A Passive Voice

Here’s an unschooling lesson for today.  We’re going to talk about passivity, specifically, using the passive voice in writing.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, this is active voice.

We are selling our horse.

The subject is “we.”  The action (verb) is “are selling,” and the thing to be sold is “our horse.”

Here is passive voice.

We have been put in a position in which we have to sell Beauty.

This thing has been done to us.  We are victims (we get that from “unfortunately”.)  We didn’t want to make this decision but outside forces, unnamed, have forced us to do this unfortunate thing.

Passive voice is mostly shitty. It’s usually (but not always) considered bad writing, for exactly the reason illustrated above.  It’s vague. It’s unclear.

Who is doing the forcing here?

The reader gets to guess, or on Nicole’s page, ask.

She then answered.

Aha.  It’s the trolls.

First, there is no rumor about the horse being loose.  The person who is making things up is Nicole.

What has happened is that Nicole saw the trailer for the interview with Ron Sneed, and flipped out.

Joe and Nicole have been making all sorts of claims about Ron now for a couple of years and he has said nothing.  He doesn’t do social media. He isn’t even slightly intimidated by them.

But he’s had enough of it.

The problem is that Nicole and Joe do not know what is in the interview. They have no idea.

So they have grabbed onto the only thing they can think of to slap back at Ron proactively, and that’s animals getting loose.

She put up those “for sale” posts about two hours after the trailer went live.  It was just enough time for her to see it, have a temper tantrum, and react.

This is today.

Notice the passive voice again in the first sentence?  It’s a hallmark of “vaguebooking.”

. . .we have been provided a few solutions.

She then goes on to make all sorts of vague and false and misleading claims.

She begins with this:

Although livestock get loose all the time, we are a target and the only people in the area who have been to court for it.

Animals do not “get loose all the time.”  They get loose sometimes.  I live in an area that is just as rural as where Nicole lives (maybe more so). Many of the people around me own livestock of some sort.

We’ve lived here for nine years. During that time, our two donkeys have escaped twice.  The first time, Dave was out of town and my neighbors helped me catch them. The second time, they got out because we thought we had fixed the fence and we were wrong. After that, they were confined to prison (the paddock) until we could replace the pasture fencing.

We have one neighbor who has a couple of horses who are barely adequately fenced.  They have been out a couple of times.

Another neighbor had a young bull escape who came to our house and scared the shit out of me. It took two weeks to find him.

Yet another neighbor had a couple of beef calves who escaped and I don’t think he ever found them.

That’s seven loose animals in nine years.  Nobody got mad.  Nobody went to court.  Everyone helped everyone else try to find their recalcitrant animals.  Our donkeys stomped through my neighbor’s garden (to my horror) and we tried to pay them/replant for them/something and they said it was fine.  The corn came up anyway.  And we took them some eggs.

This is a typical scenario when you live in the country.

In order for your neighbor to take you to court for a failure to restrain your livestock, there has to be way more involved than just having your horse get out once or twice.  This, of course, is what Nicole implies, that the horse only got out a couple of times, and of course, it’s “suspicious,” because she wants us to believe that Ron Sneed came over to their property and let the horse out on purpose.

The next morning, for the third time, I think, in the past two weeks, which is very suspicious, my horse has not gotten out before then, (9) but for the third time in the last couple weeks, uh, we got up, woke up (10A) to the horse being loose.

However, she tells us herself, in one of those videos, that they had a routine they went through to retrieve the horse when it got out.

Um, the second morning is the morning where, I had left for work, and my husband had, um, my son, um, um, my old, my sixteen-year-old son was outside working and um, the horse was gone. And so he went down to the property line with a bucket of grain and tried to retrieve, shake the grain and the horse comes back, she follows you right back up to her pen. So that’s what he was doing.

Notice this?

. . .shake the grain and the horse comes back, she follows you right back up to her pen.

That horse had gotten out multiple times.  She had them trained.  Quinten knew exactly what to do to lure her back.

But yesterday I was made aware that the local trolls are still trying to agitate the relationship between my neighbor and us and escalate issues with my family.

More of the passive voice.  She was “made aware.”  By who?  Probably by nobody. She regularly visits all the pages and this blog and she saw the trailer.

Here’s the deal. The neighbor is tired of being a punching bag.  He’s had enough.  He’s going to tell us why.

Nicole and Joe have bragged and asserted and declared emphatically that they have all sorts of recordings of Ron saying all sorts of things. I would suggest that maybe it’s time for them to post all those recordings and we’ll see what was really said.

When they filed the “failure to abate a nuisance” charge they did with no evidence of a nuisance.

And throughout this rant we see the use of the vague “they.”

You know who “they” was in this case?  This is Shitgate.  The “they” is Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton representing the health department.  He does not have to produce “evidence of a nuisance.”  He told them to comply with the fucking law by getting a proper, inspected septic system in place. They had their choice of what type, either an actual septic tank, an approved outhouse (with a hole in the ground) or a Porta Potty.

You simply cannot just say, “Gee, I don’t want to do all that.”

. . .they simply told us to get a permit. . .

By then, the Nauglers had gotten the Porta Potty and that met the requirements.  Nicole version of this is horseshit, of course.

. . .there is a foundation for my so called paranoia.

There is only the foundation that Joe and Nicole have worked diligently to build.

But the interview is coming. Stay tuned.




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  1. What purpose does it sell for her to get rid of animals NOW? If reports have already been filed is she thinking that will get her out of trouble? Are you telling me that with 11 kids at home all day, no one can watch after the pets? Another unschooling lesson gone.


  2. The nuisance was that they lacked proper sanitation/human waste removal or containment. They got the portapotty. Nuisance abated. Simple as that. It doesn’t mean that they weren’t throwing their shit willy nilly on the homestead. It means that they stopped when they were cited for it.

    I can’t help but wonder how that permit is coming along for their wonderful humanure composting system. Do you think they have even filed the papers yet?


  3. If reports have already been filed is she thinking that will get her out of trouble?

    It’s bogus. There are no animals loose. There are no reports. There’s only an interview with Ron Sneed on its way.


  4. The horse situation is very similar to the birth situation. So many people said horses are expensive and told her they couldn’t afford a horse. She’s a know it all, so she scoffed at the detractors. She’s a toddler and will do whatever she wants. She did that with her birth too. She was the expert and in the end the “trolls” were right and her baby died due to lack of prenatal care. Now we have a horse that her daughter cannot properly take care of. Everyone saw this coming. Of course it’s everyone else’s fault. They live in poverty. She can say all she wants about how well the business is doing but unless she is grossing well over $60,000 a year there is not enough money for a horse. She has said she makes about $30,000 annually. That is abject poverty for a family their size. They can’t afford a damn horse. It’s no ones fault but their own. Own it bitch! Apologize to your kid for your shitty life decisions and move on.


  5. What is this? “Charges filed without proof” AGAINST the N’s? I wonder if she can type with a straight face? Of course, if false charges WERE filed, the N’s could sue for damages. Just saying.


  6. I wonder what these “solutions” are….someone is going to provide free boarding I’m sure. Around here if you miss board payments you legally forfeit your horse. My first horse was actually a board forfeiture, she missed 3 months. They took her to court, she didn’t show (they usually don’t) and that was that, ownership was officially the boarders. Horses are expensive, I have a few. There’s ways to cut costs but you have to not be lazy.


  7. Nicole sure does love waving her magic wand so she can say
    This happened
    That happened
    The trolls are all powerful
    If she said any of these things to anyone in person she would get loads of laughs and they would walk away.


  8. Children often use the passive voice without knowing any better. Four year old Nicole accidentally breaks her parents’ bedroom window while throwing a ball in the backyard. When questioned by her mother, Nic will say “the window got broken,” instead of “I broke it, Mommy, I’m sorry.” Developmentally, that’s to be expected of a small child.

    But when Nicole is 41 and continues to passively blame the Universe, other people or things for her screw-ups, refusing any personal accountability, then Nicole has one or more traits of a personality disorder. Sociopathic tendencies, self-victimization, narcissism, lack of a moral compass, paranoia, lack of empathy are but a plates in the smorgasbord of maladaptive traits.


  9. What stood out to me is this line “uh, we got up, woke up (10A) to the horse being loose”.

    I grew up on a ranch. We had cattle, chickens, turkeys, sheep, horses, vineyards and various farms, including a dairy farm, crops and vegetables. We were up at 5 am everyday 365 days a year, not including leap years as my dad would say. Through my adult years we have always helped out. We now have no animals (thank you!) and just deal with the vineyards and redwoods. That is all I want to deal with. We go up once or twice a month and take care of things.

    She has ten kids, and animals and her husband isn’t up until TEN am to notice the horse is out??????! No wonder they haven’t gotten anything done on that property.

    I guarantee you if my husband and I had that property and all those kids, and no money, we would be a lot farther along on that land.

    10 am on a homestead????? What is this?? A vacation????

    10 AM! No wonder the place looks like a crap hole.

    I couldn’t imagine living that close to people who have a noisy generator, probably listen to music really loud, are loud (kid noise doesn’t bother me), dump their crap right on the ground, don’t take care of their animals, probably don’t even vaccinate any of their animals for rabies, are parinoid as hell, don’t take care of anything, have broken cars and tools, and crap all over their property and then chase any car that comes down the lane to visit you. I wonder if they get the drift of Joe smoking weed?

    Just a clue Joe, if you get up before ten am you’ll get a lot more done during the day, it will be cooler and animals actually like be fed in the morning. As in when they wake up. Not your wake up.


  10. They have a thriving business, as they have said over and over again. Well, why not shut down that GFM and donate the money to the Red Cross for disaster relief in Texas?

    Hahahahaha! I know that we will see flocks of pigs flying in perfect V-formation before Joe or Nicole would donate MONEY to anyone but themselves. Or pay the medical bill.


  11. My guess: Nicole woke up this morning to Miss A. in a state of seething outrage.

    Imagine knocking yourself out every day, being a second mother to a bunch of little kids, and working your ass off to keep the family business afloat after helping to bury your baby brother…..to get rewarded with this.

    “Ok, Mom, you think you can just sell my horse…that I bought, and that I pay the board for? I quit. I quit the grooming shop, I’m done watching a million little kids. I am officially rejecting your statist rules and embracing my own anarchy. Good luck finding someone else to slave for you, and if you fuck with me, I’ll call child protective services myself.”

    Of course Miss A. didn’t say this. I wish she had. Joe and Nicole richly deserve a wake up call from their older kids.

    She didn’t say that. But I’m guessing there were…..words.

    Hell hath no fury like a teen girl who has worked her ass off for her parents….and been wronged by them.


  12. We have about 100 acres and have both horses and cattle. There has been times they get out but it is rare and not the standard. They always only get out in the fall when their pasture is down and they swear they see green grass on the other side of the fence and see the winters supply of hay already stacked in the yard. Responsible people know this and make sure to provide adequate feed and water and fencing. If that horse had a decent fence and feed it wouldn’t be getting out. Of coarse neighbors complain if her animals are in their yard! What the heck does she think? They are going to come over and say hey thanks for letting your goats destroy our garden, please, send them over anytime! A horse getting out once when they make an effort to correct the problem may be understandable. Repeated escapes without them doing a damn thing is going to piss anyone off! No Nicole hay is not cheap. Neither is the other things a horse requires but you don’t provide.. like.. lessons for your child to actually ride it properly and vet care and farrier. And is it just me or did she say A pays for the gas to go see the horse? Come on! If the child is 100% responsible for that horse that is totally unfair to both of them. They set her up for failure then threaten to have her horse and goat sold. Nice job. Horses are my passion and the couple pictures I have seen of her hauling on that horses face make me cringe. Horses are also herd animals and extra steps need to be taken to keep it happy. Animals and kids are constantly suffering for their own selfish choices that they blame everyone they come across for.


  13. I truly believe she has become unhinged. Do parents go under any extensive psychological evaluation when CPS returns children? I just feel like it’s gotten so much worse since then. The paranoia is alarming. I really think it is some type of progressive mental disorder…was it this bad back when they were living in that rented home and did homeschooling in more of a traditional sense? I’ve only started following this whole thing in the past year. She looks so gaunt and unhealthy lately… more so than normal.

    Passive voice is almost always used in scientific journals and medical publications. Sometimes I write that way just out of habit, so I apologize for all the times I’ve done that in my comments. I don’t even work in research and rarely write clinical procedures, but it’s just been drilled into us since college. And it’s just awkward in casual writing and hard to follow.


  14. With a bucket! A Bucket!! A BUCKET!!!

    Nicole was most emphatic that there was a well tested and reliable procedure for retrieving wandering livestock. Oops she put that on video as well. Must suck something awful to be that stupid.

    I live in a residential area not too far from some farms with cows. One morning as I drove to work in the dark I was faced with a rather surprising and surreal image of a bunch of cows hanging out in my neighbor’s front yard. We found the owners hunting all over the joint trying to find their cows. No tiff whatsoever. Funny as heck as folks in office attire and just woke up attire were all helping to herd the cows back home.

    So why do people get pissed at the Nauglers but not these people? These folks with the cows that got loose had this happen once in the over ten years I have lived in my house. They are nice people and they help others way more than most folks tend to. The Nauglers, on the other hand, have absolutely no respect for anything of their own and believe that everyone else exists as Naugler prey. So they cannot understand why, after the umptillionth time that goats and dogs are found at the neighbor’s place that the neighbor does not realize that, according the Naugler brand of especially stupid and entitled, he is supposed to let the Naugler livestock trash his place. It has to suck so bad to have to live next door to those two self-absorbed, entitled, bullying ;)4&:!;$!!!


  15. The dairy near us (where Frances came from) occasionally has cattle get out. It’s surreal because they have a lot of them. Everyone around helps round them up, and Jason fixes the fence. It doesn’t happen very often, but nobody gets mad when it does.

    HOWEVER, if those cattle got out and tore through some farmer’s corn field, and destroyed it, the dairy owner would pay for the damage and at the very least, reseed the field.

    He doesn’t just run around screaming “My rights!” at the top of his lungs.


  16. I can’t wait to see the interview. I hope Nikki’s real fan club will watch it too.

    Did anyone else catch her typo in the second screenshot?
    “We don’t hate to do anything wrong…”.

    She finally told the truth about something, by accident. 🙂


  17. Passive voice is almost always used in scientific journals and medical publications.

    Haha! That brings up a long forgotten freshman college memory. My history proff strictly forbade passive voice while the physics lab reports required all passive voice all the time.


  18. It seems that the most batch of leg humpers has thinned considerably. Guess the N’s didn’t move quickly enough to profit from them.


  19. Today I was at a traffic light behind something that looked like a horse trailer. It belonged to a company like this one: http://rentagoat.com

    Maybe there’s a use for even scrub goats. (?)

    I have a soft spot for goats. My sister-in-law has pet goats. A friend of mine had a pet goat as a teenager. It went with him everywhere. It rode in the passenger seat of his car. It wore a bandana around its neck sometimes. 🙂

    Nicole is a busy woman. If Joe could get his shit together enough to assemble a crew of hungry scrub goats he could have a business of his own.

    No way that’ll ever happen, though… 🙁


  20. It seems that the most batch of leg humpers has thinned considerably.

    Beth M
    Yep, maybe too many took her eclipse viewing or prenatal advice to heart. That would have thinned the herd considerably.
    Or not, but they just got a clearer understanding of exactly who they were following after those bits of wisdom and just took off running.
    I am wondering if the recent near death experience left a few anoxic holes in the grey matter. Or perhaps a referral to psychiatric services during that stay altered a few more decisions regarding her “fitness”. She’s really more BSC, if that’s even possible.


  21. Maybe there’s a use for even scrub goats.

    Of course there is. People use them to clear underbrush. But they are worth very little money. A good dairy goat can be purchased for less than $300, unless you’re talking about some highly bred, super duper show goat. That’s for a doe. A buck is worth maybe half that (I’ve seen them go for $25) and usually you have to either eat them or give them away.

    I bet you couldn’t get $10 for the average scrub goat.


  22. My neighbor’s donkeys got out a few days ago. Now his donkeys hate my puppy and her mommy, so when I heard my little yippie dogs barking and the donkeys making those attack sounds, I ran outside with my dishtowel and dough roller. I didn’t want to take the broom because it was in the living room but the dough roller was right there in the kitchen before going out the back door and I felt I might need an equalizer.

    I kept yelling shoo and the dogs kept barking and the donkeys kept making threatening postures and sounds. I finally got the dogs in the house and the donkeys calmed down and I picked a couple of pears and held them in front of the donkeys and whether they liked pears or not mattered not because they followed me through my yard, through my field, and right back to my neighbor’s yard. His wife came out and, by that time, a man who was driving down the road pulled in and gave us a hand and another neighbor came from his pasture where he was mowing and they both helped us get the wayward asses in their pasture, and the cows seemed very relieved at seeing their protectors. She apologized and I said, no problem. And I meant it because the donkeys kill fucking coyotes and every single night those damn coyotes come looking for my little dogs and cats to eat.

    That evening, her old fart brought me a bushel of corn, a five gallon bucket of okra, and a huge watermelon. AR grows the best watermelons in the world. I told him it was totally unnecessary and he said, I told the little wife (she is like 4 feet tall) that the next pickings were coming up to ya’lls place. He is that kind of neighbor and so am I. In fact, all my neighbors are that kind of neighbors, even the ones that live five miles up the lane. I am so happy none of my neighbors are like NicNaug and her stay-at-home-turd.

    This will be our first fall here in this house. We bought it in the fall but we didn’t move in until the winter, so our neighbors wanted to include us in their yearly hog killing feast. One neighbor is a butcher and he kills and butchers about four of my neighbors’ hogs and other animals. It doesn’t matter to them or us that we don’t eat meat because there will be plenty of vegetables. We will go for the fantastic desserts. Plus, I’ll fry some catfish up too. That’s also how my neighbors are…they celebrate together. They look out for each other too. The day my old fart found me passed out and he called 911, before they loaded me up, my neighbors were there. One drove him to the hospital and the others were scheduling who will feed my animals. And I swear, when I came home, I didn’t have to cook for a month. (Turns out, getting stung my a wasp is one of those hurry up and get the epipen and not one of those okay, I need to take a shower first even if I was already only partially clothed).

    Good neighbors will only be good as long as the relationship is built on trust and is nurtured, and from what I have seen of the Naugs, nurturing isn’t something they are too keen on.


  23. She says the goats were fenced for a month before they went over the livestock charge, so why are they now tused up? I remember them having that orange fencing around the pond surely that’s not what she’s talking about.


  24. Yes, there is a call for goats to eat underbrush but there is a catch. Joe would have to transport them, probably in a trailer. I wouldn’t want them unsecured in the van. So that means fixing the van, getting a small trailer that is suitable for hauling goats AND bringing the temporary fencing along too. With a GOOD solar powered charger because you can’t count on there being an electrical source out where someone needs the brush cleared. Decent fencing and a good solar charger all require an outlay of money. Plus Joe would have to set up the fencing, first.

    It’s not impossible but all of that smacks of effort, planning, advertising, business acumen and someone who can interact with potential clients without making them want to run for the hills.

    Here is an example of all of this coming together and working.



    I see they weren’t back in 2016 and 2017. Nevertheless, they did it at least twice and were a big hit. Oh, good – they still offer the service.


  25. Part of me thinks that this is all a ploy to get attention and free money from their daft supporters, another part of me thinks that they are truly out of money and are unable to make their land payments, shed payments, shop rent and other related expenses and the eldest girl, the one who has been carrying the family since her baby brother’s death, is being hit the hardest. If she is really losing her horse and goat, after doing everything for her trainwreck family, I hope she bolts. I hope she sings like a canary to a CPS caseworker and a law enforcement officer about her father’s gonja use and all the other skeletons in the shed and I hope she gets placed in a home with lots animals where she can learn proper livestock care, go to school, graduate with a high school diploma, and attend a vet tech training program. Her piece of shit parents have really done her wrong!


  26. I see someone named Elizabeth on “The Nation” claiming that she was in the shop/laundry when someone (Martins?) drove by filming and yelling.

    When Nicole took Lisa to court she brought no proof of harassment or stalking.
    But is she now trying to get Elizabeth to go to court or make a statement about the harassment she saw? I think it is Lisa that is taking the Nauglers to court for false charges, right? So if Nicole proves that the Martins harassed her family, and the Martins are friends with Lisa, um….that still doesn’t prove Lisa harassed the Nauglers. It proves the Martins don’t like the Nauglers. I feel so very sorry for the Judge.


  27. @Theskyisfalling: I won’t repeat myself (this time), but I’ve posted a lot about this very topic. Annual income of $30,000 + a husband who can’t hold down a job for brain reasons but does actual work around the homeplace with the help of Youtube tutorials and Craigslist = still a dang dirt poor family, but better fed, better sheltered, and sick less often. Even if they still refused government aid and public schooling.


  28. I see someone named Elizabeth on “The Nation” claiming that she was in the shop/laundry when someone (Martins?) drove by filming and yelling.

    I give Elizabeth just about the same degree of credibility and trust that I give Nicole and Joe. More to come on that.


  29. She says the goats were fenced for a month before they went over the livestock charge, so why are they now tused up?

    Because like everything else she claims, there’s no salt. You need to add salt. A lot of it.


  30. Live stock where I am at is not the issue for us. For us it’s my dang neighbors two puppies. Every day they are over here. They are very friendly with me, my husband, and my kids. They know the puppies come over here, but yet they don’t do shit to make sure that they don’t continue to come over here. Yesterday they came running over while my daughter and her friend were taking our dogs out ( ours are leashed when outside other wise they would take off). They did not seem aggressive towards my dogs, but they ran after my dogs all the way to my kitchen door. My dogs did not like it. All they did was bark. I don’t necessarily trust these puppies, cause I constantly hear them fighting, watch them chase chickens around and carry them around in their mouths. I am at the point where I’m tired of it and ready to call animal control.

    Anyway I feel bad for the oldest daughter because it’s her things being sold. Why don’t they just sell all the dang animals they have, and then no one has pets.


  31. I suppose the reason the animals are not properly fenced is more to do with their view on being told what to do/when to do it/how to do it? I guess when you get new animals, having a place to fence them in is not on their list of important things to have for the animals. >_< This family is just…wow. I have no words. And I've been along for this "ride" since the kids got taken away (a friend on Facebook linked to the story, I read up on it because I felt bad, then really started digging and researching and seeing the shape of their "homestead" and was just angry and hurting for the kids).


  32. I have some questions and I thought maybe y’all might have an answer. So Profit and NN are constantly bringing up the “fact” that they were never charged. But they did plead dependency.
    My questions are these:
    Isn’t pleading the same as admitting guilt? And therefore removes the need for more charges that would violate the double jeopardy laws?


  33. Isn’t pleading the same as admitting guilt?

    In this situation, yes. Double jeopardy doesn’t come into play here, I don’t think. They were not charged with a criminal offense.

    A criminal offense means that you have a public hearing/trial and it’s labeled The Commonweath v. Joe Naugler. Criminal offenses carry the threat of prison sentences and fines and shit.

    This was a civil matter. Family court usually is kept as a civil matter because unless there is some really egregious crime committed, nobody wants to put Joe and Nicole in jail. They just want the kids taken care of.

    Joe and Nicole play on this. They can truthfully say that there were no criminal charges, but there almost never are in cases like this so the claim means nothing. They pled to dependency, which means that they agreed with the state that they are having problems taking care of/providing for their children. The only threat involved here is that the state can and will take their kids permanently if Joe and Nicole cannot/will not comply with the Cabinet’s demands and plan.

    The fact that the case is still open after more than two years is significant.


  34. I really want to buy goats. I know they are a shit load of trouble and we would never buy them to eat or to milk because we get our milk from a very respectable friend who sells both goat and cow’s milk to us. Plus, my cousin drops by from time-to-time and leaves us a shitload of milk and cream or cream. But, a while back, my neighbor, who has the donkeys, called and said he had his father-in-law’s goats over his house cleaning up some brambles and other nuisance plants and when they finished up at his pasture, did I want him to bring them down to our pasture to clear up the fence line. I said sure and a couple of days later, he brought the goats over. I love those goats. They were so tame, and I guess they are the hornless goats or girls because there were no horns. One of the younger ones kept head butting one of his goat friends but other than that, they were completely respectable. They spent a few days with us and I hated to let my neighbor take them away. We fed them corn and pears and a shit load of squash and watermelons. I have to tell you that goats are quiet a pleasure. So, I announced to my Old Fart that we were going to get us a goat or two to which he said, oh great…more animals to clean up after. HA!


  35. I guess they are the hornless goats or girls because there were no horns.

    There are polled breeds of both goats and cattle (Angus, for example), but both sexes have horns (if they are horned) and most likely, those goats were disbudded as babies. We remove all our calves horn buds while they are small. Most our little guys don’t have a single sign that they ever had horn buds.

    Goats are fun. They are also escape artists.


  36. Oh, now I miss goats. My parents had a small farm in NY for a while. They had Saanen/Toggenburg mixes for milk. They were very entertaining to watch and work with.


  37. My parents live in a rural area that has property of various sizes, million dollar, lake-front homes within a half-mile of homes so poor they are on the waiting list for the county funded indoor plumbing lottery, and farms and “homesteads” next to typical millennial 2-hybrid-cars-a-dog young families. “Mixed use” is the mildest adjective I could think of. I assume this parallels where the Naugler saga takes place.

    My parents have a neighbor to the back we affectionately call “Tractor Man”. He’s an SOB. He owns a tractor dealership and uses various sizes of tractor EVERYWHERE much like a disabled person would use a motorized wheelchair. I’m not sure he hasn’t used the smallest tractor available indoors, to avoid walking. Before you take pity, that property I mentioned? That borders my parents? He uses it as a hunting preserve. He actively, sans tractor, goes on his scores of acres and hunts for whatever is in season that time of year. He is just an SOB that uses a tractor instead of walking. He actually resides on a different property across the county.

    He goes, as is his right, to every county board meeting and he is a vocal participant. Every proposal, motion, permit, act, or crossways fart that is open to comment gets a comment from Tractor Man, and it is always a dissenting comment. When my parents needed a special use permit for their home business (that involves dogs), Tractor Man had a dissenting comment. He apparently could see the dogs barking from his property (which is physically impossible) and he didn’t like the nuisance. Well, my mother pointed out there is no noise ordinance in the county and if Tractor Man was close enough to “see the dogs barking” then he was trespassing, which is why the dogs were barking in the first place. Permit was granted and it was suggested that Tractor Man receive a copy of their property survey that my parents had done at their expense for their permit. Hee hee hee. Needless to say, my parents are not friends with Tractor Man, but Tractor Man has no friends at the county level. Anyone see a parallel here?

    Here is the difference. About a year later, a herd of pigs came barreling down the main drag of the property. (My parent’s property is oddly shaped and has a very obvious “lane” where the topography and landscape make a natural path.) These pigs, who all looked like little pink adorable body doubles from the movie Babe, started rooting right in front of the dog kennels, which caused the dogs to go berserk. One dog sustained a minor injury that made her ineligible for competitions important to her status as breeding stock in the future. My parents, who don’t know from pigs, were within THEIR RIGHTS (ahem, Naughlers) to release one of their dogs, a herding breed, to “move” the pigs along, with the possibility of injuring one of thr pigs. They also could have shot the pigs, because the rooting pigs were rooting up and destroying the ground and kennels. Instead, my parents called a friend who has pigs and they suggested that they make a noise like grain in a bucket and lure them away from the dogs. So my parents put some rice in the mop bucket and shook it. My father was in his late fifties at the time and he said it was a good thing he remembered he had run track in high school! He fled into a pen normally used to exercise the dogs and the 20 little piggies went stampeding Wee Wee Wee all the way with him. Then they called animal control and waited, surveying the damage to the kennels, the property and their dogs. After only about 30 minutes loose, it looked like a disaster area worthy of a call to FEMA.

    Two hours later, a man on a tractor with a trailer came up the same route the pigs did. He introduced himself as Tractor Man’s property manager. Turns out Tractor Man had been renting his property to a rancher who kept his pigs on part of the land. There was a solar powered fence to keep the pigs in and because of the many previous cloudy days the fence weakened to the point where the pigs escaped. An accident. Once. My parents had lived there 3 years and nothing like that had ever happened before or since and my parents have 5 other neighbors and have lived there going on 12 years. Tractor Man’s Proxy loaded up the errant swine, apologized and said Tractor Man would be in touch. My parents took pictures of the damage and took their minorly injured dog to the vet.

    The next day, Tractor Man rolled over and indeed apologized. After examining the damage and talking for a few minutes, there was a solution. My parent’s Homeowner’s insurance paid for the damage to the structure of the kennel so that there was a contractor and bids on the job and everything was above board (as opposed to Tractor Man’s Buddy “Cletus the Concrete Guy” doing the work) . The Homeowner’s insurance went after Tractor Man’s insurance and my parents weren’t penalized. The pigs had rooted under the concrete pad the kennels were on, causing structural damage in less than half an hour! Tractor Man paid out of pocket for the groundcover and fill dirt the pigs ruined and fixed the pen the pigs had occupied. My parents paid the vet bills because no one HAS to compete with their dogs and it was an unintended consequence. Never mind that it was a potential loss of thousands of dollars in lost investment and future earnings, it was an accident. Everyone walked (or rolled) away reasonably satisfied.

    Could Tractor Man had said “Not my pigs, not my problem?” Yep! Could he have never rolled by after the incident, leaving my parents with over ten thousand dollars in damages to pursue in court? Sure! Even if he didn’t have the money or resources to pay for the groundwork and the pen he replaced outright, my parents would have worked something out with him because they didn’t have the ready cash for that sort of thing. Not many average people do. He absolutely could have pulled a Naughler and my parents were both dreading and anticipating that. It is a mystery why he didn’t and the only explanation as to why he didn’t (that we came up with) is that he wasn’t declaring the income or there was something else on the property he didn’t want attention to be drawn to (take a lesson, Naughlers). When you behave like a totally irresponsible jackass, there are unpleasant consequences. Those people hurt everyone.

    Clearly the Naughlers are hurting themselves, because they are creating all this trouble that doesn’t have to exist to distract from the real issues: they abuse their children, they abuse their animals and they can’t pay their bills. But if they invent neighbor problems and livestock problems and stalker problems and make a bigger pretend deal about those, maybe we won’t pay attention to the serious horrible problems they are creating. My parents didn’t want to deal with their neighbor. It was one accident and it happened. They weren’t going to back down, but they weren’t going to make it into something it wasn’t. The neighbors don’t want to be dragged into the Naughlers mess unless they have to be. It is costly for them, a hassle for them and exhausting for them for no reason. There is no conspiracy. No one is egging on anyone except the Naughlers. The neighbors just want to be left alone, but if the Naughlers do that Joe and Nicole are left to face their serious and horrible issues. I can see why they would avoid those at all costs. Like the children, the neighbors are just victims of Joe and Nicole too.


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