ncnlaughinganarchyNicole and Joe describe themselves as anarchists.

Anarchism covers a big field, with almost as many sects and splinters as Christianity, and I never can figure out exactly which of those things Nicole embraces.  Like her Christianity, her anarchism seems to be opportunistic.

However, at the core is a dislike of government. Any kind of government or authority.  The main mantra seems to be some form of “You are not the boss of me.”

We have government for only one reason:  There is no other way for human beings, who are tribal, to live together in groups. Lots of other animals are tribal as well. We don’t call it that, of course. We refer to them as “herd animals.”

My cattle are herd animals.  If you don’t think they have rules, you haven’t hung around cattle very much. They have a hierarchy.  There is a very definite set of rules involved in their behavior.  It involves determining who goes through the gate first, who eats from the hay ring first, who has rights to the water trough first.  Frances is Boss Cow.  The largest bull calf is second in command, and it goes down from there.

They even do this walking across the pasture.  Frances is first in line, and the others walk in single file, in order.

franceslinupThis is not the best photo of it, but it’s the only one I have. Frances is in front, heading in the direction of the camera. The second-in-command calf is behind her, and you can see that the third calf is waiting for the other one to pass before getting in the line up.  The calf on the right would not dare to join the line in front of the light one.  (The dark animal behind the calf on the right is Georgia the donkey who gives no shits about what is happening.)

They do this because it is embedded in their DNA to do this. It’s in their DNA because over the millennia, they survived better by doing this.

We do it for the same reason. It’s a question of the best way to survive as a group. Without cooperation, society is impossible, and voluntary cooperation is not in our DNA and simply doesn’t work, any more than it would work with my cows.  This is the reason that Nicole’s “voluntaryism” is complete bullshit.

But back to anarchism.

We’ve seen anarchists at work this week, specifically on Friday, during the inauguration.

From NBC news, click image to link to source

See the anarchist flag on the right? I watched some video of the rioting, and it was typical. Rioters dressed in black (to make identification of individuals more difficult).  They carried numerous anarchist flags (there are several different sorts with various symbols).

These are the people who destroyed property and set fires in the road and all the really disruptive, damaging stuff we saw in the media.

Now then.  Is it possible that some folks on the left decided to dress up in black  like anarchists and break a bunch of windows and set some fires?

That’s what some anarchists are claiming.

notanarchyViolence and property damage are being “sold to you” as anarchy.  Nicole believes this, of course. That’s why she posted the silly meme.

But anarchists have a very long, colorful history of engaging in violence and property damage. It’s worth reading a bit of history about it.

Remember the various sects and splinter groups I mentioned?  One of those groups is called “insurrectionary anarchism.”


What Nicole is trying to do is something like what Christians do when presented with the fact (and it’s a fact) that Hitler was a Catholic. They insist that he wasn’t “really” Christian (and they usually try to paint him as an atheist, which infuriates the hell out of me, since atheists were a persecuted group in Nazi Germany,  so don’t do it).

Not all anarchists commit violent acts, of course, and throughout history (at least since anarchism first appeared on the scene, which isn’t really that long ago), they’ve often played a valid role in societal change, but to pretend that they never get violent is simply ridiculous.

whynotviolentHere’s a link to the whole conversation on Reddit.  It’s worth reading (scroll down all the way, some of the comments come after the links to other articles).

It’s quite obvious from that conversation that other anarchists know perfectly well that the Washington rioters were, in fact, exactly what they made sure we’d know they are: anarchists.

Here’s what I was doing the following day (yesterday).


I wasn’t in DC. I was in Lexington, but I joined millions of other people all over the world.  It was a marvelous experience and my husband kept saying “Can we do this again?”

There were no anarchists present, at least, none who advertised themselves as that. Nobody dressed in black with those flags. Nobody breaking windows or setting fires.  Instead, there were entire families. There was a hugely diverse crowd, every age, every ethnicity.

Dave said it best: “I felt like I was in America again.”

Unlike anarchists, who believe in no government at all, I am a liberal. I believe government is necessary, and not only necessary, but often and maybe mostly, beneficial. I also believe strongly that it is participatory. It is what we make of it.  Right now, I think that’s pretty much shit, but to change that, I’m not going to break any windows.  I’m just going to attempt to get the attention of my duly-elected representatives, who want to stay in office, and explain to them how they can get my vote, and in addition, how they can lose it.

policeThese are two of the policemen who helped us. The march in Lexington was supposed to not involve any road closures, because they thought the numbers wouldn’t warrant it.  It became very obvious as the time approached that way more people were arriving than were expected.

That meant that the police had to turn on a dime and initiate road closures all over the downtown area to accommodate us.  It meant way more officers had to be assigned to assist us than were originally anticipated.

The Lexington police did this with patience, with good humor (as you can see), and with courtesy.  They led our march, they walked beside us, and they made sure everyone was safe (there were a lot of children marching). And they smiled, just like you see above, all the whole time.

So much for the evil government.



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  1. Thank you!
    Yesterday was incredible. It was positive, uplifting, and just what this country needed. I feel that work still needs to be done, and we must be as vigilant as hawks, but I honestly believe that notice was taken, and some people in high places feel a little nervous. That is exactly how they should feel at all times.


  2. Oh and speaking of pack/herd animals – the roles can switch at thresholds. Dog A is Alpha dog within the house and is FIRST to go outside. Dogs B & C follow along (but not necessarily in that order). HOWEVER, when it’s time to come back inside afterward, it’s Dog B who goes into the house first. Dogs A & C are next (not necessarily in that order).

    Pecking orders aren’t always rigid or linear. They ebb and flow and change as the context changes.

    I wonder if the anarchist quoted (Checkmate) has given thought to the fact that destruction of privacy doesn’t necessarily harm the institutions this person wants to see destroyed. It can destroy an individual’s livelihood, their family’s fortunes and negate years of hard work – but not touch an institution. Even if a business is part of a franchise, someone had to pay for it. The employees are likely to be harmed. Even with business insurance there can be repercussions. You would think a small business owner would be slightly more aware of these potential problems.

    In the end, anarchists are a minority. If the majority behaved the way anarchists do (or espouse) they would very likely be the first thrown into the meat grinder if society went pear-shaped.


  3. Wasn’t Saturday a great day? I was in Cleveland, OH with 15,000 other marchers. Wore a pink pantsuit and a pink pussy hat! Talked to so many nice people. Saw some really great signs. One of my favorites was-OMG GOP WTF. Our police were great. A lot of them waved, smiled and gave us thumbs up. And it’s given me hope for the future looking at pictures of the marches held in this country and all around the world.


  4. Years ago, before I got my head out of my ass, I started getting involved in an anarchist group. What kept me from going full in is that I couldn’t get on board with destroying property of small businesses. A lot of these groups target those who would be the most hurt, like the mom-and-pop shops, though ruining any property is wrong.

    The rallies near me keep getting violent. It’s bad enough that on Thursday night my husband’s boss told everyone to stay home on Friday, and they’d all be paid. The company’s office is right on the route of the scheduled rally. Sure enough, riot police were called out. Many people are stunned that yesterday’s rally managed to not get violent.

    Anyone who thinks that humans don’t naturally create hierarchies need to look at any group of even a few friends. Even if they respect the hell out of each other, someone will emerge as dominant with the others ultimately deferring. It can be mild enough that it’s easy to miss, but it happens. Some people naturally back down sooner, and some are more stubborn. It’s natural.

    I get aggravated when people try insisting that Hitler was an atheist because that pushes the idea that Christians are all just so peaceful, and that godless people are inherently violent. I guess they turn a blind eye to the rule of Bloody Mary and the crusades.

    I do, however, understand the idea behind getting violent. Some people, like Trump, are so far elevated above everyone else with such a frightening amount of power that we can try to persuade all we want, and he’ll just sit there thinking about how he’d fuck his daughter if they weren’t related. He’s one of those people who has to either be inconvenienced, which burning some buildings would do, or have his penis size insulted (you know it’s tiny by how he’s so insecure that he has to try convincing us that he’s endowed) or someone merely suggest that he’s not worth anywhere near as much as he claims (appearances are everything, and he can easily prove his worth, but wont). Violence (aside from those who just like smashing shit) is often the result if desperation that comes after no one listens. No one listened to black people in Ferguson or Baltimore, but everyone sure did after those riots. They blew the lid off a problem that peace wasn’t helping.

    Sometimes a dog is backed into a corner enough that it snaps. We are all capable of it, whether we want to admit it or not. We all have our limits. All of us.


  5. Sometimes a dog is backed into a corner enough that it snaps. We are all capable of it, whether we want to admit it or not. We all have our limits. All of us.

    And of course that’s true. My point was that Nicole is simply wrong. The property damage and violence in DC on Friday was perpetrated by anarchists, people who embrace her philosophy.


  6. It was my pleasure to march beside you Sally. Yesterday was the most peaceful and uplifting demonstration I have ever been a part of.

    Democracy is work and if “we the people” want to continue to rule ourselves then we need to work for it.


  7. Coincidence or not?…about 3 hrs ago Nicole made a video about her thoughts on the womans right march…It was REALLY confusing as she talked mostly about herself, her marriage and being harassed…what else is knew?..maybe its just me but sometimes that woman makes NO sense..


  8. It’s kind of funny how the anarchists were the only marchers wearing an actual uniform. Everybody else wore whatever the heck they liked and didn’t try to hide their faces.


  9. To answer your husband’s question, yes, we can do it again. We must. We have to. This was just day one.

    I was marching in another city, but my experience was identical to yours. Everyone was polite, kind, and excited to be there. Even the police.


  10. I grew up surrounded by old people who used to be anarchists. Not just paper anarchists or idiots breaking a few windows. People who actually shot kings. Blew shit up. Fought hand to hand in the streets for rights and freedom. My tiny grandmother once literally threw an FBI agent off of her porch. Then again her father helped overthrow a monarchy. My grandfather killed a bull that was beating an African American over taking water which was for whites only. He spent years away from home. My other grandfather was head of his union even after the mafia put him in the hospital for months. Fighting for what is right is my heritage and in my blood.

    When I was a preteen it was a new group of anarchists. They blew shit up too. I flirted with the idea a bit, it was the times, however my natural inclination is to help people not harm them, either physically or economically. So I studied and worked so that I would have the ability to help make the change that was needed. I am lucky to live in a country that for the most part doesn’t back you against the wall so that violence is the only choice.

    As I got older I noticed something else. There are very few old anarchists.


  11. “The property damage and violence in DC on Friday was perpetrated by anarchists, people who embrace her philosophy.”

    Those are the ones who are looking for an excuse to destroy, not a cause to take a stand for. After a shank was pulled in my husband during a rally, I stopped going. Prior to that, I used to take my daughter. Too dangerous now. I’m glad Saturday was peaceful. My local one had an estimated 100,000 people. A bunch of Canadians trying to come were stopped at the border. Trump’s going to try to stamp out dissent, but we can’t shut up about this.


  12. J & N are too lazy to be anarchists. N: “I’ll show them, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll … post a meme.” Yesterday I marched in DC. Hundreds of thousands of people with the common goal that everyone is entitled to basic human dignity. What a profound and humbling experience. Zero arrests. And there was no violence or destruction because those things are the opposite of what we are marching for. Tomorrow the real work begins!


  13. I had to be home with my disabled sister, so I couldn’t March, but I watched tv and read reports online. It was so uplifting to see these big peaceful crowds all across the country. We face an uncertain future, but we are the majority. If we stand together, if we demand our representatives represent us or get voted out, we can regain some sanity in our politics. Thank you to everyone who marched yesterday!


  14. Nicole C. Naugler

    Looking at some… most of these photos of women worried about Trump–or anyone else for that matter– grabbing their pussy really have nothing to worry about…. there’s a better chance you’ll get blown up by a terrorist in a pink polka dot bikini…. ?
    Just an observation..

    You really are an idiot, Nicole. Sexual assault has nothing to do with “looks” and everything to do with having Power over the victim. Why don’t you post this little tidbit on your “Blessed” Facebook page and see how many of your *Stepford Wives* agree with you on this! I have a feeling quite a few may have a bone to pick with you….but then you know this and that is why you would never post this on “Blessed”.


  15. I couldn’t march, but I scanned to news for reports over here. I’m proud to say there were 15,000 to 20,000 women, men and children in Sydney, all peacefully marching. Same with Melbourne, and Canberra and many other places. I’m so proud of everyone everywhere that marched, it made me tear up.


  16. I’m proud to say there were 15,000 to 20,000 women, men and children in Sydney, all peacefully marching.

    My mother was a WWII bride, born in Newcastle. Half my extended family is in Oz. I teared up when I saw that crowd in Sydney. I don’t know if any of my family marched but I’m so grateful that Aussies give a shit. 🙂


  17. “My mother was a WWII bride, born in Newcastle. Half my extended family is in Oz. I teared up when I saw that crowd in Sydney. I don’t know if any of my family marched but I’m so grateful that Aussies give a shit. ?”

    Hell yeah we give a shit.

    My other half and I are horrified at who your new President is. I loved the Obamas, the epitome of grace and eloquence, and just cannot, will not, see Trump as President of one of our greatest allies. Fuck him (and the people who voted for him).


  18. My heart is filled with pride and hope for the future after watching the #womensmarch. The people that I know that marched included a man with his young sons, and a woman with her five year old daughter that happens to have down syndrome and autistic spectrum disorder. And as my friend had just had a hysterectomy ten days ago, her hubby surprised her with a rented wheelchair so she could still “march”. So she “rolled” as hubby pushed her with their beautiful little girl on her lap. Nicole understands nothing about that march. Or why it was called the women’s march. Or that people did march for numerous reasons. She doesn’t understand that it was a march for basic rights and respect for everyone. And she obviously doesn’t realize that many, many, many men marched. Thank you to all the marchers. And Nicole, with all due respect as a fellow human being, I am certain that you do not even understand anarchy or what a true anarchists agenda is about. You’re confusing anarchy with living like you do. And it’s not. You’d better look that word up. A good unschool lesson for all. Also look up nihilism. Maybe you could relate to that? While you’re at it, look up “greasy debacle”, then look in a mirror.


  19. Beth M pretty much nailed it when she said Nicole and Hungry Hippo are too lazy to be anarchists. Nicole at least does have some balls because she fought and screeched when her children were rightfully taken. Personally I would have been screaming inside but would have done everything I could to assure my children and make them feel safe. The Hungry Hippo, despite all the flapping his gums that he undertakes, scared his kids and then handed them over.

    I wasn’t able to march but many of my friends did, in 25 below. It wasn’t just women. There were men and children. The march was about women’s rights, but I believe it was more than that. I finally saw “We The People” truly in action. As a Canadian living lawfully in the U.S., that was truly exciting and inspiring.


  20. I said in another post, I didn’t march, not my thing. I cannot do crowds, they make me very anxious. But I loved all the photos from friends and neighbors. All I saw was happy smiles. I am glad all of you who went to the peaceful marches had a wonderful time.

    And I get so sick of the crap about “those aren’t anarchist”. Ummm yes they are, they say they are and they are. As to Joe and Nicole being anarchists, hahahaha they go to the big bad police every time they get their feelings hurt, they aren’t fucking anarchists.


  21. You know, N and J are like dumb and dumber. She opens her mouth and spews ignorance. Here’s some advice for her although I doubt she takes it: just because a meme is making it’s rounds through FB and you repost it doesn’t make you seem smart or enlightened; in fact, the ones you post, N, show your total ignorance….I’d say in the coupling of you and J…you are the dumber.


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