10 thoughts on “Alternative Facts”

  1. Be there or be square. I have been asked to speak about law, tipo’s, stalking statutes, both required for an ipo and “general” stalking (rofl). About abuse of process, lies and truth. The real world versus bullshit.

    I would have stayed quiet but someone just had to post a video and say my name, forcing me to defend my reputation. My defense “she made me do it”/ sarcasm. Lol.

    Generally it’s going to be a “lawyers, guns and money” sort of night.


  2. I do wonder why she thinks it’s fine to update the world about court via public videos on facebook (vs private friend only videos if she wanted to update supporters/friends) with her version of events, complete with naming of names, yet she expects anyone not on her side to shut up and fade away and not want to get their side of the story out. I’ll be tuning in tonight as soon as I get my youngest to bed.


  3. Wish I could listen to that call, but my nights are for spending time with the hubby.

    It will be available later. Lots more coming. Have a lovely evening.


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