A Widow in Distress

I cannot imagine what period in a widow’s life is more accurately described by the word “distress” than the first few weeks (month?) after the death of her spouse – especially if the marriage was long-term.

The religion espoused by Camille Lewis and her Court has, as its handbook, the Bible. Here’s a verse from the handbook. I don’t think you can spin it. It says just what it says – that “God” wants you to look after widows in their distress.

We can argue that “distress” really means “poverty” in this case, but that’s not what it says. It says “distress,” and distress can take a lot of different forms.

Besides, it’s just the decent thing to do. Even an old apostate like me recognizes that it’s good and honorable to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

I received some screen shots the other day. They were from somebody who wants to (and will) remain anonymous. They are from Camille’s Facebook wall. I don’t have access to Camille’s wall – she has me blocked – but somebody was irritated enough about this to send me the information. This person was the only one to send me screen shots, but not the only one who was concerned.

Here’s the original post. It’s a link to the Amazon page for Elizabeth Handord’s book entitled Me? Obey Him?

This is clearly posted to get conversation started. Camille had a reason for thinking about the book, right at this particular time, on January 16, 2015.

What could have prompted her to do that?

Perhaps this?

And they begin to comment, which is, of course, the reason for the whole thing.

I am blocking identities here except for those who I think don’t deserve to have their identity blocked. Hey, I get to make these kinds of executive decisions around here. It’s one of the perks of being the boss.

“I wonder how much money. . .”

The issue here is not the merit of the book. That’s an entirely separate thing which anyone can rightfully discuss endlessly. You can even comment on Amazon if you wish.

The issue is the timing.

And it is entirely possible that some of these folks had no idea that Walt Handford had died, according to the obituary, somewhere around 24 hours before these comments were made. But Camille knew it. That’s why she posted it.

According to the obituary, he actually died Thursday, but either way, she knew it.

And she has to bring it all around to her favorite and only subject of choice: Bob Jones University.

“. . . sorta.” Whatever in the hell that means.

And race. She tries to move the discussion to Bob Jones University and race. Of course.

And she appears to give up, since nobody seems to be taking the bait. I am very glad they didn’t (except in the beginning) and that a few people managed to deflect the conversation a bit.

Walter and Elizabeth Rice Handford were married for 66 years. I would imagine that she is beyond being “in distress.”

No matter what you think about her or him, or her book – leave her alone for now.


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