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  1. Why did she post a fake picture of her tiny cabin? It never looked like the one she has posted, ever!

  2. it just occurred to me, 2016 was supposed to be the year all the court documents, transcripts, and recordings being released to the public to prove the patterns of harassment at the hands of the authorities and the trolls. I was lead to believe there would be a book?


  3. I’d like to know how that media thing is working out for them. I noticed none, invited or otherwise, showed up to record the shit-pile(s) viewing.

    July 28, 2016 — “a date which will live in infamy.” Well, yeah, but just with no media present. Why is that, do you think?

  4. They are still under the court’s eye so they are still under the gag order and can not release it.
    Remember the forensic they have yet to get done? Well that is the hold up.
    They can say what they want but until they get the things ordered by the court they do not have legal custody of their kids back. So until they are done there will be no book, blog or anything else.

  5. The photo was from Pinterest. As she said from that Q&A 2 years ago, it gave her AMAZING ideas. It was to represent storage solutions. One of the posters did indicate that the photos were not of her cabin, so one can hope the rest understand this as well.

  6. Lol, if only this blog had been around some years ago. Joe and Nicole hate it so much because it makes scamming so much harder for them. I’m loving it.

  7. Did you notice someone was asking about the health department and the septic two years ago? However it’s the trolls causing them all the septic problems.

  8. Crystal, I saw too on the BLH blog under “Tiny Off Grid Q&A.”

    Henry July 29, 2014 |
    Has the Health Department contacted you about having to put in a septic system?

    She never answered the ONLY question posted at the time either.

  9. Also this was found on the blog……..

    What about a water source?

    Best laid plans would have given me raw land. But this land was previously occupied. This means there is a septic and a well or cistern. We have to hire someone to come out and asses them. Until then we haul in water. I get drinking water from the store and refill at work, we get bathing, washing water from a local feed store that has a well. We will also be setting up a rain water collection system.

    This was from two years ago. They knew they needed to get Health Department Inspections and permit’s. Which is contrary to what they had been saying recently. Quote, ” We did not know.” That is total bullshit !!!

  10. This was from two years ago.

    Very good observation, Melissa. You are quite right. She certainly left the impression that they intended to hook up to both a well and a septic system. More “plans.”

  11. Every time I see the above quote, I boggle at “Best laid plans would have given me raw land.”

    In other words, her ideal was raw land.

    Her ideal was land with no easily accessible water.


  12. The poor inspector was ill today, according to Nicole’s post, so poop gate court was postponed.

    She complains about her wasted time while ignoring all the time they have wasted of both the county and the court system, never mind witnesses.

    Always about her. No one else, just her.

    Hope the county inspector didn’t pick up a little something extra at the blessed cesspool. Lmfao.

  13. What is wrong with you? You’re an obsessive fixated freak. Trashy Kentucky, the primary reason your state has a bad reputation… because of people like YOU.
    Because of ignorance. Pure ignorance. You aren’t American. You’re mental. You’re embarrassing

  14. Trashy Kentucky, the primary reason your state has a bad reputation… because of people like YOU.

    Kentucky has a “bad reputation”? All because of me? I’m not even a native Kentuckian and I did that?

    And I’m not an American? I would have thought that non-Americans were foreign. I didn’t know they are “mental.”

  15. “What is wrong with you? You’re an obsessive fixated freak. Trashy Kentucky, the primary reason your state has a bad reputation… because of people like YOU.
    Because of ignorance. Pure ignorance. You aren’t American. You’re mental. You’re embarrassing.”
    Joy, Wow! Really? Beginning your argument with a rhetorical question isn’t a sound argumentative strategy, but it can work. Also, you must use verbs if you are going to make your point….For instance, notice the sentence “Trashy Kentucky, the primary reason your state has a bad reputation… because of people like YOU.” You must insert that pesky being verb in there if the sentence is going to make sense. I sense a little unschooling going on in your life. Try it like this: Trashy Kentuckian, the primary reason your state has a bad reputation is because of people like you….see how nice that flows. Least I digress, you follow your rhetorical question with a bit of ad hominem (better known as attacking the man or woman as it were) with whom you seek to debate. You call your audience “an obsessive fixated freak.” When you attack your audience members or member, you lose your reliability. Name calling draws attention to your own inability to logically analyze the existing conversation. It’s immature and is usually a technique that children use when they are fighting with their siblings or with their friends. They want to argue and win but they don’t quite have a level of knowledge so they resort to name calling such as stupid head, pooh pooh butt. Some mean use these very misogynistic derogatory names referencing women’s reproductive organs when they are angry with women whom they are not able to argue successfully. They may call someone a “cunt” or “bitch.” Notice how name calling doesn’t prove your reliability? Name calling actually points to the fact that you lack critical thinking skills. I’m sure you are frustrated because you lack the ability to analyze and apply logic so you resort to name calling. Usually, though, when someone responds with name calling, they do manage to throw some resemblance of an argument in there, but you are not quiet mature enough yet to follow up with a claim…an argument….No, you continue the name calling. I realize you want to say Trashy Kentuckian but instead you call Kentucky trashy, which isn’t your desired effect. Again, least I digress, Trashy Kentucky….then you blame this unknown trashy Kentuckian for the condition of the state. Now here’s where you should have given some validity to your claim of the state being trashy or the audience being trashy; although, you might want to use a more professional and logical qualifier and then provide some statistics to back you claim. Say you want to say the state leads the nation in children’s deaths related to being left on shit farms with negligent parents. You would look at children’s deaths in the nation related to neglect, compare the deaths state-by-state and with your results, you would prove that either Kentucky leads the nation or is in the top five states…something like that. Or you may provide proof that this unknown “you” is trashy by posting pictures of a shit farm, or of really trashy behavior such as baiting innocent folks into an argument so she can tape that argument to play back later after heavy edits…you know? But you cannot follow those claims with support or even narrow the claims down to something manageable so you go back to name calling….You are, I think, attempting to say that Sally or the magic “you” fall into this group of ignorant people…pure ignorant as opposed to maybe diluted ignorance, and then you ramble about this being unAmerican. Sadly, ignorance doesn’t really affect a person’s patriotism. That’s been proven. Most really ignorant people are also very patriotic, so your leap of logic is sort of lost in real fact. Then, you call her or us mental and you tell us we are embarrassing.
    Joy, here’s the deal. I have found that ignorant people are often mentally ill. For instance, they don’t do research; they are not critical thinkers; they believe every-single-thing their heroes tell them; they also dwell on rationalizations for their own failures…sound familiar? And the last thing you do is tell us we are embarrassing. Now why would we embarrass you? Are we embarrassing you because we are pointing out the facts that may relate to your own life? Or does our analysis and criticism of certain N and J embarrass you because it points out the truth of either the people you claim as your role models or are maybe members of your family or friends group? I’m not sure but I can assure you if you read this blog, you are not going to find one iota of ignorance. All claims are supported with facts; the analysis and criticisms that are done here are logical. There are no fallacies here; there is no ignorance; you won’t find trashy; and you certainly aren’t going to have reason for embarrassment…unless…you are forced to face something about yourself that you don’t like….the truth may set us all free and that’s what we are here for, but the truth is also painful. That process of gaining one’s freedom often comes with a price and that usually hurts just a little.

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