The quote is from here. She is quoting me.

And that becomes

They admitted to killing Angel.

They.  Who is they?  I am not they.

They’ve known the whole time.

Actually, no.  I have not known the whole time (whatever that means.)  I found out what happened to Angel not long ago.

I’ve assumed that the dog wandered away from the Blessed Little Pet Sematary and got shot by somebody who didn’t like her attacking their livestock.  There are big white dogs around here just like these Pyr mutt-mixes the Nauglers have, and they are a nuisance.  They are the dogs I mentioned that got in our fence and chased our calves.

Same type of thing.


But thankfully we have Amanda who clarifies everything with the whole history.

Aster (Ranger’s sibling, apparently) was hit and killed by a car.  Angel is (at the time of Amanda’s comment) “missing.”  She doesn’t leave the property. Not ever.  So it “raises red flags.”  Only one dog has a tendency to leave the property.   Only one, unnamed, but it’s a “he.”


You’ve gotta be a real leghumper to believe this drivel.  The Nauglers moved, the second the children were taken by the state, from their idealic, beautiful Blessed Little Property, all homesteady and off-griddy, to a motel, one that is absolutely not homesteady and very much on-griddy, complete with a swimming pool.  Hey, it was summer, and they had this windfall money.  The motel is located about 35 miles from the Blessed Property.

Get that?  It’s not down the street.  It’s 35 miles (more or less) away.  About a 30 minute drive.

And it “was visited several times a day.”

By who exactly?  Who ran up and down the road visiting the property “several times a day”?  If somebody did, that’s all they did.

And yes, I absolutely believe they left their property unmonitored and unchecked. It’s a shithole.  Not even the garden shed was there then. Nobody in their right mind would want anything that was there.

So, the children were in state custody for about two months. During that entire time, the parents were at the motel spending some of the GoFundMe money. And the dogs were left at the property, basically abandoned.

And they roamed. And they chased cars.

Remember, folks, I have been to that place.  I have met Ranger.  Ranger quite literally attacked our truck, snarling. We weren’t in the driveway. We weren’t pulled over. We were not stopped. We were simply passing by.  His sibling, Aster, got too close to some car and got creamed.  It’s not even one bit surprising.

And Angel wandered off.

Which brings me back to the whole “only one dog ever leaves the property” bullshit.  Remember?  Only one dog, and he’s a male?

maggie missing

This is well before CPS took the kids and the parents abandoned the place and the animals.  Notice who left the property?  “Our female Pyr,” she says, “has gone MIA.”  Know who that is?


Maggie, who I have shown spends much of her time at the neighbor’s house next door.  Nicole will not admit this, of course, and insists that the neighbor must have sneaked down to the Precious Property, gotten Maggie, and taken her to the garage for a photo-shoot and then sneaked her back in place, all without anyone noticing.


This is just Nicole lying through her teeth. She knows that photo is not from “before.” She, in fact, in her little fake-weepy video rant, says specifically that the photo is recent because of the gay leg paint job.  But when did the truth matter to her.

Only then I showed that Maggie has been there a different time for a photo shoot, last April.  And Al, who took the April photo, says that every time he’s gone to visit the neighbor, Maggie has been there.

But not only did Maggie escape, she stayed gone for quite some time.

maggie home

She went walkabout in late December, and Nicole posts a photo celebrating her return home on January 18.

Notice one other thing?  Alma brings Maggie rabbits. There are lots of posts like this, about the dogs catching rabbits.

If you celebrate your damn dog killing rabbits, why do you bitch when the dog kills the domestic ones?  How do you expect the dog to know the difference?

This is a woman who styles herself as capable of teaching a “pet parenting class.” Hell, I own Minnie the Maltese and know she’s an undisciplined idiot and I could do better. At least I know that if a puppy chews on shoes, it’s not a good idea to give it a slipper to chew on.

But back to Angel, who was “100% trustworthy.”  Mind you, Angel killed rabbits, too.  But Angel killed more than rabbits.


Angel was a chicken-killer.  Like mother, like son.

By the way, when you “adopt some older and slightly abused hens,” what you’re getting are better known as “spent hens.”  As they age, they lay less and less.  Some people just don’t want to butcher them (old hen is tough and requires long, slow cooking – chicken and dumplings, anyone?) so they give them away. That’s what Nicole got.  Old, crap, worn-out hens.

But anyway, Angel was a chicken-killer.

And when the Nauglers abandoned her, she roamed.  Not next door, like Maggie, but further afield.  She was hungry.  If Joe said he visited the place daily to feed her, he was lying. Something like the way he lied about the beer. She was hungry and she began terrorizing somebody’s dogs trying to get their food. There were children present and the adult there was afraid for the kids and shot the dog.

It was not a close neighbor.  It was not anyone who would have had any way to know that the dog was abandoned and hungry.

So this is just dumb.


Please explain to me why, if you abandon all your livestock and dogs for two solid months, your neighbors are required to take care of them for you.  We went on an extended cruise this spring.  While we were gone, we arranged for Minnie the Maltese to be boarded in a friend’s home, and for that same friend to visit our place twice a day to feed our livestock and our two cats. By “arranged,” I mean that we paid him.  We paid him the same rate we would have paid if we’d boarded Minnie at a kennel, and we paid him a base rate to visit our place twice a day.  And he only had to drive about two miles to get to our house.  That’s what you do when you are responsible.  And I still worried (needlessly).

It’s entirely likely that our neighbors would quite happily feed our animals for us for a few days if the need arose, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to take on that sort of responsibility for two months. And I certainly wouldn’t consider them “pieces of shit” for not doing so.

However, this person was not a close neighbor, as I said. Angel got around.

But none of this stopped Nicole.


This is from back when it all happened. Nicole accused a critic of driving about 2000 miles (I am serious) to hit one dog and steal that very valuable chicken-killing white boxer that nobody on earth wanted.  And I remember when she did this. She kept on and on about it. Her critics had killed one dog and stolen the other.

stupid story

And even now, when we’ve told her what happened to the damned dog, her idiot follower offers that as an explanation.  Such pigs.  Because, you know, an “intruder” came there.


Here. This is where the “intruder” came.




By the way, where is the pig?







14 thoughts on “Angelic”

  1. Pig is part of the “humanure compost” pile!! They ate it way before it was big enough to give them a good supply of meat. Not enough food to slop the hog and no money for feed!! Joe said, “Get in my fat belly!”


  2. So, this Kay poster assumes a lot. You already pointed out that the neighbors are not required to take care of their dogs or livestock. The neighbors might have taken care of Maggie since she does visit quite often, but why would anyone want to deal with dogs who are known to kill chicks and wild rabbits. Another assumption is that the Nauglers actually notified the neighbor that they would not be at the property for some time and asked him to take care of the dogs/livestock. Surely if they had money to stay at a hotel, they would be able to pay someone for this request.
    And no one has even asked about the property being abandoned.
    And Charles has admitted that he knew months ago about this. What a friend she is to Nicole to leave her in the dark. Wow! After all, if your dog is missing, you would want to know what happened even if she is no longer alive.


  3. And Charles has admitted that he knew months ago about this.

    Yes, “Charles” has known about this for a long time. And what “Charles” knows, Nicole knows.


  4. Her posts seem contradictory, as has been highlighted. I was kind of surprised to see that January 2015 one, where she said Alma is happy that Maggie is home. And she is on a tether, since the hunters are still out. It is evident the dogs run free most all the time, and run off the property. And then Maggie got tethered, so she didn’t end up on another property where the hunters are out. Or else she would be running free.

    Another thought, Nicole states she enjoys an animal behaviorist interest. So, let’s look at the time last year when they left the property to go stay in a hotel. Apparently the dogs were not tethered. Dogs do not have a conscious regarding time. When everyone was gone from the property, it was probably something way out of the usual and routine. And especially for the dogs. They had no idea if and when Joe and Nicole were coming back. No sense of time. After a while in this sudden change of routine, wouldn’t the dogs have gotten a little anxious? Maybe even so after several hours. I dunno, I think it would be expected the dogs would venture off. They could of left to search for the family, search for food, or even a curious distraction. It would be comparable to leaving a young child home alone. That’s really not too high level study in animal behavior.

    And another thing, being the “farmers” they are with all these animals. I know some farmers with animals, and they really hardly ever can be away from home for long. I’m talking about for extended hours in a day. Forget about overnights at a hotel. Taking care of the animals will not wait. To even think about a vacation away from home, is a dream. It seems ridiculous for Joe and Nicole to leave the ‘stead for a staycay at a hotel, with all their animals. And the two dogs suffered from their irresponsibility.


  5. Judging from some of the verbiage “Charles” uses I think “he” is actually a chick, or I suppose it could be Joe. He’s pussy enough to use some of those phrases. Whoever it is they are Johnie-on-the-spot whenever there is the slightest conflict to offer up an insult, or clarification. “Charles” follows the board so closely that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Nicole using two different devices.


  6. My heart feels a real ache for Angel. What happened wasn’t her fault, and she died for it. The people who shot her aren’t at fault either. They had to protect their own home from a dog that was going crazy trying to survive. The fault is entirely on Nicole and Joe.

    Kentucky, the work of finding someone to care for livestock is why we don’t have chickens and goats, even though we want them. We have friends who take care of our animals when we spend a week away from home (and we reciprocate), but expecting them to know livestock care is a bit much. I guess it won’t ever cross Nicole and Joe’s tiny little minds not to get animals they don’t want to care for, and to take care of the ones they did get.


  7. I have been a silent follower. I follow both blogs, pages, etc. Often I think you, Sally, are a bit to critical of Nicole’s choices because I do believe in parental rights.

    However, the more I read, the more I observe from all prospectives, the more I have come to the understanding that much of the drama Nicole faces on social media is the result of her own behavior. It’s self inflicted drama and she is the root cause of it. The way she reacts on social media to even the slights criticism, truly constructive criticism shows her true nature. She from what I have seen is equally cyber bullying people and really is not just a victim.

    I watched her FB live video, while it was live. I was amazed she acknowledge that the images of Maggie at the neighbors was recent. I thought for sure she would deny they were recent. Even though she acknowledge they were recent her reasoning on how it happened made no sense. … someone had to, according to her, had to come up on the property.

    All I could think why? why would a neighbor that want your animals dead and not on his property would fuss with bringing an animal onto the property to stage a photo? And How? How did that happen and you not know your animal was missing. They way Nicole talks about recording, documenting, videos, that her property is well “secure” and there would be no way that someone would be able to get to their animals without them knowing. After all you are scared your neighbor is going to cause your animals harm so your animals must be well guarded? I mean that’s the impression I get from her posting …. then to watch the water works kick on at that moment .

    I also can’t get over the deflection. People were legitimately concern and some might still be of Ranger well being and she wants to talk about how killing livestock for food is completely normal. Last I checked people do not eat dogs in the USA … so I don’t get why the stress over livestock and how that’s normal. sigh.

    I might not totally understand it all, but the more I observe the more I have come to not trust Nicole (or Joe). I still believe some of the critism over some of her parenting choices is unfair and unjust that they fall under parental choice, but nonetheless most of the issues Nicole has on social media is self induced drama.


  8. some of the critism over some of her parenting choices is unfair and unjust that they fall under parental choice,

    I would tend to agree that sometimes the critics get a bit nit-picky. That said, denying your children basic health care (and that includes vaccinations) and an education (and make no mistake, no educating is happening with the Naugler children) and forcing that many people to live in a garden shed is child abuse in my opinion. Those are my main beefs.

    I am strongly opposed to Kentucky’s current homeschooling laws which require no accountability of any kind. Children have rights, too.


  9. I happen to homeschool and live in a low regulated state. Actually, KY requires more from the Naugler’s and other homeschoolers in KY than what my state requires out of me. I do not agree with you on that; I actually believe laws everywhere should be like mine.

    While, I have given my kids most Vax, we are selective and delayed Vax I do not agree that Vax should be required. I do believe that’s a parental choice. — I know we will never agree on those two issues and I’m okay with that.

    And you are right some of the other stuff at times is a bit of nit pick at times. I’m not opposed to off grid living either and not having running water … but after reading many blogs on the topic, seeing many other homesteads and other off grid situations, including when the off gridders (sp?) have no money and used recycled materials, I know based on the images I see the Naugler homestead is awful and no one should have to live like that. –so we do have some agreements too.


  10. In light of a comment on You’re Kidding Right, I want to clarify the comment I made for this thread.

    Nicole posts “They admitted to killing Angel. They’ve known the whole time. They knew she was cared for….. I guess we know that yes, neighbors do shoot dogs”
    Nicole posts “My dogs only went next door, and mostly Maggie….Angel was sweeter than Maggie, and Maggie is very sweet as both neighbor and trolls will attest to the kindness.”

    Kay Riffe Burns posts “If what they say is true, which I know it’s not, why didn’t they step up and take care of the dogs. POS neighbors”

    I stated “The neighbors might have taken care of Maggie since she does visit quite often”

    Too many ‘theys’ and too many ‘neighbors’ with only one neighbor identified by Nicole (the one next door).

    Al already said that ANOTHER neighbor (not the ones next door) had shot Angel due to being aggressive and fearing for the safety of the kids. So I read Kay’s post as chiding the next door neighbors for not taking care of Angel and wrote the comment from this perspective.

    If Kay meant the neighbors who shot Angel, I would be in agreement with Kaylee (You’re Kidding Right). Neighbors should not have to take care of a dog that is aggressive.

    Additionally, I want to point out that Nicole never bothered to disclose in her opening post that the next door neighbors did NOT shoot Angel. When she did talk about the dogs visiting the next door neighbors she failed again to state they did NOT shoot Angel. (typical of Nicole to leave out critical details). So it is quite possible that Kay believes it was the next door neighbors who shot Angel.


  11. Al already said that ANOTHER neighbor (not the ones next door) had shot Angel due to being aggressive and fearing for the safety of the kids.

    The word “neighbor” is only loosely used in connection with the person who justifiably shot Angel. Angel had wandered quite a way from the Blessed Little Pet Sematary.


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