And Another Troll Update

This figure includes $5 or so that I owe Deb for shipping.

Just so you all know, I am not transferring these funds to the Ranch until the first batch of trolls are shipped.  I just wanted to be fair and honest and make sure that Deb didn’t come down with appendicitis or something.

The latest I have from her is that the first wave of 25 are awaiting shipment. The delay right now is due to the humidity.  They have a sealant on them and it’s still just slightly tacky.  If she tries to wrap them for shipment, the wrap might stick which would be horrible and very bad, so she is waiting for it to cure.

This is what happens in the northeast by the coast in the dead of summer.


6 thoughts on “And Another Troll Update”

  1. They are custom pieces made by a loving artist who happens to be a mother, wife, gardener, dog owner and cat tamer. I think I speak for many of us when I say no worries, they will get to us when they get to us.

    Also I hate humidity and love AC even when it’s only 78 degrees out I can still feel the lake water seeping into my skin.


  2. Thanks sally….better safe then sorry…believe me, no one wants them gone more then me. I have everyone’s e-mail, i will send you a tracking # on the 16th…thanks for your patience…the trolls are just as anxious to go to their new homes


  3. This is what happens in the northeast by the coast in the dead of summer.

    Blame it on the Trolls!!!

    This is awesome! Thanks for the update…and good things are worth waiting for!!! I have a very good feeling they will be well worth the wait!


  4. Good to know they are being taken care. I’ll be excited when the one I ordered gets here. A very nice change from bills, flyers and misc crap in the mail!!!!


  5. Trolls should start arriving …when you get them i would suggest buying doublesided sticky tape to secure him or her…i’m no engineer so they most likely WON’T fit perfect..please do not be shy if you are unhappy…I am in the business of making people smile (a stay at home mom) I have no problem fixing broken things, singing you to sleep or kissing your booboo. So if you do not have my e-mail get it from the queen bee here and let me know.

    Stella will be starting school in a week and a half, so i will be slowing down on production until that happens.

    But NO WORRIES…I will keep Sally in the loop and I promise everyone will have their Troll


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