Blessed Little Assault

This all seems to have started, or at least been resurrected, with a couple of photos somebody took of the Blessed Little Garden Shed and the Blessed Little White Bucket House. I won’t go back over all that. You can click on the link and read all about it if you haven’t already.

But Nicole kind of went apeshit about this.  No matter that she and her buddies have been posting photos of people’s houses, sending love letters, calling employers, and posting and mocking people’s children now for months.  This was done to her and she threw a little tantrum.

agreement broken

I admit that I was completely mystified by this. Several questions came to mind immediately.  First, that photo wasn’t taken recently.  It was actually taken last fall, as I found out later.

Second, what does the “my” mean (highlighted in yellow)? Is she saying “my video of the accident” or “the video of my accident”?  Who had the accident?

And exactly what is she talking about with “an agreement”?


After what seemed like ages, trying to piece this together, what has emerged is that last fall, some woman rear-ended the Naugler van, and Nicole insists that it was intentional.  She is accusing the woman of vehicular assault.

She says she has “video” of the incident (I cannot call it an accident, because Nicole is insisting that it was not, in fact, accidental, but intentional). I’m not exactly sure how one would go about videotaping somebody ramming your van from the rear when you didn’t know it was going to happen, but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that in typical Naugler fashion, since they always have a phone handy, she videotaped the conversation after the incident, not during it.

no report

And she says that a law enforcement officer was present at the scene. It’s in her video.  But who knows about a police report.

not nice person

Notice this. Not only is she bad-mouthing the woman who hit them, but she’s also insinuating that the woman took the photographs of the shed. There is really no other conclusion to draw from all this. The rear-ending incident happened, as we have subsequently found out, in November 2015. The photos of the shed, clearly taken quite recently, were made public in the last two weeks.

But it’s the same woman, Nicole implies. And because she thinks it’s the same woman, she’s going to “make it public.”

Okay. Let’s make it public, Nicole.


The next door neighbor’s daughter is the person who isn’t “nice” and who intentionally committed vehicular assault.  And Nicole is “nice” and “respectful” and “let them handle it privately.”  Whatever the hell that means.

What you have to convince me of involves three things.

First, Nicole is having hysterical hissy fits because some unknown person took some photos of their horrible little shed. She is literally going apeshit over it.  However, some “not nice” person intentionally rammed their van last fall and she never said a single word.  Not a word that I know anything about.  Convince me that is not sheer malarkey.

Second, I see no damage to that vehicle in the photo. This wasn’t a still from a video shot before the ramming incident, because how would Nicole have known ahead of time that the evil woman was going to ram her?  Furthermore, the officer is in her video, so it was taken after the fact.  When you hit somebody intentionally in the rear, you do it with the front of your car.  Anyone see any damage there?

crazy bitch

Third, I’m trying to imagine a state trooper coming to the scene of a wreck and the woman who rear-ended the other vehicle admits to him that she just did it on purpose because, well, whatever.  She just admits that she used a weapon weighing about three thousand pounds and tried to injure/kill another person/family.  And Nicole says, “Oh, gee, I don’t want to get your father upset because he lives right next door to me, and he gave us summer sausage and we liked it, so let’s just settle up privately and forget it.”  And then the officer, who has an admission from this woman that she tried to injure/kill another person, just says, “Well, if it’s okay with you, that’s fine.” Because you know, who cares?

But notice some stuff here. It’s really not nice to call your neighbor a crazy bitch on public social media.  Probably no summer sausage in the Naugler future.  In addition, according to this account, they weren’t rear-ended at all, but instead the “crazy bitch” tried to run them off the road.  Those are two very different things. I’ve got a feeling the “crazy bitch’s” car never even touched the Naugler van.

road photo

Here’s a photo of the next-door neighbor’s house and garage. the red arrow points to the roof of the Blessed Little Garden Shed. These buildings are relatively close together, much closer than I realized.

I don’t know if the Blessed Little Assault took place on the very private nobody-can-drive-on-it gravel road pictured here, or on up the road.  I suspect it was on up the road some, because in the photograph of the Assault Vehicle, the road appears to be paved.

But anyway, these two families are pretty close together by country standards. They don’t seem to have had such problems getting along when the Nauglers were in the Blessed Little Shitshack, which was located way far back on the Blessed Little Property, down near the Blessed Little Cesspool Pond. They wouldn’t have been within eyesight of the neighbor’s house, I don’t imagine.

We have lots of animals here.  They do not “free-range” because we don’t want them wandering all over hell and half of Georgia.  The only exceptions are our two cats, who are here for rodent control and who need to wander around.

I assure you that the chickens, the dogs, and most definitely the goats visit the neighbors frequently.  Often.  Especially this time of year.  The spring shoots are coming up and goats are browsers.  The neighbor has shrubbery, because the neighbor has a normal (and nice) house and has foundation plantings. Goats love that stuff.  A little nibble here and a big bite there.

The Nauglers have 8 goats. They have advertised seven of them for sale and say they are keeping one.

But here’s what is sort of odd.

goat gash

What does that mark on the goat’s neck look like to you?

It, of course, looks like a gash in the goat’s neck.

It is not.

goat collar

Nicole went to the trouble to take a little video of the goat’s neck to show that there is no gash.  What there is, though, is a collar, along with some pink ribbon that is sort of wadded/hanging/wrapped around the collar. That’s what looks like a gash.

So why does a “free range” goat have on a collar?

In the first place, anyone who puts a collar that is not a breakaway on a goat is just asking for a dead goat.  I know, because we did it once, as rank newbies.  Once, about thirty years ago. And we buried a goat. And I cried for days. I felt so badly about it. Goats do not do well tied up like that. They are browsers, as I’ve mentioned, not grazers like the calf pictured below. They try to eat from trees and shrubs and it’s very easy for them to get a collar caught in a branch.  And if that happens, they don’t just stand there until you come rescue them (which is more than likely what a cow would do). They fight and wiggle and hang themselves.



This is a Jersey bull calf, not a goat, but he is wearing a goat “collar.”  It’s a plastic chain with one link that is breakaway.  I bought them at a goat supply site. They are handy for a couple of reasons: we can differentiate between the calves by color, and they serve as a handle if you don’t tug really hard.  If you try to actually catch a calf (or goat) by grabbing the chain, you’ll be left with it in your hand.

Don’t stake goats.  Fence them.  Of course, the fence has to be better than Naugler fencing, or it won’t keep them in.

If you don’t fence them, they will go over to the neighbor’s house and eat the shrubbery. You’ll have to try to tie them up using a makeshift collar to keep them home.  And then you’ll have to sell your goats. And then you’ll have to go on social media and accuse the neighbor’s daughter of trying to kill you with her car so you can have some revenge.

All this makes me wonder who is the crazy bitch in this whole situation.



Well,  golly gee, we have retreat.  There is “no evidence” that the not-nice person, you know, that “crazy bitch,” who supposedly rear-ended the Naugler van on purpose is involved in “the troll pages.”

Or maybe there is evidence that accusing somebody falsely of vehicular assault on social media, complete with a photo of her car showing no damage whatever, is . . . libel.



28 thoughts on “Blessed Little Assault”

  1. It was actually the Sheriff’s department that responded. The same department they have tried so hard to defame and denigrate.

    Not sure if that’s sheer irony or hilarity.


  2. What is ironic is that I have seen the neighbors property before only because Nicole posted a picture from her yard that has the neighbor’s home and land in the background. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. How about all the pictures she has posted of neighboring farms that she takes on her way to work or town? I believe one was even her profile picture at one time. Are these neighbors not entitled to the same privacy she demands?


  3. My mother tried her best to instill in me that if I couldn’t say anything nice about someone, I should not say anything at all.

    Needless to say, I must have learned that at the Blessed Little Unschool. It didn’t really work out for me. Or for Nicole. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person more dedicated to stirring up the stink [in the white shit buckets] than she is.

    Even when it’s unnecessary, she just can’t seem to help herself. And guess who’s watching besides ‘us’ (whoever ‘us’ is)? 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

    Her children. The very people who look to them for truth and who see, read or witness the lies. *They* know the Blessed Little Truth and they know the Blessed Little Lies.

    Let’s forget, for a moment, the living conditions of those kids and focus on the moral compass of the parents. What are the kids learning when mom or dad claim a person drove 2000 miles to kill a dog and kidnap another, or blow up a minor incident into a Blessed Little Conspiracy?

    They learn to lie. Like their Blessed Little Parents.


  4. When she first posted about her family being assaulted by a vehicle I too was fooled, as was the intention, into believing that the photo of the car was meant to be the same someone who took the blurry photos of the shed on the road. When I looked at the photo I realized that the timing was off, very off. The car obviously in the fall, the shed in the winter.

    Okay, so I assumed she was using the car incident to try to bolster her exaggerations about being stalked in real life. You know people coming by her work, being transformed into people talking about eating lunch at the restaurant next door. People driving down her private road to stalk them, being transformed into people driving down the public/private road on Father’s Day. People assaulting her at the motel, being transformed into someone stole the tag off their car. Someone murdering her dog, being transformed into the dog was hit by a car. Months and months of these outrageous claims that she tried to pawn off as truth, only to backslide when they were proven false.

    What it boiled down to was the “not my house”. What it still boils down to is someone took a picture of the shed on the road, no people no animals in the shot. Doesn’t even look like they stopped. That’s it. That is the total extent of her real life claim to stalking. Peanuts in comparison to what Joe has repeatedly done to young girls and women alike, in real life. Peanuts in comparison to what Nicole has done such as calling people’s place of employment to try to get them fired. A mere drop in the bucket to the blessed ones pages, accounts and other online postings of people, their families, children, homes, businesses, and a laundry list of other heinous acts either perpetuated or condoned by them.

    She has since added people drive by her work again. I hope so, it is a busy artery, a road I drive down frequently. One would assume that is a good thing if one is trying to attract and keep business.

    Whatever, the usual bullshit spinning of “I am the victim”. Anything that happens to anyone else is insignificant, it’s “what you get when you play with fire”. That fire being the Nauglers. A few photos of the shed on the road, again I say so what.

    Then the plot thickens.

    All of sudden someone finds the postings where Nicole and Joe are selling their goats. Someone is informed that the lady who supposedly assaulted them (and who exactly was in the vehicle, when Nicole words something so carefully, look out) is the neighbor’s daughter. The very neighbor who lives quite close to the shed on the road. There have apparently been problems with the goats free ranging it right over to that very same neighbor, and helping themselves to his livelihood. We now see “free range” goats with collars.

    Then it clicked. I think Nicole and Joe are being forced to sell those goats or suffer the consequences of the damages they wrought. Well, we all know Nicole does not like being made to do something. We all know that she does not take the littlest slight laying down, never mind something so momentous as being forced to do something or take responsibility, IMO.

    Now a more insidious picture is starting to develop. Revenge is mine sayeth Nicole. Heck, she won’t even pray for you, she wants you to all go to hell. All kinds of claims are flowing freely from Nicole’s little poison pen. Claims of criminal assault, videos (yes, again, don’t hold your breath), police reports or maybe just statements or maybe the police “only go after fund generating offenses. Such as menacing? Whatever, just another broad statement of hers easily proven false.

    Whatever will she come with next? Which lie? How will she deflect and minimize this? Don’t worry, she rarely disappoints, she’ll invent something new any second now. She has been on a tear these last few days.

    Fences make good neighbors they say. I don’t think there is a fence in the world big enough to keep this pile of humanure out. I thank my lucky stars the Nauglers adults don’t live next to my house. My heart goes out to their neighbors.

    All the above is, undoubtedly, my personal opinion based on my observations.


  5. Oh, another person out to get Nicole? Add a “crazy bitch” neighbor to the list of previous neighbors, landlords, employers, church/ community members, cops, cps, haters, trolls and every other person/group on the ever growing list of excuses why the nauglers adults can’t act as decent, responsible human beings.
    Two days and dozens of fb posts (personal and homestead) after stating intentions of placing the homestead as the number one priority and limiting fb posts, she asks what the trolls have accomplished in eight months.
    I think the better question is: what have YOU accomplished in 8 months, Nicole?
    Further isolation in the community and decreased online support, increased damage of the property, no upgrades to human waste disposal, gardening, or water sources etc.
    It’s actually heartbreaking to think of what anyone else might have done with a 45k dollar nest egg, eight months and the motivation to finally provide for their children and prove critics wrong. Instead, it all just escalated their complete paralysis in being functional, ethical human beings. What a shame.


  6. Oh, I haven’t done much in the past 8 months. For example, I didn’t piddle away $45,000.


  7. I know. I know. Call on me.

    What have all these months of people scrutinizing the blessed little liar produced.


    Just imagine the whoppers the Nauglers would be telling without critical observation. Just imagine what they could get their gullible audience to

    So why do the Nauglers care? Damage to their reputation? They burned that bridge long ago. Damage to the grift? Ponder that one.


  8. Oh yes, I am reminded now when Lisa said, “People driving down her private road to stalk them, being transformed into people driving down the public/private road on Father’s Day.” Yes, she in her limited celebrity status, noted all the increase in cars going up and down “her” road. It was Father’s Day! LOL! Seeing how the Blessed Little Shedstead is not quite the pioneer wilderness portrayed. Hello, there are neighbors within yards. In shouting distance. Roads go places, beyond the Shedstead. It was Fathers Day. Why, that nice neighbor is a father, bets on they were coming to visit someone. Not you. What else ya got, Mrs. Naugler?

    Oh Mrs. Naugler. You blew out a flip flop (Jimmy Buffett) and stepped on a pop top, with the Blessed Little Assault. Intentional Assault with a vehicle. Not a nice person. One of these wack jobs forgets to take their medicine and runs us off the road again. The crazy bitch admitted it on camera in front of the police officer. And this is your nice neighbor’s daughter? Whew doggie, let’s hope neither one of them frequent Facebook. And that your phone camera has accurate documentation. Or else one would think your credibility went waaaay down the blessed white bucket.

    Let’s see, if my math is correct, this makes it about 10-0. Ten sensational dramatizations. Zero truths.

    What else ya got, Mrs. Naugler??


  9. Oh, what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practise to deceive!
    —–Scottish poetry derived from Canto VI, XVII


  10. Good for the Nauglers that I do not live at that neighbors house. If that were the case, their free ranging animals would be gone. If I were their neighbor I would have animal control and the health department out there. No way in hell would I put up with neighbors that think they have the right to encroach on my right to enjoy my property. I would fully pursue my rights especially if they are violating state, county and/or town codes. I think the locals need to stand up to the Naugler bullying and assert their rights.


  11. The money could have helped another family, it only further corrupted this pair. They thought they had found the goose that lays golden eggs. Now they are desperate.


  12. I live a few hours away from the Nauglers in the Midwest but not in the same state. PETA in our area has been known to video suspected animal abuse then take the footage to local authorities in hopes of prosecution. Our state has laws when a farm animal dies it must be properly disposed off. They also video situations in which animals are not disposed of according to state law. Honestly, they are very successful at getting those who neglect animals prosecuted. I will not be surprised if the day comes when someone from PETA starts digging around for evidence of how animals are treated at the Naugler property and then tries to get them prosecuted.


  13. Nicole would like to correct everyone. On her personal blog, in the wee hours of the morning, she states “Never was there conflict about the goats”. So there. Whatever you have heard from locals or direct neighbor’s. whatever you may assume based on homesteading or farming experience, well, she says you are dead wrong. “Never”.

    She also posted two, what I assume she believes are, humorous posts: one from the III percenters which is, IMO, racist as can be. The other more personal to the blessed one with offers to sell information about her credit report for a $50 donation, a $1500 donation will get you an itemized list of how the GFM was spent and for $200 donation a video of the automotive assault. I don’t find either post to be humorous, but that is just me. What the posts do indicate to me is that she doesn’t take her current situation very seriously. That, IMO, she doesn’t appear to buy into her claims of fear regarding alleged real life stalking or alleged assault. That, well, she thinks it is funny and she enjoys “taunting the trolls”. Did it work? Do you feel stupid now?


  14. I thought the asking price on those goats was pretty steep. Usually, people give those away. But if they have been ordered to pay restitution to the neighbor for the damage, that would explain the ridiculous price.
    It would also explain her more unstable than usual behavior.


  15. tries to get them prosecuted.

    PETA, in my personal opinion, is a horrible, vile organization. They do not believe that anyone should own an animal, even dogs and cats.

    I see no evidence that would suggest to me that the Nauglers abuse their animals. They do not provide them with shelter that would pass my standards, but according to my dairy farm manager mentor, I have the distinction of having the most spoiled dairy cow in the entire state of Kentucky, so my standards are not really realistic. The goats do not look to me like they are starving or ill-fed. The dogs look fine. What photos of chickens I’ve seen look fine. There is no law that says that one must worm one’s goats, for instance. Or dogs. You don’t have to get dogs inoculated if you don’t want to do so.

    What is absolutely certain is that the goats do not understand the property line that exists just a few feet from the garden shed, and there is no question that they wander over to the neighbor’s property. Contrary to the silly assertion by one of Nicole’s idiotic followers, there is no fence. There is absolutely and positively no fence.

    And that, and that only, is the problem.


  16. Things they could’ve done with 45 grand other than what they apparently did:

    *Contacted one or more of their major creditors and offered a smaller lump sum than owed to clear the debt(s), in hopes that the creditor(s) would take the deal in lieu of squeezing dribbly monthly payments out of them. This has been used successfully in the past. Imagine not having to run away from people you don’t owe money to!

    *Paid down what they owe on the land (or paid it off depending on the status of the contract), if they are really fixed on the notion of homesteading and not just using the land as a setting for their latest grift.

    *Gotten the well and/or septic fixed. They both worked at one point and there hasn’t been a major earthquake or anything, so they’re fixable. Imagine: water that doesn’t come with a complimentary police report! A plywood shack with a hole in it that goes to a big pit that wouldn’t have to be dealt with for a long time! No more hauling buckets of filth!

    *Decided to reframe “being whores for the government” (why drag sex into it anyway? oh right these are the Nauglers) as “bleeding the Beast,” used some of the money to get the children’s birth certificates straightened out, and applied for every type of aid they qualify for. Which is a lot.

    *Bought a decent used truck and gotten every child who qualifies licensed to drive, even if only with a learner’s permit.

    *Taken online or community college classes in stuff they desperately need to know, such as how to build simple wooden structures and care for tools.


  17. As an animal lover I am distressed to see that the Nauglers put their goats in harm’s way by allowing them to forage willy-nilly and wander onto another person’s property, where they could be shot. That goes for their dogs as well.

    That said, I understand that life for farm animals and dogs/cats has its reality. They have a role as companions, workhorses, protection and also as our food.

    Farm animals that encroach on others’ properties, dogs that terrorize or kill another farmer’s chickens or rabbits, are going to get a bullet. I might think that cruel, but it is a property owner’s right to protect his/her land, crops and own animals. However, the poor animal is faultless. It is not malevolent, but only searching for food and fulfilling an instinct to wander. Still, I feel compassion for animals needlessly killed due to owner irresponsibility.

    If you don’t know how, or refuse to provide for your animals adequate food and protection from wandering and risk of needless death (by shooting, hit by a car, or a predator), then you should not own critters. Failing to safeguard your animals properly is tantamount to animal abuse.


  18. All dogs, cats, and ferrets four (4) months of age and older shall be vaccinated against rabies.

    Guess she needs to get her cats done too. One would think she would have the one at the business done as it does come into contact with public and other animals daily. But with her stance on vaccinations doubt that happened.

    Also required to have licenses for the dog which would require proof of rabies vaccination and if they were spayed/neutered.

    One would think living in the wilderness they would error on the side of caution and vaccinate their animals just for the sake of the kids to cut down on the chance of them coming into contact with rabies. Animals in the wilderness are known to get rabies example raccoons are a prime example. I am sure they have raccoons in the wilderness.


  19. refuse to provide for your animals adequate food

    We don’t know about that part. They don’t look like they are starving. However, it’s spring, and the green shoots are coming and goats love green shoots. So yeah, they’re going to wander. And yeah, it’s bad news out in the country to let your animals just run around loose.


  20. Doesn’t Joe claim to be a Mormon??? How can he be when he purposely keeps his family poor. This is a quote from the LDS church…
    “The responsibility for each person’s social, emotional, spiritual, physical, or economic well-being rests first upon himself, second upon his family, and third upon the Church if he is a faithful member thereof.
    “No true Latter-day Saint, while physically or emotionally able, will voluntarily shift the burden of his own or his family’s well-being to someone else. So long as he can, under the inspiration of the Lord and with his own labors, he will supply himself and his family with the spiritual and temporal necessities of life”

    Does that even resemble Joe?


  21. Old Time Farm Girl, I am going to make the assumption that Nicole’s anti-vaccination position carries over to the animals. If I am not mistaken, also in her grooming salon business, she does not require proof of vaccination. I am assuming also, she is taking full responsibility, of the potential consequential collateral.

    It’s a well known among rural country life, letting your animals run loose is bad news for the animal. A nuisance animal, will be shot. If you can’t take responsibility for your own animals, it’s as simple as that.

    No disrespect, Potato Hunter, but one could interchange the word Mormon with the word Man. The quote can describe the honor of being a Man. While you challenge whether Joe is a Mormon, I challenge Joe being a Man. A Man of honor.


  22. Kentucky Bred – Yes I do believe you are right on the salon policy. And yes a big nightmare if one of the clients animals catch something there. Or worse yet a human. They do track things like rabies pretty closely when some one contracts it. “I am assuming also, she is taking full responsibility, of the potential consequential collateral.” Like they say you can not get blood from a turnip = especially a turnip the just fell off the truck. They have nothing to sue for they do not own the land and who wants an old broken down vehicle. Good luck in trying to collect on a monetary judgement. One would stand a chance of getting paid off in feces faster as they make a lot of that and save it up in a big pile.

    IMO – one of the small minor reason for unschooling is the anti-vax stance they have. I am thinking that they at least thought they would not be able to wiggle around the lack of vaccinations.

    Yes one can get a free pass for religious reasons. But you have to provide proof that is your religion and that you are practicing it. I know that there was a ta-d0 with Amish about vaccinations. In PA some of the Amish kids rode the public school buses and the state decided for the safety of all the kids if they rode the bus they had to have vaccinations. The Amish tried to fight it but they lost and were told either the kids get vaccinations or they do not ride the bus. The was back in the very late 80s or early 90s and I remember it as I lived in PA at that time and it was all over the news. Personally I think the state did the right thing as there are more people who do follow the laws and get their kids vaccinations.

    There is also a free pass for health reasons again has to be proven and to do that one would have to make regular visits to a doctor. Doctors do not just hand out forms to say some one can not have shots because of what ever reason. No doctor in their right mind is going to do that and put his hard earned license on the line. The ones that suffer the most for lack of getting vaccinations are the children who can not get them for various health reason that if they got them they could die. Their parents would love to get them for their child but they can not. Kids that are healthy and parents do not get them put those sick children at risk. Parents of well children that refuse to get their vaccinations IMO are just being ignorant and doing so to make a statement. Kind of like that brat as a kid we all found at some point in our childhood – Ha Ha look at me and what I am doing while thumbing their nose at you. Most every thing anti that Joe and Nicole do is just to make that Ha Ha statement. They have not grown up enough to accept responsibility for their take a stance cause it is the cool thing to be difference actions. They have been very very lucky with 11 kids and nothing major has happened yet. Some day that luck is going to run out and they will be looking to blame some one other than their piss poor parenting choices to blame.

    With animals there is not a religion free pass as animals do not practice any religion that I know of. There is a medical pass but one would be very hard pressed to find a vet to give that in a statement. Animals are just that animals and have minimal health and welfare support. Animals can be replaced be it at the shelter/pound or purebred unlike children they can not. When it comes to ignoring the laws to have the animals vaccinated I almost think it is more of a money thing vs a statement thing. A caring parent would do it just for the concern and safety of their children to prevent them from coming in contact with rabies. They will also find that they can get a summons for non-compliance with the law over animals faster then with the kids.

    I totally agree with you on the statement of Joe being a man. I flip back and forth more towards that Joe is hen pecked and Nicole wears the pants in that family. Extended family have said that he has had jobs that he really liked but she would find a reason to make him quit them so he could be home to take care of the kids as once they are beyond the baby stage they do not hold her interest and she does not want to be bothered with them much. Thus the statement Homestead Husband does the homeschooling errr scratch that unschooling. I was raised that any man who did not have a severe disability it was his job to be the main bread winner of the family. Personally I do not know any men that are upstanding citizens that would think otherwise. All the men I know work to bring home the bread to the family. Also how much child care is he giving if several of the kids and baby go to the shop every day? Seems his responsibilities there have shrunk too, maybe he is getting depressed and turning to food for comfort from lack of self worth thus the tremendous weight gain since May.

    This whole fiasco keeps getting more bizarre as time marches on. The only thing that is tangible from the GFM money is the garden shed. They have not shown improvements with anything else. Water is one thing every living being needs to live and the first thing that has to be taken care of and they are still making plans for that. Plans to make plans to make more plans to make more and more plans. Time to stop planning and just do it 11 kids depend on it.


  23. I was raised that any man who did not have a severe disability it was his job to be the main bread winner of the family.

    Well, I don’t buy into that one. Obviously, that has been the cultural norm, but it’s fine to do something different from the cultural norm provided that your family is cared for adequately.

    The problem with me isn’t that Joe doesn’t have a job. The problem with me is that he doesn’t do anything, it seems. If he were on the property, working his substantial ass off daily to make some progress there, caring for the bulk of the children, well, I’d have a whole different outlook on all this.

    My husband and I are old. We’ve been here on this property for just shy of eight years. We’ve done a whole lot of stuff here. Lots of new infrastructure (all new fencing, an addition to the barn, an outdoor shower, improved drainage around all the outbuildings), lots of gardening, lots of livestock have passed through this little farm. And there are only two of us. And we are old. And none of this is a requirement so that we can eat. It’s just stuff we do instead of parking on Facebook all day long.

    Joe and Nicole have accomplished absolutely zero, nothing, nada, in two years. Nothing. It takes no effort at all to buy (or be given) some scrubby goats and bring them home and turn them loose to run all over the neighbor’s property. Ditto chickens. There is no garden and never has been. Hell, Joe can’t even seem to cut an adequate supply of firewood even with a “$900” chain saw. What about a nice play area for all those kids? It takes no effort at all to do mud.


  24. This! If Joe can’t hold down a regular job for whatever reason, there’s so much he could have been doing on the homeplace. Even one thing would have been good. But all he ever seems to do, besides threatening people and impregnating Nicole, is help a little bit while the children do most of the work. And because they’re children without an ounce of guidance, they haven’t been able to do much.


  25. Hey, Naugler kids, here’s another post with stuff that could help those of you who haven’t aged out of eligibility. Here’s what you could have right now if your parents were more interested in seeing that you were warm, clean, well fed, and safely housed instead of trying to milk more money out of people using manufactured guilt and threats:

    In addition to grocery money from SNAP, you could have free milk, eggs, peanut butter, bread, etc., from WIC. Yes, free.

    IHEAP could have given your parents money for kerosene and firewood to keep you warmer during the winter.

    Instead of the little ones rolling around in the mud or hanging around the dog grooming shop all day, they could have been in subsidized child care via CCAP, where they may well have gotten at least one meal per day courtesy of the USDA.

    Plus, all of you who are still minors could be benefiting from health care via KCHIP. Imagine: you get hurt, you immediately go to a doctor, the doctor fixes it, and you go home. No dirt, no amateur-hour attempts to sew up a wound, no worry about infections!

    You could also have your names down at HANDS, a clearinghouse for other community services for children.

    You could have been on the waiting list for emergency housing from HUD, although that’s probably a long shot considering the size of your family.

    Hey, what about straight up cash from K-TAP? No begging required

    Plus, of course, if you were in school right now, you would be in a warm building with one or two cheap or free meals five days a week, plus weekend food backpack programs designed to keep you going until Monday. Oh, and the USDA offers free summer meals to students as well, although I don’t know how close the nearest USDA meal kitchen is.

    All your parents have to do is to prove how old you are using a birth certificate, prove their income by not lying about how much money they make, and prove residency. It would also be nice if they paid their taxes, which help finance the above programs for everyone who needs help.

    All of the above–food, shelter, warmth, medical care, education, a safe place for little kids, and connection with other families, in return for paying as you are able via a graduated income tax–is what your mother calls “being a whore for the State.”

    Take a look, kids:


  26. “The children were taken because I invoked my rights.” – Nicole

    Nicole, please tell me that you would make a different choice if you could go back to that day. I can’t imagine that the satisfaction of invoking your rights was worth the pain your children endured for two months. IT WAS YOUR FAULT that the children had to be separated from you. You could have complied and later taken it to court (without subjecting your children to possible abuse at the hands of strangers). I hope you and Joe have promised your babies that you will comply next time to keep them safe with you, and then fight to prove your rights in court. If not, how horrible for your children to live in fear thinking that mom and dad might let them be taken again someday just to show that you don’t have to comply with the police. Your kids might SAY they agree with what you did. But kids want to please their parents and believe what you teach them (at least until they grow up).


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