Bethel Bullshit

I’m going to address all this paragraph by paragraph. For reference, see The Fake Rape.

Paragraph One:

she posted she’d spoken on one of the pastors currently on the staff & he said no abuse, NONE, ever happened at Upper Bucks or Bethel.

No, “she” didn’t.  “She” is me.  No, I did not do that. No, the pastor I spoke with, Josh Scheiderer, said no such thing.

What he said was this: When I asked him about a very narrow period of time, the period during which Cathy’s fake rape had to have happened, and I asked him very specifically about Cathy’s claim that the rapist was an associate pastor at Bethel, he excused himself from the phone for a minute to go check the church history (apparently there is a chart with all the current and former pastors and workers on it hanging on the wall in one of the offices). He came back and said that there was only one associate pastor at Bethel during the time in question, and it was Richard Harris’ son. This obviously could not be the person Cathy describes in her fake rape story, because the Harris son has never been in trouble with the law.

That was the extent of our conversation.

The subject of the Christian school associated with the church never came up at all.

Then an investigator asked & current Assistant Pastor Josh Schiedener said he did speak with this hate blogger then justify doing so by saying quote “I did it to protect the church.”

I have no idea what Cathy is talking about here and frankly, I strongly doubt there was any “investigator” at all. She’s prone to making things up.

I lost all patience when Josh told this blogger it was adopted brother Al. I never said that. Josh said that.

Al Harris was, in fact, the associate pastor of Bethel Baptist Church (the only one the church had at that time) during the years when Cathy’s fake rape could have happened.   Nobody ever said that he raped Cathy. Nobody raped Cathy.  She is lying about it.  The whole story is a figment of her imagination, and as far as I know, she only told it once or twice. The copy I have is from BJU Survivors, which is a closed group.  She often relates these ridiculous stories in closed groups where she feels relatively safe that screen shots won’t leak out.

Paragraph Two:

Pastor Josh has told people at Bethel & even a local cop with Penridge Regional PD that it was me he spoke with. Not admitting it was an investigator.

I bet that Josh is right. I bet Josh laughed. I know I did.

Paragraph Three:

It wasn’t a secret, Cathy.  You’re an idiot.

Paragraph Four:

THEY specifically named Al as the one who I’ve accused.

No, Cathy, nobody did that. Your adoptive brother Al has never been convicted of rape, or served 20 years and is not a registered sex offender. Your supposed rapist did all that.  What’s his name, Cathy?

Paragraph Five:

Nobody cares about your “grief.”

Paragraph Six:

Since Josh did none of the things you mention, I think there is no point in discussing this.

Paragraphs Seven, Eight and Nine:

Ichabod, Holy Spirit, bullshit.  Nobody cares what you think, Cathy.



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