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  1. I love you. This gave me a much needed laugh this morning.

    Seriously, though, could you start doing the same thing for me? I need to be doing laundry, and yet, here I sit.

  2. I thought she did laundry once a month? Oh wait…. The creek and lake seem to be the washing spots these days.

    Pssst… Someone suggested the BO are still pooping in buckets but dumping in the porta.

  3. You are motivating me to get off my pity pot and back into the swing of things. On top of normal Sunday morning chores, I finally put my new chicken coop plans down on paper. Next, figure out the raised bed layout for 2017, since I should be healed enough by fall to get building.

  4. Someone suggested the BO are still pooping in buckets but dumping in the porta.

    I pretty much don’t care if that’s what they do. My whole interest has been in what they were doing with the contents of the buckets. But it’s all disgusting.

  5. Lol a list would be helpful. I’ve been pulling things out of storage and working on new skills. I made a hat lol I used a loom but it’s a hat and I made it myself. I also found an old dc fridge and (with my dad standing behind me) rewired the motor. Tomorrow will be test day and I’m so excited. This week I’m going to make slippers, lye soap, and I’m gonna stop procrastinating and learn how to pressure can. I’ve had my canner for 3 years and it’s still in the box. Checking things off the list feels amazing.

  6. Nicole insists on screwing herself publicly.
    Just don’t tell people you “plan” to do X or Y. No one is going to bust your ass for not doing what you haven’t stated you will do. Once you put your “plans” out there, people will hold you accountable. Kind of like at a job. With deadlines. Expectations. Real life.
    Again, showing a great example for her eldest children. It doesn’t matter whether you accomplish what you say you will do. It is your intentions that count. “Hopeful homesteader”.
    No. Actions count.

  7. I’m gonna stop procrastinating and learn how to pressure can.

    I don’t know how many people I know who have done the same thing. Buy a pressure canner and it remains in the box because they either don’t know how to use it or are scared of it or both.

    Hint: Can water. Get about three quart jars, fill them with hot water, put on the lids and can them. You only need to do so for about five minutes once you get it up to pressure. Just long enough to get a feel for it, for how to maintain the pressure, how the jiggler sounds. Do it as though you had real food in there, but if you make a mistake, it’s no problem, and you won’t have wasted any food, nor will you have to do the pressure canning all over again (which pretty much destroys actual food).

    Takes all the pressure off (like that pun?). You cannot do it wrong.

    Do that as many times as you need to and only when you’re comfortable do you tackle the real thing.

  8. Just don’t tell people you “plan” to do X or Y.

    If we have all noticed how often she talks about her “plans,” you know her kids know it. They don’t rely on anything either of those people tell them.

  9. If she is planning on having more children, I hope that is one plan she doesn’t follow through with.

  10. Kitty….LOL. Considering the close spacing between most of her kids, plus the miscarriages she has already admitted to, it’s doubtful that many of the kids were planned. Joe thinks he is channeling his inner prophet with coitus. She goes along. Children being that surprise blessing from God, like a roulette addiction in Vegas. Whee, we keep getting lucky. Throw the dice again. IMO actual planning and taking stock of how many kids they could afford is conspicuously absent with these two. Cause hey, if God doesn’t provide, PayPal will.

  11. The problem with these plans are ..they are too large. Start small…and start with the most important..
    1 be realistic, 2 be sane, 3 be capable, 4 be willing , 5 follow through.
    There is no reason why the BO could not have added onto that shed and made it better. NONE!!!!

    You are right nic nog you don’t have to answer to us..you will eventually have to keep answering to cps and one day,your kin.

  12. If I recall, and I can’t find it now, when NN first posted the picture of the Blessed Doorless “Outhouse” complete with white buckets, she made a comment along the lines of “maybe in a few weeks I’ll take a walk up and film the compost pile.” Can anyone find it and get the date?

    Also, my parents had six kids. My father worked regularly 50 hours per week at a full time job and often held a part time job, too. Several times during my adulthood I worked two jobs at the same time. If these grifters chose to bring 11 children into the world, then they need to work as many jobs as necessary to take care of them. Double up! Especially J who doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, doesn’t do laundry, doesn’t seem bright enough to educate the children, doesn’t garden, doesn’t cut down the weeds–what does he do all day??? And that “house husband” thing doesn’t cut it if your children are living in a shack! Get a job or two, J!!!

  13. she made a comment along the lines of “maybe in a few weeks I’ll take a walk up and film the compost pile.”

    Yes, she did. I have it someplace. It should go on the organizational chart.

  14. Beth wrote, “Get a job or two, J!!!”

    I heartily agree and as the N adults regularly split semantic hairs I wish to add on a small caveat. KEEP the jobs, Joe.

  15. How did they move the shack? At least it provides a clean slate for her pictures, that is, until it gets trashed. .. Why move? Just move your house right? Plenty of acreage to destroy first.
    She has 45,000 likes, give or take.
    What she fails to grasp is likes aren’t literal, no one that knows her “likes” her. They are there for the train wreck. Hence the tremendous amount of non support(the dead silence) from her audience, on both Facebook pages. Either she’s in denial or just wicked dumb.

    “make my dreads less dreadful” classic sally

  16. Of course, if you point out they have too many kids, they come back “Which of my kids sholuldn’t exist?” Which is nonsense logic if you stop to think about it. you might as well claim “If you’re against rape, you’re saying that people who are the product of rape shouldn’t exist.”

  17. Remember the big outhouse they were building. The one right next to the fencing. The one that was going to have a shower in it.
    Never heard any more about that other than the floor layout made out of pallets.

  18. Never heard any more about that other than the floor layout made out of pallets.

    Yep. Photo here. It never got further than the uneven pallets laid on the ground.

  19. She put on the BLB page that she’s giving away a Bumbo seat. I wonder if this means she’s done having babies. One can hope.

  20. Hey, that is interesting. I recall now after looking at the photo, the plans for the big outhouse/shower with the pallets flooring. What ever happened with that project plans? It does appear rather close to the property line.

    With all that acreage, one wonders why they chose to plop down on the closest corner, to their closest neighbor? Like a postage stamp on an envelope, turned upside down. The stamp being closest to the road and corner by the neighbor. The furthest away from all that wild, wonderful, pioneering, wilderness property. It really isn’t hard to imagine how the ‘steading is free roaming onto the other property. Whether animals, trash, and more.

    All these plans she shares with posts and photos. But then, like poof dust in the air, never heard about again. While that list of plans is unattended, random new projects are pushed forward. Like the recent moving of the shedstead. And turning it around, so that the front faces the west. For lovely sunset views.

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