Being Thankful

Let me explain how you show gratitude to health care professionals who saved your worthless life.

Pay them.

Pay them, instead of bemoaning the income tax you do not pay and avoid any way you can.  You know, the income tax that the rest of us paid so you could go to the hospital and not die in the street.

You fucking hypocrite.


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  1. There are 11 nations that don’t have their citizens pay income taxes.

    “The only way to get out from under the tax thumb of the IRS and enjoy living free of income taxes is for an individual to renounce his U.S. citizenship and become a citizen or legal resident of a country with no income tax. Neither of those two requirements is usually easy to fulfill. First of all, many countries do not offer easy access to citizenship. In most instances, the process is lengthy and expensive. Secondly, U.S. tax authorities, hit hard by the loss of dozens of multimillionaires and billionaires who have chosen to obtain citizenship in more tax-friendly countries, have made it increasingly difficult and expensive to renounce U.S. citizenship. Renouncing U.S. citizenship used to be as easy as walking into a U.S. embassy and signing a document attesting to the fact a person was renouncing his U.S. citizenship. But as of 2013, the U.S. imposes a stiff expatriation tax. For example, for individuals with net worths of more than $2 million, to renounce U.S. citizenship, they must pay income tax on all capital gains of all their assets as if all the assets were sold at the time of renouncing their citizenship.”

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    But I think they’d be happiest in Eritrea. Buy a boat, pack up the kids, avoid the hurricanes and pirates and live the libertarian dream.


  2. “Don’t worry, all bleeding eventually stops”

    Yes, it’s called hypovolemic shock. The sympathetic nervous system shunts blood to the extremities to try to compensate for the lack of cardiac volume output, until the body core succumbs and you die.

    You may be dead, but you sure aren’t bleeding any more.

    Yep…all bleeding eventually stops. Sometimes due to death, but it does indeed stop.


  3. If everyone paid their fair share and took reasonability for themselves by either paying their bills or purchasing health/car/life/house/etc insurance the premiums wouldn’t be so damn high and health procedures wouldn’t be so damn high. The system struggles under the weight of those that expect everyone else to pick up their slack.

    Sort of like purchasing in bulk. The more you buy the less it costs. Same with everything else in life. The more people that pay in the less each individual has to pay in.

    She’s all about being a good neighbor, then be a good neighbor and pay your bills! So your neighbor doesn’t have to pay it for you.

    End rant from the insurance professional.


  4. #ISurvivedDIC

    Wow…OK… What about this, Nicole?


    Refusing to have have an overdue greatgrandmultiparity pregnancy in a woman over 40 monitored carefully by a doctor is ignorant, reckless, willfully negligent, and deadly.



  5. How many needles is TOO many, exactly? Apparently it was enough needles to keep her alive, despite her best efforts. Ugh, hopefully someone else is in charge of unschooling the kids regarding grammar and spelling.


  6. DIC is a badge of honor for Nicole. Sick.
    She claims she knows her body so well however she didn’t know jack shit about her baby’s body.
    My sister survived (barely) a horrific car accident on aug 4. As fast as the pump the blood in it came out. They were worried she would get DIC so they had her on plasma (it allows clotting I think). I asked the trauma surgeons who saved her life that I had heard of it in pregnancy. All three said it is rare because doctors can pick up problems before it goes to DIC just like they did with my sister. So I am calling Nicole a DIC head for not knowing her babies body and costing us all (we will be paying for it) 100’s of thousands of dollars. (My sister is 68, right femur shattered in 10 pieces, right foot crushed, left foot, ankle and leg broken, both arms and wrists broken (right arm compound fracture), broken lower back, broken pelvic, two broken ribs, intestine lacterated in two places, spleen removed, a hemotoma in her breast that grew as large as her DDD breast, a nick in a artery in her chest. She has had three major operations and has a few more to go. She was on life support for about a week. I have her POA and it’s been a nightmare handling the insurace and Medicaid, and Aetna. Just a friggin nightmare. She is mad that she survive and blames me. She has had a bad reaction to all the pain meds and has become this evil vile person I don’t recongize). Nicole you are not special because you are a DIC. You’re a homeless know it all and those that look to you for any type of advise are idiots. The only advise you are good for is to be an example on how NOT to conduct your life.


  7. OMG, what a horrific story. I am so sorry. Your sister is my age. Golly, I wish both her and you the best. She’s got a rough road in front of her.


  8. Theskyisfalling-best wishes for your sister’s recovery.

    The Nauglers are such users and takers, they cannot comprehend being a part of anything for the greater good. Too selfish to function in society, they lash out at everyone that has learned to stay away. Imagine living in such a narrow, hatefilled, alienating world. Those poor kids.


  9. Thank you Sally. they say it will be three years before she is fully recovered. I am fighting Aetna who has denied her coverage as of 9/11 because she isnt making progress. Damn place where we have her didn’t follow instructions and I didn’t know better to question them on everything. She was to see the surgeon for her femur one week after arriving at the Convalescent home (Hayward Hills). She arrived there on 8/21. I kept asking about it and they acted like I was bothering them (I guess I was intimated by them and really stressed balancing work and taking care of the paperwork and such). Anyways she didn’t see the surgeon for the follow up until this last week 8/13 (and they cancelled it cuz they couldn’t find a gurney, but I finally threw a fit and they found a gurney in less than five minutes and took her to her appointment). Mind you she has a metal plate and a metal rod holding her thigh together somehow hooked to her pelvic bone. The doctor was mad that they hadn’t kept her on ice and that not once had they set her up in a special chair with a lift for at least three hours a day. They did nothing for her. Had she gone to the doctor sooner he could have updated the insurance paper stuff or whatever to something different. Aetna is denying payment as she has not mad progress! How the hell can you make progress when you can’t stand, feed yourself and is on oxygen! I’m beyond pisssed, not only with Hayward Hills, but also with the insurance and my sister for keeping Aetna after being told when she had her stroke in April to get rid of Aetna! Somehow if she just had Medicare she could of stayed at the place for 100 days. Now I’m paying 350 a day! Although I haven’t paid, I’m hoping that the appeal that has to now through a judge will work although they still haven’t sent the paperwork. Our insurance system sucks. I wish that we could go to some kind of Navy Hospital plan for everyone (the kind I grew up with and had until I was 25). If I could send you a picture of what they consider being able to live on your own looks like you would cringe. If I figure out how to send the pic, I will, but please don’t post.


  10. You need our Australian healthcare system. Pay 1.5% of your taxable income in (you have no choice in this), and flash your Medicare card everywhere, and pretty much everything is done. You may have a few out of pocket expenses, for medicines once you leave hospital but not a lot, because that money we all pay in, pays for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and the government keeps a lid on medicine costs. This is why an epipen here costs about $30, and not $500. And the doctors and nurses are always, always paid.


  11. Theskyisfalling- I am so sorry to read of the struggles your sister and family are going through. I hope she recovers soon. Our healthcare insurance is abysmal.

    I really don’t understand the message of the “meme” she posted at all?? I went to go check out the AVA Foundation’s website and watched their little video. All hospitals have protocols for proper line placement, infection control, and accidental needle sticks. And comparing needles and line infection to drunk driving deaths? Please. I don’t quite get what they’re fighting for. A huge factor in all of that is an already severely compromised immune system plus more resistant bacteria that have evolved in hospitals. And if she actually wanted to support them, ‘liking’ a page on facebook does nothing. You could donate, or *shocker*, as you said just pay your freaking taxes.

    Her “I Survived DIC” thing is just gross. It’s like the women who feel the need to brag about homebirth after cesarean. It should ALWAYS be about the child. It’s appalling how blasé she is towards the death of her son. Those doctors and nurses saved her life. If that is how you measure your self-worth, then you need to reevaluate your priorities. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but posting ridiculous memes and every second of their lives on facebook only hours later doesn’t really give the impression that they’re grieving privately in their own way. I feel so bad for those children.

    OT: Thanks to you, Sally, I’m now addicted to The Skeptical OB’s blog as well. I was shocked to see how many of the really hardcore midwives and some of the mothers as well react to the death of their babies.


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