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I promise I will stop, but this is Debra’s art.  I said I’d show you and I am doing that.

This frame might be my favorite.  If I had to choose a favorite.

And this is the massive sunflower that Debra’s daughter grew and then won a prize for doing so.


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  1. Don’t stop, I am loving these glimpses of Deb’s creativity. Along with your son’s music, and Al’s metal work, this blog is becoming surprisingly artsy! And nobody is tracing anything.


  2. Wow! Amazing whimsical fun and charming! I love it all, but if I to pick one it would be the book with the butterflies! Please let me know the name of the book. I’m thinking the book name is butterflies are free.
    Amazing! Has your daughter inherited your talent?


  3. What talent! Loved the frame as well but hot damn, that deer head covered in gingham and floral fabric is right up there with it!


  4. Artistic people make the world a happier place.
    I retired from nursing and now hang out with artist…
    Fun, often looney people.
    Debra your work is first class happy making art. ?❤️


  5. Seriously humbled ….thanks everyone but especially you Nicole…had it not been for your thoughtful doxing none of this attention would have been garnished on me…and you know how i hate attention….stupid bitch. Are you packing for your 2 week vacation? I am.


  6. I love the table with the whale/boat integrated into it. That is spectacular. Come to think of it, Deb’s got a talent that can make people smile. I also love the deer with fabric.

    I doubt if there is one picture in a frame in the new shed.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful art with us, Sally.


  7. Damn woman!!! Wow!! You are mega talented. Sally, thanks for sharing Deb’s art. It’s amazing!

    And does any of this happen to be for sale anywhere?


  8. My best girlfriend and I “do art” once a week. For therapy, survival, fun, and because we *get* each other. Nothing more wonderful on Earth than a girlfriend who really *gets* you.

    Costumes, shadow boxes, sculpture, mixed media, insects made out of computer parts, soap making, murals and props for plays, muppets, foam sculpture, creepy Halloween creatures…I’m currently working on mixed media head-mounts of dinosaurs.

    And sometimes we go on weird adventures. Ones we are far too old to go on…but we go anyway. I laugh harder with that crazy woman than anyone on the planet.

    We also run away together every fall for four days and tour Haunted Houses all over the US.

    Just looking at her work, I know Deb is the kinda person who would fit in effortlessly in our art night.

    Love, love, love your stuff Deb:)


  9. Well, now you’re just rubbing it in….

    People with imagination are my favourite kind.


  10. I love the following (I like all of them): creature crawling out of conch, butterfly spray, the frame, the ship and whale on the chest and the deer.

    Of course her little girl’s prize-winning sunflower seed head is awesome, but that’s different. Did you ultimately leave it up for the birds? I would have.

    Have you entered any contests? Or art exhibits in the area? Do you have an online retail outlet? If so, please let us know.


  11. I knew Debra was talented by seeing the videos she would make and the pictures she would post. I don’t know the first thing about putting together a video, but taking pictures isn’t that difficult. Anybody can take pictures and edit them now a days, but that doesn’t mean they’re good or award worthy. Not every picture is a wall hanger. There is an art to producing awesome pictures!!!

    Now that I have seen a few of Debra’s pieces, I can understand how she was able to transform a fixer upper into something magical! These are very beautiful and very impressive examples of Debra’s talents!!!

    Debra, do we have to take a vacation to Rhode Island to purchase some of your artwork???


  12. KatataFish – check out the Haunted Hay Ride & ghost tour in Decatur, Indiana. Plus the sculpture walk.


  13. This might be a dumb question BUT Deb-Did you make these? Either way, wow, beautiful. That book! Do you scope out pinterest or just have a super creative mind?


  14. I promise I’ll stop.

    Nooooo! Don’t stop! That’s the beauty of your blog.

    It’s just always interesting.

    Does Debra sell her art?


  15. I’m overwhelmed you guys ….really …blown away …… Thank you

    Pinterest is my Bible

    My stuff is in Local boutiques and I have a few designers that purchase from me, the Upholstered Taxidermy, those are usually commissioned.

    The majority of my stuff I donate to raise money for various causes, mostly animal related.

    I would consider doing 15 or 20 computer trolls that will hang on your computer screen as a fundraiser for Kentucky Boys and Girls ranch. Have to figure out something with Sally if she’s open to it. I’ll ask her nicely to post one so you know what i’m talking about.


  16. I’m a proud card carrying member of the Debra fan club. You people, to steal that rather obnoxious term from Nicole and other bitter bitches throughout history, don’t know the half of it and many don’t deserve to.
    Her artistic talent is formidable. Her heart bigger than anyone I’ve ever met.


  17. Her artistic talent is formidable. Her heart bigger than anyone I’ve ever met.

    Yes. That. It’s not what is publicly known. It’s what is not publicly known.


  18. Debra, I was so envious of your house and now your creativity! These are incredible! I love all the little creatures. They look like they belong in a fairy garden!


  19. I have a mild obsession with folk art. Keep all the halloween pieces away from me. I won’t be responsible for my giddiness.


  20. My stuff is in Local boutiques and I have a few designers that purchase from me, the Upholstered Taxidermy, those are usually commissioned.

    Do you also do photography professionally? Some of the photos you share look like they belong in magazines, books, and hanging on walls!


  21. With every item sold, a free dog or cat.

    I bet her visitors go reeling out of there wondering exactly how that happened.



  22. the “bad santa” somehow reminds me of NN and HH. Krampus.

    YET loving the art!!! love the “gnomes” they seem so playful! santa ones are adorable!!! can I say this…”THAT SUNFLOWER!!” wow!


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