Another Letter From Dad

In the interest of tying up some loose ends, here’s a purported letter from Richard Harris.  Another one.

To give a little background:

Cathy belonged to a little stupid private secret group on Facebook. That’s what the term “Wooses” means.  It’s dumber than dumb.  I was joined to the same group and couldn’t bear it more than five minutes and left.  Obviously, she stayed for a while.

So, she wrote this in that private secret group and because those sorts of groups are never really private or secret, this leaked.  And naturally, she told them not to take it out of the group because she made it all up in the first place.

Cathy also had a website which she called “Chuckles Travels,” which no longer exists. She tried to pretend that it was actually a bunch of people, but it was really just her.  She made commentary there about Bob Jones University stuff mostly, and of course, her own bullshit from time to time.

So, she’s saying that Harris wrote this letter as an email to Chuckles Travels, without knowing that Chuckles was actually Cathy.  The main reason I saved this whole thing is because it’s a place where she said in writing that she was actually Chuckles.

But the letter is, of course, bogus.  It’s just as bogus as the “Concerned Pastor” stuff on that other page.

Cathy wrote this “letter” herself.

In light of all the stuff she is accusing Harris of right now, I think it’s sort of interesting to see what she was up to just a few years ago.  I’m not certain of the exact date of this (which year), but my guess is maybe 2012 or perhaps 2013.

First, Cleo didn’t die in police custody. There is no evidence to support the idea that Lou was in police custody either, although Cathy has made the claim several times, at least up until she decided that he would make a good father.  There is actually nothing to suggest that either of them were arrested for anything in those final years of their lives (apart from Cleo having a bit of an altercation with the police in Philadelphia which didn’t involve Cathy at all).

Second, there is no evidence that I have found that Cathy ever entered the foster care system at all. She went from Cleo having informal guardianship of her to Richard Harris having legal guardianship.  I bet the whole Harris family wishes now they’d just let Cathy go into the system.  They would have been a whole lot better off.  There is also no evidence of any sort that she ever went to Bethesda Girls Home.  I just posted all the probate papers.  There’s nothing in there about Bethesda and it’s not free.  If she went, for even a short time, who paid for it?

Third, the supposed counselor was Walt Fremont.  She’s told the masturbation story before. It’s dubious at best.

Fourth, Richard Harris is an educated man.  This letter is full of spelling and grammatical errors, and they are fairly typical of the type of errors Cathy makes quite often.  Compare the writing of the letter below with the real sample of Harris’ writing and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, here it is.  This is Cathy at her best, pretending shit that never happened.



3 thoughts on “Another Letter From Dad”

  1. I have been reading the posts about Cathy, and I wonder what motivates people to tell these incredible lies. But more importantly, how can anyone read her crap and believe it to be truth. When I read the crap she posted of her immigrant mother, I had to laugh out loud because OMG there’s no way any second language learner, not even beginners, would talk or write like that. Plus, when they make errors, it’s consistent errors–I know, I taught second language learners writing and tutored them for years. This Cathy person has to be one of the biggest idiots that I have ever seen, well, actually, she runs a close tie with the unkempt Medusa…


  2. Odd that she spends years insisting the Harrises abused her but won’t reveal the name of the man CONVICTED of assaulting her.

    No matter. I’m off to Di Bruno Bros 9th St. location to buy Stichelton & other delights for the family. Maybe Cathy will don her finest polyester stretch slacks & join me. I have a flower braided into my hair today.


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