An Explanation

I am getting some messages from folks who are slightly exasperated with the ping-pong switch of subject matter here, so I want to explain what is going on. I’ve done this in comments, but maybe I need a separate post so I can refer to it as needed.

I have had three blogs going simultaneously.

To say that this is difficult to keep up with is an understatement.  Even though people have trouble believing it, I don’t do this full time. I do lots of things and some of those other things need my attention.

In addition, each of those blogs costs money.  Three blogs equal three times the cost of one blog. We’re talking upwards of $1000 annually. [In addition to these, I also own and manage two other websites and multiple domain names and have part-interest in a third which desperately needs to be redone.  My website-related bills are significant.]

So I decided to consolidate all three blogs.  I have been working on this for months.  One of them has reached the end of its contract and is gone. The other one is good until sometime in September, I think.  I’ve been moving those articles over here to create an archive.

The problem is that even if I back-date those pieces, when I publish them, if you are set up to be notified, you’ll get a notification.  I can’t help that.  It is just the way WordPress works.

The current flood of articles about Cathy Harris date back about three years.  There really are people who care about this and who do not want this material to disappear. I considered simply asking those who want the Romancing material to remain to pay for it, but quickly nixed that idea.  I am allergic to having other people pay for my blogs.  A small group of people did finance this blog in the beginning, but that only covered the first year or so and I am on my own now and will remain that way.

I think I’ve stated the reason for that before but it bears repeating. If other people pay the bills, then other people get to tell me what to write. Even if they don’t mean to do that, they can still influence me and I don’t want that. I do this on my own or not at all.

There will be another flood soon, about Camille Lewis.

There will be one after that about Linda Fossen.

And there will be a final one I call “Other” on the website.

Then they will all be archived and the only time any of them will be mentioned is if something occurs that needs to be updated.

I have not gotten any sort of legal notification from the Nauglers. I don’t expect to, as I haven’t done anything illegal and don’t intend to do so in the future. I am not intimidated by them in the slightest.

So, if the Romancing stuff does not interest you, ignore it.  It’s clearly tagged. I’m not actually writing any of it now. I wrote it years ago. All I’m doing is moving it, updating the links and creating a menu. I am on a time line, though, and need to get this done before the website goes dark.

I do Naugler-related stuff when there is something to say.  When it’s quiet, I’m quiet.

And I do articles about totally unrelated things whenever I get inspired to do it.

Comments about all this are fine. I know some people are okay with it all, some people have fallen down the Romancing rabbit hole, and others couldn’t be more bored. Just bear with me. I will get it all sorted out but I can’t devote 12 hours a day to it.


11 thoughts on “An Explanation”

  1. Thanks, Sally. I had this mostly figured out from your prior comments but the current dates on the reposted articles had me confused, so I appreciate you posting this clarification. I had also not noticed that I can see the tags in the notifications until you mentioned it. A new thing learned today. 🙂


  2. I find the Romancing rabbit hole fascinating. It boggles my mind to realize the extent of “crazy” that is out there. I have no life now and my husband is hungry. I guess he can make his own sandwich.


  3. but the current dates on the reposted articles

    The most confused person is me. However, I am slowly weeding my way through it all. It was a daunting task.


  4. Whatever you do, works for me! I enjoy reading all of your entries. I love your homesteading related stuff. I saw “Ghee” for sale at our local grocery store. $11.99 for a small container! If it wasn’t for this blog I would not have known what the heck Ghee is! 🙂


  5. I find the Romancing stuff fairly interesting. I don’t know how closely you watch wartburg, but I know the people involved in the entire Mars Hill/Mark Driscoll fiasco fairly well, specifically Wenatchee.


  6. Thanks for the clarification. The sudden switch DID confuse me, and I was afraid your Naugler-oriented coverage was a thing of the past.

    Makes financial sense to combine things – even if I do miss reading about the Nauglers’ latest “adventures”. Oh, well, no doubt that will return someday before too long.


  7. . I don’t know how closely you watch wartburg,

    I had never even heard of it until Camille published that hit job on Murray Havens there. I have been gone from fundyland for a long, long time.


  8. I love looking at your old stuff, Sally. Some fascinating crazy people out there. “Calling out the Crazy” Hell, i’d buy it.


  9. TSOWOATNK, I’m from Seattle and really enjoyed watching the spectacular demise of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church. I think most of us here did.

    @fakedriscoll on Twitter and are a hoot.


  10. Thanks for the explanation but it’s your blog and your money so do as you want. I enjoy reading all that you write. I’ve semi gone down this other rabbit hole, people are fascinating.


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