Accounting For Trolls

Here’s the accounting.

We have had orders for 41 trolls.  However, the money totals a bit more than that. That’s because a few people donated a little bit more than the total amount required. There was one troll that was a freebie, but the person made a donation anyway.

41 trolls X $20 each = $820.

However, Paypal takes its pound of flesh, amounting to $0.88 per troll.  Again, this is approximate because people donated in excess of what they had to.

And I sent Debra the postage money.

(Trevor Bartley is Debra’s husband.)

$820 – $205 for postage = $615

Then subtract Paypal fees and the net balance is shown above.


The cost a week’s camp for a child is $300.  We’re less than $4 from sending two kids to camp.  I’ll toss in that extra money and make it an even $600 when I send it. I am delaying the transfer until the trolls are actually shipped, just in case there are problems of any sort.

It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

These are “our” kids.


14 thoughts on “Accounting For Trolls”

  1. Way to go! Those kids look like they are having the time of their lives! Thank you Sally and Debra for giving these underprivileged children a fine opportunity!


  2. I wish I was at summer camp this week. I will settle for smiling happily for the kids. Brava, Sally. Wonderful idea.


  3. Is it too late for a troll? Like a greenish frog-troll (that crawled out of the poop pond!) I will donate today if that works.


  4. Is it too late for a troll?

    No, it’s ongoing. See the link to the right of your screen if you are on a computer. If you’re on some other device, you’ll have to look around a little bit.


  5. Okay, done I think. I sent $50 for two frog-trolls. Let me know if it didn’t work. Thanks in advance to the artist!


  6. Okay, done I think. I

    Perfect. I will forward your instructions and address to Deb. Thank you so very much.


  7. “Ostensibly for charity” my Aunt Tilley. How hard it must be for someone who only takes to grasp the concept of truly giving.

    Great job everyone. I am proud to know you.


  8. Anyone who has any doubts about the reality of this is welcome to contact the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch, ask for Tracy and ask her if she gets donations from the Blessed Little Blog.


  9. This is so lovely. Thank you so much Deb and Sally. And thank you to everyone who participated to make it possible.


  10. “Ostensibly giving”

    When someone is a scoundrel, everyone else must be as well. So of course Nicole and Joe don’t believe that money raised is being donated as promised. Nor will she bother to call Tracy at the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch to find out if it’s true or not.

    Nope. She has the Shit Goggles ™ firmly strapped to her face. Never heard of them? They make everything look like shit, smell like shit, they leak and make everything taste like shit. The only way to deal with them is to TAKE THEM OFF and clean yourself thoroughly. With soap, warm water and lots of rinsing. Then lather up and do it again.


  11. It wasent much but Isent a little bit, please forward it on when you get time. Kids deserve some fun in the lives and thank you LE who do this. Even your kids NN. Not in some high muddy stained water kayaking. Least one had a life preserver on


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