Be Still, My Beating Heart

I am going to go ahead and embed this video, because even though we hear the children’s voices, we do not see their faces.

unschooling lesson

Nicole describes this on Youtube as an “unschool biology lesson.”

Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, what an amazing description.

A better one would be “child cutting up heart and getting it pretty much all wrong.”

Education involves more than just exploring the world.  If that’s all that was involved, you could just put your toddler outside and let him figure out stuff, like traffic, say, or ponds, or cliffs.  We don’t do that.

We don’t do it because we want to see him grow up and not get squashed flat by a semi.  We also do it because as a species we have reached the top of the food chain by building on the accomplishments and failures and experiences of those who came before us.

If you have to figure out stuff from scratch every time, we’d still be learning to make flint arrowheads and start fires.

The child talking in this video quite clearly has no idea how blood circulates through the heart.  He calls everything an “artery.”   “. . . it isn’t as strong as this one. . . ”  He doesn’t seem to know that there is a great big vein in there as well, nor I expect, does he know the difference.

heart diagram

He then cuts the heart right in half cross-wise, leaving the atria in the top section and the ventricles mangled in the bottom.  He doesn’t know what they are or how they work.  He doesn’t know what the little “flap” is about.  And his sibling seems to think that blood is actually made or formed right in the heart.

Hands-on stuff is great.  I am frankly very much in favor of it.  When Nathan was at home, we once got a beef heart (a better choice because they are so much bigger) and went in with another family and did a whole big lesson, dissecting that heart.

But we actually dissected it.  The kids cut it properly, because they had guidance.  They tracked the major arteries and labeled them. They identified all the structures.  They traced the flow of blood, from the heart to the lungs, back to the heart, into the atrium, down into the ventricle and out to the body and then back again.  When we were finished, our children had put their fingers in all the holes, said, “yuck” a lot, giggled some more, but they knew how blood flowed.

Or at least, they had some idea of how it works.

We did this with one beef heart, some adult supervision, proper equipment, a bit of planning, some diagrams, and an hour or so.

How many goats will have to die so that the Naugler children can carve up the heart, still warm, and demonstrate their complete ignorance and total lack of guidance in their so-called joke of an educational process?

And just shut up, Nicole.  I am not “picking on your family.”  I am picking on you and your dead-beat husband.  Your children are not responsible for any of this. You are.


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  1. Dissection of beef hearts, worms, grasshoppers, frogs, and fetal pigs is a normal 7th grade biology lab lesson here. Those diagrams, especially the pig, had to be properly filled out.
    With the pig, the kids got a visit from a scientist from Rocky Mountain Labs. She also came in and taught the cellular biology segment and infectious diseases, since that is her speciality.

    But my child is suffering from her second rate public education in comparison.


  2. I still don’t think “Unschooling” is a thing, I personally find it be a BS excuse for homeschooling, without the tests, work, or any of the learning. Unschooling is bullshit.
    I truly don’t believe those kids will learn a thing while living with Joe and Nicole.
    I find it sad the kids won’t be smarter than their parents.


  3. Unschooling can work, but it still takes a minimum amount of both structure and parental involvement, as well as access to and knowledge of source material.

    This was never unschooling, it’s just educational neglect.

    The children are beautiful and amazing people, but they cannot be expected to run the homestead, raise, feed and educate themselves with so very little effort from their parents. There are only so many hours in a day and very little access to anything when isolated on the junk stead or working at the shop.

    All my opinion, of course.


  4. When you learn about this stuff properly, you should also be simultaneously learning about hygiene. The flies, the absolutely unsanitary conditions. 🙁


  5. YeeHaw! wrote, “I find it’s sad that the kids won’t be smarter than their parents.”

    It’s a mighty low bar that’s been set.


  6. I hope the kids don’t think that cause their ma put this vid up on the net they believe they’ve now ‘got biology down now’. That’s a common Naugler parental attitude that would be best left unlearned.
    Damn shame to treat this animal’s heart so disrespectfully. Makes me sad. Ignorance or arrogance, or both, on the part of the parents.


  7. Yes, shouldn’t health, hygiene, your body, taking care of yourself,nutrition all be a part of a curriculum.


  8. As Joe and Nicole’s mental stability declines, the potential their children have declines as well.


  9. The kids have basically no access to the world. They don’t have any resource materials. The only thing they can learn is from their parents, which is why I said they won’t be smarter than their parents.

    In reply to Lisa- I have never seen a successful case of Unschool. As you said it takes effort and I’ll sure we can all agree Nicole doesn’t put much or any effort into her kids.


  10. I’ve seen successful cases of unschooling. The Nauglers don’t even come close. They do not offer their children opportunities to learn outside of their bubble.

    Successful unschooling requires parent interaction and guidance, community support, and $$$$ for books, supplies, classes, travel, etc.


  11. YeeHaw wrote – “I truly don’t believe those kids will learn a thing while living with Joe and Nicole. ”

    The kids will learn plenty from Joe and Nicole.
    How to hate government.
    How to piss off your neighbors.
    How to have conflicts with the law on a regular basis.
    That it’s okay to be poor but continue to have children. (responsible birth control is a sin).
    Daddies don’t have to do anything but sit around and yell all day.
    Having a clean house, electricity and running water is for statists.
    Being hungry, dirty and neglected is a normal part of growing up.
    Real education is not required.
    How to start up a GoFundMe campaign.
    Everything that you need to know is on Face Book and so much more.


  12. How sad the children didn’t know the names of the parts of the heart, the functions of the valves, chambers, etc. And N saw fit to post that and call it a “biology lesson,” which makes me think she doesn’t know much about the heart, either. As for the children learning anything from their parents, I’m hoping that they learn their parents are wrong about many things.


  13. “As for the children learning anything from their parents, I’m hoping that they learn their parents are wrong about many things.”

    The only way the children will learn how wrong their parents are is if they can leave the homestead. Unfortunately the parents made sure that does not happen. How are they going to leave without birth certificates or SSN’s. Most of the kids are unregistered so they don’t exist in the system. One can only hope CPS forced them to register their children. Does CPS have the authority to do that?


  14. Nicole and Joe could be the poster for genuine homeschoolers, of what is irresponsible and neglectful education. At a time when there is stewarding in elevating from the stereotyping of homeschooling, the public gets access to Nicole’s lackluster Youtube public video titled “Unschool biology lesson”.

    I feel your bane, genuine homeschoolers…


  15. @YeeHaw!: The “un” in unschooling is supposed to be “not putting them in a one-size-fits-all-students-in-a-given-age-category” schooling. In other words, individually tailoring each child’s school experience to their educational needs, which you find out by offering them tons of experiences and observing which ones engage their interest.


    Even if the Nauglers weren’t a couple of playacting grifters, though, there’s no way they could make unschooling work for 11 kids.


  16. Oh Sally,
    You really do get down to the heart of the matter

    The only thing harvested at Blessed Little Homestead, is a wasteland of unaccountability.

    It is madness. Pure, sick neglect! Only zealotry can defend such fraud at the expense of one’s own child 12 children! Nicole’s “unschooling” video’s wreak of desperation. What brouhaha will she pass off as schooling, next?

    She has attempted to explain why Joe does not work even part-time, to make even a measly $200/week. Nicole claims they need Joe at-home 24/7, for the children’s sake, “My children’s well being isn’t worth $200 a week.”
    I know what she meant, but it is rather, a Freudian slip! Because the alternative does not make sense. Unschooling needs travel, museums, individual curriculum, and hefty expenses to go along.

    Nicole claims to leave the house at 8am, and returns by 7 or 8pm. Consequently, Joe should be doing this “unschooling”. Where are his videos? The only videos we see of Joe and his children include failed gun-safety and target-practice negligence with small children.

    Here is an idea for Joe’s next Unschooling lesson; fix the brakes to Daddy’s car. Who needs books? Just wing it, kids! After all, Daddy needs to run to Hardees soon…


  17. These pooe kids don’t have a chance at a life unless they are removed from the hell hole they are in. I am all for a biology lesson , but it needs to be accurate. These poor kids are left to try to figure it out for themselves. Hopefully with proop gate in full swing, CPS will get their heads out of their gluteus Maximus and rescue these children before it’s too late.


  18. Nicole should be embarrassed to post that to YouTube . She just proved the haters point. These kids need a proper education.


  19. I think she is so ignorant of what a true dissection entails, she fails to even recognize how inept this so called “biology lesson” is. I doubt if she is capable of embarrassment.
    This is nothing more than butchering a goat’s heart with a hunting knife. A five year old could do as well. Tell me Nicole, what was the lesson that your kids learned from this “lesson”? You can cut a goat’s heart open and stick your fingers in so called “arteries”. How will this advance anyone’s knowledge of “biology”. I’m simply disgusted by her ignorance foisted upon these poor kids as an “education”. This is just more stupidity beyond words.


  20. Hands-On Educational Experience…

    Mine is not dissimilar to your own, Blessed Little Blog, but from the perspective of a child.

    At 9 years of age, I did my first real research paper – the first of many. I chose, The Brain. First, I took my first trip to a college-library, at a California State University, where I spent a couple hours taking notes from encyclopedias of anatomy and physiology books, not only to learn about “The Brain”, but to be able to teach others what I had learned. When the time came for my presentation, I was prepared – with the help of my Mother, I procured a Cow’s brain from la tiendita (mexican market), to bring to class. My classmates loved being able to see this brain, but more importantly, my sharing this research with my peers whilst we were hands-on helped foster an environment conducive to learning, wherein enrichment and comprehension thrived.

    That is all. Surely I have commented enough, for today.


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