BLB- The Forum

I’ve been experimenting.

There is a way to add a forum to a WordPress blog. I tried. I failed, sort of. It sort of worked, but I found it clunky and decided to scrap it before I ever went public with it.

So I went looking for another way.

Here you go.

How does this differ from the blog?

Well, it’s a place for you to communicate primarily with each other, and not necessarily with me.  It’s a place for you to choose the subject matter, and not just react to my choice of subject.

If you want to tell the story of your dog or your aunt Hazel or you want to bring up something that you think we might be interested in but you just don’t see a place to say it, the forum is for you.

Several people have volunteered to be moderators, but I hope they are bored to death with the job. The rules there are the same as the rules here.

You will notice that I am using my real name on the forum. You don’t have to do that.  Nobody will have access to your information except me and the other administrators and nobody will share it with anyone.  Pseudonyms are fine.

I am putting a page with a link to the forum at the top of every blog page  in the menu.  It should appear there along with the Romancing Archive link.

Right now, there is only one post there.

Feel free to change that.



22 thoughts on “BLB- The Forum”

  1. I am so social media challenged. And i have little patience for it as well. I’ll give it a shot, i suppose, but if it proves too difficult for my simple mind, i hope you won’t stop your wonderful posts here.


  2. All you have to do to participate is register over there.

    I just realized that I had it wide open so I closed commenting to anyone except those who have registered. At least, I think I did. The only reason for registering is so we can kick out people who misbehave and stop Nicole’s humpers before they start.

    This blog remains as it is. The forum is just a place for you guys to set the subject matter instead of me.


  3. I tried and will not acknowledge my email. I tried two or three times. I must be doing something terribly wrong.


  4. Yeah, it’s not working for me. I will, however, continue to look for all news Frances, and second, Nozzler!. Lol. Best to all! (Including buddy Blue)


  5. Fantastic! Thanks Sally and Mods!

    One question – do you have to be a registered member to view the content? I love the idea of an open forum but I’m not particularly fond of the Nauglers mining the posts for content. I don’t care if they read what I write about them on the blog – the comments here are public and I know they see them. Just thinking that there might not be as much non-Naugler interaction if we are all worried that Aunt Hazel is going to be doxxed 🙂


  6. One question – do you have to be a registered member to view the content?

    No. Anyone can see it, but you have to be registered to comment.

    If that becomes a big issue, then we can take the whole thing private, but then you might as well just go join FJ. 🙂


  7. Frankly, my main reason for establishing the forum wasn’t to nit pick at the Nauglers. We do plenty of that right here. Instead, I wanted to provide a place where you can elaborate on something that comes to mind when you’re reading the blog. Maybe you found an article that you think is interesting but it’s really off topic. Or maybe a current event issue comes to mind and it really isn’t on this blog at all, or only tangentially and you would like to discuss it more in depth.

    Or maybe you want to relate something about your life growing up that touches on all this, but not really so you don’t say anything here.

    That’s what the forum is for.


  8. I tried another email address and it keeps telling me I don’t have a valid email. I only have two email addresses now so I don’t know if it just doesn’t accept gmail or what. Any other suggestions from anyone?


  9. Jeannie, I have approved multiple folks with gmail email addresses, so that isn’t the problem. Do you have a different device, like a laptop or a phone, and could you try registering from it?


  10. Jeannie, here is a suggestion. This, in fact, seems to be the most common cause of the problem.

    “Make sure when they enter an email it does not have extra spaces either at the beginning or end of the email as this can be a problem.”


  11. Sally, it asks for an activation key…but I checked my email and spam folders, and I can’t find one? Other than that, i can read everything just fine. But can’t comment. Perhaps it’s divine intervention! Lol


  12. It still won’t let me register. When I read the terms and rules, I click the I’ve read them and click continue and it won’t go anywhere, so I try to log in and it says they don’t see my email. I don’t know what else I could do. I tried on other devices, I’ve made sure there are no spaces, I’ve held my breath and jumped on one leg….it just doesn’t like me.


  13. When you try on other devinces, Jeannie, are you on your home wifi? I wonder if it doesn’t like your IP address. If you are out and about, try on your phone away from your house, thus using a different IP address.


  14. Jeannie, I’m working on a solution. It might take me the rest of the day, but I’m working on it. 🙂


  15. I had problems with it because I was on a pro board years ago and I think it knew the email addy. i just used a different email.
    Like what I see so far.
    For some reason Frances has been on my mind. Is he ok? Have the balls dropped off Little Al/Blue yet?


  16. Frances is happy as a clam. Her udder looks wonderful, all dry and saggy, just like it is supposed to. I think we removed that nasty bacteria’s food source and have won the battle. Continuing to fight it with one antibiotic after another was not only exhausting me and Jason both, but it was also painful and miserable for her. Drying her up was the best solution.

    Blue still has balls, but they are shrinking. He doesn’t care. The others don’t care either. He’s doing great.

    Everyone just wishes it would quit raining and we’d get some sunshine.


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