Blessed Little Excursion, Take Two

Nicole is on the warpath.  She is going to stand up for her rights, I tell you.

She’s got this rambling post on her blog.
She’s not sure how to title it.  Well, I can help.  How about this?

A Hodge-Podge of Innuendo and Half-Baked Bullshit

She begins by doing a six-degrees of separation thing tying all the Bad People together. We all know each other.

Let me explain something.  We all know each other because of Nicole and Joe Naugler. That couple has done more to bring people together than they will ever know. Some of the very local people knew each other before the Nauglers erupted on the scene, but I didn’t know them.

I will be forever grateful that the situation occurred and I got to know some of these folks. They are my good, good friends today.

Anyway, she plays this whole association game to show that there is a huge conspiracy to force them off their land.

The part of it that directly addresses me is this.

from BLH

Sentence by sentence.

Kyle Johnston is my friend. Now. I met Kyle Johnston about one hour before the Blessed Little Excursion took place.  One hour. We were both at a party hosted by mutual friends of ours and my husband and I were introduced to him.

On the way back to the party, Kyle gave me and Dave a long lecture about how he just didn’t think the Nauglers were doing anything to bother anyone and why didn’t we just leave them alone.  Long lecture.  Loud lecture. We argued about it all the way back, and after we got back, we argued some more.

It wasn’t acrimonious. Kyle’s not like that.  I like Kyle.  He’s a peacemaker. But he quite clearly didn’t understand the situation at all.

He’ll understand now because Nicole is now harassing him. This is what the Nauglers do.  They find out who you are and then they start. Kyle is not active on Facebook even though he has a FB page, so she goes to the blog instead.

I have never seen or heard from Kyle since that night. He does, however, remain my friend.

Lisa Luthi was not present.

I was not present on the first trip. Other people went. Not me.

I did not have a camera with me, nor did anyone else in our vehicle. We took no photos, because we had no way to take any photos. I have seen the photos that were taken. I could use them if I chose to do so. I have not chosen to do that.

If you saw them, you’d understand why Nicole and Joe have such a fit about photos being taken. It looks like a scene from Deliverance.  Her photos are all carefully staged (and even then, there is dirt and filth and trash everywhere).  But the unstaged stuff is trashiness on steroids.

Joe was doing his fair share of “drinking.” Nobody cares about that. Nobody, other than the fact that we thought it was funny.  Nicole acts like it’s some big deal, but it wasn’t. I did not have a single drop of alcohol that entire evening. Not any.  I drank one Sprite.

I did not tell Joe my name, as I’ve said before, because my husband was putting bruises on my ribs and insisting that I not do that.  My husband doesn’t follow a lot of this and was very concerned about the whole situation. He did know about Joe’s conviction on the menacing charge, though. He was afraid that Joe was armed and frankly was afraid that Joe would shoot me. That is the truth.

Kyle had no idea what was going on because Kyle doesn’t even know this blog exists.  Or he didn’t then.

We had no way of knowing when we went over there that Joe would come stomping out of the weeds into the road yelling at us and walking in front of our vehicle.

Nicole goes on to link to the audio recording of that conversation.


What she doesn’t tell you is that part of that is missing.  The beginning is missing.  The part where Joe stomps out yelling at us. The part where Kyle stops. The part where Kyle gets out of the vehicle and comes around to where Joe was standing in front of the vehicle and shook his hand and calmed him down.

And the part where Kyle offered Joe a beer and Joe quite happily quit yelling and started guzzling.

That part.

from youtube
my comment on YouTube

By the time that recording begins, Kyle and Joe were old buddies just drinking beer in the road.

The female voice you hear is mine. Joe asserted that Al had said that he was “calling in favors” from county officials (like they owe him for something) and I asked Joe several times if that was accurate. It is not accurate and I knew it wasn’t, but I wanted Joe to say it again for his recording.

Other than that, I remained quiet because Dave was unhappy about the whole thing and simply wanted to leave.  And Dave is important to me. After 46 years, he has some say around here. So I did as he asked.

Of course, in what you hear, Joe is “calm and pleasant,” sort of. He certainly isn’t yelling like he was when he first accosted us.  He had a beer, for Pete’s sake. He and Kyle were buds.

But you can still  hear how he dominated the conversation. He didn’t listen to Kyle at all.  He just drowned Kyle out with words, asserting his “rights.”

I was frankly fascinated by the whole thing.  It was the Joe that I’d come to know via video, standing right there in person, all sweaty and dirty and disgusting, clutching his beer, chugging away and talking a mile a minute between sips.

The most appalling thing about all this is Nicole’s very obvious intention to connect Kyle, and Mark, and Al, and Lisa, and me with Jeremy Hinton (who she refers to as an “idiot.”) She wants the whole world to believe that somehow all five of us have colluded to bribe, threaten, cajole or otherwise influence Mr. Hinton to bring the long arm of the law down on the Nauglers because they “won’t conform.”

I admit this blog is widely read. The stats confirm that. Thousands of page views every day. Hundreds of thousands in the aggregate. More than I ever dreamed possible. But I don’t know Mr. Hinton.  I don’t live in Breck County.  I have no idea where the courthouse is, or the health department. And I am not very powerful.  I just live here, write and milk a cow.

And then she ends this little irate rant with some crap about how the neighbor had the audacity to “fiddle around” at the pond that is on his own property. She announces this as though he was doing something nefarious and illegal.  You know, “planting evidence.”

I do have one question about all of it, however.

Nicole puts up a photo of what she says is Kyle’s truck clearly visible from her porch. Wait, here it is.


See that threatening-looking truck way in the distance?

She says that “when he drove off [she] went to the road to get some identifying information.”

Exactly what would that identifying information have been?  His license plate number?  And then did she call Todd Pate’s office and ask them to run the plate for her because, you know, she and Sheriff Pate are on such good terms and he’d gladly do that for a private individual who is just snooping on people who are on a public road?

What “identifying information”?

How did she know that was Kyle’s truck?  She’s never seen it before. Kyle wasn’t driving it on the night of the Blessed Little Excursion. She didn’t meet Kyle.

Joe did.



55 thoughts on “Blessed Little Excursion, Take Two”

  1. And IF a person in the truck was taking pictures, how would either N or the boy know? The truck is not facing the homestead; it is facing the other way. The truck driver probably didn’t even notice the homestead. Oh, and Sally, I saw on a post the other night that you enjoy bacon. I also enjoy bacon! I guess that means we are in cahoots since we have that trait in common! Ha, ha! And Nicole needs to stop stalking those poor neighbors.


  2. Why were they so close to Sneed’s pond anyway? If they were that close they had to be on the property line. They are stalking Sneed. If Sneed came up on them she’d have a fit.

    Is Kyle friends with Sneed? Is it any of Nicole’s business?

    They are paranoid, aggressive people who create enemies where they did not exist before.

    I think sometimes this is all a weird Stephen King novel and am just waiting for the time when something supernatural catches up to them. Has anyone else ever observed such odd and crazy people?


  3. Im confused. I could have sworn that she wrote that they moved the cabin so it was not visible from the road….. does she just stare, assuming everyone that uses the road is stalking her and her family?


  4. Wow. 7:25 mark.

    “You are playing right into our hand with the harassment.”

    Joe is a disgusting individual, and his paranoid delusions have lead him to using his family as pawns in what he believes is a chess game.

    You don’t deserve your children Mr. & Mrs. Naugler.


  5. That road is her road when it suits her purposes.

    It’s the county road when she doesn’t want to put forth any work.

    I wonder whose road it was when her post-operative 70 year old retired veteran neighbor cut up the big tree that fell down and prevented HER from going to work? Joe didn’t grab his chainsaw and take care of that mess. The man who was 30 years his senior did Joe’s job for him.

    I don’t suppose it EVER occurred to Nicole that someone got lost, or was engaged in their own pursuits (maybe it was a young couple looking to have some privacy or something) and had no interest in the family at all.

    You’re still not that important Nicole!

    P.S. It’s perfectly legal to take photos from the road of someone’s house, yard, land, barns, animals, etc. You do it all the time, Nicole. In one notable instance, despite the homeowner directly telling you they didn’t want you to post photos of their home or yard features. You did it anyway.


  6. Sally, if I didn’t know better I would think someone hacked her blog and deliberately made her look unhinged. Everything she posted is proof that she’s the crazy one. No one in their right mind would think any bit of that was proof of anything other that her being paranoid and a stalker. A car at that distance is a threat but she knows her neighbor was near his pond and accuses him of planting evidence? That blog is proof positive that she is the only troll and the only one doing any stalking. She provides the argument and the references.


  7. Did Joe go down to the road begging for a beer? Lol!

    She’s worse than a cow, and behavior like theirs is what gets people shot. She’s making unfounded accusations, against locals she doesn’t know, then claiming that they enjoy widespread support from locals.

    It does not work that way. Odds are good that someone will recognize that vehicle in the picture. Odds are equally good that the person she is now harassing is going to find out. It’s very possible in small communities that people are friends with, fellow congregants, related to someone else. Word gets out. I’ve seen more screenshots and more private conversations than I care to admit from locals who wish they would just move.

    Just move out, Nikki. All your bridges are ash at this point. And to accuse a witness/complainant in a case against your skanky ass of planting evidence against you on a public page is a massive problem.


  8. Well, the video confirms it, yes, Joe, you are a blathering idiot. It confirms that he is an immature little boy in a fat man’s body. It confirms that they are paranoid beyond belief. It confirms that they are small minded assholes. It confirms that they are troublemakers. It confirms that Joe can’t listen so he will never learn a damn thing in this world. It confirms what we already know, Nicole is a manipulative liar. It confirms that the locals are intelligent, even-keeled regular folks.


  9. Annnndd, just in time for the weekend. For someone who doesn’t play by the rules, the Blessed One is embarrassingly predictable. But for the fact that there is a shed full of children listening to her ravings and half-baked conspiracy theories, it would be funny.


  10. Okay, Al is old news. My new crush is Kyle. That sure is a purty voice. After he asked Joe about having a job, I wish I could have heard him ask in that nice southern drawl, “Joe, you ever think about using a condom?”


  11. Could this be manic behavior related to her current pregnancy? Hormones can really cause some serious mood swings.


  12. To satisfy my own suspicion I just looked at a map. From Nicole’s own descriptions and photos of where the shed is currently located, it certainly appears that the truck (pictured above) would have had to be in front of the S’s (neighbor’s) property when the photo was taken.

    I think someone should alert the S’s that they’re being stalked, not only by Kyle, but by someone who has taken an interest in their pond-fiddling.


  13. I’m just sitting here in disbelief…
    She must be part cheetah to get down the road that fast to see who’s truck it was & used her super Internet #unschooling to find out to whom the truck belonged.
    I guess she’s a super hero now.
    I live in a very rural area. People stop on the road in front of our house at times. Usually they are lost or are trying to talk on the phone. My boys do not panic when they see them. It must be Hell to live in that house & think every car, truck, moped, or horse drawn carriage is toting some awful “troll” who wants to destroy your lives. Those poor kids will never have a sense of security & it’s all due to their parents undermining it.


  14. I didn’t drive by her house and I can prove it. She is a liar and a rabble rouser of epic proportions. She is fully aware that she lies, that they create situations, that they edit tapes and that the edited tapes are not valid evidence. They don’t give a shit, that’s not why they record everything. They record it so they can exploit it to make more $$$.

    She isn’t going to sue anyone because she knows what she has done, what he has done and what evidence, real evidence, exists, and that they are the aggressors, the trespassers, the petty criminals. All that doesn’t matter, it is all a dog and pony show, in which the locals are involuntary participants, so that Nicole and Joe can get more money from their marks. IMHO.

    That is the entire purpose of everything she does online, to get people to part with their money. It is their only full time constant job to convince people to pay them for their bullshit stories. IMHO.

    So, all you marks, start another GoFundMe, keep hitting that PAYPAL button, send cash, postal orders, send them stuff, keep feeding the beast, because everytime you marks start slacking off the locals have to put up with more shit from the blessed couple of grifters. IMHO.


  15. Joetehprophet does go on doesn’t he? And, mawtehschizo even edited some of it out! What a hot mess of word salad with humanure dressing. I honestly do worry about the children who are growing up with this constant crazy drama.
    I also wonder if there is another nauglette on the way, maybe two? Could that be the reason for the escalating schizo behavior?


  16. I bet Abigail dreams of a handsome, kind, capable young man riding by the house, stopping and offering her a ride off into the sunset. Even better would be leading another horse that so she can ride alongside him.


  17. I just looked at her photo closely. Same clothes line as before, and I swear same clothes hanging on it for the last month. The crap outhouse, and the muddy spot where the shed used to be. She just clearly published a photo that shows her own lie. All they did was move the shed a few feet up and over and then faced the porch to the neighbor’s. They don’t even care to watch the road anymore, they are on “full stalk” the neighbor mode.

    That shed isn’t significantly further from the road. I’d say at it’s new height it is even more visible. Wtf? They jacked up the shed, put it dangerously on blocks just because they couldn’t see over their uncut weeds or the neighbor’s corn anymore to spy and stalk people? They risk the life and limb of the littles for this shit?

    Now they’re driving around and running plates and vehicles of the locals?
    What will they do next? How far are they willing to go?


  18. Here’s what worries me about her increasingly tenuous grasp on reality. Tonight on the BLH FB page she said she calls the cops (in response to alleged “stalkers”) in order to “cover my butt but I’m better off handling things our way”.

    A few weeks ago she posted a story from the inane Cop Block FB page and she said the following. “Don’t rely on the police to keep you safe. Make a record that you took action to solve peacefully and shoot the asshole between the eyes”.

    It would appear from this and all of their comments regarding their personal armory that they are just waiting for someone to accidentally set foot on their property, at which time they are going to use their “documentation” as an excuse to open fire. Her comment might be interpreted to say that they are already preparing a “defense” for when this happens. The problems with this “strategy” are myriad, not the least of which is that in a real self-defense situation, you don’t have time to make a record of anything.

    I realize that the locals have every right to use a public road to conduct their lives as they see fit. But me? I wouldn’t go anywhere near their shed or property unless it was absolutely necessary. This family is going off the rails and I’m getting increasingly concerned that someone is going to get hurt. How such a scenario might manifest itself might be in a way that no one anticipates, because if you are a rational person you have no hope of understanding an irrational one.


  19. Here’s what worries me about her increasingly tenuous grasp on reality.

    And I think your concerns may be well-founded. Joe is a blow-hard. I wasn’t in the least bit nervous about him, although my husband was. But Nicole is a loose cannon. She flies off the handle and starts shrieking.


  20. Isn’t there hunting land adjacent to the Naugler’s pooperty?
    Is it possible that someone would have stopped there, maybe to get cell reception or make a call or catch a Pokemon or whatever after hunting or visiting Mr. Sneed?
    I just don’t see how a truck waaay off in the distance is such a big deal.


  21. Is it legal in Kentucky to record people without their knowledge or consent?

    Charles posted a screen shot, allegedly from Al Wilson that stated he knew of a buyer for NN’s property…

    I agree they seem to be even more off kilter and foresee this not ending well, somethings gotta give. I hope and pray that doesn’t happen.


  22. Lisa, your fear is grounded. Look up the case on Marcus Kaarma (great name) to give you an idea where this paranoia can lead.

    Kaarma shot a German exchange student in Missoula who was trespassing. The shooting was horrific, but the preparation he put in place because of his paranoia and desire to kill someone, anyone, is a hell of a rabbit hole.


  23. Charles posted a screen shot, allegedly from Al Wilson that stated he knew of a buyer for NN’s property…

    That quote was selective. In context, Al was joking around with “Charles” (who is most likely a woman). It’s very easy to take PMs like that and cut out snippets. Any of us could do it and make people look really bad.

    That’s why, when somebody publicly shares a PM that I’ve had with them, I typically simply post the whole damn thing. In fact, I’ve been known to post every single PM I ever had with that person. I don’t like that shit and get pretty angry about it.

    I don’t mind one bit owning my own remarks, but put them in context.


  24. Taken from Nicole’s blog:
    ” Wednesday Mr. Sneed was fiddling around his pond, I’m not sure what he was doing, but I hope he has enough sense not to try to plant evidence, because we are documenting everything. I am working on a separate post for that. But I don’t have near the amount of time that the tabloid blogger has, So it will probably be a few more days (or longer) before I get that finished.”

    Sally another item for the planning list – Blog due on what Mr Sneed is doing on his own property.

    Nicole labels this blog as tabloid. Tabloid? Hers is more tabloid as it is full of spins and lies.

    Not that it is any of her damn business.


  25. Mynamegoeshere, I couldn’t agree more. When I read the latest blog post, my immediate thoughts were that someone is going to get hurt and that, my friends, is a scary thought.

    I also hate that I’m pointing this out but people brainwash and manipulate their kids all the time. We know Nicole’s beliefs, she doesn’t hide them. I’m sure people can guess where I might be going with that.

    That said, I’ve never posted here before (that I can recall) but I implore everyone to please be careful and act with caution.


  26. That’s why I avoid pm’s. Yes, it is legal, and it is out of context. I’ve seen the pm’s too. It was a joke, pulling Charles’ leg, it is a game some indulge in,because Charles is nothing but a persistent bitter hag sending endless pm’s to people.

    Bethannie, no shit. We also had a paranoid old man here in town that crippled a boy for a ding dong ditch. Shot him in the spine. The Nauglers are playing with fire and if she thinks that they can get away with shooting someone based on their bullshit evidence, and by that I mean zero real evidence, of stalking then not just one, but two families will be destroyed. The local they shoot and their own family, because I can pretty much guarantee that charges will be filed and a jury isn’t going to be sympathetic. I’d really rather they not escalate it to that, but who knows you can’t reckon on crazy.

    To all the locals, be safe. To the Naugler children, don’t let your parents fill you with paranoia and fear, or God forbid, use you to do their dirty work. No one, absolutely no one in the community means you harm. All they want is the best for you. There is something seriously wrong with your parents view of the world, and probably something seriously wrong with your parents themselves. Doesn’t mean you can’t love them anyway, but proceed with caution. IMHO.


  27. If I had neighbors like N&J, I would report them too. They are nasty, dangerous, neglectful of their animals and children, and suffer from dangerous paranoid ideations. Plus, they beg, borrow, and steal whatever they want or need. But the good news about people like NJ, they are eventually found out…
    I feel so sorry for the children and the animals.
    I can only imagine what those children hear and see on a daily basis.
    And the animals….dogs, cats, goats, and chickens roosters all foraging for food. How messed up is that?
    A few weeks ago, I was at Walmart and a couple of kids were walking around the parking lot with signs asking for money for food and gas. I called the police and they came and as soon as the police began talking to the kids, a fat assed man and a pregnant woman got out of a van that was, yep you guessed it, parked in the handicapped parking. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but when I came out of the store, the children were being loaded up with the social service folks and the parents were put in back of the squad car. One of the ladies near by said they found meth in the van and the kids asked the social service lady if they were going to get to eat something. How sad is that? Not that NJ do drugs, but they are beggars, borrowers, and thieves.


  28. Another tib bit from Nicole’s blog:
    “Not because I’m crazy and paranoid and this is a public road anyone can travel on, but because this was suspicious activity and he was on a private road with his phone pointed at my property.”

    Damn she has eagle eye vision! No way in hell she could see a cell phone aimed at her shit shed from that distance. Cell phone is smaller than a license plate. So why did she have to walk down the road to “get some identifying information”? If she saw the cell phone pointed at her shit shack she would have been able to see the license plate. Liar Liar pants on fire.

    Nicole it would do you good to proof read your spins and lies many times and have Jojo proof read them too so you can make sure they are believable. You make it so damn easy to spot your lies and spins.

    It is NOT a private road. If is private how come you bitch about the way it is plowed? IMO the real tax payers of the county should go before the county and tell them they do not want their tax dollars spent on plowing private roads. Good luck in getting fat ass Jojo to shovel your part of the private road out.

    Last but not least:
    “So to add more names to this little escapade, Kyle Johnston is also friends with Jeremy Hinton. The idiot from the health department who is obsessed with our poop.”

    Public online comments like that are sure not going to get you any brownie points with government officials that are doing their job. You know with some decent respect they can and many times will turn a blind eye towards some things. But when one is being an obnoxious asshole and spewing shit about them online it forces them to do their job by the book. Good Luck with your shit inspection. I hope he looks under the shit shed to see if you are hiding your shit there.

    You are so nasty that you could not make friends with an ape if you had a banana shoved in every opening and crevice of your body.


  29. Oh dear. They are mad. I have such sympathy for their children. Imagine the shit-paranoid rants they must listen to on a daily, nay, hourly, basis.

    How strange. I mean, really. How many recordings, or “documentation”, do you think they have, stored there on their hard-drives and cell phones. Can you imagine?!

    Constantly displaying such a desperate effort to convince the online presence, that indeed, they are persecuted! How off-putting. If only the answer were simpler, Nicole…

    After all, “suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the simpler one is usually better. Another way of saying it, is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation is.”

    Also, “Charles Smith” is indeed, most definitely, a woman.


  30. JustRhon,
    Can you imagine, with the insane popularity of PokemonGO, the possibility of mistaking players for stalkers? Players have already found a dead body in a lake while in search for Pokemon, and players have also been shot at by an old man paranoid as to the reason why there were so many cars pulled up in front of his property.


  31. I fear that something is on the horizon, something bad!! In my heart, I feel like the fall guy might be one of the older boys. There is a video of the oldest son carrying a sidearm while showing the garden. They have done a number on those kids and I feel they have been told to shoot first, ask questions later, by the crazy parents. I can see it now, Naugler son arresting in the shooting death of _____?? Some might think I am over reacting but I’m afraid it’s all too possible. I feel Nicole and Joe are falling deeper and deeper, into their world of delusional paranoia, as each day goes by!!


  32. My husband and I both have pretty extreme PTSD and we are not nearly as paranoid or nutty as Nicole.
    I feel so bad for those kids. She and Joe can do whatever the hell they want but they are raising an unhealthy, uneducated brood who will likely continue to cycle of poverty, violence and paranoia!


  33. She’s making her list, checking it twice, gonna find out whose a troll and whose not

    Just click the donate by PayPal below

    She know who you are friend’s with, she know who you are not, she knows when you drive down the road, so avert your eyes for Nicoles sake

    Just click the donate by PayPal below


  34. Did you know there was someone named Nome talking all kinds of crap on you and posting pictures of you and your farm? I thought it was pretty crazy.


  35. Her paranoia does seem to be ratcheting up. The inspection next week and courts may be a bigger problem than has been revealed, then add in the relentless KY heat, money problems, hot hungry kids, hormones, the weekend… Hope GAL makes a visit soon. Stay safe friends, too much violence lately and she’s easily swayed by violent news, imo.


  36. Wow, just wow. Joe sounds about as talkative as he ever was except instead of trying to be one of the guys he primarily whines about his rights. He has all the rights the rest of us have and most of us put together a well-above failed hunter-gatherer, nomadic or primitive farming existence. His big problem is that he doesn’t have ‘extra special’ rights that would prove he is extra special and let him enjoy the fruits of hard work and abiding by the law without having to work or follow the law. He is nothing more than an average height, very chubby, physically dirty waste and nuisance. His greatest virtue may be that he does absolutely nothing all day. If things do get as bad as people fear they might, I’d suggest throwing beers at Joe. It would distract and placate him. But I do tend to think that Joe uses Nicole.

    Nicole is different. She used to present herself as quiet (but really tense). Now she’s definitely unhinged and verbose in demonstrating it. She is more calculating than Joe (she’s the one who records everything) and is comparatively very active mentally and physically. She does give gainful employment a go but her crazy actions and speech undermine all her efforts to succeed. She is paranoid, has a chip on her shoulder at all times, and never evaluates her actions for cause and effect. She is more willing to go bat-crap crazy as she did when she got herself arrested.


  37. Did you know there was someone named Nome talking all kinds of crap on you and posting pictures of you and your farm?

    Yeah. She’s nuts. She spent a brief period here insulting all of us until I’d had a belly fully of her and banned her. All she did the other day was show what a decently-maintained real farm looks like in contrast to a garden shed in weeds.


  38. On the BLH FB page, she is now claiming that the “trolls” are getting together to make up stories about her. This is why they are all telling identical “lies.”


  39. On the BLH FB page, she is now claiming that the “trolls” are getting together to make up stories about her.

    She is very, very upset about the beer. That’s because Joe lied to her. She knows he did. In order to pretend he didn’t, she has to insist that we’re all lying.

    I suspect Joe Naugler has spent his entire adult life lying to Nicole.


  40. The whole situation is creepy, but especially when N mentions the neighbor at his own pond and then comments that they are documenting everything. I may be jumping to conclusions, but could they be filming the neighbor? And if so would that get J locked up for a violation?


  41. is that a NN sock ?

    Charles is generally an identity used by a female supporter. Nicole won’t stop her no matter what she says, and often allows “Charles” to say things that Nicole doesn’t want to be seen saying. She acts a bit as a fall-guy. She seems to be always there when Nicole gets in a tight spot.


  42. “One of the ladies near by said they found meth in the van and the kids asked the social service lady if they were going to get to eat something. How sad is that? Not that NJ do drugs, but they are beggars, borrowers, and thieves.”

    I would not rule out drug or alcohol abuse. It could be the cause of why they are becoming increasingly unhinged. Also, they managed to grift quite a bit of money with nothing to show for it. The money from the GFM could have been used to support their drug and drinking habits. This makes them even more dangerous.


  43. N mentions the neighbor at his own pond and then comments that they are documenting everything.

    Nicole showed us all where the neighbor’s pond is in relation to her own property. She did this trying to prove that there is no way leeching from their non-existent poop pile could have gone over to the neighbor’s pond.

    That’s because there is a dip in the landscape just outside the Naugler property line and then a rise. The pond is on the far side of the rise. Water isn’t going to flow uphill.

    However, what she inadvertently showed is that the Nauglers cannot SEE the pond from their property line. So how did they know the neighbor was back there? Do they patrol the property line all day and check on his every move? Yes, that is creepy.

    I strongly suspect that the neighbor has found their debris at his pond, not because of leeching, but because the Naugler children go back and forth and play in and around that pond all the time. And I think the Naugler children relieve themselves wherever they happen to be outside. If that’s near/in the neighbor’s pond, well, that’s fine with Joe and Nicole.

    The restraining order (or whatever you call it – there is a legal term for it and I’m sure I’ve got it wrong) is only on Joe, I think.


  44. It’s bad enough that Joe & Nicole do not educate their children about ABCs but it appears they have not taught them about proper toileting habits either. How lazy can you possibly be?


  45. It does not seem too far fetched to imagine that the Naugler children have been taught that they, as sovereign citizens, don’t have to observe property lines (established by a corrupt government bent on controlling its subjects). They are probably also told that poo and pee and trash (diapers) break down into dirt so it doesn’t matter where you drop it.


  46. I didn’t read all your comments .But did listen to the recording .I think he’s a Paranoia freak!Know one is trying run them out of town !Its them that are taking picture and watching ,creepers on pages of Facebook and then making it into real life events.
    Thank you Sally for this blog it put whole thing into place .Im not smart on paper but I do know a lot in life its street smarts and I’m good with that.I see the Nughlers my spelling is wrong on the name but not going to spell check it because there wrong in so many ways .


  47. J&N remind me of a lot of meth addicts I’ve known. In fact, I grew up around them. They are paranoid of everybody, everybody is a threat, everybody else is stupid, when caught in lies they twist things. Every time I see a posting from them, that’s immediately what I think of. When this entire thing broke, that’s what my mind went to, but I told myself it’s just because of so much exposure as a kid. But the more I read, the more it really does align with what I grew up around.

    I don’t want it to be that, and I hope I’m wrong honestly. The environmental neglect, the educational neglect (because going to school could tip somebody off), the paranoia, the ramping insanity, it all sort of concludes (at least for me) that something pretty bad is going on there, already.


  48. I don’t think Nicole does anything like Meth. She just comes off as manic. Think of the energy required to uphold this level of denial. With her I think it is mostly denial. (and narcissistic personality disorder)
    Joe, on the other hand, is clearly up to a lot more than Nicole chooses to believe he is. I mean, what does he DO for heaven’s sake!? He doesn’t cook, he doesn’t garden, he doesn’t chop wood, he doesn’t clean, he doesn’t take the kids to school or homeschool them, he doesn’t collect rainwater, it seems Nicole is the only one who takes any of the kids to the store. We do know he smokes pot. He sounds completely unzipped on that tape.


  49. Sally thanks for another excellent blog! I have been quite behind lately because unlike the Ns I’m raising my two teenagers and not having them do everything and raise siblings! Also unlike them my two are properly homeschooled and we have spent all week shopping for their curriculum for the new school year!!! I am a full time mom and don’t have the hours to spend on FB like they do! I’m only raising two kids and not 10 and only work outside the home when I schedule hair and makeup clients a weekend or two a month. Although I’m sure not to much child rearing is going on as Joes lazy ass couldn’t even remember how many kids he had! He said 10 then 11. This whole situation is sad. I ache for those kids . They are not able to even have a childhood or at least the older ones because they are the only people in that family adulting. Any slight grip on reality Nicole has is totally gone and in my opinion she is in desperate need of mental health help.

    Oh yes and I’m going to write in Kyle Johnson for president! He is no nonsense and tells it like it is!!! I love his accent as it sounds just like mine and I love the fact he said a working man don’t have time for Facebook because my husband says the same thing!


  50. I hope I’m wrong but after listening to that video, plus all of her blogs and vlogs that’s still the first thing I think. Her babies look healthy so maybe she abstains while pregnant but she’s got the heightened paranoia/insistence that everybody is out to get them thing down to a science


  51. I loved Kyle in his Kentucky drawl, asking joe “Do you have a job? A real job? A real working man has no time for Facebook”. Love that accent.

    I really think Joe is just full of bluster, and told what to do by Nicole. She’s the dangerous one, as she loses her temper and then becomes extremely unstable and unpredictable. She screams and rants and fires up Joe and the kids. Joe may fire the gun (bluster), but Nicole makes the bullets (fires him up).


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