18 thoughts on “Blessed Little Plans, July 16”

  1. They got a port a potty. Depending on how they behave, and thier leghumpers holding off on threatening anymore officials, they might just dodge a big nasty bullet there.
    Or maybe not. I have a hard time imagining Joe and Nikki keeping their mouths shut and out of trouble.

  2. The blob has court again? Between the two of them, how many times have they had court dates since May 2015 when all of this craziness went “viral”? When their story first broke I thought that going to court was all new to them but it seems that ongoing court dates are the norm for this couple.

  3. I would think that “abating the nuisance” would include not dumping shit on the ground anymore and also cleaning up the existing shit. The port-a-potty takes care of just the first part. Aren’t the due for a site inspection for the second part?

  4. Here is the prediction I’m completely pulling out of my ass:

    Jeremy Hinton, if he is smart, is not about to go out to that homestead because a. it’s gross, b. Nicole keeps going on and on about having a lawyer there, which we’ve heard before with the sherrif situation, and c.Joe and Nicole are crazier than shithouse rats. Hell, they might even BE part shithouse rat.

    So, if the issue really CAN be resolved with the porta-potty, he may just call the company they used to confirm they’re delivering and emptying the unit. If not, he doesn’t need to visit the homestead. He can just pull Nicole’s own crappy (pun intended) white bucket pictures off of Facebook

    This will drive Nicole and Joe batshit insane because they’ll claim it’s a conspiracy. From there, it’s anyone’s guess

  5. Marcus Kienholz, another nutter voluntaryist, also asked Nicole on BLH what kind of supplies the family might need — more donations, you know. She promised to come up with a list when she gets “organized”.

  6. She promised to come up with a list when she gets “organized”.

    Well, I’m doing my best to help her. 🙂

  7. Plans are frustrating sometimes. All my old plans went out the window this week. Now I have a whole new crazy list that has to be done in about a week and no idea how to accomplish it all.

  8. She’s now claiming that out of spite she will do nothing on the list. Because it wasn’t already abundantly clear that principle and ego come before her children’s well-being.

  9. Blessed Little Blogger:
    This appeared tonight on Nicole’s “comedian” page, at approximately 11:15 pm CDT. Such a comedienne. Reposted because Nicole always cleans up the vomit after.

    Nicole C. Naugler
    3 hrs ·
    “Because I’m an obstinate cunt, I’m not going to do anything on the trolls list of things I haven’t done. I hope you aren’t holding your breath, well, actually, I am.
    And that was a total waste of 5 minutes. I went to the trolls blog. What a joke.”

  10. She’s now claiming that out of spite she will do nothing on the list.

    She was already doing almost nothing on the list, so that’s not new. 🙂 And Joe better show up for court.

  11. Nicole is now calling herself the “c” word.
    She and Joe appear to be very comfortable with word.
    So, is this word part of family #unschooling?

  12. This is just my opinion but I don’t really think that Joe or Nicole are really voluntaryists, freedom lovers, aherents to any real ideology or principle. They do prattle on about their ‘rights’, ‘privileges’, ‘what’s owed them’, etc. but they cannot see anyone else, especially if that someone else is better off them, as having equal claim on those rights, privileges, etc. What does get the Nauglers all bent out of shape is when they’re held accountable for their claims, what they have done that they don’t want to be accountable for, or what they have failed to do that they said they were going to do. Such accountability is beyond normal for most people that it is practically mundane. But the Nauglers are such anti-social buffoons that any form of accountability sends them on a temper tantrum. Hence Nicole’s toddler/adolescent tantrum about not doing anything on the list. What the Nauglers really want is to live in a non-existent place where they are waited on, given whatever they want, and everyone else hails them as superior creatures.

    Part of the absurd hypocrisy of the Nauglers and their situation is that other people, being accountable to laws and personal principles, have exercised extreme restraint concerning them. There are many places on this planet where their behavior would be enforced or rewarded with far less restraint or accountability.

  13. BLB said, “She was already doing almost nothing on the list, so that’s not new. 🙂 And Joe better show up for court.”

    She’s claiming out of spite, she’s not doing anything on the list. Her plans, put on a list.

    Oh never mind. Now she feels validation in not completing her plans, blame it on the critics. ‘Cause critics caused the spite.

  14. If I didn’t know any better I would think Nicole was 12. It’s scary to think that all you need to have kids are working ovaries and a sperm donor. Intelligence and sanity do not seem to factor in at all. Such a pity.

  15. Noticed a sponsored facebook post from blessed little homestead today. Are they paying for facebook ad

  16. It’s all in her crafty little words. She doesn’t have to go to court, Joe does. If she doesn’t go, no harm no foul. If Joe doesn’t go…

  17. . Are they paying for facebook ad

    If she had a sponsored post, somebody is paying for it. If it’s not her, then it’s some sucker.

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