Alternative Facts

Alrighty, um. . .I said yesterday I was going to do another little update today. I’m sitting in the van because it’s quieter right now. It’s a very warm day and everyone’s outside, and it’s quite noisy, so. . . kinda have a quiet spot.

First off, um, I wanted to address the two criminal cases that we have coming up. The first one stemmed from the, um, issue with the neighbors. The officer said that if they came back out, they were going to charge everyone. Well, they didn’t charge everyone, they just charged the two men. My husband is charged with harassment for, um, calling the woman a name (1), and the other gentleman is charged with harassment for, um, telling my husband he will be laying in a pool of blood. I guess they’re equal crimes. I don’t know. Um, I don’t know. I don’t know how this is going to work. The court hearing is next week, it’s just an arraignment, really, it’s just gonna be a “not guilty” plea and we move forward from there.

The other issue we have going on is a re-visitation of the goat incident, and, um, we are – from last year. Last year, when our goats got loose (2A) and went onto Mr. Sneed’s property, he went down and filed, and even though we had evidence that was not willing to be heard by the local county attorney, um, my husband was charged with “goats at large,” which is a, basically a traffic ticket crime, and was told, both parties were told, not to contact each other, (3) and other than this recent, um, events of Linda calling – not calling, I’m sorry – Linda Sneed, the person who hit me, which Breckinridge County Attorney has never pressed charges for and most of you heard the audio, uh, YouTube actually took it down, interestingly enough, and we’re working on getting it put back up. Um, I don’t know why it was taken down. I never got a notice, it was just gone.

But the audio shows Linda admitting not once, but twice, that she hit our vehicle, (4) and also that, um, she, the officer asked if we wanted to press charges, (5) and so we have that audio, um, we will be uploading it again, trying to get the videos uploaded, I’ve been super swamped with a gazillion things.

But I wanted to, um, sorry to keep my train of thought here, the issue with the goats. So anyways, the county attorney didn’t prosecute an actual crime and yet did prosecute the goat issue, (6) which I guess that’s been a non-issue. Linda has contacted, the person who hit me, the woman, the crazy woman, has contacted, uh, supporters and sent messages, she reports everything that she possibly can that she, that happens over here and even makes up stuff. She’s actually made up several stories that, um, I’ve been documenting, but things have been kind of the same. One reason why we have decided to move is because it’s just, it’s never ending. She drives by my home, she speeds down this road, she screams obscenities out the window, um, every time she passes by, if there’s anybody outside, she will scream obscenities, it doesn’t matter who is outside, um, she does that.

And, um, then, again, with Lisa Luthi and Al Wilson and all those characters that keep feeding into this with, um, with Linda, escalating everything, you know, that’s why we decided to move and, um.

The other day, it was last Thursday evening actually, I came home from work and I noticed a car pulled up behind me. And so I was watching to see because I’m always on guard, yes, I am always on guard (7) and I noticed that the grandson of Mr. Sneed was walking from his, from the front of his home to the front of my driveway. He met this gentleman who sat in a little, uh, er, I did not see the gentleman, I did not see the driver. License plate light was out so I did not get a license plate. I did get pictures. Um, and a video. But anyways, um, they sat at the end of the road for a few minutes, pulled into my driveway to turn around, to go back, er, for him to leave. (8) The young man got out of his car, I would say he’s probably about my oldest son’s age, maybe 18, 19, 17, got out of the car, and I asked him what he was doing at the end of my driveway, and I asked him if he was Ron Sneed’s grandson. He said yes, and and I said what are you doing at the end of my driveway. He asked if I was recording, and I said yes I am. And he just walked off. And he walked off from my property.

The next morning, for the third time, I think, in the past two weeks, which is very suspicious, my horse has not gotten out before then, (9) but for the third time in the last couple weeks, uh, we got up, woke up (10A) to the horse being loose. And we saw her in our yard . By the time we got out to, got dressed and got out to go get her, she had made her way to the fence line, um, at the neighbor’s property.

My 16-year-old went to go get the horse and Ron Sneed was carrying a shotgun and told him to get off his property. So my son quickly retreated and came back and told his father. I was called, the sheriff’s office was called, and the state police were called. (10B) They arrived, um, a little while later – it takes a while to get out here – and, um, in the meantime Mr. Sneed approached my husband and, um, apologized, said that he was tired of being contacted by the Mr. Wilson and that he was tired of being contacted by some lawyer from Etown, and that he was tired of all the stuff that was going on. He didn’t have a problem with my family. He didn’t have a problem with my children. He hears the children laughing and playing all the time.

Now, I have this on a recording, which I will present to you soon enough. Um, but he admitted all of this, (11) and he said, you know, we don’t need tell the cops this, we could tell them that it was resolved. My husband did tell the cops that the issue between Ron Sneed and my husband was resolved. Ron told my son he could go get the horse, which he did.

But when the officers came, we said that Linda needed to be dealt with, (12) because Linda was still screaming in the background and I have her on that audio – you can hear her in the background, “Get away from those people, ” “They’re evil, nasty people, ” and blah, blah, blah.

We haven’t done anything to anyone, um, at all. I know people keep saying, oh, we’ve done these things. We have not done anything to anyone. We have proven our innocence over and over again. Our goats got loose, (2B) we had an agreement on that. We had, um, the horse was just, um, an unfortunate incident. (2C) I’m actually wondering now if they’re coming over and doing something to the gate to try to cause problems. I don’t know. I’m, I’m really, really concerned by all of this.

But nonetheless, um, these incidences on Friday, we get a summons the other day. . . let me see if I can pull this up so I can read it verbatim. . . um, from the county attorney’s office in Breckinridge County, that my husband is being held in contempt. . . I apologize, it’ll just take me a second to pull up. . .my husband’s being held in contempt. Mr. Sneed had went down there and filed one, two, three, four separate complaints on my husband. I’m not going to read these all word by word, but I want to read a few things in them.

Um, on the 23rd, he said that the horse was in his apple orchard, which, I don’t think that the horse got loose on the 23rd, but either way. Ron Sneed’s dogs, (13) I think you might have seen the videos, have been in my yard three times. I have called the county attorney’s office. I’ve sent the county attorney the videos that you may or may not have seen about this, and nothing was ever done. My horse went next door and all of a sudden, it’s World War III.

Anyways, the other incident here. Now, mind you, my husband is being charged with contempt for this.  “On the evening of 1/19,” which is the evening of the grandson, “Mrs. Naugler walked down our private access road and confronted my grandson, he was in, in for the Xmas holidays. My grandson asked, ‘Are you recording me?’ and Mrs. Naugler replied ‘Yes.’”, that I was, “and had continued to curse at him. (14A) She just returned to the inside of the house and I went outside and the Nauglers had already departed the area.” Now that statement is almost all the way true. (14B) The only difference is that I did not walk down their private access road. I was standing at the end of my driveway. So first of all, I was standing at the end of my driveway, but why does my husband being charged because I walked down the road? If I had walked down the road. Which I didn’t.

So not only did my husband not walk down the road, but neither did I. But we’re being charged. Thank you, Mr. Sneed. For this.

And the county attorney decided there was enough evidence for him to use this, to go forward with.

But my audio/videos, my videos of the dogs, my reports of them throwing harassing comments at us, none of that’s been picked up by the county attorney. He tells me, and I’ll send those in my screen shots later, the county attorney tells me I should take it up with the sheriff. Well, the sheriff tells me I need to contact the county attorney or the state police. The state police say it’s the sheriff’s duty. So who do I call, if they all pass the buck. And this is really happening. I have documented all of this.

So, then, the other one here, there was four, um, oh, another one was just another date of the horse getting out, um, and, um, this one here is referring to the day that the sheriff’s office actually came out with the, um, with the state police, because they both, I called them both just in case the other didn’t show up, ’cause they always say it’s somebody else’s problem. Maybe next time I’ll call the county attorney and have all three of them come out here and they can figure out whose prob – whose responsibility it is to deal with these things.

Anyways, he told them about, he told them to “get off my land. In a heated argument, (15A) I told them about the standing order from the state of Kentucky.” Now, as far as that goes, that is against my husband. Now, we have respected it as a family, but that order was against my husband. My sixteen-year-old son, who walked down to get the horse, should not be involved in that. “My daughter, Linda Sneed, continued, contact the sheriff department, and, um, and told them, [she mumbles here as she’s reading, which makes one wonder what the text actually says] . . . find the horse. . .contact Mr. Long [dunno who that is].”

And. . . I’m trying to read this real quick. . .um, anyways, it just, he just reports that the horse was in his yard. He does not report that there was any, um, arguments, (15B) or discussions, or that my husband actually went on his property, and it says that my son actually stood at the property line. So the only thing that crossed the line, the property line, would have been the horse. Now, aside from the fact that all of this is just crazy bullshit to begin with, let’s address the fact that my husband was charged with contempt. First my husband was charged with the animals being loose. Now he’s being charge with contempt for the horse getting loose again.

This is my land. (16A) The land is in my name. The horse, the goats, those were my goats. The horse is my horse. (16B) So why are they going after my husband? Because he’s an easy target. Because he has the menacing charge that he had to take a mandatory plea deal for, because they wrapped up that plea deal in our family court, which they’re not supposed to do. That plea deal was brought into our family court, so basically, to retain custody of our children we had to take a plea deal on our crimes. None of it was supposed to happen. That should have been dealt with in the circuit courts, or in the district court, whichever one it was in, and not inside family court, but that’s not how that worked. And we will address that later. (17)

I wanna address these two issues right now.

So now we have issues with our, our home neighbors. We have issues with our business neighbors. (18) Neither of which I instigated or my husband instigated or my children instigated. All of that has been instigated off of people, off of circumstances that have been blown out of proportion. And this has just gone too far. They are holding my husband in contempt for something that he isn’t even responsible for.

And the county attorney said today, I went down and filed more affidavits with him today. I talked to the sheriff today. The sheriff told me again that he is not going to deal with us because we were displeased with his services, and so he won’t take reports. (19) He tells me to call the county attorney and the county attorney tells me to call the sheriff, and they tell me to call the state police, and the state police tells me to call them. So nobody will deal with this stuff. Except for when it turns around on us, and all of a sudden we have to go back to court again.

So, these are both public hearings. The first two, the one’s on the first, and the other one’s on the seventh, um, of February. Both of them are open courts, and both of them, the first meetings will just be arraignments, so I will keep you guys updated on the, um, on the courts, on what’s going on. Um, if anybody local wants to go and find out for themselves what the hell is going on in these counties and why we are being singled out and targeted in this way (20). . . um, I don’t understand it at all, because whenever I call about something serious like people actually stalking my house – drunk drivers. (21A) That last fall when those, that group of people, when Sally was, Sally Davis drove to my house. (21B) I don’t know if you knew this or not, but Sally Davis drove to my house and was taking pictures of me in my yard with my kids. Um, she admits it. (21C) She says she was visiting the neighbor, but the neighbors admitted the other day that they have no idea who these people are.

So anyways, so now we’ve got that goin’ on, and, um, I called drunk drivers. Nobody came. (21D) But the Nauglers do something and all of a sudden, it’s, you know, court dates and court dates. And I’m getting tired of it. Between the goats, and the compost issue, and the stuff at my shop, and being harassed at my business now, and at my home, having to move because of all this, I’ve had about enough.

Now, I don’t know why it’s being allowed, but I’m not being quiet about this. It’s not fair to my family. It’s not fair. I’m dealing enough with the troll crap and all that, which I’ve tried to ignore as much as I can, but this is what I was talking about, [Begins to cry] when I say it bleeds into our personal life. It’s not just internet stuff. It’s not just making fun of me on Facebook. This is what’s actually happening to my family. And it’s more than just petty Facebook shit.

And, I just need to be able to let people know what’s going on. [Crying stops] It’s not just stupid stuff, that we’re being brought to court. Contempt charges, for something that, it just blows my mind, over this.

So, I don’t know what will, how this will end. It’s, it’s pushed our move, we’ve made a few decisions, we were trying to hold off til, til spring, but it’s what’s moved our, our, pushed our move up sooner is just we’ve got to get away. We’ve got to get away. (22) We were hoping to save more money, and we’re having the fundraiser and that should help us through between the business and the, the, you know, the gas money to move.

We’re moving, we’re gonna start moving what we can when we can, but anyways, um, you know, we’re not begging for funds. We have the income we need. We just needed that little cushion (23) for that one expense there that we’re not gonna have, um, until spring, but it’s fine. Um, we don’t need legal aid. I know someone said oh, you’re just trying to get money for lawyers. We don’t need lawyer money. We, um, we can do this ourselves and we plan to. Um, but, uh, yeah, this is, it just needs to be out there. It needs to be exposed. People need to know exactly what’s going on. And people, I’m gonna, I’ll be posting phone numbers over the next few weeks of people if you wanna call and just put pressure on these people to do something. The county attorney in Breckinridge County, if you wanna give him a holler and find out why he’s pressing charges on my husband for something that was my responsibility. Um, that would be a good place to start. Um, you know Bradley Butler’s the county attorney there and I’m sure he’d love to hear from you. He won’t talk to me anymore because I record every interaction. I have him actually recorded on the last conversation I had saying that he won’t talk to me, that whenever I call or contact him he’ll be in court. (24)

So, again, more of my public officials who won’t do their job because they don’t want to be held accountable for anything. Um, they, now the last time they came out here, I did a little live news feed and I’m not afraid to do another one, because I will hold people accountable. These are elected officials. These are people put in office by the voters, and I will expose it.(25A) You guys are all worried about Trump. Trump is the president, grand and find and dandy, but your local issues are what affects you most and that’s where you need start is your local issues. County sheriffs. County judges. County attorneys. All these people need to be held accountable, and that’s what I’m doin’. Until it’s resolved.(25B)

Because, just think of this. Last year, the sheriff here in Breckinridge County was pulled over for drunk driving, after he told his wife he was going to shoot her, and her parents. He then drove drunk for two and half hours to Bowling Green, from Breckinridge County to Bowling Green. He got pulled over in Bowling Green and was charged with terroristic threats and drunk driving. What do you think happened with that? I’ll tell you this. My husband served more jail time than the sheriff did. And my husband didn’t do anything wrong. (26)

So that just kind of gives you an idea of what’s going on. Sorry, I’m, I’m frustrated and tired, but I will update more, I’ll make more posts on, um, Facebook, um, and um, I will be getting more YouTube audios together. I’ve just been having difficulties with trying to transfer these audios and then it just [starts to cry] working on it all just gets overwhelming. So, I try to do it bits and pieces and, um, and you know, I tried transcribing the sheriff from last year. I still have never gone through that audio. Um, so anyways, um, otherwise we’re doing great, so I appreciate all the support. If it wasn’t for this stupid stuff, we would actually be doing so wonderfully. (27) And hopefully all this legal stuff, once we move, um, it, it needs to end. I don’t know if it will or not, but, um, I hope it does. And I’m sorry this is long, I’m looking at it’s over 18, almost 19 minutes, so I’m gonna cut this short, well, um, I’m gonna cut this now and I will talk to you guys later. Thank you.


1. The name was “cunt” among other things, and the woman’s child was present.

2. Notice the passive tense?  The goats “got loose.”  No, the goats did not “get loose.” The goats were allowed to roam “free range.” Nicole bragged about it. If you do not know the whole story of the animals running loose, you need to read that link.  It’s not what she is pretending.

3. Actually no. There was no order given to the Sneeds. They were never charged with anything. They were the people making the complaint.  Joe was the person convicted, and he’s the one with the no-contact order.

4. It was a rear-end collision. In a rear-end collision, unless the front vehicle reverses, there is never a question that the rear vehicle hit the one in front of it. This is very simple and nobody has to “admit” anything. (But notice the pejorative word she uses (“admit”) as though there was some big crime committed. There was no property damage of any sort.

5. The officer asked the Nauglers if they wished to press charges, and the Nauglers declined to do so. One would think that would end it.  But months later, Nicole decided she was angry with Linda, so she brought it all up again. There was no property damage. Repeat: there was no property damage.

6. In the case of the “vehicular assault,” there was no assault and no property damage. In the other case, there was an actual crime: livestock running large, which do, in fact, cause property damage.

7. Nicole, you probably should get some treatment for that paranoia. It is really causing you a lot of problems.

8. Notice that the car pulled into the Naugler driveway to leave.  To leave. Yet she accosts the young man anyway. He wasn’t threatening her in any way.  He was having a conversation with another neighbor (in the car). None of that had anything to do with the Shitstead or the Nauglers.

9. I posted this on November 20, 2016. Months ago. I told you guys. I saw a video of the horse running around the neighborhood.  Nicole denied it ever happened, but I saw the video.  And that wasn’t the only time.  It’s happened over and over again. Horses are herd animals. They are gonna get loose and go looking for buddies unless you provide them with one. We said again and again that the pitiful little children-built paddock they have that horse in is not adequate.  Nobody is sabotaging their “gate.” The horse knows how to get loose now and is doing it regularly. Good for her.

10. They woke up. The horse was loose. They got dressed, a matter of a couple of minutes and then went to get the horse. Ron confronted the kid. Arguments ensued. And then something interesting happened. Nicole was called. Called where?  Obviously, Joe or one of the kids called her at the shop to tell her what was happening. See the problem with this timeline?

11. See the pejorative again?  “Admitted,” as though this was something he previously was lying about or something they had to drag out of him with waterboarding.  Everything was lovely, he said. He loves the Nauglers.  Right.

12. Joe and Nicole can’t leave a thing alone. Nicole wants Linda Sneed arrested in the worst way.  No wonder Linda “yells obscenities” at them in passing (if she does, which is certainly not determined to be true). I know I would.

13. Dogs are not livestock. Repeat: Dogs are not livestock. They are dogs.  Livestock at large laws don’t apply to dogs. Read it again. Read it as many times as you need to.

14. So, now we learn that Nicole swore at the grandson, who was just talking with a neighbor and who wasn’t doing a damn thing to the Nauglers. Nicole comes barreling up and thrusts a phone in his face, recording, and proceeds to swear at him.  And she admits doing so.  (See? I can do it too.)

15. So there was a heated argument.  But then there was no argument. Which is it?

16. Everything is Nicole’s.  Joe owns nothing.  I actually think that’s fair since Joe does no work at all.  But I thought the horse belonged to the child. And isn’t Joe the parent of that child? And doesn’t that make Joe just as responsible as Nicole if the horse is at-large?

17. Later, later. Always later. Geesh.

18. Nicole and Joe have issues with every single person they have ever met.  Literally everywhere they have ever lived, everywhere they have ever worked.  Nicole finally gets her own business and can’t even stay in one place for more than a few months and ends up fighting with neighbor businesses.  But it’s everyone else that causes it. Never them. They are perfect.

19. Probably the single best statement in this whole thing. That’s why it’s in blue, just because I loved it so much.

20. Oh, I think maybe locals will be following all this pretty closely. Don’t be peeved when it gets reported here.

21. (A) I didn’t drive anywhere. (B) We visited Breck County because we have friends there. (C) Nobody was drunk. Not a single person. Furthermore, I had a blood alcohol level that entire evening of zero. (D) I had no camera with me. My phone was in our truck. I took no photos. Nicole was not present. I couldn’t possibly have taken a photo of her or the kids because they were in the garden shed. If I had had a camera, I would have photos of Joe guzzling a beer and believe me, you’d see them.  The police didn’t come because it was simply bullshit and they knew it. But see the pejorative “admit” again?

22. By all means, do get away.

23. When you auction off children’s crappy “artwork” and little child-labor-made dog bows, you’re begging for money. They are called “pity buys.”

24. This was almost as good as the sheriff one, but not quite good enough to merit blue.

25. Nicole is actually lecturing us about political activism.  Seriously. Nicole does not vote. Nicole does not believe in government at all.  Nicole does not have a place in the discourse.  But notice that her great political activism only extends “until it’s resolved.”  She only gives a damn about herself.

26. She leaves out an important difference. Sheriff Pate immediately owned up to what he did, entered rehab (where he spent considerably more time than Joe did in jail), and made a very public, very embarrassing apology to the whole county.  Joe yammered about his rights and as you see, still admits no wrong-doing.

27. No you wouldn’t be “doing wonderfully.” You live in a dump in a garden shed that is falling apart. You don’t have enough money to afford a little gas to make a few trips to wherever you’re going.  You’re not “doing wonderfully.” You’re barely making it. The slightest thing takes  you over the cliff.

Now then, considering how much is absolutely false about this little rant, I see no reason at all to believe any of the rest of it. She is lying about the horse’s excursions. She is lying about my excursion. I know these to be facts with certainty.  She is lying.

What else is she lying about?

nothingwrongNicole, do you know Donald Trump?






35 thoughts on “Alternative Facts”

  1. She wants everyone held accountable but her. Actually she wants to hold everyone accountable who is holding her and her husband accountable. She extra special.

    Nicole and Joe like to skip out when they’re about to face the music and I don’t think they have a whole lot of experience in dealing with people who actually have the staying power, self-respect, and public mindedness to press charges against the Nauglers. They’re used to being bullying nuisances who like to add a little home destruction when they’re about to skip out or get evicted. They’re used to people being so thankful that the Nauglers are gone that they don’t want to deal with them anymore. I really think that Nicole and Joe had no idea how badly it would backfire when they went viral.

    So they’re trying to scrape funds together to leave but she has plans to build a cabin with squared-off logs because Kentucky log homes have squared off logs. I prefer the Swedish cope look myself. She’s got some delusional medicine going on here.


  2. I mean….standing ovation Sally, and then that gift she gave you at the end….it was a good day in NAUGLER NATION (9:30 Eastern) Charles Smythe is calling in Don’t Miss it!!!!


  3. Bravo.

    It is one thing to listen to a lie and it is another thing to see it in print.

    She sure has been on a roll. I highly suspect Joe will be going to jail and I suspect they know it too. This is not going to stay just between defendant and county attorney. This is going to go before the judge, IMO. There are only so many second chances that a Court is willing to give. I honestly believe he has run out of luck this time.

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.


  4. “1. The name was “cunt” among other things, and the woman’s child was present.”

    Well, maybe Nicole and Joe think that is an appropriate word to use in all social situations and with people of all ages. Many other people disagree. Particularly in front of a young child.

    “The next morning, for the third time, I think, in the past two weeks, which is very suspicious, my horse has not gotten out before then, (9) but for the third time in the last couple weeks, uh, we got up, woke up (10A) to the horse being loose.”

    Not really, Nicole. The horse found the weaknesses in the fence line and now whenever she is hungry or bored she takes herself for a stroll. It means that you (pl) need to walk the fence line and FIX it. There are probably plenty of spots where the fence is sagging. She’d be less inclined to wander if she had a round bale of good hay in that pasture. Not saying that with good hay she would NOT wander but it would make it less likely. As for whether or not the horse has been in the orchard, that’s pretty easy to figure out. Horse manure is distinctive. It doesn’t break down immediately.

    “She says she was visiting the neighbor, but the neighbors admitted the other day that they have no idea who these people are.”

    1) I thought that you and the entire family decided to not contact and speak with the family at all?
    2) Why would you think they would tell YOU who their friends are or aren’t?


  5. Of course the cops won’t help someone who constantly fights and belittles them. Nicole fit have made your stance against law enforcement very clear. You and Joe are constantly doing the thing you accuse others of, and got are instigating by opening your pie hole. Can’t you ever turn a deaf ear? I think you just enjoy the sound of your annoying voice, cause no one else does.


  6. R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.I.L.IT.Y. , nicole this has been your lack since the beginning of this fiasco (and I’ve learned, long before that) Joe has nothing in his name, not only because he does jackschitt, but he doesn’t have anything in his name because he is a deadbeat dad to his first son. Anything they would have had in his name or both of their names would be taken to pay back what he owes for his son.


  7. Bravo! I couldn’t listen to the entire thing, the droning on and on … Sally, you and Dan Rather would make a good team in separating the truth from the alternate truth!


  8. but the neighbors admitted

    Notice the “admitted” word again? I have never met Ron Sneed either IRL or online. I have had contact with Linda Sneed online. And we were in fact headed to her house. She had been invited to the party at the friend’s house but couldn’t come because of the baby, so we decided to go see her. That is simply a fact.


  9. I do not know why this is so hard for Nicole to understand, but when the police come out to your property to ticket for livestock running at large they give the ticket to whoever is of legal age, who lives at the property, and who was hime at the time. It doeant matter if the dog or the goat or the horse was legally hers. It doesnt matter whose name is or isnt on the deed. When Nicole leaves her property it is assumed that Joe will have guardianship of the livestock and the children because he is the adult in charge (Ahem. Is that the first time the words Joe and adult have been used in the same sentence?) Come on Nicole. This is basic common sense.


  10. I read this comment yesterday and it seems very appropriate right now. Since you seem to have enemies everywhere you are for longer than a couple of months, this is aimed directly at you, Nicole:

    [The character] Raylan, on the show ‘Justified’ [snip] said, “If you wake up in the morning and you meet an asshole, you just met an asshole. If you wake up in the morning and everyone you meet is an asshole, you just might be the asshole.”


  11. Sally, 2 thumbs up and a twist for another awesome post…

    Bless her delusional little shit-filled heart.
    She personifies the meaning of having a victim mentality :

    ( From Wiki 🙂

    A victim mentality may manifest itself in a range of different behaviors or ways of thinking and talking:
    Blaming others for a situation that one has created oneself or significantly contributed to. Failing or being unwilling to take responsibility for one’s own actions or actions to which one has contributed or for taking action to ameliorate the situation.
    Exhibiting heightened attention levels (hypervigilance) and paranoia when in close proximity to others.
    Ascribing non-existent negative intentions to other people (similar to paranoia).
    Believing that other people are generally or fundamentally luckier and happier (“Why me?”).
    Gaining short-term pleasure from feeling sorry for oneself or eliciting pity from others. Eliciting sympathy by telling exaggerated stories about bad deeds of other people.

    People with victim mentality may develop convincing and sophisticated arguments in support of such ideas, which they then use to convince themselves and others of their victim status.

    People with victim mentality may also be generally:
    self-absorbed: unable or reluctant to consider a situation from the point of view of other people or to “walk a mile in their shoes”
    entitled: believing their victimization is license to behave selfishly and demand special privileges.
    defensive: In conversation, reading a non-existent negative intention into a neutral question and reacting with a corresponding accusation, hindering the collective solution of problems and instead creating unnecessary conflict.

    Yeah. She needs to strap that bitch on and own it, because it was certainly tailor made, just for her.

    Who, exactly, does N think that she’s tattling like a 5 year old to? Her imaginary friend? The only ones that are remotely interested in her rants are the ones that are afflicted with the N-ler scourge on a personal level and those of us who are just morbidly curious with the latest episode of ‘As the Stomach Churns: the continuing saga of pretentiousness, paranoia and poo…’ as something to do when there really is nothing else better to do and also as a means to make us all feel a little bit better about our average, job-working, bill-paying and house-living lives. They’ve been branded asshole troublemaker cry babies and the local powers that be appear to be completely over them and don’t seem interested in a single thing that they have to say, so they’re barking up the wrong tree there, am thinking…

    They did nothing to instigate any of this. NOTHING. They were just all happy, living in their dung heap, doing as wonderfully as a family of 13 could possibly in a heap of dung, anyway until the world decided to band against them, united by a mutual disgust for buckets of shit and goats and a shed built of sticks. They did NOTHING to contribute to the chaos that has become their reality….
    N must need to keep reassuring herself of this, because nobody else is buying it.

    N is the one who instigates and escalates all of the drama. She owns the feral goats and horse. It’s her land. Her entertaining videos. Her facebook page. Her doing. She admits this. I think she should be facing jail time as well as her chubby emasculated croc-wearing man bitch. At least the children would be much better off and actually have a chance of a future that they can be proud of…


  12. The level of Nicole’s disconnect is astounding.
    It is all about her. Even the fact that one of their latest victims is a child makes no difference to her.
    Thank your Sally for the blow by blow! These really help the newbies, who come here to find out what is going on, to see the whole truth. And nothing but the truth.


  13. I have to laugh that she insists Joe SHOULD NOT be held accountable for the livestock at large incidents. That should have been pointed out at the very first court date for that. So I suppose I should ask any of the court watchers that attended that hearing if it was argued then. Then in one of her most recent videos, she identified Joe as head of household. Joe is in charge of running the homestead, therefore he can be held accountable for not doing more to contain the animals to NICOLE’S land. I think the boat has sailed on the wrong person being charged for livestock at large.


  14. Additionally, $45000+ dollars is one hell of a cushion. Where did the money go Nicole? If you were working at a business that was sufficient to support your family (your words) you should still have quite the nest egg. Your boys did a lovely job fixing up your shop, but building pallet furniture hardly accounts for that money. You drive a vehicle that look like it is worth about $1500 on a good day. And you have a garden shed that may have cost $4500? So if you invested $1000 into new equipment and decorating the new shop, that leaves you with $38000 unaccounted for? Honestly, that is more than my husband cleared last year and we have a mortgage, electric, heat, 3 vehicles and 3 kids to support. And I dont work outside of our home. So how is what you are doing making any sort of sense Nicole? Short answer-it doesnt.


  15. Sal…I really like you and I really like your blog…but you are SO MISSING THE POINT.

    I do appreciate your addressing this…but I’m hoping you’ll read this and consider this viewpoint:

    You keep making these sweeping statements….And the way I’m hearing them….and I’m guessing how a lot of other women are hearing them….is kinda like this: “if you’ve been bothered by men, but they haven’t really fucked you with a knife to your throat…you should shut the fuck up because it’s really not that bad! Cry babies.” (YES…THAT is how I’m experiencing your posts…and I try really fucking hard to be objective)

    Here’s my question for you….rather than tell women to shut up and stop being drama queens…why not say….You know, some sexual harassment and abuse is worse than others, so it’s important that we represent our experiences truthfully and accurately, but NONE OF IT…sexual harassment, or assault…. IS ACCEPTABLE….EVER. That part matters, Sal, and you’re leaving it out.

    YES stands need to be taken against the crap that asshat did to you. He should have had consequences…and you’re making it sound like it doesn’t matter.

    I truly believe you don’t realize how you’re coming off. Maybe it’s a generational thing? I think I’m a little younger than you, I’m 49.

    But no, Sal…when you say these things….all I can hear in my mind is a Trump apologist. “He didn’t say or do anything that ANY of our fathers haven’t said or done…or that all men everywhere don’t do and say.”

    But that’s not true. All men are NOT sexual predators like Trump, and that behavior should NEVER be tolerated.

    I agree it shouldn’t be misrepresented, either…..but your language about the topic sucks.

    Sexual harassment isn’t the same as sexual assault….but promoting an attitude of minimizing sexual harassment and nomalizing it as “really not any big deal” (and yes, Sal, that is what your language is saying)…is a message that seems to tolerate, if not condone… male privilege. It is one of the reasons WHY women are raped…that these attitudes are allowed to persist and fester.

    My heart knows what you’re trying to say here. That rape is so bad you shouldn’t misrepresent smaller episodes of harassment as equal to rape. But what people HEAR….is you defending sexual harassment and scolding women who stand up to it.

    And no, Sal, that’s really not cool 🙁

    I’d never work against you, and I’d never have a bad thing to say about your blog….because I think the 99% of other topics are handled so damned well.

    But I think you’ve got a BIG blind spot here.

    Please work on clarifying that you understand that Sexual Harassment should have serious consequences, too.

    And that while you don’t think harassment should be compared to rape…you STILL understand that it is a terrible fucking thing, and that women need to stand up to it…that society needs to stand up to it.

    It still feels like you’re victim shaming and I just can’t…



  16. I loved in the video how she complained the elected officials don’t do anything. She doesn’t vote. Hell, I would screen my calls if I were them too.
    She says everything is in her name, is that so they don’t have a lien slapped on them for the child support owed for Alex? How long does she think this charade will last? Where is the proof? She states she records everything. I wonder how much data she goes thru in a month….. She started the fiasco with the business neighbor by trying to deflect. Too bad it backfired on her. I hope the other business SO gets his charge thrown out. Making a statement isn’t a threat. Maybe in Naughlerland it is, however in the US it isn’t. I wish I could be in court. That would be some funny shit to see first hand. You just can’t make this up…..


  17. Nicole and Joe have the same pattern wherever they go. This isn’t new. It’s the constant throughout their lives. You’d think she would realize they were the ones with the problem. Actually I think they know it but it’s easier to play victim and hope for another payout.


  18. ….rather than tell women to shut up and stop being drama queens

    I never once said anything even remotely like that. Not once.

    but NONE OF IT…sexual harassment, or assault…. IS ACCEPTABLE….EVER. That part matters, Sal, and you’re leaving it out.

    No, I didn’t leave it out. I went to some trouble to clarify it.

    but your language about the topic sucks.

    Then quit reading it. In my opinion, your railing against me sucks.

    But what people HEAR….is you defending sexual harassment and scolding women who stand up to it.

    No. It’s what you’re “hearing.” Not “people.” You.

    Please work on clarifying that you understand that Sexual Harassment should have serious consequences, too.

    I have no idea how to clarify that any more than I already have.

    I made that statement on the other post without allowing comments because I don’t really want to beat this very, very dead horse. So you came to a different page and started in again. I am going to allow it, but this is your last comment on the subject. Am I clear about that?


  19. I am 39 and I kind of liked your take no shit attitude about your situation. I dont care if you post that, I just wanted you to know! That is what real empowerment looks like to me. Dealing with the situation individually, as you did. Kudos to you on your cajones! I know that had to be really tough in the situation you were in, but you handled those pigs perfectly.


  20. I guess my question to N about the dueling businesses would be why did she take her husband with her to confront the other business woman? I hear N say she is the bread winner and he is the stay at home dad. She brags about their right to have a non-traditional family and she can thank all those horrible feminists who have fought the good fight for women to be in the work force, own businesses, or stay at home. But off the soap and back to the point of why she took her husband. In fact, anytime she is confronted or going to confront, she drags J with her or calls him home. I believe without a doubt that taking J gave her the bravado that she needed to confront the nice lady and I believe the two of them together provide each other with the frenzy they need to act like a fool. Recently I read some interesting research (if anyone is interested, I will find it and share) that claims that there are certain people who lean toward being trouble makers but alone they keep their shit together but if they meet up with someone with like tendencies, they derive strength from each other and become horrible people. They cited some bullies who alone were not bullies but with the right combination of personalities, they all became horrible, even brutal. While I am not expert and don’t personally know either J or N, it looks to me like she needs him around for her to gain her strength. She took J over there because she knew what she was going to do and she needed his lard ass to protect her, if the thing went physical. She is lower than a snake’s belly.


  21. DeNauglified – Perhaps you overlooked this part?

    “What Don did that day was wrong. It was not pleasant for me. The church was disgusting. (They did me a favor, though, because years later, I still remembered and it helped me depart.)

    Men need to understand that Don’s behavior, and even behavior not as direct as that, is unacceptable.”

    I don’t know how to make it bold and italicized on this site, so I looked something up. Hopefully it will work.


  22. Sally, I love the annotation style; have you looked into the in-line versions?
    I’m not tech-savvy; I just happened to be reading The Washington Post online and one of their columns had sort of “interactive” annotations, that work in a similar fashion as one might use when sharing and editing documents: on the left was a transcript of ABC’s interview with Trump, with portions highlighted in yellow. Clicking on the yellow text opened up a split screen with the columnist’s commentary.
    Here’s the article:

    The Post uses, and I imagine you might need a WordPress plugin to do something similar here, but I did find one in a two-second search. It might be a beta version (not sure because I’m just doing a Nicole: sharing without reading ?), but I thought it might be something you’d want to investigate because it could be used to great effect with these transcripts.


  23. How can we help from one of the huggers,, well buy some of hte auction stuff and of course donate funds, its like watching people drown and no one wants to throw a life preserver


  24. Here’s an alternative fact for you, I noticed yesterday while looking on FB that Joe lists himself as co-owner of the grooming salon. Hilarious! I can see him huffing and puffing trying to bathe a dog. I guess though as sperm donor he is half responsible for the child laborers.


  25. Nicole c. Naugler posted this today.

    “Discussion Question. (No, this didn’t happen to me)

    If your teenager spat in your face would you punch them in the face–twice?

    Even if you wouldn’t, are you ok with a parent doing that? If you witnessed it, how would you react?”

    Why would anyone ever post this question?
    Well, dumbass Nicole would.
    She knows it will raise eyebrows.
    She know it will get the folks who don’t trust her or Joe questioning why she posted it.
    She knows that CPS might wonder if there is something going on that they may need to check.
    She gives no reason to be asking this question. Maybe it’s just a mischief question she dreamed up…
    Bless her heart, Nicole loves the negative attention.
    Why else would she post this…
    I’m at a loss.


  26. Personally I think the teen spitting in face of parent post served a multitude of purposes for Nicole.

    First, no surprise, it derives from an incident between a teen girl and a police officer. So check off Nicole furthering her anti police agenda, IMO.

    Second, it would bait one of the people who make up the sock account Charles and/or that component of Charles is playing along. I really don’t care one way or the other. The point is to “prove” that she is not Charles with this dog and pony show. She has done it before in an almost identical matter. I also think that Charles is a conglomeration of people including the Nauglers, a straight up misogynistic violent and imbecilic troll and the “smart” one they sometimes tag in when over their heads is an Ancap.

    Third: Nicole is in a very pissy mood, IMO. She posted all those woe is me videos and requests for donations, auctions and a call campaign against everyone and the responses have been lackadaisical to say the least. At most 65 or so likes to the thousands who viewed the videos. With numbers like that she isn’t going to bring in the big bucks she needs. Top that off with the new podcast and videos and all the new court cases from criminal to additional family court (what is that about? They were just there according to her) and she appears particularly angry and frantic, IMO. So, when the only people she has left to fight with are her followers and she really needs to fight with someone… or the followers are just the collateral damage for numbers one and two. Does it really matter? What matters is she is willing to sacrifice those paws for HER greater good.

    As a note I’d like to point out that her “subtle” begging through auction doesn’t see to have satisfied her need for instant gratification and she just went full bore “gimme money” donations today, all of course, my humble opinion based on long term observation of the sordid tale.


  27. This question undoubtedly has to do with a recent news story that a police officer punched a 14-year-old girl twice after she spat in his face.
    Here’s the article as it appears in the Washington Post:

    So this is just Nicole sharing more bad-cop stories. Why she disguises it as a random conversation topic is anyone’s guess, but I suspect it has something to do with watching people jump to conclusions.

    Regarding her wildlife photography – i.e. the sighting of the Common Flipped Bird – how sad and telling it is that her expression is the closest thing to a genuine smile we’ve seen on her face? Even in that big posed family portrait she isn’t smiling, but here we see the real deal; her smile goes up to her eyes. That speaks volumes.

    I’m amused to think that since the photo is a selfie she’s flipping the bird to herself. ?


  28. thank you for the Talking bucket..I watched it twice..HAHAHHA…I tried to watch the live Q&A..but its just ..well..annoying


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