Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday

He was flamboyant, a bit outrageous, and extremely effective. He became world-famous for his tent meetings.

I despise his religion and I certainly do not laud his legacy.

But, there is a super story about Billy Sunday that I want to share.  It’s more than likely apocryphal, but that doesn’t matter. I love it anyway and wish it were true.  And the following is my own rendition of the story as I remember it.

One night, as Billy Sunday was greeting people after one of his tent meetings (complete with the legendary sawdust trail), a well-dressed woman approached him.  This was slightly unusual, as Billy’s crowds tended to be working-class folks, and this woman was obviously from a higher socio-economic class as evidenced by not only her dress but her manner.

She began complaining to him about how she didn’t like the sawdust trail, and the whole “coming forward” thing, and that she thought he’d do better and perhaps reach a larger audience if he toned it down a bit and made his sermons a little more intellectual and refined and not rant and rave about hell so much.


Billy listened patiently and when she finished, he gave her a very simple reply. He thanked her for her criticism and then said:

“Frankly, madam, I greatly prefer what I am doing to what you are not.”

I’ll pause a moment while you think about what he said.  It’s awesome.

What does that have to do with this blog?


This blog is mine. It is not run by a committee.  I do have some help (and my heart belongs to the committee that is “The Nefarious Please”) but I am in charge here. I determine what is written and how it is written. I determine what, when, where, and how.  That’s fair, because I also take the blame.

I am happy to discuss anything if the person wants to come here and talk to me.  I really don’t mind criticism.  Hell, I get a bunch of it, and one’s skin thickens after awhile. And as I’ve demonstrated time and time again, I admit error and correct it quite readily. This blog isn’t perfect. There are only so many hours in the day and I have two blogs, four websites, and a working farm and I’m old and I get tired and sometimes I am cranky.  I know I’m often sarcastic as hell.  [Dave and I have learned that old people are cranky simply because we’ve lived long enough to have seen it all before and we’re tired of it, whatever “it” might be.]

But I do not give editorial license to anyone (except The Nefarious Please on occasion).

If you don’t like that I went on the Blessed Little Excursion, or if you don’t like the tone of my writing, or you think I should write about this or that, or not say this or that, well, that’s fine.  As long as you are polite and don’t yell at me, you can come here and comment about it.  I may heed your advice and I also may ignore you.  But in addition,  I would encourage you to go start your own blog and do it the right way.

I’ll probably even read it.  You can post the URL in the comments, and that will give you a head start with lots of free advertising.




30 thoughts on “Billy Sunday”

  1. I blogged for almost 9 years. It was after I had a very good following and had built a community of followers/friends that a few people suddenly became very opinionated on much of what I wrote.
    A good friend reminded once that “This is your blog. They can start their own blog with their own opinions”. So be it.

    Thanks again, Sally.

  2. if you can picture my husband and I sitting on the front porch reading your blog together most evenings discussing their (the Nauglers) latest shenanigans. And it’s great, and funny and horrifying. But then I thought about it, and it’s not really the Nauglers we come for is it? It’s you. It’s your wit, your observations, your bravado, your writing. If you stopped talking about the Naugs tomorrow and started a blog about, lets say…. Anything, we would follow.
    Even the haters would follow
    You know you would

  3. If the naysayers think the situation is really as volatile and delicate as they claim, they should stop commenting on the Nauglers altogether and encourage others to do the same.

  4. “But then I thought about it, and it’s not really the Nauglers we come for is it? It’s you. It’s your wit, your observations, your bravado, your writing.”

    ElMacho, I must agree! I love the writing style, no nonsense approach and most of all…the facts!! This blog is the only place where the Naugler issues are discussed rationally. Additionally, I am learning quite a bit about real homesteading. As always Sally, you have handled criticism, as you have dealt with most issues, with honesty! This is your blog, dammit! Keep it real! That’s the way I like it!

  5. My only complaint/advice/concern is please stop using so many big words! Because you use a big, fancy word, then Nicole sees it, gets intrigued and looks it up, then decides it’s her word. Probably followed by an #unschool lesson and next thing you know there’s a bunch if Nogs running around yelling “don’t encroach on my eggo!”

  6. The volatility of Joe and Nicole consists of their stalking tendencies (real life and on-line), cyber-bullying, verbal bullying, and yelling at their kids.

    Their normal lives consist of the same things plus avoiding education, healthcare, cleanliness, sewage management, and meeting their responsibilities in general. The kids have experienced this degradation without any effect, enhancement (except graduating to a shed), or worsening due to any blogger’s efforts (except Nicole, of course).

    The effect of blogging here and on other sites is that the Nauglers’ lies cannot go unchecked and they get frustrated. The effect of the blessed little excursion was Nicole got mad (which is her normal state of being) and Joe had a beer. The more salient pressure on the Nauglers is legal, rather than blogosphere, and comes from their neighbors and community members who have suffered direct tangible harm and behavioral nuisance from the Nauglers.

    The Nauglers have been like this for years. It is just widely visible now.

  7. I wish we could like comments

    I considered enabling that feature and nixed it, because Nicole and Company are fond of socks. They would come over just to downvote stuff. Besides which, the argumentum ad populum is a logical fallacy (something isn’t true or false just because a lot of people like it or believe it).

  8. Love this blog too and all the many and varied thoughtful and stimulating posts. Sally ‘Keepin’ it real’ is such a breath of fresh air and makes my day.
    I am voting.

  9. You have a great writing style. If you stunk, we all wouldn’t be here. I love this blog.

  10. Sculder&Mully said, “The Nauglers have been like this for years. It is just widely visible now.”

    I believe it. Their routine is highly predictable. Sigh.

    I loved the picture you painted for us, ElMacho. Sally’s blog is so enjoyable. My favorite time to settle into a good blog read, is with a cup of coffee. Sometimes early morning, sometimes in the evening after dinner. Tonight it’s coffee and a slice of homemade coconut creme pie. The way the blog post is structured, it’s easy to capture the core purpose. And to follow the thinking. The people commenting lends to some lively discussion. And a bunch of giggles. Coffee snorts as well.

    If someone claims they are offended, that’s their issue. Not yours. Seems our culture today thrives on “I’m offended” as an attention buzzer. Oh and about the criticizer. I had a boss once that welcomed constructive criticism or presenting a problem. But only if you have a solution, along with the criticism. That seemed to work out pretty well. He then was willing to listen.

    Thanks again for the read this evening. The pie was tasty, too.

  11. Months ago sally linked her other blogs, and I went and read threw many old postings untill I came to one, one that honestly felt like she was writing it just for me. It gave me inspiration, strength, and hope. You did that by writing how you felt it was authentic and wonderful. You have shared your son, his music, your life, and emotions thank you for all that you do.

  12. I agree ElMacho!! Sally’s writing is a special kind of magic. I found this blog by accident when reading about the Nauglers and becoming concerned about the children. I’m holding on to hope that the children will be given the life they deserve. I’m also holding on to hope that when there is nothing more to be discussed about the Nauglers that Sally will continue this blog; it’s part of my day. It makes me think and think deeply, and the honesty and respect displayed here is rare these days when values, beliefs and opinions differ. Keep rowing the boat Sally; you are doing something really special here.

  13. Not to mention it has expanded not only Nicole Nauglers vocabulary, but mine also, I read the blog on my kindle while I insist my husband has on the phone…. Hahaha, we are such dorks.

  14. Sally writes the wittiest truthbomb blogs ever. She writes so well she makes it look effortless. It’s not. It’s takes excruciating amounts of time to collect the information, a fine eye for detail and her unique and amazing “voice”.
    I was humbled by the experience of being a pinch hitter and apologize for my rather lackluster attempts. No one was happier than I when she came home from the sea.
    Thank you Sally both for your magnificent writing and your confidence in me/us. So pleased you are back at the helm.

  15. I look forward to this blog. It is always informative, with a side of humor, sarcasm and wit. Thank you Sally & The Nefarious Please for y’all do!

  16. ElMacho wrote, “But then I thought about it, and it’s not really the Nauglers we come for is it? It’s you. It’s your wit, your observations, your bravado, your writing.”

    I wholeheartedly agree! I thoroughly enjoy Sally’s wit and knack for investigating the Naugler’s lies and wading through all their shit. Thank you Sally for dedicating your time to this blog. It’s one of the first things I check in the morning. I look forward to each new entry! Keep them coming Sally. You’re doing a good thing here!

  17. Were any locals in court yesterday? Curious to know if the shiny new blue addition to the “homestead” was ordered in place by the judge.

  18. Angela she did. It’s on her blessed little homestead blog.

    They came they stopped composting and are using a port a potty, while they get the permits. Apparently they were told that they need to use a septic system.

  19. I recall someone on BLH suggesting (about a month ago) they use a port a potty..The person with the suggestion said they only paid $75 per month and the service included a weekly clean..anything is better than what they have been doing….

  20. Ughhhh, phew, gross!!, PU, gag and all other smell rejection noises. If they actually use that porta potty in this heat it is going to stink off the charts. Those things reek in cool weather after only a couple days of maybe 5 people using it.

    Interesting note, I went to a wilderness course a bit over a year ago and there was a porta potty and a composting toilet. The composting toilet was explained and it was a somewhat intensive process to use and to actually compost. I had a hard time envisioning myself using it in the middle of the night and remembering the procedures so I didn’t use it. But the property was on a spring (and it was beautiful, clean, clear, and tasted great) and the owner was very protective of his land’s health. The composting toilet did not stink but the porta potty sure did.

  21. Hahaha BUSTED again….BLH must have forgotten to go back as Charles Smythe or whatever puppet they were using…

  22. ElMacho,

    No, ewww, no.

    That was in the West. I relayed the Naugler tale to them and they were rather disgusted with this family. They also became quite angry at this family as well. These were people of various political stances but who did hunt and forage for food. Their anger was because it is the utterly irresponsible behavior that the Nauglers engage in that casts people in general, who have genuinely self-sustaining lifestyles and primitive living skills, as a clan of nut jobs. That is one reason why I like this blog–it calls out the Nauglers’ stupidity and duplicity in an honest and forthright way.

  23. I wonder how the alleged contamination of the neighbor’ and Naugler’s land and water is being addressed? If there was observed waste in the neighbor’s pond, then wouldn’t that be dangerous and smelly? Human waste piles on the not-a-homestead seem like a current danger too. Who does the clean up, and how long do the neighbor’s have to wait?

    I’ve also wondered why the N’s don’t move to camp in the back of the property for the summertime?

  24. A friend sent me a comment about this poor Kentucky family that was living off the grid and home schooling, but the horrible officials stole their kids because they didn’t understand what the Nauglers were doing.
    I took me less than half an hour of reading to figure out the first story was a lie.
    But, alas, I was hooked. I had to see what happened next.
    And I’m still here waiting for the daily what happens next.
    I still worry about all the children and their futures although they might as well live on another planet for what I can do to make a difference.

    Sally, your blog is my favorite place to find out what’s happening next.
    I enjoy your style of writing, your wit and informed intelligence.
    I was very impressed with how you told exactly what happened with the Joe and a beer encounter.
    I also admire how you don’t leave out details that the Naugler enablers might twist to use against you. (Not that you care… I like that about you too)
    I suspect you wouldn’t have said much about, Joe in the road, if Nicole hadn’t written another evil fantasy story about all the meanies swarming around her and her family.
    I’ve never been a fan of soap operas (well…Dark Shadows was fun) and think reality shows are stupid.
    I’m still trying to figure out why this “rabbit hole” has me so fascinated.

  25. I suspect you wouldn’t have said much about, Joe in the road, if Nicole hadn’t written another evil fantasy story about all the meanies swarming around her and her family.

    I would never have mentioned it at all if Nicole hadn’t said that Mark and Kyle were drunk, which is patently false.

  26. All that energy put into Facebook wars, fantasy blogs & vlogs, instagram, youtube, fighting cut and dry court cases, stalking, harassing, etc, imo, is just another moment stolen from their children. In the end family is everything, and they will have spent the greater part of their children’s childhoods riding on asses and titling at windmills poop covered stick firmly in hand, imo.

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