Another PSA

from nicole psa

The blogger, her troll, and their minions are all in the same [sic].

Now you see why I posted that stuff about the business yesterday. I knew she would do this. And I knew she’d do it no matter what I said.

I am not exactly sure, though, who “the troll” is. I am also not certain who my “minions” are.  People who comment here?  Dunno. Do I communicate with people who comment here?  Sure. They comment. I sometimes reply. That’s called “communication.”

Am I in contact with some of them apart from this blog?  Yes, I am. Some of them have become my very good friends.  There is positive community that has developed from this.

But I want to talk a bit about friends.

Real-life friends are sometimes virtual. I have real-life friends who I have never met in person. I have one friend I would consider to be a very good friend (and she is not in any way associated with the Naugler thing, so quit speculating, Nicole) and yet we’ve never met face-to-face. We talk on the phone frequently, sometimes for lengthy periods. We talk about not just issue that drew us together in the first place, but about life and philosophy and art and music and you-name-it.

I have other online friends who I have gone out of my way to meet in real life, and they have become my real-life friends.

There’s nothing wrong with this.

But Nicole confabulates a bunch of stuff to make her claim that somehow every critic she has is connected to me personally.

My Facebook page is wide open.  It’s almost entirely public. I did that several years ago in part because the Romancing people were doing their best to get into it and find stuff. It was just easier to not bother with trying to keep it all private.  My attitude was “fuck ’em” and I opened it up. For another thing, by having it wide open, I collect what a friend of mine and I call “butterflies.”  A butterfly is a loonie who wanders onto my page and begins making ludicrous statements and outrageous arguments. They are sort of fun, when I’m in the mood for that.

However, I keep my friend list private. Nobody can see it, not even my friends.  I do that because the Romancing folks started attacking my friends just for being my friends.  I don’t want to subject my friends to the fun that comes from these blogs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that people can’t figure out that somebody is my Facebook friend. If the friend has their friend list public, then I will show up as their friend. There are also other less common ways to figure it out.

But going by who comments on my page, or who “likes” something won’t tell you anything.  Anyone on earth can comment on my page, and anyone can “like” anything.

Furthermore, because my Facebook page is wide open and almost entirely public, I am not really very picky about who my friends are. I don’t really care. Send me a friend request, Nicole. I’ll accept it.  The only friend requests I ignore are the ones from people in Bangladesh and the very obvious fakes.  I also have “following” set up, so I have followers as well as friends.

I’m saying all this because Nicole has decided that I am in cahoots with the person who put up the fake grooming page solely on the basis of interaction on Facebook. Her take on it is that if somebody “likes” something on my page, or somebody is my Facebook friend, or somebody comments on my Facebook page, then it follows that we are close personal friends.

This is simply not true.  I am a blogger.  One blog has a very limited audience. The other, this one, has a much wider appeal. People send me friend requests just because they “know” me from the blog.  They read here and they send me a request.  That’s great and I accept them.

It does not mean that we’re bosom buddies and collude daily about the evil Naugler family. Hell, Joe was “following” me for a while.  Does that mean Joe and I were colluding?

The truth is much simpler. The truth is that the Nauglers have made a lot of enemies. They’ve been at this making-enemy thing for years.  They have left a trail of burnt-out bridges behind them that stretches out for miles, from Maine to Texas to Kentucky.

This is not my fault.

. . . there would be evidence. There is not.

Well, actually there is.  At least, around here, there is.  I didn’t post the piece about the horse until I was absolutely sure there was a horse. Nor did I make claims about whether or not the horse was a permanent addition because at that point I wasn’t sure.

Every word I said about the bucket-shitting was proven in court.

I’ve posted articles about Joe’s criminal record. What is not factual about those?

I rely heavily on screen shots and Nicole’s own words.

She retorts with vague “you make stuff up” comments.  She says “there would be evidence and there is not.”  What “evidence”?

There were, in fact, white buckets being shat in and dumped on the ground.  There were, in fact, goats running loose. There were, in fact, multiple batches of chicks being killed willy-nilly.  Maggie does, in fact, go down to the neighbor’s house frequently when she manages to get loose.  Angel did, in fact, threaten somebody’s dogs and behave aggressively and got shot. Nobody “stole” her, which is what Nicole accused people of doing.

She did, in fact, threaten to kill her own dog if people didn’t find a home for him.

Of course, I offer my opinions on this stuff. That’s what a blog is, for Pete’s sake. That’s what I get to do.  But I am pretty sure that nobody reading any of this has trouble determining what is fact and what is opinion.

If my goal was to be liked, I wouldn’t be so opinionated.

Well, it’s a relief to know that.



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  1. For someone that doesn’t want approval she certainly rebrands herself to fit her audience frequently. I don’t really think that having a fan base who have lost their children due to their inability to provide or in some cases use common sense, or others who lack the ambition to even have a pot to piss in would be on the top of my priority list. Especially when I have so many helpless minor children to provide for. Say what she will right wrong or indifferent, the blgc, blh and nics own fb page are all intertwined and pissing off the masses to prove varying ill thought out opinions is 100% on her. Just like Target took a stance on their beliefs and suffered or gained according to that, she is the face of her company and will have to deal with the backlash or gloat in the support. Freedom doesn’t mean no repercussions, it just means she has the ability to say what she wants without facing the gallows.


  2. I will always wonder about the parenting, the kin being taken care of. I don’t care what goes on at said no mention place. I do care about what happens to Any animal and person when things are not done safely or adequately.

    Lack of education (shown in court docs), stealing water, letting animals run a muck. Really ? Who lives like that? Who allows people to live in filth, ON PURPOSE????

    I WILL NEVER understand that side. Ever.


  3. Another entirely predictable post by Nicole. The person and her children who were harassed both online and off have some serious evidence it seems. As soon as this person decided they were no longer going to sit quietly, and engaged Nicole/Joe/Charles on the BLTATM mirror page with hard evidence as well as their intentions of taking it further the mirror page disappeared. Not before the whole exchange was captured for posterity I’m sure. Nicole has now conveniently written the obligatory ‘Poor us, mean trolls’ post. Trying to control the narrative as usual. Surely Nicole has come to realise that anything she puts online is going to be forever, despite her efforts to the contrary.


  4. Nicole once again fails to mention her part in all of this. She goes to those pages, she “stirs the pot”, and she feeds off of it. Anyone who thinks children deserve an education or a reliable water source are considered haters. Her definition of haters is rather loose. She claims she is all for personal responsibility but the evidence doesn’t support that claim. Everyone else is always at fault. She is a grifter, a professional victim, this is the bed she made for herself.

    The advice has been given time and time again, the answer to her problems and that is go offline. She claims to want a minimalist, peaceful, off grid life. It would be simple to obtain, shut it all down. It’s not like she runs a homesteading educational page, it is by her own accounts a personal blog page. She doesn’t cook, she has no homesteading skills, so really there is no point. Please just go away and the drama you claim to hate will leave. We of course know she won’t go away. She needs her PayPal button, she needs to drama because she is addicted to it. Too bad she is not as addicted to raising children as she is birthing them.


  5. That woman , if shehad the sense to just go back under ground and stop with the drama, Listen Nicole,, no one cares about you and your waste of a husband, we care about your kids sleeping on worn out matresses and wondering if they get enough to eat. Before ll this I had never heard of a rocket stove, to me its a couple of concrete block tossed together. I cant imagine all those mouths waiting for a meal while you toss twigs on your rocket stove. And you wonder why people diss your pet grooming company. You held your dog up for ransom and were offered help and you blocked them. You beg for money to save you and your family while you hole up in a hote, courtesy of the fools that sent you money.


  6. Kinda makes me think of Trump with his insistence that everyone is biased and lying because they share his actual words and proven actions. It’s like a feeble attempt at the Jedi Mind Trick. And it actually works sometimes when people are hellbent on believing you despite incontrovertible evidence that you’re full of shit.


  7. I dislike Nikki due to personal experience that happened a long time before I met you Sally. The most ironic part is that I met you because of dumbass, as well as a few other new friends, And everyone I have made friends with are very nice intelligent sane people, except for al of course lol. =0).


  8. Good post Sally. I appreciate how careful you are with having evidence to support your blog. Nicole seems to forget that she is the one who has put her family on public display for years.

    The whole world can see online pictures and posts by Nicole of how her family lived years ago compared to how they live today. Now they have no birthdays parties, no holidays, no beds, no adult support for the unschooling, no privacy.

    Honestly, who COULD afford:
    a house big enough to give eleven kids beds, one store bought gift for Christmas, Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, birthday parties with friends, trips to the zoo or museums, fitting clothes for school everyday, school activity fees, or even just the monthly utilities of eleven kids with unlimited access to electricity and running water?

    There is just so much they gave up because of poverty and family size. And Nicole has chosen to give up their privacy. They have chosen a very public and very hard life for their kids. Sally is just commenting on it.


  9. Well Nicole tried to be measured and seem factual in her little statement. She either knows how screwed up her life is and is desperately trying to keep the virtuous online image together (complete with her go-to vocabulary) for grifting purposes or she really believes what she writes. Both are plausible and neither one bodes well for anyone.

    If she has been threatened, why not go to the police? Is it because she claims that they will not assist her? Is it because she might go buggo again and demand to be shot? Is it because there is really no threat at all? Hmmm. The way Nicole spins she would have made a good auger. Maybe they could have had a well after all.


  10. HAHAHA!! She doesn’t have time to blog about herself! Bull shit. She blogs abut herself more often than I talk about myself using words from my mouth. I think she blogs about herself more than anything. She posts so often that I’m not sure she ever even sleeps. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself about one common way poorer people in rural areas stay away, and it’s not Joe’s pot (though I will openly say I suspect he grows and deals, and I’m actually not at all against that).

    I dare Nicole to post a link to this blog. Nicole, you read here. I dare you. Show your own ignoramus fans how there is no evidence here. If you won’t do that, then you are admitting it’s because there is evidence here, and you’re scared of people seeing it.


  11. Off-topic – well off the latest Naugler topic – but relevant:

    The Kentucky Horse Park just outside of Lexington is having a sale of good used tack and other horse care related items this weekend. I don’t know if the Nauglers’ daughter or a representative could manage to get there, but getting some basic gear at bargain prices would surely be a good thing. There’s an ad with more info on the Lexington Craigslist. Nicole and Joe, take heed.

    I hope the horse has a blanket. Of course, I also hope the Naugler kids have blankets. It’s already chilly at night here in the Bluegrass State, and while we can expect a few warm days still, winter is not that far away.


  12. I knew she was going to blame you.

    I myself have decided that I any pages out there against them, I am no longer liking their pages.

    No matter what, I don’t care how the Nauglers have attacked any one, going after the business is wrong. That is the only maim source of income, that feeds those children.


  13. Frankly, Nicole did a ton of damage to her business on her own. [Nope, this got past me, but nope.] not going to be happy to find out that you think it’s okay to shoot a dog because it’s too much trouble to train him.


  14. [Sorry, I meant it. No discussion of the business.]

    And no more living off the land. I don’t know whether she is aware of water hemlock, which will straight up kill you unless you get to a hospital in under an hour and looks a lot like wild carrot; but I do know that she can’t tell the difference between a frog and a toad and I will bet that she has no idea how to process a toad to make it safe to eat. And if she doesn’t, the kids sure as heck don’t!


  15. [Sorry.]

    Karma is knockin, nay, kicking in the door. Its not going to be pretty for the kids…but when has she ever cared about their welfare anyway.


  16. I agree with and respect the decision of the blog owner to not allow disparaging comments about the business. The children’s welfare is at stake. However, N never considered the welfare of her victims when she contacted employers and mocked grieving parents. It seems she has met the enemy and he or she is just like her. What goes around comes around. And it’s true that it could be anyone.


  17. The children’s welfare is at stake.

    This is not about the children’s welfare. This is about my welfare.

    And yes, Nicole has in fact contacted employers and pretty much deserves whatever she gets. She just won’t get that karma from me. 🙂

    One note: I am trying very hard to be fair about this. I know the line is sort of fuzzy. That’s because it’s sort of fuzzy in my mind as well, so please forgive me if I’ve censored you too harshly in your opinion. You are most likely correct. I’m trying to thread a needle here with an itsy bitsy eye and I’m old and my eyesight sucks.


  18. “I’m old and my eyesight sucks.”

    You can see a lot better than Nicole. You can see reality. You can see the truth.


  19. Has anyone ever heard the term “crybully”? I came across it awhile ago. It’s used to describe someone who bullies others, and then when the bullied person corrects them, they run away crying about unfairness and meanness to anyone that will listen. Nicole is a crybully. I’m afraid that whoever she’s engaged with this time will not back down. It’s going to be a tough ride for the Naugnuts soon.


  20. Yea, I was on the fence about that comment… No need to apologize, your blog, your neck, your rules.

    But, you know what I mean right?


  21. I don’t think anyone should directly go after her business. End of story. Nicole is at a level so low, no one should even want to sink to her level.

    Now, making sure her evil is easily found by anyone who researchers her. Yes! Blogs like this are the best way. Cold hard facts are stated so that even if you suck at Google-fu, you can find it.

    I tend to research any business that will be dealing with my kids or pets. I’ve never needed to take a pet to a groomer, but you better damn well believe I would research them before I took one of my babies there.

    And honestly, Nicole is the worst troll on herself. I just pray someone gets the kids and critters out of there before the bridge finally collapses.


  22. I’m channeling the spirit of Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip.
    ~Psychiatric Help~ 5 cents~ The Doctor is IN:
    I was imagining violins playing in the background while reading Nicole’s post…
    What I took from it:
    “Woe-is-me, people suck and and they’re attacking my business for absolutely no godly reason except that they’re trolls who are trying to discredit my life because they’re jealous and they have nothing else better to do, Wah wah wahhhhhh….”

    It’s always easier to blame others than to own what she has done, because that would mean a little self examination would be in order and acknowledging that she might be wrong. Like math, that too, is hard.
    Being a victim is what she knows. She’s perfected it to almost an art form. It’s always served her well in the past and because of that, she has no reason to change now. She stirs the pot, steps back and loudly starts crying when shit lands on her because it brings not only the attention that she craves, but it validates her victim status and makes her feel superior to all of her adoring leg humpers than hang on her every word and verbally lick her wounds.

    Her life is clearly miserable. We can all agree on that.
    She needs the high that controversy brings to her and the attention that she doesn’t receive at home because she’s never there and even when she is, she’s too busy on the internet getting her fix to be emotionally present. She needs to escape the awfulness of the reality that she’s created and she sugar coats it before she feeds it to others when she just can’t.

    The walls are closing in on her and she has nothing left to lose. She’s pissed off more people than she knows between attacking and taking advantage of innocent people, proudly displaying blatant child neglect and animal cruelty on her blogs or defaming the very same law enforcement that she would not hesitate to call if she needed help.
    She makes it very easy for people of multiple diversities to find something in common to dislike about her.
    Who knew that a bucket of shit could unite the world?


  23. Nicole has accused me of having fake accounts, writing fake reviews and of attempting to ruin her business. I explained that I don’t, I didn’t and I wouldn’t. That is all on her.


  24. I know Nicole read here so I’ll quote her here. I had commented wrongly on another blog entry about her charging her minor child (all her children are legal minors) rent. I was wrong, there is no rent in the form of cash but there is rent in the form of labor.

    I have minor and adult children. One adult child lives at home. He does not pay rent. If he could afford rent or he/we felt he could then he would be living elsewhere. Just because he is legally an adult doesn’t mean he is currently able to act as an adult. I won’t go into it here because I don’t want to give away too much info.

    My adult child living at home and my minor children are only expected to contribute to the household by way of chores, I am not a maid.

    Anyhow here is her quote regarding her minor child. “wekl that’s a bit complex. He is a graduated child. No longer a student. He is 2 months from the “age of majority”. However, he is old enough to enter into binding contracts and because if these factors we treat him like an adult, as should be. He pays his portion of his upkeep, including building his housing which is his.”

    My question for Nicole is, if you charge a fucking child for their upkeep why the fuck do you keep that fat, lazy piece of shit Joe around? That worthless, loser doesn’t do crap. I know he doesn’t do crap. You know he doesn’t do crap. You can say on your blog and page he is a loving father but you know that’s BS and you’ve complained to several people about what an awful lazy husband he is. And that’s the only hint you’ll get. So Nicole, stop being such a bitch to your kids. Drop the dead weight. Kick that lazy ass out, he is worthless, let him rot in jail for the child support he refuses to pay. Let him languish on the streets. Maybe then he’ll realize that he has to actually do something to survive. Your kids are raising your kids, you at least have a job. Your prophet is a Hardee’s eating, pot smoking loser who doesn’t do shit except for taking up space.

    Your poor kids. Shame on you as a mother charging a kid rent when you don’t even provide the basics for them. You are a sick piece of work.

    Sorry Sally, as a mother I am just so angry right now at the way those kids are treated. She has a lot of fucking nerve giving any fucking parenting advice. She knows how to birth children but that doesn’t make her a mother!


  25. “It seems she has met the enemy and he or she is just like her…”

    I don’t know about the most recent enemies she has made, but the animal welfare/rescue people that she has enraged are not like her at all. They are far more vindictive and persistent than Nicole could ever be or possibly fathom. They’ll make her antics look like child’s play and it won’t just be on FB.

    So, she’s pissed off the animal rescue groups, has horse fanciers and welfare groups watching her every move, and now local political figures (I am assuming) are out for revenge. She’s just about reached her end of things I’d say. [Sorry] She’d have had better chances of survival pissing on the devil’s leg.

    Pass the popcorn.


  26. I’m reminded of the old saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?” For Nicole, it’s as if she doesn’t share her life and her children’s lives with the general public, did it really happen? Does it have value to her, if it’s not made public and receives positive feedback from strangers? Is her sense of worth so dependent on unquestioning accolades from people she’s never met?


  27. So did Mrs. Naugler ever explain why there was no fall garden? I have Kentucky Cooperative Extension’s pamphlet on home vegetable gardening open in another tab and according to the authors, planting season ended just last month. Granted, it was just lettuce and spinach at that point, but spinach is pretty powerful stuff. If the kid(s) in charge of the garden hadn’t gotten any seeds until August, they could still have planted a whole lot of different brassicas that month for harvest through November.

    But I think of what a narcissist can throw at a kid who is attempting any task that requires simple, methodical, uninterrupted work and some material assistance from the parents…and I just feel tired. It’s like fighting your way through that swarm of sticky crowd-control balls in The Incredibles. Poor kids.


  28. Who knew that a bucket of shit could unite the world?

    And that sentence wins the internet today.


  29. He is a graduated child. No longer a student.

    That’s the part that is just weird. What in the hell is a “graduated child”? None of those children are students. They are just kids, not being educated. And he is not “graduated.”

    He is, however, going to be an adult, legally, very shortly.


  30. “That’s the part that is just weird. What in the hell is a “graduated child”? None of those children are students. They are just kids, not being educated. And he is not “graduated.”

    He is, however, going to be an adult, legally, very shortly.”

    I looked up educational laws in Kentucky. Compulsory education is ages 6-16. I am assuming that is what she means. He is no longer required to be educated. My state is different, it requires education until age 18. Even if it was 16 I’d still educate my children until 18. Once again though she doesn’t homeschool, or even unschool, she unparents. Unschooling is a style of homeschool education that isn’t about letting children just exist on their own. It requires a lot of work from the parents to help children, find them mentors, explore their interests and lead them in their endeavors. She does none of that and neither does fat ass.

    She never really explains unschooling, she just tells people to google it and educate themselves. I imagine that is what she does with her kids. Just google it because she doesn’t have time to answer questions, she’s got sock puppet accounts to comment on Facebook with.


  31. Nicole, bless your blackened heart. I’m not Alys. [ADMIN: Yes, you are. And that’s why you’re banned from here.] I have my own accounts under my own name, but thank you for confirming you read here. Now why won’t you share a link here? Scared your donors will see the truth and stop sending you free money?

    “wekl that’s a bit complex. He is a graduated child. No longer a student. He is 2 months from the “age of majority”. However, he is old enough to enter into binding contracts and because if these factors we treat him like an adult, as should be. He pays his portion of his upkeep, including building his housing which is his.”

    My god.

    First, if he’s under 18, he CAN NOT enter into binding contracts yet. He’s still a minor.

    Second, as a minor, how the fuck hateful can his parents be to make their minor child pay his way in the world? If he doesn’t have the money, does he starve? I suspect yes. CPS and the courts there have some rotten assholes for returning kids to a home where the parents see no issue with not feeding their own children. She as much as admitted it there by saying her son is responsible for supporting himself.

    Third, heaven help the kids not-schooled in that shack when the “teacher” can’t even spell. She’s handicapped him severely, and I doubt he’s been a student in a long, long time. Setting kids loose to become feral while hoping for…whatever she hopes for, since I doubt it’s the best, only makes them students in basic survival and how not to get killed or mortally wounded.

    Fourth, this is all a form of rent. She’s no longer supporting him. If he wants a place to live, he has to pay for it. He has to build it. It’s on him.

    It’s not possible to fail as a parent more than Nicole and Joe have. They literally don’t educate their kids, don’t get them medical care, and make their children support themselves. They are absolutely worthless and don’t deserve to be considered human beings. For fuck’s sake, Trump is a piece of shit, but at least he didn’t tell his minor children to support themselves, good luck, hope they scrape together enough scraps for a meal, and I detest Hillary too, but she’s the same. At least she didn’t kick her kid out of the garden shed and make her go built a shack of sticks and tarp for a place to sleep.


  32. “He is, however, going to be an adult, legally, very shortly.”

    I hope someone at his job shows him how to file a FAFSA and apply for college. He’ll probably qualify for a small fortune in grants. (No, Nicole, that’s not free money for YOU, and getting it each semester requires keeping grades up.) No, he’s not up to snuff, but maybe the schools there have remedial programs that could help him maybe catch up, though that presumes he’s not too far behind for remedial programs. And maybe, if everyone’s lucky, he’ll be able to use that to help his siblings try to get the hell out of that hellhole.


  33. Dinah wrote – “Your prophet is a Hardee’s eating, pot smoking loser who doesn’t do shit except for taking up space.”

    Joe makes sperm. He creates kids he does not provide for. He ruins lives. I wish there was a forced sterilization order on both parents.


  34. Dinah
    I hate to pint this out, but Joey does do something at the house. He impregnates Nicole then gets all ready when another one of his offspring pops out.

    It is a shame that someone thought it would be cute to link their fake page to this blog. She is attempting to support her family.


  35. Just a thought. If the oldest boy is supposedly building a house on the Naugler homestead, what would happen if they couldn’t make the payments and they lost the property? The thought of this just makes me sick for those kids.


  36. The Nauglers are the Ewells from “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Joe is Bob, huffing and puffing and thrilling to the sound of his own name. Those poor kids are all Mayella, trying their damnedest to find some beauty in the face of unrelenting poverty.

    And like the fictional Maycomb County, the government there is content to pretty much look the other way, as long as they all stay on the Shitstead….


  37. @Yo,

    You are spot on about Jojo the Hutt. This may be a bit icky and if it doesn’t get posted, I get it. But Nicole has reduced herself to being nothing more than a dog-grooming reproductive organ with a smart phone.


  38. It’s people like the Nauglers who make it harder for homeschooling families who do it right to get any respect from everyone else. I’m not homeschooling because I’m hiding abuse, or I’m a religious whackjob, or I’m extremely distrustful of the government, or I want to isolate my children from the world, or whatever. I just assessed my kid’s needs and came to the conclusion mainstream school could not meet them.

    We’re using some of the same textbooks used in schools all over the place. We’re going to cover evolution as the theory that makes the most sense given the evidence. We’ve already established each system of government has its faults and strengths but overall, ours does a decent job. My kid has activities outside the house and we have lots of mandatory reporters in our lives. We’re academically rigorous and very happy homeschooling allows us to be.

    Yet I’ve caught flak from people who look at situations like the Nauglers’ and assume I’m like them in some way. It is frustrating, to say the least.

    If one of your commentator’s comments on another thread is true, local police don’t want to deal with this family. I hope that’s not true because if there’s anyone who needs to be called on their behavior, it’s these “parents.” The more law enforcement calls them on their behavior, the faster the local government can do something about them. After reading the animal as well as child abuse going on in this family, I am still horrified the local government hasn’t yanked those kids out for good.


  39. The rent issue is really bugging me, too. I actually do charge my oldest “rent,” but all of his needs are met. Hell, considering we’re poor, all my kids are actually a bit spoilt. I literally just got approved for disability this week, so things were SUPER tight for a bit…but my kids’ needs were met and we did our damndest to meet their wants too.

    Now, the reason I “charge” my oldest son “rent” is simple. He plans on converting my dad’s old workshed/mancave into his house when he gets older. This building is built to code for a house and has two large rooms (a work area and a “living room”) plus a full bathroom. My dad never bothered to finish it, so it needs those finishing touches to make it a nice home. Carpet/tile, painting, etc. The most expensive is putting in a small kitchen.

    All of this takes money, so I had my son open a saving account separate from his regular account. Each month, he buys a money order for $10, makes it out to himself, and endorses it. Any extra money he wants to put into this particular account he includes in cash, fills out the deposit slip, and has me drive him to the bank to deposit it. He was going be putting money into that account anyway. The whole “rent” thing is just to help him start getting into the mindset of having to pay bills. For every day he’s late without good cause, he has kitty litter duty. He’s never been late.

    I also call the money all of the kids have to put into their regular savings account “taxes.” I give each of them their allowance with a deposit slip. They give me back a deposit slip with at least 5% of their allowance for me to take to the bank. They hate paying in, but they know their “refund check” when they turn 18 is going to be awesome.

    Having older minor children and adults pay rent isn’t outright wrong in itself. It can be a teaching tool or maybe they asked for something extra and need to throw in for it. When I convinced my parents to switch to cable internet from dialup, I had to pay them the difference.

    It’s asking them to “earn their keep” when the parents aren’t even covering the kids necessities that is absolutely horrible. My baby does more to “earn” his keep than the Naugler parents and all he is required to is pick up his to toys and be the official wiper of counters and tables.

    Sorry for any ramblings and grammar issues. Percocet and parenting between sentences makes for poor writing. :/


  40. @ Sculder&Mully,

    That pretty much sums things up. The Nauglers have plunged themselves into ongoing abject poverty simply because they did not know when to stop having kids. Why Nicole turned herself into a breeder without a cause is beyond me.


  41. Forgot the name I used before

    I agree with you 100% you clearly care about your kids and the fact you teach them about the real world and truly are a REAL PERSON! You sound as if you got a real place for your child to live with a bit of hard work and of course paying the rent when he can live in it. There is a HUGE Difference between you and the two Naug parents. Like I said YOU are REAL the Naugs live in Lalaland and thinks a chicken coop is worth charging rent on from their OWN CHILD who has cared for all them babies hauled all their SHIT and put UP with all their SHIT TOO. Not to mention does Nickys job at work. IF it was me and I came of age I wouldn’t even LOOK at them two as I walked out of their life Forever only to keep in touch with my brothers and sisters. No contest between you and them you clearly WIN parent of the year over them two. 🙂


  42. Te rent from the minor child thing. My BD is late in the year, so I was 17 when I graduated HS. I was strongly encouraged (nagged) to get a full time job ASAP so I did. At that point, I was required to pay my mother $25 per week, which was about 25% of my salary because I’m on the mature side of 30. For that I received meals, laundry service and lodging, which also included utilities such as heat, water, etc. I still had to do housework because that goes with being a member of the household. So I can’t fault N for the act of charging rent, but that poor boy receives little in return. It’s like paying rent to a slum lord.


  43. Sorry not sorry but I can fault Nicole for charging rent. Her kids don’t receive the basic necessities. They do everything so requiring rent is a fucking slap in the face. I don’t fault parents for charging rent to adult children, once again this particular child like every child of Nicole’s is a minor. These kids do all the work so she isn’t getting a pass on this one. Charging him rent is absurd, so is making them do all the work.

    And yes I have a large family. I am a mother of many. And it’s a lot of hard work but not one of my children made the decision to be born into this home, it was mine and my husband’s to have them. So in the end it all falls on us. My children are great. Yes they have chores, yes they do stuff around the house and are incredibly helpful. But at the end of the day it’s not their responsibility. They aren’t responsible for cooking although they often do. They aren’t responsible for raising each other. They aren’t responsible for making sure the mortgage is paid or making sure there is food in the fridge. They aren’t responsible for making sure they have clothing on their backs or shoes on their feet. They aren’t responsible for making sure they get an education, although I do expect them to take advantage of the education they receive. These are basics and when you decide to have children it is on you. If someone can’t cover the basics for 11 children then that is their problem, it shouldn’t fall on the children. And since it is falling on the children I do believe the state should have stepped in. Those kids never should have been sent back to that horror show of a home. Shame on Kentucky.

    When I had my first child my husband and I decided that we wanted me to stay home and raise him. I had gone back to work 6 weeks after he was born but we both realized we didn’t want that. So I came home. I’ve been home every since. More children came. Sometimes my husband’s job wasn’t enough to cover our expenses. I often said I’d go get a job but he didn’t want that. So he took on other jobs through the years to cover expenses and make sure we had the basics covered. I could have also gone and worked. But we chose what option was best for us. We/he chose to put the children first. That’s what parents do.

    I give Nicole credit, at least she works. Those kids work their asses off too. They work far more than any child should. The kids have done a wonderful job given who they have for parents. Joe doesn’t get a break at all. He’s home all day and has all those helpers doing the cooking and child rearing. There is no reason he doesn’t work, there is no reason he doesn’t do stuff around the house. Joe doesn’t wear any of the kids out like Nicole claims. Joe sits on his fat ass trolling the internet and bossing the kids around all day long. If anyone in that house needs to be charged for rent it is fat ass. Let him sleeping on a fucking park bench for all I care. Nicole raising YOUR children and doing YOUR and Joe’s jobs as parents is enough rent. You don’t get a pass on being a shitastic parent. You don’t get a bravo for charing your minor kid rent. All your kids are learning is how to suck at parenting, they are learning it from the experts and that’s you and your worthless husband. Do them all a favor and please get your tubes tied. I’m sure someone would do it for free.

    And please I don’t mean any ill will towards anyone who charges their adult kids rent. Once again each situation is different. And I’m sure all of your are covering the basics for your kids. Remember these kids don’t have the basics, there is no way any of them should be responsible for anything more than they already are.


  44. Forgot, it sounds like the “rent” in quotes you charge goes into a savings account for your son instead of to your on pocket. That’s a world of difference. It’s always wrong for parents of minors to charge rent and pocket it themselves, and even worse to make them buy their own basics. That’s not what you’re doing. At all.

    And yes, it’s always wrong to charge minors rent that the parents keep. When you choose to have kids, you’re responsible for them until they’re legally adults. If you don’t want that responsibility, then don’t have kids. I’m not wavering on this. Parents have a legal and moral obligation to provide what their minor children need, and that can extend to until they’re out of high school if they turn 18 during the school year.


  45. More like paying the jailer to jail you while the jailer convinces you how fortunate you are to be in his jail.


  46. “There is no reason he doesn’t work” – my understanding is that JoJo owes many, many years of back child support. If he were to work at a legitimate job, his wages would be docked and he would have a very, very tiny paycheck from the minimum wage job he might be able to obtain.

    I seem to recall a quote from NN at one point that $200 a week from him working wasn’t worth it or some such nonsense.

    If I am incorrect, please fill in the details I am missing.


  47. Just Another Troll, reportedly he was only ordered to pay $50 a month for Alex. Even if that covered all 18 years, that’s not even $11,000 for 18 years of his son’t uncle raising his son. It’s fucking pathetic that he’ll screw his other 11 over to make sure that the uncle doesn’t get any reimbursement.

    And you’re right, Nicole said $200 a week wasn’t worth Joe working. Over a year, that’s just $400 shy of what’s owed for Alex. So it lines up with her thinking. Kids are worth squirting out to prove to the world you have sex and working reproductive organs, but they aren’t worth providing for.


  48. There are also reports–anecdotal and some of them secondhand, let’s be clear on this–that Mr. Naugler is not good at keeping a job when he has one.


  49. Poor Nicole doesn’t quite understand what it means to communicate. N accuses us of communicating as if we are breaking some law or moral code. “They communicate,” she says as if the idea of communicating is awful. Perhaps to her, the notion of communication is totally foreign because we know on her blog and on her FB pages, she makes claims (usually false) or she exemplifies her parenting skills through little videos or short posts and she expects her readers to praise her. For the most part, she doesn’t have the sense of a damn goose or she would be more select about those things she claims or the information about her children that she posts. Because she isn’t a critical thinker and lacks the simple knowledge of research such as checking for reliability of sources and identifying fallacies, she posts crap that is easily debunked. I believe she sees herself as a guru of sorts in all matters of life so her little touch of egomania leaves her wide open for proving how wrong she is in almost every single thing she post. And when she provides her “insightful” bits of dribble, if she doesn’t receive praise or if those who disagree don’t handle their disagreement with the utmost of humility, she often deletes the posts and deletes the person who didn’t fall all over her self proclaimed greatness. Nicole must learn that in order to communicate, the communicator must both speak and listen. In short, it’s “shar[ing] and exchang[ing] information” (Google. Communicate Definition). So, what exactly does that mean and is it a bad thing? Well, to those two, communication is really only a monologue of N’s ramblings. She wants an audience of minions unlike Sally, who opens not only the door for communication but also the opportunities for critical discussions and exchanges of ideas. In the beginning, I thought her disgust with our communicating was that we were deconstructing her claims, but I really believe she hates the community Sally has built as well Sally’s successful engagement of the community. The community and engagement are lost on N because she is not a communicator…as we all know and perhaps that is why she accuses us of communicating rather than taking lessons in the art of discussion. I think when she understands the term communicate, she will understand why her blog has a few hits with only a few little simpletons responding versus Sally’s blog that has heavy traffic of critical readers and critical thinkers who contribute well thought out arguments.


  50. Something that really struck me when Nicole mention he was a few short weeks away from signing contracts in his own name—

    I wonder if they are going to ask him to finance another shed. Or open a credit account somewhere in his name that he can use.

    I’m very worried they will trash his credit.


  51. @Former Caseworker

    I sure hope they don’t open any credit in his name. Unfortunately my mother opened several accounts in my name when I was a young adult. I had no idea. The bills never got paid. I was living in a totally different state. One of the was a huge charge off for $10,000. I have no clue why they ever approved that. I didn’t even know about it until I went to buy a car with my husband. I was screwed for a long time. It made it very difficult for me for many years and this was several decades ago. I imagine in this world the damage would be even more daunting to overcome.

    I hope that child escapes. I hope he can find a sofa to crash on. Or attend community college. Something, anything. Just get out of there. I worry if those kids don’t get out of there the first chance they get, they will be stuck forever. Nicole has no desire to let them grow wings and fly which is just another reason why she sucks as a mother. Children grow up and move on. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it means they are becoming their own people. Children are individuals. They are not extensions of us.


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