no begging

We have not been begging for money for years.

Read it again.

We have not been begging for money for years.

Nov 2013

November 2013. According to another post, they moved onto the Blessed Little Property and into the first garden shed in October, 2013.  Prior to this, they were living in various houses mostly provided at either very low rent or rent-free by the Mormon church.

But by October 2013, they had worn out their welcome with the local Mormons, and were on their own.

Well, sort of on their own, except for the gifts and money.

July 2014

July, 2014

child begging

September 2014.  They even have the children doing it. Consider that this child does not think for one second that maybe asking for money online is not a polite or appropriate thing to do.  He thinks it’s fine. He tells his grandmother how to send money via Paypal.


Sept 2014

Sept 2014

September 7, 2014.  Not to be outdone by her own kid, Nicole lists stuff they need.  “Build my house for me,” she says. “Fuck your own house. Send money and build mine.”

sept 2014

September 23, 2014

Oct 2014

October, 2014

nov 2014

November, 2014

december 2014

December, 2014

January, 2015.  Just donate a dollar.

february 2015

February, 2015

March 2015

March, 2015

May 2015

May, 2015 (children taken by state, GoFundMe started by Joe, and then taken over by Pace Ellsworth)

As you can see, by then, Nicole and Joe were already pretty expert at the art of asking for money online (AKA begging) almost once a month. This particular endeavor was, of course, their most successful, netting them in excess of $45,000, probably way more.

But by October, 2015, six months later, they were broke again.

That’s $7500 per month, blown on who knows what. A lawyer doesn’t cost that much.

oct 2015

And that last paragraph is laughable.  The “trolls” didn’t set up fake fundraisers. The “trolls” just were infuriated by the real ones that scammed money out of well-meaning innocent hard-working people who thought they were doing something good, and instead were enabling two grifters who use their bazillion children as pawns.


It is a way of life for them. She gets a “few bags of donations.”  She writes this like it’s an entitlement. And the kids apparently treat it like it’s Christmas.


But there’s more than one way to beg online.  Nicole uses every way she can find, not just outright asking for money. Or making lists of stuff she wants and posting it.

She hints. Like the doll. Taken alone, this would probably be fine, although I’d never do it in a million years. With all the other begging, it looks really bad.  They go on a local trading site to “ask” for a new doll.  “Does anyone have a doll I can have to replace the one I already have?” says the cute little girl.

And some sucker buys her a brand-new doll.



The seeds were nice set-up. She calls it a “blessed little gift idea.” Just being helpful, you know. And when you click on the link, it takes you directly to a page where you can send seeds right to the Blessed Little Homestead.

joe seeds

Joe thought it was a great idea – get seeds by begging. So he repeated it on his page, just in case somebody missed the opportunity.

Those are just a couple of examples of the hinting that goes on. It’s almost continuous.


And the memes. Nicole loves memes and doesn’t mind using them as hints.


Just as an aside, I have never once said anything negative about Nicole’s business. I don’t allow anyone here to do so.  When we rant about somebody needing a job, it isn’t Nicole we’re talking about.  It’s her dead-beat husband.

The “rough spot” has gone on for years and years.

homeless religionThat could so easily be Nicole or Joe sitting there. They do it from behind a smartphone, but they are doing the same thing. Which church are you working on now, Joe?



73 thoughts on “Beggars”

  1. I thought Go Fund Me monies weren’t permitted to be used for legal fees?

    It’s a shame that Joe couldn’t be bothered to use his $900 (ha!) chainsaw to cut up the tree that fell on their stretch of voluntaryist road instead of watching a man 30 years his senior do the job for them. Presumably the chainsaw was purchased with donated money so the least the national recruiter for ERT could do is cut up the tree blocking his wife’s passage to her shop.


  2. Nicole seems to believe that referring to the proceeds from cyber-begging as donations will alter the nature of the monetary stuff. Donations are usually requested, at the giver’s discretion, for some product or service like a bake sale. Maybe Nicole thinks that her Facebook blog qualifies as a service. If she does she is thoroughly deluded about the quality of the information provided on her blog. It only qualifies as a service, in my opinion, if one thinks that peering into clueless homesteading that ain’t is a service and peering into the psycho lives and views of Nicole and Joe is somehow a service. Who ever pays for that ‘service’ gets what they’re paying for–absolutely nothing. The Naugles are cyber-beggars and they were at least from the time they were the Homespun Harvest Farm.


  3. My husband and I own and operate fifteen Saw Mill’s in five different state’s. At every location we sale run off (barn siding) for $150.00 dollars per 1000 in line foot. LN
    Meaning the Nauglers could have even built a nice two story rough lumber home/barn 50 x 24 for less than $2500.00 dollars.

    They would know this if they knew how to do math!!!


  4. Melissa, it’s really not quite that simple. If it were, everyone would do it. You wouldn’t have a “nice two story home” for that. You’d have a rough lumber barn structure with nothing in it at all.

    Granted, it would be better than a garden shed. However, that $2500 you are talking about doesn’t include anything but materials. The thing has to be built and I don’t think Joe Naugler has the skill set to do that.


  5. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating to see that post of the boy’s and his vision for a coop knowing that what lay ahead was…not that.
    Makes me so angry at those parents all over again.
    *Your job does not end when your children has dreams, questions, curiosities, and goals. It has just begun. Your real job is to help them actually find answers and realize their goals and dreams* .

    When I think if how hard I work as a single parent with no support to give my kids a decent shot at life (with so many things I would love to provide but can’t), only to see these parents simply let opportunities slide by because it’s too much work, I feel a rolling rage. What injustice for those kids. They got $45000.00 literally handed to them and their kid never got his cool coop. Jerks.


  6. And your comment there Sally…

    “The thing has to be built and I don’t think Joe Naugler has the skill set to do that.”

    …is the crux of the problem. For a homesteader, Joe is as close to a useless individual as I have seen. Even if they could afford to buy the materials needed to build their new cabin (I won’t hold my breath waiting), who is going to build it? Joe has no skills to speak of, unless you count leaving sharp tools in the elements, while kicking back and rolling a spliff. The older boys may try, their efforts with their vegetable garden and chicken coop are admirable, considering they have no one to teach them, but Joe really lets the family down more than anyone. Nicole works, runs her business, and provides for her family. Joe does nothing. At all. And Nicole can’t, or won’t, see him for what he is. Useless dead weight.


  7. Kitty, I heard that rumor too. As many times as she has written about some random stranger running up to her and pressing a 20 into her hand, just because she was out and about with a few kids and was “recognized”, I don’t doubt the rumor is true.
    I would be humiliated. I would certainly not brag that my kid only got a birthday cake because we look as destitute as we are.
    One day, those kids are going to be super embarrassed by these kinds of posts.


  8. I don’t mind people asking for recycled materials to build things. That’s the only real way to get excess material someone might have sitting by the side of their house rotting after a previous project was finished. But they always ask for money, then try to justify Joe not working by saying he’s running the homestead and unschooling. Not only is he not running it, but their way to not-school is to let the kids do their own thing. The kids don’t need Joe around for that. They don’t need him around for gardening either. The kids do that.

    On my local Facebook groups, a lot of people post things like, “It’s my kid’s birthday tomorrow and I can’t afford cake or presents. Can anyone help?” and because many people don’t want kids to suffer for parents not planning ahead (even if you’re dead-broke, that’s waiting until the last second to be concerned), always, always, always some kind-hearted person digs into their own savings to buy all the supplies for a birthday party. One of my friends-turned-acquaintances did this every year, and I had to stop participating when her daughter started with an entitlement attitude. That friend isn’t broke against her choice. She never has money because she just won’t work. I forgot about her until seeing Nicole’s post about the doll.

    A can of tuna is 50 cents here, and bread is as cheap as 99 cents. We buy peanut butter and jelly to make non-perishable sandwiches we can keep in the car, bags of apples, big bags with the individual bags of chips, and regularly make a bunch of lunches to give the homeless in our area as we drive by them. But I bet that’s not good enough for the Nogs since it’s not cash going to their Paypal account. They aren’t at all concerned about us taking care of other people. They’re anger is that we aren’t giving money to them.

    I’m really happy Nicole’s making a real effort with her business, but until Joe gets off his lazy ass and get a job that pays money, then I’m not inclined to pick up their financial slack.


  9. Aside from the fact that Joe is a . . .

    Failed man, husband and father . . .

    This is what pisses us locals off the most.

    Stop conning good people out of their hard-earned cash. You phony lying conniving useless bastards.

    That is all. Document this.



  10. Grifters par excellence. I’m dizzy just thinking of the spin she is going to have to put on this.


  11. There’s begging and then there’s defrauding people of their hard earned cash. Her “plans” are nothing more than foils for theft. The Naugler parents are fraudsters and liars and are using their kids to service their needs and wants. Enslaving their own innocent children is their biggest most reprehensible crime, all imho.


  12. “Stuff we pass along…”. I’ve spent a few moments trying to figure out what on earth the Nauglers could possibly recieve as a donation that would be categorized as not useful and “passed along”. The only thing I’ve come up with so far is a chandelier. But even that could be sold for a few bucks at least…


  13. It is really a shame the Nauglers feel a sense of entitlement. Who have come to expect when they’ve made poor choices or irresponsible, they are entitled to assistance. Whether it be government assistance or a hand out.

    I disdain duplicitous people, like Joe and Nicole. Find an honest way, Nicole, to support your life choices. You are capable of recognizing what you can afford and your limitations. Joe and Nicole are physically capable of working for dollars. It’s the great American dream. The old fashioned way, by the sweat of your own brow.

    Nicole said, “We have not been begging for money for years.” While I realized as a lie, I didn’t realize that it’s been almost monthly that she reminds on her social media, they are still accepting donations. It’s kind of like passing a social media tithing platter.

    Folks, let this sink in. Do you realize the Joe and Nicole received more GFM money last year, than the average annual household family income? Just in GFM. Not including the other donations they solicit on a routine and continuous basis.

    Sucking the generosity tit. Like, “why buy the cow, when the milk is free?”


  14. The only thing I’ve come up with so far is a chandelier.

    And that got my biggest laugh for today. You win the internet.


  15. Haha so now the shed is a cabin according to the BO fb page…solar panels? Got the shed moved? Hmm maybe put in a septic since you have money. Moving stuff won’t change anything.


  16. Years ago she tried to make money by making animated gif’s and signatures for the old forums(bbb boards). On her blog she would say I am taking so many people & accepting donations for my time. Then she’d pop that donation button up there along with the PayPal address. She also offered her services to help one start a blog and get it running. Thing is she was creating the blogs on a free blogging site. This is nuts..


  17. So, BLH posted that they moved the blessed little shed away from the road. Wonder if that move was funded but GFM or if someone donated the service to do it. It’s not like Jojo would take on that endeavor.
    I love how Jojo stated that they don’t get food stamps or government aid. They had no problems accepting help/taking from the church. But hey, he doesn’t care. It’s not his hard work/money that was given.


  18. Kaylee wrote, “…until Joe gets off his lazy ass and get a job that pays money,…”

    I suspect it needs to be spelled out for them. He not only needs to get a job (or two), he needs to KEEP them for a significant period of time.


  19. $250.00 for a permit.
    $250.00 for a garden tiller.
    $250.00 donation requested be returned by donor.

    And they turn the shed around.


  20. I know another homesteader who has asked her FB friends and readers of her blog to donate money to her. Lately, she doesn’t hesitate to just say things like hey, I cannot pay my bills, my gofundaccount is such and such or if you want to, send me money…please don’t send a check…that kind of crap. I know there are some people who truly need help so this doesn’t apply to them but I see gofundme accounts as the lazy man’s way of panhandeling. Joe can sit on his over grown rear end while hitting send and hope the money comes rolling in.

    I, too, consider it fraud when people sent money to help them get their housing situation under control and they bought a shed, didn’t improve their sanitation issues, and the kids still look like they are doing without necessities. I raised my two children without the help of child support from their father or government assistance and rarely received help from my relatives and it burns me to no ends to have two parents who cannot supply their children with fundamentals.

    They have banned me from posting on FB because I simply provide the logic that is so missing in her posts and her fanbase posts. BTW, who are these people who hang on to their every word? It is so sad to see their children are learning that it pays to beg.


  21. And he doesn’t clarify that there is probably quite a lot of aid that they don’t get because they can’t, because unless CPS got the ball rolling, most (all but one?) of those kids do not have birth certificates and thus cannot even prove that they are U.S. citizens or that their parents are their parents.


  22. Maybe we are reading the sentence in question with incorrect emphasis. Perhaps she meant it like “We have not been begging FOR YEARS”. As in they have only been begging recently, because I am unsure of any ither way that antone remotely following this story could possibly believe “We HAVE NOT been begging for years”. That is obviously a completely made up falsehood.


  23. The cabin/shed appears to be in a more attractive location, but Nicole notes that now the solar panels are on the roof, where they’ll get all-day sun.

    It is going to be so hot in that west-facing shed this summer. The front loft appeared to have a window or at least a potential window opening, but it’s closed with a wooden shutter or some kind of wooden barrier.

    The move seems to have taken place about two weeks ago – I wonder why that shutter is still closed. Opening it would greatly improve airflow not only to the lofts but to the cabin as a whole, as hot air would be drawn upwards and through it, while cooler air could enter from the lower door and windows. It would also improve light in the loft.

    I would assume the back loft has the same feature. Removing the shutters, hinging them to open inwards, and tacking cheap screen for mosquitoes in place would cost very little in either labor or materials, and would add considerably to the comfort of the children sleeping in those lofts and to the quality of life of everyone living in the shed.

    The front porch appears to be set on uneven stacks of concrete blocks. I wonder if they are secured in any way other than by the force of gravity?


  24. The Naugler’s are always going on about how free they are. But, if meeting your families most basic needs are dependent on online donations from strangers, idiotic money-making schemes that never seem to work out, lame fundraisers,the generosity of church organizations, government aid and begging on the street, what kind of freedom is that? That is not freedom. That is a life where you are perpetually indebted and dependent on others.


  25. They also go on and on about voluntaryism, but feel free to remove their children’s ability to choose any other life. Without even a GED, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot they can do.

    Oh, and: Apparently it’s possible to be landed with resident alien status, for life, in your own country if your parents can’t be arsed to register your birth.


  26. If they have, in fact, shifted the abode further into the property what is the proximity to the porta potty? It’s not clear where the porta potty is but if they shifted further away from it, it seems unlikely that they are actively using it.


  27. “Oh, and: Apparently it’s possible to be landed with resident alien status, for life, in your own country if your parents can’t be arsed to register your birth.”

    OMG, Nicole and Joe have turned their children into aliens! The kids have even less freedom thanks to their parents. They will have to fight for their American birthright and all the benefits that go with it. Honestly, not documenting your children should be illegal. I wonder how many invisible children are out there? How many of them are being abused like the Naugler children? IMO denying your children their birthright is abuse.


  28. Off topic (by the way, I love how you put this beggars issue together!) I just just saw the picture they posted on the shed move. It appears that they some how balanced the shed on cinder blocks, about 5 cinder blocks high. Call me cra cra, but it looks a little tad un safe. I hope they had professionals move & set it up, and it’s all safe & they don’t allow anyone to play under the shed, animals included. The picture is taken late in the day, so it is hard to really see.

    You would think someone would call the building inspector out to look at this. Here in CA you need a permit for everything (because of dumbass people who jury rigged themselves & others into hazardous situations such as this appears to be).

    The shed reminds me of a car on jacks.


  29. I just looked closer at the shed move & I don’t see stairs! I see a makeshift ladder & the slide. Is there a back enterance to this shed??? What happens if a fire should happen??? I couldn’t sleep in there with my babies!!! I’d be up all night worried about a fire & getting my babies out! Here where I live I’d worry about an earthquake! This is why we building inspectors, permits & regulations Nicole! So babies can be protected when the parents believe that nothing is wrong!!!

    Nicole have you any concerns on the safety of this set up?? Did you talk to your husband about them & he told you to shut up cunt & you backed down???


  30. Blue Kentucky Girl, I think you are being much too pragmatic about the shed pic. IMO The picture was put up because it’s time to stir up a bit of controversy. No one noticed or cared that they moved the shed. No one took pictures of coziness at dusk supported by stacks of concrete blocks. Last time someone else posted a sliver of shed, commenters went paranoia type crazy, so it’s worth trying again in her thoughts. Her current post is just more of “Hey, look over here. Look at me!” which rotates with “evil government”, and “Dayum trolls”, and “Pretty children”, which all lead to “Send $$$”. Ho hum.


  31. I agree with you, Bill. It’s all about the bucks. look at poor ,poor, pitiful me! I guess she did not really mean it when she begged people to “leave her alone”. She would be beside herself if people actually did ignore her. That day is near Nicole. It is time to move on to plan B. Learning how to support your family without begging or exploiting your kids. Your FB pages and blogs suck. You suck. The rubbernecks will be tired of watching your train wreck of a life soon enough.


  32. Their blessed little shed sits on those blocks…I am thinking that isn’t very sturdy or level but what do I know. Plus, that thing isn’t that tall so the kids sleep in a loft that is big enough for mattresses or sleeping bags and that is it…those children don’t even have rooms.


  33. I’ve been watching these people since the story broke. They are grifters – they are scammers. The labels they create for themselves are simply convenient. “Off the grid homesteaders”, “unschoolers” etc. They all translate to “fraudsters”.

    If you do a little poking around (some are harder to find yet very entertaining albeit scary) there are forums dedicated to what these people do. Including the “trolling”, doxxing, fear mongering, anti-everything unless of course it serves them. The nonstop Go Fraud Me campaigns, bit coin scams, donate and save our family schemes… tips, tricks and faqs –
    laced with threats of violence and “stick it to the man” rhetoric – unless of course they need to use the police or legal system… It’s a circle Jerk of fuckery.

    In my opinion, what they do and say is only intended to elicit attention. They want you to have concern and worry for their children. They want you to talk and write about them. There will always be sycophants willing to defend them, and a few will press that donate button – for the poor children!! That is what they count on while they eat their fast food and plot their next attention grabbing tale of woe.

    I truly feel for all of you in the local community saddled with these filthy con artists.

    This is a great blog, a “one stop shop” for the real Naugler show. Thank you.

    My morning coffee and evening wind-down now comes with a side of white bucket o’shit, a dirty garden shed and the horrific mental image of mountains of human waste.


  34. @ Lilliana, can you recommend a page to further research the circle jerk of grifting?


  35. Sorry Sally, tired and hopeful 3rd times the charm.

    All comments are being moderated. Just so you know. All three showed up. 🙂


  36. Freedom fighters -I can if Sally has no objection, and if this is in violation of the blog standards please forgive me.

    Here is one: (<— it's a colon Joe)

    That forum is run by a guy (D.O.) who reminds me of JN. His story is as twisted as JN's. His syntax, rants, views… schemes…oddly similar. It's as if JN took lessons from him, among others.

    It's a difficult site to sink your teeth into for sure. The struggle is real… weird and shady. It also gets scrubbed from time to time (translation: send money to the admin to keep the site up) I believe archives do exist somewhere.

    also – the site that snarks on tb2k is called Time Out! (google time out forum)

    Most of the members on Time Out are banned members from timebomb2k and of course sock puppets galore that call out the tb2k site and their kooky members, especially the owner/admin. Time Out! is full of …ummm… it's own brand of strange, paranoid, crude and flat out crazy.

    Pre-Naugler, I personally know someone who was doxxed by one or more members of that forum. Their employer was called, they were threatened, snail mail sent to them and to their family members. It went on for a long time… very scary.

    If this person hadn't explained the madness to me and prompted me to go there, I wouldn't have chosen that brand of rabbit hole to fall into!

    Admittedly, I haven't read there since before the Nauglers made the news, but when they did I couldn't help but draw parallels to people on those forums.

    There was another forum that now looks scrubbed, cleaned up and reformatted since I first saw it a few years ago called The Tree of Liberty.

    There were/are a lot of members that post/posted to all three forums via socks and they troll and doxx each other like it's their job… how do these people actually function? Wait… nevermind lol

    Sovereign Citizen, anarchy, preppers, voluntaryist, off grid homesteaders, religious zealots, conspiracy theorists, internet extortion, rampant paranoia, grifters, scammers, WTSHTF plans… oh the plans… because they *know* the shit will hit the fan, so they plan… and the shit is always about to hit the fan (how naugleresque).

    JN seems like a freshman by comparison – except, maybe not – JN has gained the attention of the mainstream internet. A grifters dream come true. The stupid statists will surely shed a tear and hit the pay pal button.

    Good luck – I'll send help if you need it. Let us know you're ok 🙂


  37. Thank you, lilliana and Harperlee! Holy cow these people sound loco! I will take a peek at the blogs you suggested. Not sure if I can read much without my head starting to hurt, though. I can barely read one of Joe’s comments without gritting my teeth! Before I came across the Naugler’s, the closest thing I even came to regarding grifters was Americain Gypsies on TLC. Sometimes I wish I was still that naive. 🙁


  38. Der Faulenzer und die Klatscherweib.

    (The lazy ass and the shrieking “weib” (it doesn’t translate well)

    Tick tock.



  39. The first “Voluntaryists” I came across were also white supremacists. Very much in the stream of libertarian–>social darwinism–>property rules all. Basically extreme right wing ideology. It all fits together in a very sinister, self-centered, puzzle. Note how people with narcissistic tendencies tend to be drawn to the individualistic free market ideologies. That’s no coincidence. //shudder//


  40. Nicole posted a picture of the pond this morning. The court ordered fencing appears not to be there?
    Wonder where it went?


  41. There is a recent post on BLH regarding a library visit. A tax funded library, that is air conditioned no less. Another freebie she doesn’t mind taking full advantage of in the stifling KY heat. Libraries = AC/ wash rooms/ lounges for many homeless. However it does afford an educational opportunity for her kids, too.


  42. Wait taxation is theft. So they don’t pay taxes. So using services paid for by taxes is what?


  43. So using services paid for by taxes is what?

    Using the public library is no different than accepting welfare if you qualify. Nicole doesn’t understand that. The same thing goes for calling the sheriff’s office when people drive down the public road in front of your property. The sheriff is paid by the county/state using those tax dollars.

    I’m not sure how “voluntaryists” are supposed to tease out which tax-funded things are okay and which are not. It would seem to me that a real “voluntaryist” who loves the “free market” would buy a cheapie Kindle for the daughter who loves to read and fill it with ebooks from Amazon. After all, they have Prime. Lots of stuff, especially the classics, are free with Prime.


  44. A Kindle sounds practical. A picture of a Kindle wouldn’t give people the feels. It wouldn’t say, “My kid read 10 books in 3 days!” It wouldn’t conjure up images of a knowledge hungry child in a library being #unschooled .

    It would be, well… a picture of a tablet. A picture of a tablet won’t get people to donate. Unlimited books, many free!? Wouldn’t that suck precious bandwidth from J&N’s never ending online begging campaign?

    It’s all a sham. It’s unfortunate that the children pay the greatest price.


  45. Chronic begging at her level IS a full time job. Not just the staged photos, begging posts, lies, hints, etc. It is a carefully crafted brand of long standing.

    That is why they are willing to and have gone to such lengths to shut up anyone who questions, disagrees with, or heaven forbid, reveals the truth about their blessed little grift.

    When they are screaming about lawsuits because “trolls” are interfering with their business, the only business they are really talking about is their begging game.


  46. Kindles on amazon are/were $33 today for Prime
    That could be money well spent.
    On the kids, especially if they live reading.


  47. Melissa
    I think that pond picture is an old picture. She was stupid to post a picture of the pond making like it is recent since they were told they had to fence in the pond to get the kids back. Looks to me like she is baiting CPS to see if they will react and come and get the kids. Maybe that is their agenda as last year it got them the most money they ever saw in donations.

    Notice how clean the pond is? Also they did not have that many chickens to be as big as the ones in the picture. The chicks they got not long ago would not be that mature yet.

    Old picture = clean pond = before the fence.

    She is good at posting old pictures. She posted one of a groomed dog leading one to believe she recently groomed it. Well the owner made a comment that she missed the dog as it had died.

    IMO some of the swimming pictures are all take the same day and just posted different times to make it look like they were going more often. Check out the clothing and hair in the pictures it is usually the same. The only one that seems to change in clothing is the baby but babies can go through several outfits in a day unlike older kids.


  48. Bellissima!
    “Beggars” ranks among Blessed Little Blog’s Top 5-best-posts!

    ::take a bow sally::

    Our Nicole is definitely a leader in the field of aggressive and passive-aggressive technogrifting. She is always ready with another public announcement-meets-begging-meets-Facebook. And she’s fast and loose with this application, declaring – sometimes subtle, sometimes not – that she is conveniently-accepting-donations-of-my-choosing!

    In one example, she put a feeler out there to all her Facebook followers…
    “Does anyone here make Amber Teething Necklaces, or have a good source?”
    Nicole gladly, comely, fields all sorts of questions…
    “Oh, I’m just looking to try it!”
    “Why yes, it IS for the baby…” (*wink)
    (Only then. A brief hiccup: Someone actually does make them, and they quickly post a link to their etsy store.)
    ::crickets crickets crickets from BLH::
    Finally, Nicole is forced to reply. “Um. I’m not actually looking to buy one.” *
    (*For those that do not speak Naugler, that roughly translates to, “but since this conversation is public, I would like everyone to know that the baby I do still really need one.”)

    To think, the amateur-Naugler-follower thought she sincerely wanted to discuss the product!

    Many months later – a testament to their commitment, in an exceedingly popular BLH post, a large slew of homeschool-moms are currently gawking over a kiddy-photo. Suddenly, as if out-of-the-blue, a sock-account conveniently asks Nicole, did you ever get that “Amber Teething Necklace”?*
    (*Roughly translated from Naugler speak, this is a reminder to the throngs, that, no, Nicole never received an amber teething necklace, and she def. still needs one – thanks in advance!)


  49. Here is a question of monumentally (and probably dumb) proportions. are building permits required on the Naugler land? The reason I ask is that anytime a permanent structure, to include a shed at times, is to be put onto one’s personal property, my understanding is that a building permit is required. If I want to build a permanent deck I think I have to get a permit to do so. I think many people just go ahead and do what they’re going to do, but in the case of the Nauglers in three years they have had three abodes. They had a shed that they returned/got repossessed. They had their tarp and stick thing shack. They have now a shed. Presumably they have levitated their shed to a new location on their property. All of these locations are their primary home structure. We know they’re not, but are these structures considered permanent dwellings in the eyes of the law? If it was anyone else we would very likely say if you’re putting up a structure for people to live in a permit must be acquired and the structure must meet building codes for such structures completely outside of CPS’s evaluations (that are set upon different criteria for different reasons) and be inspected for compliance before occupation. Just a thought.


  50. I would say the answer to your question is no. Al would know better than I do. It’s a rural area (although certainly not “wilderness.”)


  51. So she has Free Time to have a Q&A with her followers?? I would wager she is trying to get a feel for how many supporters and what tax bracket they are in to prep for her next FRAUD LAUNCH.
    Who has free time with 11 kids, a business, and a homestead?
    You HAVE to go read some of these responses…really classic.
    Here is an example
    “How can we stop the trolls?”
    Blessed Little Homestead …Ignore them. Give them no power. Correct any misinformation you see elsewhere online just as matter of fact.

    ” How many years has your family lived off the grid? Does each year get easier?”

    I wouldn’t say easier. It wasn’t really hard in the first place

    “Blessed Little Homestead I can understand that, it would just take time to adjust to a new healthier way of life. I so admire your way of life.”

    OMG I cant even…LOL


  52. To me, the most interesting thing in the first post by Nicole is the first sentence.

    “We have not been begging for money for years”

    How many of us have ever even written a sentence like this? Or proclaimed this on a Facebook post? On Instagram or Twitter? Or a personal blog?

    None of us. Because we are self-supporting adults.

    “Self-supporting adults”. A sentence Nicole will never write when referring to herself and her husband.


  53. Old Time Farm Girl,
    I think your observation concerning the pond picture may very well be right. The court ordered fence is not there nor would the chickens or roosters be that mature. Also I too had noticed the children’s appearances in the swimming photos and had wondered if they were all taken on the same day and posted at different times to appear as if the children were frequenting the local swimming hole.
    So why all the smoke and mirrors?
    IMO it is all about the money. Keeping that “Good O’l Down Home” appearance on BLH all the while that donation button is right there wide open. I also believe that is why Joe and Nicole enjoy keeping the drama going between the two sides. It is making them money. Money the children will never see. We’ve all witnessed that !!!


  54. I’m not from the US but I still can’t help but guffaw at someone like Nicole who can’t even dig an outhouse calling a Black man with a beautiful family who was raised by a single mom and is now President of the US an “ass”.


  55. “Looks to me like she is baiting CPS to see if they will react and come and get the kids. Maybe that is their agenda as last year it got them the most money they ever saw in donations.”

    Youre kidding, right? A gross overestimation! She posts that to escape her reality, if but temporarily. What we see in that “beautiful picture” is Nicole’s La La Land.

    “IMO some of the swimming pictures are all take the same day and just posted different times to make it look like they were going more often. Check out the clothing and hair in the pictures it is usually the same. The only one that seems to change in clothing is the baby but babies can go through several outfits in a day unlike older kids.”

    Alas, she does weave a silly web, full of holes and misconception! But it matters not, LOL. Youre wasting a good mind, thinking far too hard about this! Let us be more aghast at her educational neglect, than beach photos.


  56. “Let us be more aghast at her educational neglect, than beach photos.”
    Children can physically survive educational neglect.
    How bout YOU be upset about what YOU want. There is plenty to go around.


  57. El Macho,
    I was in general agreement with the quote. You needn’t misinterpret a friendly, logical suggestion as rude. I only meant well, and usually do. Keep that in mind as you read the response you’ve managed to illicit from me.

    ” ‘Let us be more aghast at her educational neglect, than beach photos.’
    Children can physically survive educational neglect.
    How bout YOU be upset about what YOU want. There is plenty to go around.”

    So… “Children can physically survive educational neglect”. Oh. Okay. But not beach photos – that’s a death sentence! Watch-out, children.

    I was in congenial concurrence. Small trivialities are sometimes important in telling the whole picture. But pay no mind to that… Instead… Way to go, defending the freedom of outrage over just how many outfits the Naugler baby has been seen wearing at the beach! And why not move on to that? Since “children can [now] physically survive educational neglect”, we might as well shrug that issue off!

    There you have it. You’re right! YOU can be upset about the trivial, if that’s what YOU want. “There’s [obviously] plenty to go around.”

    Have a blessed day.


  58. Poor Maternal Naugler Grandmother! Here, in one the featured posts of this blog-entry, she wants to “help” her Grandchild build a chicken-coop. Only, the child does not consider that her “help” may come in the form of family, mentor-ship, moral support, and a second hand to lend, IN PERSON, as part of a rich bonding experience. Have they really been taught to listen for that offer of “help”, and to define it as something else entirely – MONEY – even from Grandma? Cold!

    It must be painful, to want to “help”, only to have your offer cast aside, and have your money requested instead. And to be uninvited, unable to spend time with so many beautiful Grandchildren. She must practice some serious forms of detachment.


  59. Her whole comment assuming a child must live in the “hood” to have easy access to guns is an inherently racist remark. Her calling the president an “ass” is just further racism. Couple that with her close association with white supremacists and she and the tubby hubby are revolting on every level.


  60. When you consider how readily available guns are in that shed (and I posted photos to prove it), and the fact that 11 children share one cheap Kindle, I’d say that the Naugler family illustrates the President’s remark perfectly.


  61. I didn’t illicit anything from you, at least not intentionally. I kinda thought I had the last word, but I’d wager no one in your life gets the last word except you. And thank you, I am very blessed.


  62. The word is “elicit.”

    And I would like to elicit some peace here. You are talking past each other. Please stop it.


  63. “When you consider how readily available guns are in that shed (and I posted photos to prove it), and the fact that 11 children share one cheap Kindle, I’d say that the Naugler family illustrates the President’s remark perfectly.”



  64. I agree with the blogger. I suppose President Obama’s remark hit too close to home for her. Someone should remind her that when you resort to name calling all you have done is illustrate that you have lost the argument.


  65. I’ve been thinking about something lately, probably due to the heat.

    I don’t know hot it is in Kentucky or even if this is a valid concern in the local area. In Ontario, the grass is burnt and fire bans are constant. Good thing too. I’ve seen a forest fire across the small lake I live on during a hot summer like this one. It was caused by a tossed cigarette (please butt responsibly) and it went fast. So, locals, forest fires – do they happen?

    Regardless, their recent set-up is like “naaah, fuck getting everyone out safely and quickly in an emergency.” The loft should be called a death trap, it’s kinda what it is Do they do this because they don’t consider the dangers or arrogance and stupidity? Both?


  66. Bish gonna need another shitshack big enough to house her balls… they’re getting bigger with every “rough spot” she gets herself into


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