Blessed Little Plans, August 28




Well, this has been an eventful couple of weeks. Nicole managed to accomplish two things on her list: she started a new blog, because she doesn’t have enough of them, and Joe got a one-year deferral on Shitgate provided he has Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton approve all shit disposal and provided he doesn’t “hold” any.

So life is good.

I guess.

Except maybe for the “friend” who offered to “sit” the “homestead.”  I cannot imagine. . .


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  1. Why would anyone have to sit the homestead? Aren’t all of the animals dead? For claims of homesteading there have been no pics of animals or the garden or even the precariously perched shed in awhile. And am I wrong to suspect that this sudden cleaning and straightening and grocery buying (with helpful tips on “pantrying” from her FB responders) may mean a CPS visit?


  2. I loved the comment she made a while back where she said her goal was to build a better cabin and keep the shit lean to for visitors to come and learn about homesteading…is she fucking for real? I cannot imagine anyone wanting to go spend the weekend at the shit house…using a port potty with no running water, trash every where, the ambiance and smell of human and animal crap permeating the morning air….pond scum on the pond and poorly kept animals begging for food…..yeah, N…that’s really going to happen.


  3. Actually responding to people’s comments (aka drumming up support), talking about buying a month’s worth of food, talking about “deep cleaning”…something is definitely afoot.


  4. So apparently somewhere she mentioned they are going to the beach. Do they have a reliable vehicle that seats 13? Can they afford the gas? Where will they stay at said beach? They don’t have tents to camp in. Something is up. And really someone is going to stay there? Someone willing to deal with no power, no toilet, no water? Are they going to sleep in Joe and Nicole’s bed? Gross!


  5. I wonder if the person who is going to homestead sit has ever visited the place. I think every one of their leg humpers ought to spend a week on the ole homestead, eating from mystery cans, using the port a potty, trying to cook on the outdoor”stove”, and hauling water in for drinking and cleaning. I bet they’d be in for a shock.


  6. Going to the beach for a day I can see, beyond that….

    Why purge clothes. Got have 11 people who need clothes. They can go through a lot of the kids. Holes never mattered before.


  7. You can’t go to the beach for “a day” from Kentucky. It’s something that makes my husband very sad, indeed, as he’d be happy to live at the beach.


  8. I am assuming she means the ocean. It must be close to a day drive to go to the beach from Kentucky. They would need 3 hotel rooms if they stayed in a motel, even a Motel 6 has occupancy laws. Even an inexpensive hotel will cost $50+ per room. Campgrounds would be cheaper, although ones near the beach can be costly too. They don’t have any tents, or at least they didn’t when they asked to borrow them back before the kids were taken. It was back when they first moved to the homestead and were getting rid of the first shed. I am just really confused about this beach trip. Is it a cover for them making a run for it?

    I do hope the kids get a vacation. It would be wonderful for them, some normalcy that they totally deserve.


  9. The animals aren’t all dead. You can hear a pig in the chicken coop video from just a couple of months ago. So there are probably still chickens, a pig, pet goats and their babies, and multiple dogs and cats. But the Nauglers don’t mind leaving the animals alone. They probably want someone there to report on who is using the road and also to keep out the police, inspectors, and cps.


  10. I just cannot imagine how camping would feel like any sort of vacation for those kids. It will simply mean more work for them. Are they planning to pack their ‘rocket stove’ or make a new one at the camping spot? Pack along some dented cans or stop at a foodbank and hunt for frogs legs? Yay, a slightly rougher life experience as a break from your already subsistence level lifestyle! Sign me up!

    My wish for them is that they can someday stay at a fun hotel with a restaurant, waterslides, gokarts, mini golf and stuff so they can get a break from their drudgery. That seems like it would actually be fun for them.


  11. oh, wait, nevermind, she says “we are trying to plan for a beach trip…”. TRYING to plan. It’s never ever going to happen.

    /apologies for the multi-posting


  12. So now she is planning a weekend getaway to the beach. That would be real nice for the kids but we all know that is never going to happen unless they got someone else to pay for it.

    Winter is right around the corner and they are not prepared. There is no large stacks of fire wood, no kittle’n, no smokehouse full of meat. Canning or drying garden goods was not even done either. Isn’t that what Wilderness Homesteaders do….. work all summer to prepare for winter?

    You’d think a mother with that many children would get her head out of the clouds and stop day dreaming and posting such nonsense….and put her man to work’in !!!

    Has he even cut the first log for that new cabin yet?


  13. “The CPS blog is pathetic.”

    Beyond pathetic…

    Not only is the blog pathetic, the writing (if you can even bear to call it that) is practically illegible – and managing that on a computer, takes an exceptionally poor effort. Synonymous with everything Joe and Nicole Naugler do (or dont do).

    Really… Nicole Naugler is probably ill. I think, she doesn’t allow herself to really see things for what they are. And if she did, she might have a massive panic attack. Upon actually realizing, or seeing her 11 children as victims of her and Joe’s selfish “principles”, upon seeing her family’s situation for the unfortunate, abusive, and altogether unhealthy predicament it is, she would def. have a complete mental breakdown, and a long hospital stay. So, she sees what she can handle, whatever makes her get through the day. Complete disillusion.

    For instance…

    We see an unprofessional blog that has been constructed with minimal effort, say but for copy-and-pasting random facebook-messages. The blog’s stories come to us in, what can only be described as a, poor-excuse-for elementary composition. Furthermore, the authors include no credible sources for their outrageous claims.

    Nicole sees a curated collection of personal stories that will further help uplift herself and her family into CPS martyrdom. She sees a cause that will soon imbibe and impassion the hearts (and wallets) of thousands, and in turn, bring-in funds to further their campaign-for-the-truth, against the corrupt bureaucracy of the state.



  14. The CPS blog is aggravating. And the comments. The admin, aka Nicole, commented “The system is flawed. Flawed to the point it’s money driven and healthy families are destroyed.” What money? CPS is seriously underfunded. These stories are absurd and quite frankly every time I read one I don’t believe them. I don’t believe children are taken for having a space heater in a bathroom. I don’t believe kids are taken because they fell down once. I just don’t believe these. They are one sided and the parents for the most part aren’t going to admit that they are seriously neglecting and abusing their kids. I know a few foster parents. They are all amazing and caring people. They certainly aren’t doing it for the money, they are doing it because they are compassionate people, trying to make a difference in the world. Which of course is something Nicole knows nothing about.


  15. I’ve noticed something about N’s most recent post on FB…she is actually interacting with her leg humpers. Normally, people will post away and she may hit like but rarely does she respond unless it’s to someone who questions her or who disagrees, then she tries to argue her point of view and if that doesn’t work, she does what I like to refer to as the STD before blocking (slam, troll, delete then block). But, her most recent post about her cleaning house…..or shall I say (Immma gonna clean the shit shack after I play on FB for a few hours)…..she responds and even asks some of the humpers about their day or says I hope you are better…..that is so not like her because as we all know, she has a little bit of a problem knowing how to be a friend. I really think she has been envious of this blog’s success for a long time and maybe she is trying to build her own popularity (as if)…..anyway, a lot of her behaviors are changing: posting about cooking…..or meals…..organizing, cleaning, and buying food. That is different. But here’s a nugget of information for her: grow your own, can it or freeze it or dry it, and that grocery bill will go way down. I cannot see how a family with 11 kids can actually buy groceries once a month….milk bought on the first day of the month will surely, if it last, go bad by the end of the month. Since she doesn’t actually do those domestic chores that all of us are so familiar with, I think she has forgotten or doesn’t know that buying groceries is more than a monthly thing…bless her heart.


  16. Oh Jenny, they wouldn’t bother with a backhoe. They cost money and they squandered at least $45,000 on other stuff.


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