Nicole says she’s afraid. She’s so scared that they need to move “ASAP.”  It’s awful. She’s being stalked, and harassed, and everything.

Hell, a neighbor even stopped on the road, got out of his truck and took something out of his pocket.


So, when you’re so frightened of people who take things out of their pocket that you need to move, what’s the most credible, reasonable thing to do?


Why, post photos of your son and his girlfriend posing with their ultrasound, of course.

NOTE:  The two people in this photograph are no longer children. Jacob Naugler turned 18 today.


Faith Raymer has been quite willing to share information about her relationship with Jacob very publicly (which is why I reported the situation in the first place – I did not breach any confidentiality or anyone’s privacy in doing so).

And I probably would have simply let Jacob’s birthday pass by without notice had it not been for the comment about the neighbor.  That came from Jacob. Faith was quite likely with him.  If Jacob wants to play in the sandbox, we’ll give him space.

Pigs, Conspiracy Theories and Anarchism


This is a series of comments under the “we gotta move ASAP” post on Nicole BLH Facebook page.

I confess that I did not read all of this.  I am very glad that Tracey is “not ok” with human sacrifice, though. What a relief that is.


I think you get the idea. Tracey is basically bonkers.  She is also threatening serious violent actions against anyone she sees as “harassing” her.

I looked at her Facebook page (and that is not “stalking,” so zip it, Nicole) and Tracey never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t like, from chemtrails, the Illuminati to the Clintons being pedophiles.  She loves it all.

Nicole is not responsible for the loonies who periodically visit her public page, any more than I am for the “butterflies” who visit mine from time to time.

But notice that finally, after she rants and raves for a bit, a couple of people tell her to take a chill pill.

Nicole is not one of them.

I would like you to imagine what my reaction would be if somebody came here and went off like that with such crazy stuff.  How would I react even if the tirade was negative about Nicole and Joe?

Tracey wasn’t finished, though. She came back for more. And this time, Nicole responded.





It’s time to talk about the term gaslighting.

It’s a go-to term that people who perceive themselves as victims love to use. Most of them have no idea what it actually means and they plaster the word everywhere and accuse nearly everyone of doing it.  I’ve been accused of it so often I’ve lost count of the different incidents.

I’m accused of this because I disagree openly and publicly with people and they don’t like it.


There is the definition from Google.

The expression comes from a 1944 film called “Gas Light,” in which Ingrid Bergman plays the role of a woman whose husband wants to convince both her and other people that she is nuts. To do this, he changes small things in their environment and then insists that she is imagining things, that what she perceives as real is not real at all.

The important thing here is that gaslighting involves a deliberate effort to make somebody believe that something did not happen that clearly did, in fact, happen, or that something happened in a certain way, when it clearly did not.

Here’s an example.


This is Trump’s statement, his so-called apology, about the “pussy grabbing” tape.  The tweet below it is from a series of them done by a psychotherapist named Leah McElrath. I highly recommend reading the whole page. (It’s just a bunch of tweets. It’s not a huge long article.)

So, now you see what gaslighting is.  It is deliberate. In Trump’s case, he did it to deflect guilt.  He knew he couldn’t simply deny that he’d ever said the thing that he quite obviously and clearly said, so he began to “spin” the perception of his own words.

And I will note there that I could have chosen a different politician to use as an example of this, since many of them do it.  However, nobody, and I mean nobody, does it as brazenly or as openly or as often as Trump, so he was easy.  And it’s not just politicians. We all have a tendency to try this. We want reality to be altered so we don’t feel guilty, or so Mom doesn’t think we’re guilty, or so that teacher doesn’t know we cheated, or so that boyfriend doesn’t figure out what actually happened last Saturday night.

Some of us are better at it than others. Being a sociopath (as I think Trump is) helps.  You have to be able to just blatantly lie, and do so convincingly.  Most people can’t pull it off very well. The attempt simply falls flat, and that’s a good thing.

But remember, it’s deliberate.

Now, let’s talk about what gaslighting is not.

Gaslighting is not simply disagreeing with another person.

Let’s assume that two people witness an accident, a little fender-bender.  How about a fender-bender that didn’t even cause any fender-bending?

One person says that the accident occurred because the vehicle in front slowed and when the driver of the car behind tried to pass the front vehicle, the front vehicle sped up and blocked the way.

The other witness says that the person in the back actually struck the vehicle in front deliberately, due to impatience or irritation or carelessness.

This, if left right there, is simply a difference of opinion in how the accident occurred. From the viewpoint of one driver, the other driver was at fault, and vice versa.

This is not gaslighting.

This is just a difference of opinion.  Two people see the same event differently.  It happens all the time.  This is the reason, by the way, that eyewitness testimony in a court is considered much weaker than forensic evidence.

One of them calls the police. The policeman comes, and takes statements from each of the drivers. There is no damage, and everyone concerned declines to press any charges.  The policeman is fine with that and leaves.

Months later, the people in the front vehicle decide that the little fender-bender, that bent no fenders, was actually “vehicular assault,” implying a deliberate attempt to cause bodily harm, and begin bashing the other driver on the internet.

Now we have gaslighting.

From a fender bender that bent no fenders, we get accusations of an attempt to quite literally kill the occupants of the other vehicle.  Couple that with all sorts of accusations of that driver being a”crazy bitch,” and it becomes classic.  It’s an attempt to alter the perception of the reality of what occurred that day.  This is not about a difference of opinion. It’s about an attempt to paint a picture that quite clearly never existed and convince us all that it represents reality.

Nicole asks her commenter, “Do you know what gaslighting is?”

Nicole should know. She engages in it.



Gotta Move ASAP

They gotta move. Gotta do it quick. ASAP.  They are in fear.

Seriously, this is utter bullshit.

It’s followed by the predictable comments:  “We are praying for your lovely family.”  “This is terrible.”  “Why do such awful people keep doing all these awful things to you?”

But you see, Nicole just says “the level of attack continues to escalate.”


The sentence carries with it the idea that the “attacks” have been ongoing, and constantly getting worse.

She offers no examples or proof of anything at all. The one real biggy she tried to foist off on people was the Blessed Little Excursion.

Nothing happened that night, except that Joe drank a beer while standing in the road, impeding traffic.  But that’s supposedly an “attack.”

For the record, I was in Breckinridge County on Monday, for much of the day.  I was at Al Wilson’s house.  He and I and Dave and Al’s wife cut up a huge hog and two large lambs. Four people, working as hard as we could go. Then we had dinner and some nice conversation.

Dave and I left before dark, mostly because we had to get home to milk Frances.

The subject of the Naugler family barely was mentioned. Nobody went to their nearby property and “attacked” them.

The comments also included the usual “why don’t you call the police” and the usual “we do and the police won’t do anything.”

Someone suggests guard dogs, not understanding that the Nauglers go through dogs the way my cow goes through hay.


So the issue here is the land.  It’s not the business. They don’t want to move out of the area, just off the land to some other land, because they are in danger.

Her brain-dead followers just go ape shit without knowing the first thing.

I asked Al to explain to me what “have your 6” means.  He said that it’s an aviation term, referring to the 6:00 position on a clock-face. This is the place where the pilot can’t see, so if you “have his 6” you’re telling him that you’re watching his back.

But then somebody asks an obvious question: “Do you think these people will follow you?”

She has no idea who “these people” might be, but it would seem that if somebody is threatening you to the point that you think you have to flee, questioning whether the would-be assailant would follow is a reasonable thing to ask.


Nicole totally ignores the “will they follow you” stuff until somebody brings up social media. Then she makes it clear that no way is she leaving social media.

Let’s understand this.

She is so afraid of these nameless “attackers” that she is willing to move. They have a land contract. Leaving would mean that they would simply forfeit every payment they have made. They would have to pay somebody to haul their two garden sheds to a new location and set them up.  She is terrified, and has to do this “ASAP” because the level of these “attacks” is “escalating.”

Yet she makes it clear that she’s going to go right on posting anything and everything about her entire family, her children’s names, faces, detailed information about their likes and dislikes, information about everything you can think of, including Joe posting shit about sex.  And she’s fully aware that this means that the supposed “attackers” will simply “follow,” but they will do their best.

Will do their best to what?

In Syria, there are now and have been people fleeing for their lives from Aleppo. This is not a joke. It’s a massacre and has been happening for several years.  The level of attacks is truly and for real escalating.  And some of those folks have been on social media documenting the events. But do you suppose for a single second that if they could escape, and if they thought that the Syrian army would follow them and subject them to the same horror they currently are living through, that they would just continue to post on social media?

It’s this comment, this one comment, that tells me that nothing at all has happened, that this is Nicole making shit up about “attackers.”  I have  a couple of personal theories about why she does this, but it has nothing to do with “attackers.”


And here’s the second one. If you are in fear, you simply get rid of the animals. Obviously, she isn’t going to ditch the kids, but nobody is forcing her to take a horse she can’t even afford to feed.



Jenna, you dumbass, she already “dropped” a whole pile of names. She’s done it repeatedly. She “dropped” my address as well, and invited people to visit. Nobody took her up on it.

But notice how quick Jenna is to call unknown people “trash” and then follow it up with “prayers”?  Fuck you, Jenna, and your “prayers.”


Beth, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Nicole is not “far from stupid.”  She is actually quite close to it.  In fact, I think she sleeps with it every night.

But now we’re getting someplace.  It’s the “direct neighbors” that she is talking about. The evil, dangerous “direct neighbors.”


Beth says, “We all know the lengths these people will go to.”

We do?  What lengths?  Exactly what?  Riding down the fucking road?  Making some commentary on the internet?  Reporting them for dumping shit on the ground?  Reporting them because they allowed their livestock to run loose all over the damned place and refused to contain them even after they’d been asked to do so?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. “Vehicular assault.”  The assault that didn’t happen.

Do the Naugler neighbors want the Nauglers to move?

I haven’t really interviewed all of them to ask that question, but my guess is yes, they do.  I know I would if I were them. As far as I can tell, every single person who has ever lived in arm’s reach of the Nauglers was glad to see them move.   That doesn’t translate into wishing the Nauglers harm, or doing anything to “attack” them.  It just means that the Nauglers are not well-liked.

I cannot imagine why that is.


And what would that be, Michelle? All they have worked for?  They have done almost nothing. There are no permanent structures on that property.  There have been zero improvements made to the land.  In fact, they have polluted the land with human waste.


I don’t even believe this for a second.


good shot

She was referring there to her youngest daughter.


And here we finally get the “escalation” event.

Somebody stopped in front of their property, got out of his truck and pulled “something” from his pocket.

His phone?  A candy bar?  A hand grenade? A love letter?

Who the hell knows?

This, though, is threatening and an attempt to “set us up.”  Remember, this is a woman who turned a small fender-bender (that didn’t even bend the fender) into “vehicular assault.”  If I’d been the person in the truck, I’d have gotten in my vehicle and left immediately as well.

Nicole then further attempts to prove that the “level of attacks” is “escalating” by posting a screen shot of a status from one of the critic sites, the Great and Stupid Show or whatever it’s called.

That was a public status.

Nicole calls it a “kryptic message.”  [Nicole, the word is “cryptic.”  #unschooling ]  She’s trying to make it appear like a private message, but it was completely public.


This whole thing is ridiculous.  Nicole knows it’s ridiculous. Nobody has threatened them, ever.  They don’t get along well with their neighbors, but that’s not new. They have never gotten along well with any neighbors.

This is not about neighbors or threats or fear.

This is more than likely about not paying the land payment and facing eviction.

Or it’s about it’s damned cold today and will be again tonight and that garden shed is miserable and maybe they are living in the salon and want to have “documented” an excuse for that.

Frankly, I think their neighbors have been more patient than they should have been.  If the Nauglers lived next-door to me, I would have security cameras posted all along the property line, along with a stout fence. I would be recording 24/7.  And I would have shot the goats (and I don’t even own a gun, so I would have had to borrow one.)  I’d have a lawyer on speed-dial.








This is worth sharing with all of you.  I know it’s mostly politically based, but it still gives you the basic idea.  It’s neither left-biased or right-biased.

Take a good look. Stay away from the stuff down at the bottom, regardless of whether it’s to the right or left.  Limit the stuff in the middle at the bottom.  And be careful with both HuffPo and Faux News.  I avoid them both.  Sometimes on one or the other, you can find something that is really true, but then you can usually find it elsewhere with better analysis and better writing.

This comes from Vanessa Otero, who deserves a big thank you for the trouble she went to. Obviously, these are her opinions as to the placement of each source, but I would personally disagree with little that she has here.




“Read this,” she demands.

Well, no. I don’t think I will.

You know why I won’t?  Let me explain.

First, I don’t have time for bullshit. I’ve been vacuum-packing pork and lamb all day long and I am tired.

Second, this is bullshit.  You know how I know it’s bullshit?  There are two big clues.

First, the website name.  “vaccinechoicecanada.com”

“Choice” when it comes to vaccines is code for “we don’t wanna and ain’t gonna.” So this is an anti-vaxxer web site.  It’s the only sort of place Nicole goes for information on this subject.  It’s like Trumpers who get all their information straight from breitbart.com or infowars.

Second, the author is Suzanne Fucking Humphries.  That just made me laugh.

Suzanne Humphries is a former nephrologist (kidney doctor) who fell off a cliff, lost her mind and became a “homeopath.”

Do not get me started on homeopathy.

Suzanne Humphries is a quack.  She’s the Alex Jones of the anti-vax world.

So, no.  I ain’t gonna bother with the link.


But here’s the lovely, brilliant discussion on Nicole’s page about the idiotic article.

Somebody brings up autoimmune diseases and Nicole informs us that she thinks that vaccines cause them.  She has no basis for that idea. She just “suspects” it.

Remember celiac disease that I wrote about last night?  The one my mother has?  It’s genetic?

Vaccinations cause it, right?


Chemotherapy is dangerous. And only used when the benefits outweigh the risks.

This is the stupidest statement I believe I have ever read.  Exactly when would one undergo chemotherapy when the potential benefits did not outweigh the risks?  You know what the risks are from fucking cancer?

Death.  That’s the risk.

But then she compares that with vaccines, because she believes that vaccines are just as dangerous as chemotherapy.  She has no reason at all to believe this. It’s not true.  It’s not even sort of true.  It’s not partially true. It’s simply not true at all.

And she bounces from there to polio.

Polio was actually on the decline before the introduction of the vaccination. More on that later.

More later, she says. Always later. Who the hell cares?  Don’t bother, Nicole.

This claim, made about several of the diseases for which we have vaccines, is false to the core, but is used frequently by the anti-vax crowd. The idea is that vaccinations were never necessary at all.  Polio (and measles and whatever else you can imagine) were all “on the decline” before the vaccinations were discovered, and it’s just a conspiracy by Big Pharma to get you to pay money for the vaccines, or to get  your insurance company to pay money (stupid, dumb insurance companies), or to get the state to pay money (stupid, dumb statists).

Here’s the deal.  Polio is caused by a virus (you know, sort of like the flu).  Viral diseases have a tendency to wax and wane naturally. One year, the flu is really bad. The next, not so much.  One year, it’s really bad in south Florida.  The next, it pops up in terrible numbers in Boise. This is simply the way viral infections behave.

Polio remained more or less endemic for centuries. Look up that word. It means that it was there, hanging around, doing a bit of damage here and a bit of damage there, but not scaring young mothers out of their wits.

And then it sort of took off and became an epidemic (look that up to0).

The epidemic reached its zenith in the United States when I was a little girl.  I remember it well.  My mother was frightened. We weren’t allowed to go to the local swimming pool.  We pretty much had to stay close to home.

And that didn’t help, really, because the kid down the street, named Doug, caught it.

My mother’s best friend had a baby boy about the same age as my sister. My mother sat with her friend in the hospital as her friend’s little boy died.

So, was my mother reasonable to be frightened out of her wits?

You bet she was.

But what happened was that medical science began to learn how to treat polio before they learned how to prevent it.  Some brilliant person invented the iron lung and saved a bazillion lives by doing so.  Then somebody else invented the ventilator and bypassed the cumbersome iron lung and did a trach and put the patient on the ventilator, which worked much better.

The point is that the death rate did, in fact, start to fall.

They call this the mortality rate, how many people died from a particular disease.

Suzanne Fucking Humphries and her ilk love to deal with mortality rates. They carry on about them.

They ignore a different stat called the morbidity rate, which is how many cases there were, or how many people got sick. Doug didn’t die.  But he also didn’t walk again. There are plenty of people living right now today who have residual damage from a bout of polio, but they didn’t die like my mother’s friend’s little boy died.  Polio killed people, yes, but it also crippled people.

Here’s the morbidity rate for polio.


See the jagged line prior to the introduction of the vaccines?  See how it went up and down and up and down but always hung around?  See how, in 1955, when my mother was having a freaking shit-fit, when I was six years old and nobody could go swimming that summer, see how it started to climb again?  And then see how it dived down?

In 1961 the oral vaccine was introduced.  I remember that too.  I got my first sugar cube at a local elementary school on a Sunday afternoon.

Then it just all went away.  By the time I went into nursing school in 1966, it was pretty much gone, and everyone had had a sugar cube. In my entire nursing career, I never had a single active polio patient. I had recovered polio victims who were having procedures to try to fix their battered, shattered legs, but no active cases.

Anti-vaxxers use the phrase “vaccines didn’t save us.”

But they are wrong.  Vaccines did, in fact, save a lot of people from some really bad shit.

If you’d like to see more graphs like the one above, here’s the link.

The polio morbidity rate was not “on the decline” prior to the invention of the vaccine.

What is on the decline is Nicole’s ability to reason.  They call this “dementia.”





Probably the most egregious anti-science bullshit involves the idea that man’s role climate change is a “hoax.” This doesn’t seem terribly sexy to talk about because it has no real immediate personal threat to anyone, but the long-term consequences are real and pretty horrible.

So, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t rate anti-vaxxers up there with climate-change-deniers, but they are still way up on the Stupid Morons Who Don’t Have Any Brains Scale.

And of course, many of the first group are also in the second group.  It seems that once you begin to accept as true things that are quite clearly not true at all, there is almost no limit to the amount of horse manure you will swallow quite happily.

I have no idea where Nicole obtained her figures because she doesn’t tell us. [Personally, I tend to just jettison figures when somebody online tosses them out without reference to anything, but that’s just me, I suppose. I like for my facts to be actually true.]


So, the CDC readily tells us that the vaccine’s effectiveness fades over time. This is true, by the way, of most vaccines.  Think of it like this: the antibodies produced by the vaccines get “old.” They more or less reach their expiration date. That’s why they break the vaccine into several parts and give it over and over again.

click image to link to source

Now, I want Nicole to tell the 277 mothers who lost their babies to whooping cough that “fever, crankiness, headache, fatigue, and soreness” are about the same as having whooping cough. Their babies died.


But I want to focus on the last sentence.

You probably should just boost your immune system instead of compromising it with chemical cocktails.

Let’s take the first part. . . well. . . first.

I am so sick and tired of people who go around telling other people to do this or do that or eat this or take this to “boost your immune system.”

What in the hell does that even mean?

Nicole Naugler is a dog groomer. She washes dog butts for a living. She has a high school education. She gets her information, when she bothers to link to it, from anti-vaxxer sites. What would she know about immune systems?

In the first place, you can’t really “boost” your immune system.

Consider AIDS.  That stands for “acquired immune deficiency syndrome.”  AIDS is caused by a virus that actually does attack the human immune system. This is the reason that AIDS patients are so susceptible to everything.  But note the first word?  “Acquired.”

It didn’t just happen spontaneously.  This immune deficiency thing was “acquired” by getting the virus.

In 1918, during WWI, there was a world-wide outbreak of a very deadly form of influenza.  It killed more people than the war did, somewhere between 20 and 40 million people.

Why was it so deadly?  Flu is bad, and kills a whole lot of people every year, but that version was especially severe. The reason, in part, was the horrible conditions that so many soldiers were living in (crowded, unsanitary).  But another reason was that nobody had any immunity to it.

Remember the stuff I wrote about the various types of flu? If you don’t, go read it now.

The problem seems to be that in the 1918 version, nobody had ever been exposed to any of the proteins on the surface of that particular flu virus, so nearly everyone exposed caught it and nobody had any immunity or even any partial immunity.

The immune system is not “strong” or “weak,” although those are words you hear about it all the time. The immune system either functions or it doesn’t.  If you are susceptible to a disease, like the 1918 flu, it means that you simply don’t have any antibodies on board and your immune system, even if it is functioning beautifully, cannot attack a virus it doesn’t recognize as dangerous.

What the AIDS virus does is destroy the immune system’s ability to do that, to recognize invasive organisms and wipe them out.

What you eat doesn’t have a single thing to do with this.  “Chemicals” don’t have anything to do with this.

Furthermore, there is no reason to “boost” the immune system, even if it were possible, which it isn’t. You don’t want it “boosted.”  You simply want it to work properly: to recognize disease-causing organisms that shouldn’t be there, and say, “Aha, you SOB!” and destroy them and then retire for a nap.

Do you know what an autoimmune disease is?

There are about a dozen main ones.  They are believed to be caused by the same general problem: an immune system that goes rogue, acts like it’s on steroids and starts destroying cells willy-nilly.  Celiac disease, which my mother has, is one. It is basically a genetic disorder. That means that I am at risk for developing it (although having made it to 67 without it, I assume that my risk of getting it now is pretty tiny – my doctor doesn’t consider it an issue).  What I eat or don’t eat has no effect whatever on that risk.  “Chemicals” don’t cause it.  Genes do.

But the important thing here is that autoimmune diseases are what happens when an immune system is “boosted.”  We don’t want that, folks.  We want the system to function normally, but not to go bonkers.

But Nicole tells us that instead of getting a proper vaccine, which provides the immune system with the fucking information it needs to know which organisms it encounters are disease-causing and need to be eradicated, we should just worry about not “compromising” our immune systems with “chemical cocktails.”

This woman tells us that in all seriousness. This woman whose idea of a great treat is a trip to Hardee’s and having chocolate cake made at the bakery and bought as a mark-down for breakfast.  [Disclaimer: I just finished a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing. It was delicious. It didn’t do a single thing, pro or con, to my immune system, though.]


Here’s the bottom line:  When you read that you should do this or that, or eat this, or don’t eat this, or take this pill or that concoction, because it will “boost your immune system,” run.  Quit reading.  You’re reading advice from a lunatic.

Instead, if you really want to know more about this, read this.

The article echoes much of what you’ll find in more scientific articles but with less scientific jargon. The author has an post-graduate education in science, so is qualified to write about it. And that illustrates the two major things I look for when I’m trying to figure out what is true and what is bullshit.  Here’s another one, from Harvard.

Does the piece I’m reading repeat stuff I can find at other reputable sites?  “Reputable site” does not mean “anti-vaxxersRUS.com.”  Or when I Google, am I finding the same position repeated over and over at bullshit sites?  (Big red flag)

And who is writing?  Who is this person? What is his/her educational background? What does he know, if anything?


My thanks to a reader who sent me this link.

Here’s the original posting written by the stupid woman.

I warn you, the article will make you angry. I was so angry reading it that I was nearly shaking. It happened long enough ago that reporting the woman to CPS is not feasible – and I’m sure a lot of people did.

People who do this to their children should have their children removed by the state.  Period. And they should never, ever get them back.

This was not about those kids. This was all about Heather being Mother of the Year.  She’s not Mother of the Year, she’s a motherfucking idiot.

Read it, Nicole. I dare you. Read all about how easy it is to take care of whooping cough at home without medical aid.  Read about how it’s just like having a few side effects from a vaccine.  Read about what a stupid idiotic dumbass you are.




Totally Off Topic

I have another blog.  (Actually I have two other blogs, but one is not of interest here.)


The one I’m referring to has been out of commission for quite some time and I had no idea how to fix it. I called the hosting service and they told me they’d fix it for $60/hour.  I had no idea how many hours might be involved, so I declined and decided to learn how to fix it myself.  My concern was that if I paid a bunch of money and it happened again, I would be back in the ditch again.  If I learned how to fix it, then I’m good for the future.

That has taken me a while, putting it mildly.

Anyway, I finally was successful and it’s back up and running.

The amazing thing about this was that the fix involved one very short line of code and took me about 15 minutes. The trick was knowing what the line of code was and where to put it and how to get it there.

I’m especially happy about this because that blog is not devoted to any particular topic. It’s devoted to whatever I want to talk about.

Some folks have expressed an interest in what I write about elsewhere, so I thought I’d mention it here.

Seeing the Light is the newest piece, just published, over at the Burning Bridges blog.


Safety First


Dear Mandy,

You came to the wrong place. They don’t have “projects on hold.” They don’t have projects at all.  They never finish anything, ever.

They aren’t “learning to homestead.”  They’ve been at this for years and have accomplished absolutely nothing except managing to squirt several more infants that they cannot afford into the world to live in a garden shed.

. . .we have a good food storage. . .

Really? You know, I call bullshit on that.  We had friends visit us for Thanksgiving, a mother with four teenagers.  We only had one child, so my experience cooking and storing food was always for a maximum of three except on rare occasions.

Feeding four teenagers for two days was interesting for me. I knew they’d eat.  I even guessed the amounts pretty close. It was just astonishing to watch, though.  Put food on the table. Doesn’t matter what it is. Doesn’t matter if it “goes together.”  They inhale it.

There is no space in that garden shed for “good food storage” for 13 people. There is no space for the thirteen people, much less the food.

Nicole’s idea of “a good food storage” is enough food to get through to Friday.

. . . lots of wood. . .

Sure. Lots and lots of wood.  Lots of wood, obtained. . . where?  Whose property?

We are not safe right now. . .

Oh, for pity’s sake.

Trump was just elected President. You know who is “not safe”?  Minorities.  LGBTQ folks.  Muslims.

Syria is in the midst of a civil war.  You know who is “not safe”? That little girl who has been tweeting from Aleppo.

Putin is probably going to invade Estonia.  You know who is “not safe”?  The nice peanut vendor who kept our backpack for us when we lost it in Tallinn.

The Nauglers are safe unless you count the danger of the shed burning down due to their ineptness or the whole crew getting frostbite or the risk they run by teaching their children to shoot first and ask questions later.  Whatever happens to them, rest assured, they bring on themselves.

Mandy, whatever you’ve done, however little you’ve done, means that you are miles ahead of the Naugler family.  They haven’t even arrived at the starting gate.



Nicole, who never reads this blog, read this blog.  She immediately pounced on this little gem and screen shot it.  Here’s the screen shot blown up so you can read it. It comes from this page.


She posts that, and then her dumbass leghumper says that this “shows” that I have been on the Shitstead.

God, they are so dumb.

But Nicole then says “Aha! I know how she knows.”


And here’s her screen shot from that little conclusion-leaping exercise.


I said that the only enclosures I had ever seen were an unfinished chicken coop and a dog tether.

Uncompleted Chicken Coop


For the dumbass leghumpers, this is a screenshot from Nicole’s video that she posted on her Facebook page months ago.  It is a tour of the unfinished chicken coop/shed.

Dog Tether



This is just one photo, made and posted by Nicole herself, complete with the Blessed Little Watermark, showing clearly the dog tethered.

Then I speculated that perhaps they added an actual enclosure (run) for the horse.  You know, after the Great Horse Breakout that occurred a while ago.

What I have no knowledge of at all is anything about drones or filming or documentaries. I have no contact whatever with the person/people doing all that. I don’t know if it’s just bullshit or if there is some reality to it.  Hey, Nicole, ever seen any of these drones?  I wouldn’t have any way to know about that since I live miles and miles away from the area.


But then we get this brilliant comment.  It’s a cut and paste, of course.  If you take her phrase (the part in quotes) and toss it into Google, it comes up a lot.  Here’s one site.

But I guess Jennifer didn’t bother to read it all.  In addition to the clipped part she reproduces without attribution, in the same paragraph, there’s this.

Laws vary by state, so local laws must be consulted to determine applicable requirements. It is a defense to the crime to show that an element of the crime, such as knowingly entering or remaining without authorization, is lacking. An attempted criminal trespass requires that a defendant act with the intent to commit criminal trespass, and his conduct must constitute a substantial step toward committing the aggravated criminal trespass.

Oh.  That sort  of changes things, doesn’t it?  The supposed criminal has to “act with the intent to commit criminal trespass.”  His conduct has to indicate that he’s trying to trespass without regard for the desire of the property owner.

This means that if some hunter, for example, just wanders onto the Naugler cesspool and has no idea where the boundary lines are (you know, the way the Naugler children have done repeatedly), they can’t just shoot the guy.  They can’t even report him to the police for “criminal trespass.”  He has to do something, and the something can’t just be “taking photos” or “looking around.”

In the case of somebody wandering onto their oh-so-precious Shithole, they would be entitled, certainly, to confront the person and ask what he’s doing there, but that’s all.  No guns blazing. No threats.

. . . they have the backing of local law enforcement.

Think about that a minute. Nicole tries so hard to say that Al and Lisa and I and whoever else have some special relationship with Sheriff Pate. I don’t know Sheriff Pate, have never met him or spoken with him, and I strongly suspect he’d say “Who?” if you mentioned my name to him.

But when Nicole called the police the night of the Blessed Little Excursion, she was infuriated because they didn’t come.  They didn’t come because there was no law broken. You cannot call the police and complain that somebody rode down a public road and you don’t like it.  Well, actually,  you can call.  Nicole did.  But nobody will respond. They will just laugh at you.


“Charles” finds it funny.  Really?

shoottokillI don’t find this one bit funny.  I consider it a serious threat.

How dare she call you an idiot?

Because she is an idiot.