Above Water

What sort of drugs produce this kind of stuff?  Seriously.

Nicole is going to teach us all how to manage money.

I am not kidding.  She is going to do this.  We begin, she says, by writing down every penny we spend.  Go work on that, little toddlers, and then come back later when she does the next episode, whenever that might be.

Well, I’m way ahead, since we rarely use cash. I pretty much have a record of every dime we spend.  It comes at the end of the month in a credit card statement.  We pay the balance owed.  In fact, it’s automatically paid.

Our utilities? Paid automatically.  We don’t buy bags of ice for a cooler or gallons of gas for a generator.

Our house payment?  Don’t have one.

Insurance?  Debited from Social Security.

Seriously, though, many years ago we decided to do something spectacular and wonderful and get out of debt.  We weren’t drowning, but I sure didn’t like owing money.  So I made a list, not of what we spent, but of what we owed.

I ordered everything according to the interest rate charged, from low to high. Then, I put the lowest amount/lowest interest rate debt at the top of the list.

From that moment on, I paid extra on that one debt.  An extra two or three dollars.  Whatever.  It was finally paid off.  When it was gone, I took the amount we’d been paying monthly on that debt and applied it to the next debt on the list.  That one went faster.  From there, the amounts we’d been paying on Debt 1 and Debt 2 went to Debt 3.  You get the idea.  I thought of it as “snowballing.”

Two years later, we were debt free, except our house.

Speaking of our house, we’ve owned about a dozen of them.  We’ve actually lived in seven, I think.  We had a rule which we never broke. We bought House 1.  (For the record, we paid $27,500 for that first house.)  I can’t find a photo of it right now, but here’s Nathan sitting on the porch steps of that house.

When we sold it, six years later, we took the proceeds, every penny, and applied it to House 2.  Ditto with House 3.  This is House 7 and we paid cash.  This process took about 30 years, but here we are, and the loans kept getting smaller and smaller because we made larger and larger down payments.  I also insisted on 15-year mortgages, and sometimes I had to really get assertive to get them.  Lenders love those 30-year ones, and I don’t.  Anyway, the basic rule is this:  real estate money stays in real estate.  Profit from real estate stays in real estate.  No deviations.  No taking the house money and buying a new car.

But that’s a rabbit trail. The Nauglers don’t own a house and never will.

It’s worked well for them.  You know, that whole writing down spending 50 cents.

They aren’t wealthy, she says.

Somewhere out there is an understatement that thought it was going to be the Understatement of the Year 2017. That understatement was already imagining the crown it would wear.  It looked in the mirror and could see it.

And the understatement is now sobbing hysterically, because it just got eclipsed by this one.

. . . we aren’t wealthy. . .

You don’t say?  You have to be fucking with us all.

Where would the Nauglers have been without the Mormon church giving them money, food, paying their rent, paying their ulilities, setting Nicole up in business, and giving them cars?  Where would they have been without GoFundMe?  What about all the online begging?  Do I really need to link to all of it?

Hell yes.

Instead of paying for medical care, just stiff the hospital.  You can buy a lot of sodas for that kind of money.

Or just hint that you need something and hope somebody donates it.

How about outright begging?

It’s easy to keep “above water” when you rely on other people to throw you a life jacket.

So, everyone, follow Nicole’s fabulous budgeting advice, learn to manage your money like she does and you, too, can live in a garden shed and not have a pot to pee in, literally.






33 thoughts on “Above Water”

  1. The way you paid off your debt is the way we plan on paying it as well. That’s why I went back to work. We haven’t started it yet, but I’m hoping with tax return we can get a jump start on it. Now I know our tax return won’t be much cause I’ve only been back to work for 2 months.


  2. Maybe I am too prideful. Maybe that’s not an admirable trait but it is what it is.

    I would literally dig ditches before I would ask others to support me. I would cut out every unnecessary expense; cable, phone, internet, cellphone, everything before I’d ask somebody else to support me.

    But Nicole and Joe know no shame. It’s such a way of life to them, they never give it a second thought.

    Have more kids than you can financially support because eventually they get big enough to do all the work. All you have to do is assign chores, manage the social media and begging, fart and fornicate.


  3. We have 2 cars, no payments, a 15 year mortgage, probably have 8 years left, 1 credit card for emergencies and cash back… we use debit instead of credit .


  4. Now I know our tax return won’t be much cause I’ve only been back to work for 2 months.

    Angela, when we started, my extra amount to devote to it was about five bucks per month. You’d be amazed how quickly that grew as we whittled away at that list.


  5. Taking financial advice from a Naugler is about as prudent as taking homesteading advice or off grid advice or parenting or homeschooling or gardening. I don’t even think that I would listen to advice for online begging because she clearly has no game when it comes to swindling folks with the internet tin can. I don’t think there is anything that she or her fat turd can do that would convince me that they can do anything other than make babies and shit a guppy can do that. There isn’t anything special about her or him but they want to be so very special. Here’s the fucking deal, I paid cash for my house and it is a work in progress but by god it ain’t no fucking tool shed made with compressed boards. We are the same about our spending, we use our visa or our bank card and the bill gets paid just like our utilities, automatically taken out of our bank account. By the time I was her age, I bought our little farm that my daughter lives on now and financed it for 15 years and paid it off in two. I cannot for the life of me understand how they can think renting land to own is a good investment. Is it ever paid for?


  6. Nicole’s Extreme Budget Makeover. Ewe boy.

    Budgeting isn’t writing down where you’ve spent the money, after you’ve spent the money.

    Budgeting is spending the money on paper, before you’ve even gotten the paycheck. Allocating how much paycheck money will be spent in each segment. Like food, shelter, utilities, transportation, credit debt, short term emergency savings, and on down the list of non essentials. The fifty cent can of soda only happens if there is money left in the non essential expenses pocket.

    She is not a good money manager. She is too by the seat of her pants, with the attitude of “I want what I want. Go big or go home.” Without making a budget and properly planning. A little pompous too, “while we aren’t wealthy, we’ve been able to keep our head above water”. Yeah, by sticking your unpaid medical bills to the man and the tax paying minions. By the goodwill of your community church. By the fundme charity campaigns and GFMs.

    I mean really, a person that cites multiple ways one can donate to her budget. With PayPal and email addresses prominently displayed on her various social media sites. And also on the last GFM of last July, 2 email addresses and a paypal address where one could donate. If I recall, the one email address was preferred and it seems it was the grooming shop email address. Which that seemed rather odd. Yet this person is presenting as a self learned extreme budget makeover sage.



  7. I imagine the Nauglers think they budget very well, and can help others. The problem is that they aren’t accounting for the fact that their “back to basics” life actually forces them to do many things more expensively. Buying a beef/pork share is hands down one of the least expensive things a large family can do. We’re talking about reducing the food budget by astronomical amounts when you get a meat share. If you do it properly, you could end up spending a total of around $125 per month on meat by buying in bulk in advance. If they actually canned, freezed, or used a dehydrator they could have all the fruits and veggies they need stockpiled and never need to go to the scratch and dent can store. When your family is large, you need a lot of cans per meal. Even if you get those cans really cheap, they aren’t as cheap as doing it yourself. I once canned some strawberries and ended up with jam for months at a cost of around $25. That same number of jars of jam from a store (even an inexpensive store like Grocery Outlet over here) would have been around $120. When we take the kids blueberry picking we get around 30 pounds in about 1.5 hours, and I can get those to last about a year at a cost of about $60-70. That same number of fresh, frozen, or dried blueberries would be far more expensive.

    Their complete lack of electricity makes their lifestyle more expensive. Their inabilty to gardEn is also very expensive. Even if their soil is poor, they could do raised bed boxes and bring in soil to make them (although that isn’t really necessary if you are willing to put in the time/effort on the soil).

    They have basically been camping for years, and that isn’t cheap. Only they have to pay to rent a port-a-potty. I pay to have my tank pumped every few years, so my septic costs about $21 a month if we want to pump every 2 years (which we do as a precaution, not because it is entirely necessary).

    My monthly food budget is about 1k a month for a completely gluten free household of 9. If we didn’t need to be gluten free, I could likely get away with closer to $800 a month. I’m not a great budget example, just saying that in some ways the cost-per-person is easier to deal with in a larger family simply because the need to buy in bulk means you can pay less for many things. Buying a 25 lb bag of rice is cheaper than buying a smaller bag, buying a 50 lb. bag of sugar is cheaper than buying a smaller bag, buying salt in bulk is definitely less expensive. Buying in large a quantity isn’t always a great option for a single person, a couple, or smaller family. In those cases it would work best to have multiple smaller household split the cost of larger purchases.


  8. Josie, I’m lol-ing at what you said!
    “I would literally dig ditches before I would ask others to support me. I would cut out every unnecessary expense; cable, phone, internet, cellphone, everything before I’d ask somebody else to support me.”

    You and I and, I suspect, most people with a lick of pride, wouldn’t think twice about doing absolutely every and anything we could to prevent having to outright BEG. Which is what GFMs are; public begging.

    I’m LOL-ing because the FJ hive would be downvoting you and calling you all kinds of names! They firmly believe that ‘others’ should pay when they get sick. And if you DON’T start a GoFraudMe, you are privileged! Like, WTH?

    Yes. They actually believe this. Because they cannot support themselves, or even make monthly payments (which most medical providers do) they feel they have every right, nay, every EXPECTATION that others pay FOR them.

    Endless entertainment over there! Just thought I’d share. Hoping everyone had a nice and safe holiday.


  9. Budget:
    1. Do not waste money on gasoline driving around stalking people, or allow HH free reign stalking neighbors. Gasoline is expensive. Wearing out cars is more expensive.
    2. Dig a proper outhouse, and retire the portalet.
    3. Set up a water catchment system.
    4. Stay out of the dollar store.
    5. Stop boosting posts.
    6. Buy a washing machine for the shop.

    Nicole, there’s a couple of hundred a month I just saved you. You’re welcome.


  10. Nicole giving budgeting advice is a joke and I’ll be honest I suck at budgeting. My husband does it all and tells me what I can spend. Money gives me anxiety so he handles everything. I’m good at finding bargains on what we need so it works well. We also don’t have a regular paycheck which can be a major pain in the butt. I’m sure it’s difficult for Nicole too since she also doesn’t get a regular pay check. When you own a business you set a reasonable budget for yourself. In our case my husband has scheduled work so we have a basic idea. His business has also been around for 20 years so it’s a little more stable.

    Nicole doesn’t seem to have any foresight into budgeting. She just spends what she wants when she has cash. Her past offenses with bad checks show this has been an ongoing issue. She doesn’t seem to care about anyone else getting paid as long as she has her personal needs met. Like her cellphone, I guarantee you that bill gets paid every month on time. It’s a crazy way to live especially since they are in their 40s. They should be far more stable by now.


  11. A person who blew through 40k with dick nada to show for it and who is putting her children through another winter in something that only barely qualifies as shelter….offering financial advice. Yeah. I’ll ask her for financial advice, as soon as I complete the Ma Duggar contraception seminar.



  12. N should work out a “what if” budget with about $800 added in. “What if” J worked? How much faster could debts be paid off? How much better could they eat? Could they then get electricity and save from spending on ice and generator gas? Seems funny to talk about budgeting while ignoring the unemployed elephant in the room.


  13. TSOWOATNK, I agree with you on bulk shopping and on harvesting one’s own vegetables and fruit or picking them on farms open to the public. My daughter and I both grow huge gardens and we buy bulk bags of produce from local farmers and I can, freeze, and dehydrate every thing we don’t eat fresh. Here’s an example of just how much I hate to waste: My daughter brought me over two bags of celery because she knows we eat a lot of celery and I cook with it; my son found celery on sale and he bought three bags; I had two bags in my refrigerator. No way in hell would we have used all of that celery up before it wilted, so I dehydrated all but one bag. I dehydrate it to be crispy and then I grind it and use it by itself or I mix it with sea salt to make a little celery salt. My daughter fattens up a calf and a hog every year for her family and this year she did two of each so my son and his kids will have meat. Plus, all the men and boys in our family hunt so there’s always deer jerky or deer meat for them to eat, wild turkeys, quail, fish, you name it. This summer, the county extension person asked me if I would be interested in teaching a class on safe canning, dehydrating, and fermenting because so many young families are struggling to make ends meet. I said, heck yeah!

    My husband and I buy our flour, salt, wheat berries etc. and occasionally, we will buy fresh vegetables that I may not have canned, fermented, pickled, or frozen like broccoli but over all our grocery bill is less than 100 bucks a month. We also buy in bulk and a lot of what we buy, I order because spending the time and gas to go for things we can get online delivered to our door just doesn’t make any kind of sense. Plus, the gasoline she uses to run the generator to watch an online streaming movie cost way more per month than that 80 bucks a month she spent at block busters. Buying water to drink and ice to keep food cool is just crazy. Don’t get me started on the fucking port a potty versus a septic tank.


  14. I know money. It’s what I do for a living and I do it very well. What she is doing isn’t saving or even budgeting. It’s buting stuff you can’t afford. Money is all about planning for the future. Making goals, working towards them and fulfilling those goals and making more goals. Short term to long term goals. From buying a bicycle to owning a home, vacation home, farm, ranch, etc.
    What the Nogs do is waste money. We all can see that with what she posts on FB.
    They are on a leaking ship and are very comfortable being waist deep and bailing with a bucket to keep barely afloat.

    Let me play financial planner for Nicole & Joe for a moment and give them some advice on how they can do better. I’m not privy to any information on their financials such as how much income is coming in, from her job, bow making and “donations”. I will base my observations on what she posts and the average cost of having and maintain a family of 12. I won’t use this site, although it’s very eye opening, as the Nogs don’t provide even half of what the government says a family spends

    So here’s my unsolicited, professional advice on how to improve your situation.

    1. Joe needs to, at the very least, get a part time job. Adding even 5k a year to your household means building that much more for your future. Heck, if you’re doing so well without his working, use the money he would make just for savings. Money that isn’t spent, but builds a savings account. It makes cents.

    2. Educate your children. Really educate them. Teach them. Get them tutors to catch up. (Joe’s extra job could pay for this). By educating your children you will ensure that they will not have to struggle as much as you have. Think of it this way, both you and Joe have a little education and you both struggle. It’s going to be worse for your offspring with no education. A education is more than book learning. It’s also about getting up, showing up and learning to get along with all types of people. Something that doesn’t show in what you post. It’s about teaching order, patterns and learning off the backs of giants, not having to reinvent the wheel every single day.

    3. Get rid of the animals. All of them. Every single one of them. You are doing a diservice to both the animals and your children. What little you spend on your free roaming animals can be spent on your kids. You can’t afford regular vet visits for the pets and you can’t afford regular dental visits for your kids. Another reason for Joe to have that job.

    4. Spend less time on social media. Seriously. Make a schedule and promise yourself to only spend an hour on it. No looky looing throughout the day. You say that FB has really helped your business. Then just post a pic a day on your grooming page. Honestly you post mostly on your other pages and your posts have nothing to do with your business other than a few times when you sell bows.
    Think of all the extra time you will have and the positive role modeling you will be showing your children.

    5. Take care of what you do own. Maintain your cars. It seems from what you have posted most things you have been given. Human nature is such that the harder we work for something the better we take care of it. Don’t leave tools out in the open. Don’t abuse cars. Your new car isn’t something Joe will be able to readily work on unless he is up to date and has the equipment to take care of it. It means setting aside money each week for maintenance & emergencies.

    6. Listen to this one. It’s important. It’s the most important piece of advice I can give you. It will direct your future and your kids future. Protect your credit. Pay your bills. Be upstanding in all your debts. Your credit will follow you around for your entire life. Honor it and it will honor you. If your credit history is a mess you can fix it. And along with your credit history your name follows you. Seriously start over with your personas. You may think that having 45k followers gives you a better footing in the world, but it doesn’t. Look up the word “infamous” and exam how that word applies to you and why you have 45k followers.

    I could give you more, but I just wanted to touch on the few that are the most important for a starting point.

    And get off the weed, eat better and Joe will have more energy for a part time job.


  15. For comparison, I read a article about a cat that was missing for 10 years. It was found after the california wildfires and had its micro chip read. It was found about a mile away from where it went missing, it needed 5 toes removed from severe burns. Now heres the thing, a go fund me page was set up for the cats surgery and over 4600 was raised, compare this to the page for the blessed know it all who got what? 600 bucks. N, people are wise to your shit. The begging is over. And your one to tell anyone how to keep track of finances, hell today you mention you will do something later, story of your life, always later. Oh Larisa, how the slots treating you? Cold in Oklahoma ?


  16. I don’t think I want Nicole Naugler’s financial advice because I don’t want to live like she does.

    I mean, I’m not the best with money out there but I have a good job, I have a house, my house payment is much less than my last apartment rent was. I eat well and comfortably, I have heat in my house, I have hot and cold running water and when I flush my toilet it goes to a septic tank. I always have money for gas to go where ever and I always have money left.

    I think the Nauglers have made financial decisions to avoid responsible commitment as much as possible. A generator isn’t much commitment. It’s just really expensive. A portapotty isn’t much commitment. It’s just just ridiculously overall expensive in comparison to the cost of a septic system. Investing in a septic system would be commitment and an outlay that would exceed their monthly portapotty payment so that won’t happen. They buy animals but they’d abandon them in a heartbeat. They are committed to page boosts and invest in those. Their financial exenditures really show where their priorities lie. Their priorities center on immediate gratification and avoiding any investment for their future. They live like hobos and plan their finances to live like hobos. I don’t want to live like that, so no thanks Nicole.


  17. So here’s what I think is going on.
    The Nauglers were not planing on being on that land very long.
    They thought they’d be there a year or two at the most and then they were planing to move on to fresh pastures.
    No need to learn land husbandry.
    They had no intention of fixing the land up, because that would require work and some money that they were not going to put into the land they were not planning to keep.
    They are still living with the idea of moving soon.
    That’s why they don’t bother to build up a rapport with their neighbors.
    No need to improve the soil of a garden area with tilled animal droppings, imported soil and maybe a ground cover of clover. Why fix it for someone else.
    No need to keep the tiller running because next year they will be gone. No need to keep the $800 ( or was it $900😄) chainsaw in good shape.
    No need to put up stores of wood for a good wood stove.
    No need to put up permanent dwelling with a permanent water source, or toilet…
    They didn’t plan to be there this long. Plus the garden shacks could be moved to the next site… if there is money to do it… other wise no biggie just to leave the shacks to finish rotting.
    They should have had a nice little cabin by now, a garden and a real out house. The cistern should have been rescued, the pond should be healthy with fish ( caught locally and turned loose to grow and reproduce) and a source of wash water and water for the garden…
    All of this should have happened.
    None of this happened.
    None of this happened because both Joe and Nicole figured since they were habitual screwups, they would lose the land before long, and be packed into their van looking for another unsuspecting community to land on.

    They didn’t plan to be there this long.

    In the meantime, Nicole does lots of pretending.
    Their living situation is not their fault but that of neighbors, trolls, and stalkers… oh… and the cops and government.
    Nicole pretends that she and Joe are actually in control, by feeding their 11 kids with dented cans and occasional bits of meat. I’ve only seen her plate, not that of the entire family sitting at the table with full plates of meat, vegetables and fruit.
    Nicole pretends they are doing such a good job, that she can teach other people how to live the way the Nauglers do.
    Nicole pretends her way of budgeting is what people want to do.
    The silly followers enable her by complimenting her, when it is really Nicole who needs the lessons.

    Living “off grid” is a necessity for the Nauglers. Big electric bills follow you every where. They would have to pay the bill to get back on the grid. So, they are knocked off the grid because they are scofflaws.
    It has nothing to do with their budgeting responsibly.

    Sending the kids to school is another cost they cannot afford. Basic school supplies and clothing, clean bodies cost money that is not in their “budget”.
    The older children in school would also leave Joe with the Little’s… he would be a real “ stay at home dad… not gonna happen…
    So, Joe pretends to be in charge. I suspect most of his “in charge”, is from a prone position, or in a chair. A real job is out of his reach.
    When Joe was asked directly if he worked his answer was a proud “f*** no”.

    Nicole pretends there are people jealous of her… her needle really slides off the record here

    Their “heads above water” statement is sad… usually your head is just above water before you drown.

    Planing for a good future with some permanency for the kids is not the Naugler modus operandi.
    As soon a they can find an opening to scoot, they will flee the mess they have made,
    and land on another unsuspecting community.


  18. Dear Nick,

    There’s nothing “above water” about screwing the hospital over that saved your life.

    Oh, right, that huge bill….the one you conveniently forgot and will never pay.

    Where’s the budgeted money to pay it? Show me some payments.

    Dumb ass.


  19. It’s strange that not too long ago they were begging for gas money. Now they seem to have enough money to buy a new shed, enough money to finish it off and make improvements and to buy items to decorate it and enough for another vehicle.

    You can only groom so many dogs in a day, so what happened? Did they cave to becoming “whores of the state” after a collection agency came after them for the hospital bills? A monthly support check from the State for all those kids would be a tidy little stipend.


  20. It’s strange that not too long ago they were begging for gas money.

    And this is huge question, and a valid one. Where is the money coming from? She says over and over again that they are not “whores of the state” but it looks like they are whores of somebody, someplace. No matter how you do the math, her dog grooming business is not bringing in enough money to do what they are doing. If she had four or five other groomers there, well, maybe. But she doesn’t. They go from watery nasty potato soup to 1/2 pound of ground beef per person (that is twice as much as Dave and I would ever consume in one meal). They can’t afford gas, but now have managed to buy a car, after buying a replacement shed for the one they destroyed, and then do all sorts of stuff to it.

    Something is wrong here, and I have no idea what. But I have both eyes right on them and so do lots of other people.


  21. Nicole is an idiot to post so much online. She posts what they buy and what they spend money on. Anyone can do the math and realize it doesn’t add up. Something is going on and it will be uncovered soon enough. She thinks she’s smarter than everyone else but she isn’t.


  22. Note to somebody: I just went through the trash file in a huge hurry, and I think I trashed a comment that shouldn’t have been trashed. If you don’t see your comment here, it’s not because I didn’t like it. It’s because I went click, click, click and did it too fast.


  23. People who are financially stable are the only ones I may take financial tips from. Living in a shed with no built in water source or septic isn’t financially stable in anyone’s book except the Nauglers.

    I’m still stunned that there hasn’t been a decent garden. She at one time claimed to do square-foot gardening. With that method, you make your own soil. So her griping about bad soil proves they don’t do that method (that and pictures).

    Another source of income for them is … Jacob.


  24. Dog grooming is a business that illegal money could easily be laundered through. It doesn’t have to be their money. It could be someone else’s and they keep a cut.


  25. I’m sure their eldest is paying them “rent.” When I was a teen, my family had to live with some single friend of the family. My parents didn’t pay her rent, yet I had to give my parents half my income working full time at a minimum wage job.

    I wonder if NN has a business credit card that she is now using for personal expenses.


  26. The Naugler’s new found wealth is probably from their oldest son… whatever he has left after child support payment.
    Could be he’s “paying rent”…
    The men who collect the garbage and recyclables do make decent money. Its hard work.
    He also, during the holidays collected Christmas tips from the people whose trash he picks up. Depending on the neighbor hood that can be considerable.
    I put out cookies, cards and cash for both of our trash men and the postal person.
    They all work hard.


  27. Nicole forgets some of us are detail oriented…..
    Her teaching us to do a budget, I was at work eating when it showed up in my email. I just about choked on my food.
    I would love to know where the money came from.
    Does she still own the horse?


  28. You don’t have to have money when some scammer or scammers are using your business name to launder their money. Scammers need tax deductions this time of year. I might be wrong,but I have been thinking this for a long time.


  29. I have about Jacob paying rent too, but he’s also spending money fixing up the old shed. Plus I’m sure he is paying child support. At least I hope he is. If he has his own car, he’d need his money for maintenance and gas going back and forth to work. Would he have enough left at the end of the month to cover even half of all these new purchases Joe and Nicole are making lately?


  30. According to a Google search, (so take with a rain of salt) a trash collector in Kentucky makes about $32,000/yr. I’m not American, so I can’t begin to figure out a monthly take home estimate.


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