Antarctica Sounds Good

Here’s a little collection of recent comments Nicole has made about the sewage issue. I put this together for your afternoon entertainment.


Absolutely not.  You fight.

Over shit.


How do we know?  Well, a summons for a court date gives us a teensy clue.


Uh, I think maybe it is actually a concern.

didnt encroach

Temper, temper, Nicole. You do not get to just fling feces around like a chimpanzee and continue to live in human society. We won’t let you.  Sorry.


CPS social workers do not know how to evaluate sewage systems.  Health Department environmentalists do.  That’s why we pay them.

And I just wish “we” had such pull with local officials.  I wish.

Maybe you need to stop trying so hard to deflect.

no contamination

It seems the Health Department doesn’t agree with you, Nicole. And they get the final word on the subject.

refused inspection

You won’t show us the great humanure compost system because it doesn’t exist. You know it. I know it. And the court knows it.


Really?  We’ll see. . .

making false claims

Dear “Annette” and Nicole, what seems to you isn’t the issue here. The issue is that the Health Department said “No” and “Clean it up” and you said, “Make me” and they said, “Okay.”

A precedent?  Maybe. As in “You need to have your sewage disposal system inspected before using it.”


Be careful what you wish for.

many ways

There are numerous ways and you aren’t doing any of them, are you?  Hence, the problem.

no clue


Now, there’s a great defense.  Get Joe to use that in court, Nicole. I’m sure it’ll hit the spot.

I cannot wait for the “update.”

unfounded accusation

Here’s the deal.  You have to have your sewage disposal system inspected and approved. That’s the law, Nicole.  Deal with it.

not sanitary

Did it never occur to you that “they” meant exactly what they said?

dumping wherever

And that is exactly what is happening, Kelly. They are shitting in a bucket and a child is dumping it “wherever.”  That’s the problem.



Poor Joe. Poor Nicole.  Victims.


Can we help you pack?



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  1. Here is a well-reasoned synopsis on a subject I have close to zero interest in LOL (basically, they are doing a disservice to the cause–which is not surprising since they seem to have no awareness of the concept of the Greater Good):
    “Meanwhile, the cause of developing more favorable regulations will be furthered if those using non-proprietary, non-permitted systems become more familiar with the environmental and public health issues involved and endeavor to develop systems and practices that address these issues. In so doing we can begin to challenge and change the regulatory climate in ways that may eventually allow us to legally live in the environmentally responsible way that we desire.”
    from here :


  2. #shitgotreal

    why would anyone have a court date for something that is a non-issue?


  3. the cause of developing more favorable regulations

    There’s a way to “change the regulatory climate.” It’s not by telling everyone on earth on social media that your state and local authorities don’t “have a clue” and bitch about how you have to “educate them.”

    Furthermore, even though I understand how humanure systems work when properly maintained, I am not in favor of them being legalized because of those two words: “properly maintained.” The Nauglers do not “properly maintain” anything. Why should we trust them with shit?


  4. Unbelievable! Shit did get real. What are their chances of winning in court? What on earth could they use as their defense? We don’t have to, we’re free thinking sovereign citizens! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME! I HAVE RIGHTS!


  5. LMAO@FB Refugee……..
    Maybe they will say the dog did it. After all she does have a picture of a dog taking a dump !!!


  6. After all nuisance they have been and their insistence on bullying, intimidating and conning others, they get a healthy comeuppance from their own literal doodoo. I-yi-yi.


  7. It was me and the lizard people. We did all of this. All of it. Guilty your honor.

    I have a well and am glad the health department is making them tow the line. I don’t care about their other nonsense. They need to keep their damned livestock contained and quit dumping shit on the ground.

    And lying.

    And accusing others of things they haven’t done.

    And quit blaming their woes and troubles on everybody else.

    Antarctica would be fine.



  8. Blessed Little Blogger, I totally agree. I think the guy who wrote that has a good point though. I mean, humanure is certainly not my thing (lol) but my thing is social justice and anti-oppressive practice. I work to make changes in our society that keep women and children safe. In order to make changes, we need to live our lives in such a way that we implement those changes in our daily practice (personal and professional) and then we work to expand to make changes in the larger community. It doesn’t work to skip all the personal work it takes to actually live the changes you want to make.

    So if *Free Humanure for All* is your cause, you need to implement it into your life in a way that does not cause harm. You need to do it responsibly. Otherwise you dilute (no pun intended) the cause. Only when you have done this are you in a position to effectively advocate for systemic change. You don’t get to skip all the personal work that goes into leading change. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite. Basically I view that as the most important thing I can possibly teach my kids.


  9. Why is a baby chewing on duct tape???

    I don’t mean to be dense, but I have no idea what you are talking about.

    I just figured it out. It’s a video Nicole posted of the baby. No discussion of that here, please.


  10. Well, this has become an epic matter of, “Mud and Not Mudd.” A tragedy, if Hamlet were a poor lazy farmer.


  11. So many comments had me rolling. One of my favorites:

    The issue is that the Health Department said “No” and “Clean it up” and you said, “Make me” and they said, “Okay.

    Re: the duct tape. There was a video of baby playing with roll of duct tape. Cute enough. no harm. I kept wishing for a time travel for baby to roll some of it off and put it on his momma’s lying big big mouth. How can she not know that this will play out?


  12. I thought the baby playing with a role of duct tape was adorable…lol. He’s oblivious to the swirling mess around him.
    But it is off subject. Sorry BLB. ?


  13. “There was a video of baby playing with roll of duct tape.”

    Gosh, I thought of a better use for it rather than Nicole’s mouth. But as this is a PG-13 blog, I’ll let your imaginations sketch that special picture.


  14. I do want to know why digging a hole for an outhouse is okay, but on the ground isn’t. Both seem equally unsanitary to me. Or do modern outhouses have some sort of lining and I’m just too ignorant to know it?

    I wonder if the author of the Humanure Handbook is aware that his book, which I’ve heard is very good, is aware that his book has been dragged through the shit and mud and right into the Naugler mess. Since Nicole treats that book like the bible, complete with ignoring what she doesn’t want to bother with, maybe she’d listen to him if he told her directly that she’s doing it wrong.


  15. I do want to know why digging a hole for an outhouse is okay,

    Because the deep soil filters the sewage, just like it also filters water. Dirt is a super good filter. In the case of raw sewage, it has to be very deep and it also has to be located well away from any wells or creeks or other sources of water.

    Nicole doesn’t listen to anyone. She’s busy gearing up to educate the health department. She won’t listen to the Humanure author.


  16. “I do want to know why digging a hole for an outhouse is okay, but on the ground isn’t. Both seem equally unsanitary to me. Or do modern outhouses have some sort of lining and I’m just too ignorant to know it?”

    Yes. It is supposed to be lined and it should be more than 5 feet deep.

    A good foundation is the key to a good outhouse. Dig a hole about 7′ deep, 3.5×3.5ft square. Make it a good hole with even sides because you’ll have to line it.

    One point about soil. If you have hard clay soil, make sure that the drainage around the outhouse is good to avoid too much water getting in, because it won’t want to leave (this could cause splashback).

    You’ve got your hole. Drop a wooden box with tarpaper wrapped around it in the hole to keep moisture out. Level and even out the ground around the hole and place a foundation made of treated 4x4s around it.

    Yes, this is for Ontario, Canada, but the basics still apply:

    In any case, it is important to follow your local regulations regarding the construction and location of an outdoor sanitary pit privy.

    In Ontario, for example, you do not need to get a permit to build a Class 1 sewage system – which includes earth pit privies or outhouses. While you don’t need a permit, there are still rules that deal with how the structure must be built. Specific guidelines are also laid out concerning the location and depth of the pit.

    The following information has been taken from the Ontario Building Code Section 8.3 Class 1 Sewage Systems:

    Rules for the Outhouse or Superstructure
    The outhouse must be constructed with durable weatherproof material and must have a solid floor supported by a sill constructed of treated timber, masonry, or other material of at least equal strength and durability.

    The outhouse must be built so that it can be easily sanitized.

    Unless equipped solely as a urinal, the outhouse must have one or more seats that each have a cover and are supported by a bench or riser which is lined with an impervious material on all interior vertical surfaces.

    The outhouse must have a self-closing door.

    The structure must also have one or more openings for the purpose of ventilation, all of which are to be screened.

    The outhouse must have a ventilation duct that is screened at the top end and extends from the underside of the bench or riser to a point above the roof of the superstructure.

    The outhouse shall not have any openings for the reception of human body waste other than the urinals and the seats with covers as described above.

    Rules for the Pit
    The bottom of the pit must to be at least 900mm (3 feet) above the high point of the ground water table. The sides of the pit have to be reinforced so they won’t cave in.

    There must also be at least 600mm (2 inches) of soil or leaching bed fill surrounding the pit and at the bottom of the pit.

    The soil or leaching bed fill has to be raised or mounded at least 150mm (6 inches) above ground level around the base of the outhouse structure. This would be done to prevent rain water from getting in.

    Here are a few other considerations:

    The setback requirements are often determined by the local community. In many cases the outhouse must be located at least 30 metres (100 feet) from any water source.

    The dirt you excavate from the new pit can be used to fill in the old one.

    It is worth the time and effort to do your homework on the local and regional rules before you relocate the privy. If your unfriendly neighbour sees you digging a new outhouse pit on a part of your property that he doesn’t approve of, he may decide to make your life difficult, and you could find yourself up the bush without a potty – especially if it isn’t built to code.
    Even a decent outhouse requires more planning and care than either Joe or Nicole can manage to do.


  17. @ Tekla – Thank you for posting that information. Very informative. I was born and raised in Ontario. My family were avid campers when I was growing up so I used more outhouses in Ontario than I can count. 98% of them were very clean, had no foul odors and had a good supply of toilet paper. Nicole says she does not leave any in their outhouse (or whatever it is). Not a very sanitary idea with that many children.

    In BC the outhouses are amazing. Really they are. No matter which province you travel in you will find ultra sanitary conditions for a very basic way to eliminate waste.

    Nicole does not grasp the basics of waste management. I highly doubt she can understand the coveted Humanure Handbook she keeps referencing even if she read it. She probably meant to read it, later, like everything they do, it’s always later.

    I wish she would shut her garbage mouth.

    I can’t wait to see what happens in court!


  18. In any case, Joe Naugler will be found in contempt of court if he refuses the order of waste removal, at behest of the judge.

    But of course, looks as if he will be taking the brunt of the consequences. He is useless, anyhow. Nicole is deserving of equal punishment. Between the two, it was her stupid, short-sighted decision to post the photo of the sad sad buckets and their rotting plywood encompassment, to appease the troll’s rumors, or in spite of them – which is worse. She wanted everyone to see it. And they did.

    And the anti-taxation ignorance, oh the ignorance! To call herself enslaved?! That is so goddamn insulting to the descendants of ACTUAL SLAVES that the Thirteenth Amendment protects. Jesus Christ! You imbecile.

    The way she cries – nay, screams – victim, you would think she is a witch on trial in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts.


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