No. Just No.

Dick Harris confessed to kidnapping and trafficking me.

Really?  That’s news to me.

My checkbook was stolen. It was a nightmare.

Oh, that’s the explanation for all the bad checks.  Cathy’s checkbook was stolen.  Poor thing. And the person who stole it was the woman she lived with off and on for years.

Poor Cathy.

I was sick after the bone tumor surgery. . .

Oh, I see.

Here she was, with Stage IV terminal bone cancer, and undergoing extensive bone-saving surgery to remove the tumor and save her life, and her roommate steals her checkbook and Cathy, who is good and kind-hearted, just takes the rap for it.


Well, there’s a problem.

First, let’s establish when the “bone tumor surgery” supposedly took place.  Hell, let’s ask Cathy herself. She ought to know.

These two pages are actually backward. This is the second one.  But I am putting them in this order to show where this came from. This is, as you can see, from an old Yahoo Groups email list called  “Chondrosarcoma.”  That’s the supposed bone cancer that Cathy says she has, Stage IV, terminal.

And you can see that is, or was,  Cathy’s email address.  It matches the one Cathy has confirmed on the letter from Harris.  The email messages are cut off on the right so you can’t see the whole sentence, but that’s irrelevant because the information I want isn’t on this page.  The date is relevant, of course.  February, 2006.

One very interesting part of this is that Cathy discusses her family (the Harris family) as though there is some genetic link in all this cancer.  She doesn’t say that specifically, but that’s the impression I get from what I’m reading.  I find that sort of weird.

Gretchen quotes Cathy.  “I don’t want anybody to think. . . doubts, struggles. . .” etc.   The message where Cathy said that is below.

And here we see the sentence (again cut off on the right) that Gretchen quoted on the first page.

But the pertinent part is this:

I went to PA and had surgery. . . left proximal humerus on January 11.

Note:  She does, in fact, say that it was the left arm. I was told that it was supposedly the right and obviously I was told wrong.

January 11.

January 11, 2006.  She doesn’t say “last year,” but just January 11.  And this fits with everything else I’ve been told or have found about the trip to Pennsylvania for her purported surgery. Early 2006.

So, she has surgery on January 11, 2006, returns to South Carolina, where her roommate steals her checkbook  while she is recuperating and writes bad checks, and Cathy is arrested for this. . .

. . . in July, 2005.

These bad check charges are listed with more than one page, so I have grouped them by case number.

Bad check case #I488706.

Bad check case #H887348.

Bad check case # I389818.

In addition, I fail to see how it’s possible that Cathy was recuperating from extensive surgery in September, 2005, and therefore just wasn’t up to dealing with pesky things like criminal charges, and then managed to get hurt on the job just a few weeks later.


While we’re at this, here are some of the evictions.

September, 2005 (it wasn’t a very good month).

And 2006 doesn’t appear to have been much better.

Maybe she’s getting evictions mixed up with bad checks, since that eviction notice is dated right after the supposed surgery. There are no other bad check charges, certainly none in early 2006.

Oh, and taxes.

There’s more, but it’s mostly traffic stuff, including failure to have insurance.

There was no reason for me to bother posting all this stuff earlier.  I’ve had it for years and never did anything with it until now.  So why now?

Because Cathy Harris is accusing somebody of criminal activity. That person deserves to be exonerated if she is innocent.

Maybe it’s hard to keep straight exactly when you had imaginary surgery?



Another Letter From Dad

In the interest of tying up some loose ends, here’s a purported letter from Richard Harris.  Another one.

To give a little background:

Cathy belonged to a little stupid private secret group on Facebook. That’s what the term “Wooses” means.  It’s dumber than dumb.  I was joined to the same group and couldn’t bear it more than five minutes and left.  Obviously, she stayed for a while.

So, she wrote this in that private secret group and because those sorts of groups are never really private or secret, this leaked.  And naturally, she told them not to take it out of the group because she made it all up in the first place.

Cathy also had a website which she called “Chuckles Travels,” which no longer exists. She tried to pretend that it was actually a bunch of people, but it was really just her.  She made commentary there about Bob Jones University stuff mostly, and of course, her own bullshit from time to time.

So, she’s saying that Harris wrote this letter as an email to Chuckles Travels, without knowing that Chuckles was actually Cathy.  The main reason I saved this whole thing is because it’s a place where she said in writing that she was actually Chuckles.

But the letter is, of course, bogus.  It’s just as bogus as the “Concerned Pastor” stuff on that other page.

Cathy wrote this “letter” herself.

In light of all the stuff she is accusing Harris of right now, I think it’s sort of interesting to see what she was up to just a few years ago.  I’m not certain of the exact date of this (which year), but my guess is maybe 2012 or perhaps 2013.

First, Cleo didn’t die in police custody. There is no evidence to support the idea that Lou was in police custody either, although Cathy has made the claim several times, at least up until she decided that he would make a good father.  There is actually nothing to suggest that either of them were arrested for anything in those final years of their lives (apart from Cleo having a bit of an altercation with the police in Philadelphia which didn’t involve Cathy at all).

Second, there is no evidence that I have found that Cathy ever entered the foster care system at all. She went from Cleo having informal guardianship of her to Richard Harris having legal guardianship.  I bet the whole Harris family wishes now they’d just let Cathy go into the system.  They would have been a whole lot better off.  There is also no evidence of any sort that she ever went to Bethesda Girls Home.  I just posted all the probate papers.  There’s nothing in there about Bethesda and it’s not free.  If she went, for even a short time, who paid for it?

Third, the supposed counselor was Walt Fremont.  She’s told the masturbation story before. It’s dubious at best.

Fourth, Richard Harris is an educated man.  This letter is full of spelling and grammatical errors, and they are fairly typical of the type of errors Cathy makes quite often.  Compare the writing of the letter below with the real sample of Harris’ writing and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, here it is.  This is Cathy at her best, pretending shit that never happened.



A Pedicure and Some Bling

Frances had quite a day yesterday.

She went to the beauty parlor.

Jason came and picked her up yesterday morning and took her to the dairy to have a pedicure.

She hates it.

This is why she hates it.


If you ever tried to trim a cow’s hooves  with the cow standing upright, you will appreciate that chute/table thing. The cow can’t do anything to resist, the farrier is not in danger of being kicked into the next century, and therefore can do a better and faster job trimming.  The whole thing is better for everyone and that includes Frances.

We did not go. I thought about it briefly, to get photos, but decided not to. She is stressed enough without having Mommy there during her moment of sheer horror and embarrassment.

Jason brought her home after a couple of hours with nice trimmed feet.  She was in a huge hurry, upon exiting the trailer, to get back to her pasture.

This is not a luxury.  It’s not just for looks.  It’s essential to the health and well-being of the cow. If she can’t walk comfortably, she won’t, and if she doesn’t, she will ultimately die.

Frances has one very odd hoof, the back right one.  It grows weirdly.  Cows’ hooves are cloven (two separate pieces to them).  The outer piece of that hoof grows at a crazy angle.  For that reason, we really need a good farrier to do a number on it about twice a year.  It’s much easier for us to just pop her in over there when he’s doing the dairy’s cows than to have him come out to our place for one cow.

He does surgery, basically, on that hoof while just doing a regular trim on the others.  This time, he took off about 1/3 of her back hooves and only had to trim a little bit from the front two.  That’s pretty much how it always is.

She came home with a bandage.  It’s made of very tough material so it can withstand a cow walking on it.  It comes off tomorrow morning.  I’m sure he had to cut into the quick and she probably bled some.  This is also pretty normal for her. The hoof looks much better.

In addition to that serious adventure, she got some bling yesterday for her stanchion.  Deb made Frances her very own decoration.  Originally, it said “Frances” on it, but apparently Stella sabotaged it and it no longer says that, but it’s okay because Frances can’t read.

Here’s her stanchion bling.  She is very proud of it.

I think that is supposed to be me.  I think of her as the barn guardian, watching over Frances as she eats.

Frances does not have the greatest table manners. She gets grain all over her nose.  She doesn’t care.

At any rate, I wanted to get photos of the bling and also of her hoof.  It’s hard to photograph her hooves.

For one thing, it’s fall.  During the fall and spring,  it’s often muddy around here.  Cows are not the cleanest animals on the planet. They just don’t care about dirt.

In addition, Frances has had a bit of diarrhea lately.  All cow poo is soft and sometimes a little runny.  Yours would be too if you ate the amount of fiber she does.  To add to that, we have her on alfalfa twice a day and that stuff is a major laxative.

So she’s a mess.  If this happens during the summertime, she gets a bath, every day, if necessary.  Because she has had two bouts of pneumonia close together, we’re not giving her a bath in this weather.  She can stay dirty for the time being.

Anyway, I tried to get pictures.

There’s the hoof and you can see the bandage.  It really looks good.  I promise it does.

But while I was getting the photo, I got distracted.

I got distracted by her tail.

When she has the runs, she sometimes manages to get it in her tail.  When we cannot give her bath, it dries.  And that’s what it looks like.

I do have a way to tie her tail back while I’m milking, because there is no experience in the world more pleasant than being hit in the face with a manurey tail.

But the tail.

I was so intrigued by the tail that I got another photo of it.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what it reminds me of.  Anyone got any ideas?