’s lives have been descending into worse and worse conditions by degrees solely because the parents make choices that they want with no consideration for the welfare of the children.

  10. I watched the Facebook live stream of the inspection, and I truly hope the same red flags I noticed were raised in the inspectors minds. First were the commenters claiming this inspection was in regards to yet another report. Now we all know the inspection has been scheduled for some time now, but there seems to be a consensus in the viewers of new allegations made against the family. I suppose this helps propagate the sense of harassment the Nauglers angle for.

    My biggest question however: if that was in fact where they have been composting the humanure, how had it become so very overgrown in such a relatively short time? I know nature will reclaim anything with time, but there was no discernable trail, and as they picked their way up thehill it appeared the weeds were actually taller and less trodden. Not to mention the shrub or tree that was overtaking the frame of the compost bin…and I use the word frame lightly, as it appeared to just be a rail while nothing else is really visible.

  11. She stayed in the background enough in that video that we couldn’t really see the Blessed Compost Pile, but Hinton could and did, and that is all that matters.

    It was exactly what I thought. There wasn’t a “compost bin.” They were just tossing buckets of shit on the ground in a pile.

    And I would like to know a couple of things. How likely is it that those older kids trekked that far to dump the bucket? And what about rinsing the bucket out. Imagine how much stuck to the sides of the bucket. What happened to that shit?

    We’ll find out what the judge thinks of all this next week. They have court yet again.

  12. I too thought that weeds ought to be smaller. I wondered all along if the shed was moved to hide a composting pile of poo. It’s just a thought but the POO shed could have been moved. With that said, her own kid looked in first & I wondered what was new that he hadn’t seen?

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