A Night at the Movies

Nicole and video

Of all the stupid things Nicole has posted, this might be the dumbest.  I refer primarily to the lines highlighted in yellow.

Nicole, of course, has been snooping around looking either at various YouTube accounts or poking around on the Romancing website. Regardless, she doesn’t understand the first thing about what she’s talking about.

Here’s what she is referring to.

In May, 2015, just about the time that the Naugler children were being rescued from the shitshack, Cathy Harris decided to stage a protest at Bob Jones University.

I don’t want to get into gobs of detail here (the Romancing blog is a real Alice-in-Wonderland journey, and one that pretty much only interests people who were brought up in that fairly unique culture), but I am a fan of neither BJU nor Cathy Harris.  However, I do like the truth, and Cathy simply doesn’t tell the truth a good bit of the time.

Anyway, she was staging this protest. She advertised it all over the place. She invited the media. She invited a woman from SNAP (an organization that does something with sexual abuse cases).  It was going to be a big, big deal.

So I dubbed it “The Great Protest of 2015” and decided to live-blog it.

Now, mind you, Bob Jones University is in Greenville, SC, and I am here in Kentucky, so I was not there. I was not riding around in a car taking photos. I was sitting right here, right where I am at this moment, and people were sending me photos as fast as they could snap them.

If you scroll down that page I linked to, you’ll see those photos as they came in.  I posted them as fast as I could, scooping the local media (who were present) by about three hours.  Cathy wanted publicity. She begged for it.  I gave it to her.

But then, somebody sent me a short video they had taken on their phone, and I decided to upload it to YouTube.  Only it was just a six-second thing, and it told me that it really wanted to be a movie.

You have to understand Cathy to understand the movie. Cathy is one of those people who wants everything to be about her. We joke, often, about “Cathy Harris: The Movie.”  So I thought I would make just such a movie.

You can see it here.

Or hell, let’s just embed it.

It was fun to make and there is no “weird and creepy” text added. A few of the protest signs were Photoshopped by some of the folks who read the blog and what they say is not “weird” or “creepy.”  It is funny as hell, but if you have no idea what is going on, well, you won’t understand it.

For example, one Photoshopped sign says “Will work for candles.” I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that.  When Cathy first announced “The Great Protest” it was supposed to be a candlelight vigil.  That’s what was advertised for a long time.

And then suddenly, it was scheduled for noon.

Honestly, we expected her to be able to draw maybe as many as 50 people to this protest.  I was actually shocked to see only six, along with a kid and a cooler. There were almost as many media folks there as protesters.

So, there was no “cyberstalking.” There was a totally advertised public event that Cathy staged.  She begged for publicity. I gave her just that, a pretty good-sized audience, frankly.  I had a whole lot of help doing it. All I did was upload photos as they were sent to me.

But I have decided that maybe Nicole’s problem with all this is that she’s jealous.

Good golly, I do not want Nicole to be jealous of Cathy Harris and her movie.

So, because I am a really nice person in spite of Nicole’s inability to understand that, and in the interests of public service, I have made a movie for the Nauglers.

You’re welcome.


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  1. It’s called “Bones.” From the album “Revolution Lane.” Written and performed by my son, Nathan. Actually, the song was recorded as just a rough “draft,” one night, with nothing but Nate and a guitar and a guy on a bongo. After Nathan’s death, his producer got the ancillary musicians together and they recorded all the rest. I think they did a terrific job.



  2. Man I wanted to read her followers response but it seems she has taken the post down, cause I can’t find it.

    Basically, the comments consisted of “She’s mentally ill” (meaning me) and “What’s her name? We’ll stalk her” (bring it) and “You need to take out a warrant against her” (for what?) 🙂


  3. I’m a huge music fan and I felt Nathan’s two songs right in my heart. Beautiful melodies and excellent lyrics. The music business is so random. Truly talented artists may never be discovered on a national level and then we have some incredible shit on the radio day after day. It’s a mystery. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thank you. That was the best 4 minutes I’ve had in a long time. Nathan’s music is wonderful.
    Nic wanted a post and she got it. Hard when the truth bites isn’t it?


  5. Lol
    “I wake up with dirt in my eyes”..cued right up every time.

    Good job 10/10
    Story 5/10
    Disgusted 10/10
    No concessions, no dented cans ,no Imax? Lol


  6. Oh my deep belly laughs, this is so funny! If I may say so, St. Catherine of Victimhood upstaged, and the song is delicious! Bridges. The words are epic, ” so I’m burning down….all my bridges..” I guess some accolades are in order, Nicole sort of brought us to it. Thanks for sharing! A burning question though, I wonder what Cathy reported afterwards to her supporters about the candlelight protest? I mean it was supposed to be huge, advertising all over the place. Come on out supporters, show up in protest of Bob Jones University for my victimization. And there you have it.

    Nicole begged for publicity. We saw the news snippets, “Come out and peacefully protest at the courthouse.” Then, also the snippet, ” Come out and join us for a Clean Up Day”, inviting the public and also the TV News Media. It’s gonna be big. Gawd, I was thinking something like the organizing of Woodstock. Planning for parking, maybe some buses to transport peeps. Maybe people from all over the country, having seen the viral story of victimized. “Blessed Little Movie” depicts it, true story. If only the news station had the music choreographed to the slideshow. Another great song!

    Thanks for the entertainment! She can’t be jealous, she got her 4 minutes of fame too! Which I am wondering now, did Nicole report to the supporters afterwards? Did she say it was huge, really big? Did she grab the TV News Media slideshow and share it?

    “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (New Living Translation)

    Watching again, this time with popcorn!


  7. Nice touch, fitting Joe in like that. I mean, he lends himself to it but I don’t think he’s even imp status. Still…


  8. Well done Sally!!! That is too funny!
    The music is outstanding! Nathan had quite the talent which is a good reflection of you and your husband’s parenting. I’m glad his music lives on.


  9. Angie,

    The post is on her BLH Facebook page. Dated September 12. Squeezed between baby videos on her wall. Still there, comments and all. Nicole carefully leads her fans toward “discovering Sally” personally. I think Nicole has been schooled in the pitfalls of leading her fans to this blog. A little too much truth and rational examination of the bullshit has a tendency to scare off the newbies from the blessed. A side by side comparison of the two blog’s Nicole’s and Sally’s, show how lacking Nicole’s attempts of selling a new image are, nevermind taking into account how self serving and full of anger Nicole is


    I always enjoy Nathan’s beautiful and moving music. The slide show was eye opening. A picture does say a thousand words. Great job. Thank you.


  10. I thought Nicole said that she didn’t have the time, or energy to stalk you Sally. Looks like to me that she’s actually putting in a lot of effort searching the web high and low to come up with this nonsense she posts about you. But remember… She doesn’t read this blog. Oh no-siree-bob she doesn’t.

    What’s the matter Nicole? Is the truth too awful to bare?


  11. I wonder what Cathy reported afterwards to her supporters about the candlelight protest?

    LOL All Cathy’s “supporters” were there. All five of them. That was the part that was so damn amazing. Her partner-in-crime lived within about three miles of the campus and didn’t come.


  12. Nathan had quite the talent which is a good reflection of you and your husband’s parenting.

    All we did was make sure he had piano lessons, had a piano, kept it tuned, and got out of his way. Neither of us wanted him to be a musician (we both viewed it as an avocation, not a vocation, fearing starvation), but it was like trying to stop a freight train at full speed.


  13. Woke up this morning. It’s one of those, “Oh fuck, that’s right. My son is still dead and this sucks just as bad today as it did yesterday and last week and last month” kind of days. The kind where I don’t want to get out of bed, but the damn coffee is in the kitchen and without it my brain won’t be able to grind itself into first gear. Watched both videos. Laughed at the pictures and then couldn’t help but go check out the music.

    I can tell you that I will get through today because this song is running on repeat
    “A thousand miles away from you
    Seems like a small eternity.
    I’ll just sing a song to pass the time tonight
    And ease the pain that’s gonna be the death of me.”

    Thank you for sharing Nathan’s music with us.


  14. Wow. First I watched the vigil movie….After all of 15 seconds in I realized I wasn’t paying attention to the images at all because the music was so compelling. I was saying to myself “I bet that’s Nathan,” because it sounded like him (I had only listened to 2 other songs prior to today), and then I was saying “I hope that’s Nathan,” because it was so good.

    Loved the song on the Nicole “tribute” as well. Those lines about burning bridges really resonate here. I admit I said “ouch” when I saw the pictures, even though I’ve seen nearly all of them (one or two were new to me) several times. I’m impressed that Nicole’s initial online response was a verbal shrug. But the weekend is just beginning….


  15. Oh, and Sally, I loved your reply to a comment about Nathan’s talent…that changing his career path would have been like “stopping a freight train at full speed.” With my oldest beginning her senior year of high school I can only hope to have such clarity and wisdom about her choices in the next few years.

    The circumstances are different, as my daughter is the cautious one, and my husband and I constantly try to encourage her out of her comfort zone, but it all speaks to what I find the most amazing and fascinating aspect of parenting….the awe I feel at the ways our children are different from us, rather than how they may be the same.

    Some people are probably going to say your video is silly and perhaps a needless thumb in the Naugler eye, and I imagine you set about making it with the goal of nothing higher than a bit of humor, but perhaps my rather lengthy comments prove that for this reader it has been surprisingly thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing your writing talent and your son’s music talent with us.


  16. Perfect Sally, absolutely love the music. It was a sad reminder of the filth, disarray and abject poverty she believes is perfectly fine and is constantly defending. Add in the assault to your senses from the stench of unwashed humans and animals and all their effects, burning trash,
    bug spray , gas and propane fumes, and there you have it. The perfect little homestead getaway for those looking for something totally different. Be sure to have your shots up to date however, (and comparable to a trip to Somalia.) (I read she has that in her plans too, providing a vacation place for those looking to explore the off grid lifestyle.) Bless her heart.

    Now, I’m off to Kroger with my official statist slave ID for my flu shot. Thanks for the reminder Sally. Sally, wonderful picture of you, and you do have the most beautiful infectious smile! I bet you lifted the spirits of a thousand patients with that smile. I’m smiling.


  17. I can tell you that I will get through today because this song is running on repeat

    He was 18 when he wrote that, IIRC. It was about his first love. She married someone else, and he cut her wedding photo out of the paper and was grieving over it. His dad went into his room one day and offered Nathan $100 for the photo. Nate could be bought, so he sold it to his father. Dave took it out and burned it and then smiled at Nate and hugged him. I’ll never forget it. That’s what that song reminds me of.


  18. Thank you Sally. Perfect song for the movie.

    Not afraid of two LE armed? Why did she cry like a baby when they slapped the cuffs on her? Sorry Nicole you are all talk and no action. I bet if you were confronted face to face by anyone you would tuck your tail and run.

    Oh that picture of Joe leering at Nicole from the interview they did is priceless. I can read his thoughts projected by the look on his face = I will tap that! LOL

    Passing around the good home grown popcorn for everyone to enjoy.


  19. Just a note:

    For anyone who is interested in Nathan’s music, go here. Scroll down to the section called “The Great Live Giveaway.” You can read about it there. If you’d like to have a free hard-copy album, by all means, order a box. And that’s the rub. You have to pay the postage. (We’d go broke if we just mailed them all over at our own expense.) Since you have to pay the postage, we figured out how many we could send in one package for the least money.

    What do you do with all those extras?

    You give them away.

    People want digital music nowadays. About six months before Nathan died, we were at his house in Raleigh. He was just mystified. He’d gotten a check from CDBaby and he didn’t see where he’d sold any albums and he couldn’t figure it out. So we sat down and went through his account and it suddenly dawned on me. He’d sold a bunch of digital copies of songs and that was the royalty check. We were just blown away. No packaging. No storing CDs or ordering them, or wondering about running low. No mailing anything. Just sold, instantly delivered and done.

    That was ten years ago, and the ratio of hard copies to digital copies then was about 10 to 1. Now it’s the reverse, or even more than the reverse.

    So, if you want them, order a box. 🙂


  20. On my way to a football game with my daughter but I will be buying these tonight. I am a music lover and the stuff I checked out on youtube this morning blew me away. So talented.


  21. Loved the videos. The Naugler one just encapsulates the absurdity of Nicole’s statements and little fantasy world she lives in. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t for the umpteen children living in the reality of her insanity and inexplicably returned there by CPS.
    I love Nathan’s music. I was compelled to play the video again just to listen without the images. He had a seldom heard raw talent. I’m so glad you and others are making sure we all get to keep enjoying his work. Thanks Sally


  22. Thanks for turning me onto Nathan’s music. I’ll be ordering my CD’s before Christmas and maybe a few for the musicians and groovy few in my life. Making Nathan’s music available for free (just shipping) is a wonderful way to make your son’s music accessible to the world, as he lives on through every chord.


  23. Clueless Detective and fb refugee: your posts clearly express my own feelings. Thank you for writing them.

    Sally: (*please hear this*) Nathan mattered. He made a difference in our world. Thank you for sharing his gift with us. Nathan wins ALL the music awards.


  24. Your son’s music is just incredible.

    That video made me sad for the kids and angry at her and Joe. Living like that is really a choice they consciously made when they blew $45k on who knows what the fuck. They don’t care about the kids and their needs at all. Those kids are being forced to live in such filth and poverty, and we’re supposed to believe the kids want that. (By the way, did you see her new photos on her BLH FB page where they had family photos done in front of a another cabin instead of their own shed, like she’s trying to pass it off as hers?) If I didn’t know the background on them, I’d feel bad for the woman in that video who looks overwhelmed at times, but I do know, and I know that that woman was literally gifted with an out, and shat on it.


  25. Wow ….. forget the actual “movie” – never actually watched it as the music was so beautiful!

    Shut my eyes and listened and then played it again.

    The Nogs can do one this morning – I am off to check out more of your Son’s music 🙂


  26. One note: I did not use Nate’s music in either video in order to pimp him out. In the protest video, I had originally thought of using “Cathy’s Clowns” but there are copyright issues involved. And then I thought about “Bridges” and how the lyrics talk about clowns. So I looked at the song and it fit pretty well and there were no copyright issues.

    For the Naugler video, I did the same thing. I use music I own the copyright to and end all issues. I use photos available in the public media and end issues. 🙂 It’s a win-win, and besides, Nathan would think it was hilarious (as do I).

    The point is, it was the copyright that concerned me primarily. Thank you all, though, for listening to him.


  27. The music is really phenomenal. Lyrics, music and most of all the emotion the artist creates in the listener. Truly great.


  28. I guess the little boy in shorts on the front row of the family picture isn’t featured much on her blog or facebook. I don’t even remember his name or Nicole posting much of anything about him in the four years I have followed her blog. Weird.

    I noticed years ago that she posted lots of videos on youtube of two particular children. Even if the other kids were playing or dancing or working nearby, she seemed to just want those two children in the video. They were all so young four years ago that I don’t think it had anything to do with the children not wanting videos taken. And she doesn’t seem like the kind of parent to withhold pictures and stories from the public just because it makes the kids uncomfortable. After all, the only information and pictures anyone has of her family is stuff SHE has chosen to publicly share.


  29. I had mixed emotions listening to Nate’s poignant song while looking at pictures of the Naugler mess.
    I’ve felt frustration with Nicole and anger at Joseph for the environment they have created for their children.
    Despair has to be a constant emotion with Nicole and her older children.
    I can’t help wondering what the children think of late at night, in the dark, after the cacophony falls silent.
    “Bones” could be come the Naugler anthem for the children.


  30. @Bea: It’s common for people like this to pick out a child (in a smaller family it’s usually just one child, but she’s got lots of options) to be the special one, the one who gets all the attention and cookies. Note that this doesn’t necessarily translate to actual help. It’s entirely possible for this/these child(ren), also known as the Golden Child(ren), to have lifelong medical problems because their doting parents never actually took them to the doctor. Meanwhile, there’s at least one other child in the family who gets elected as a sort of emotional trash can, blamed for everything that goes wrong and often for existing at all (or for things that happened before they were even born). That child may be called the Scapegoat.

    Note that none of this has any rational basis whatsoever. The choice of Golden Child and Scapegoat is based entirely on the whims of the parent(s). One child may get the Golden treatment from one parent and the Scapegoat treatment from the other–or both from the same parent depending on their mood. It’s possible to be promoted from Scapegoat to Golden Child for doing or being something that catches the fancy of the parent (having the first grandchild…) and demoted just as easily (…but not of the parent’s preferred gender).

    So I would expect that at least one of the kids who’s on camera all the time is a Golden Child, for what that’s worth in the Blessed Little Mudhole. The Scapegoat is probably one of the ones who is usually in the background doing some actual work–the Scapegoat often being commanded to support the family while simultaneously being torn down by that same family. And there’s probably at least one Lost Child there too, who hasn’t had any personal attention from their parents since they can remember and is described by one or both of them as a good kid who never gives them any trouble although they can’t name one thing the child actually likes or has done recently.


  31. I thought Nathan’s music was brilliant! As I listened to the lyrics I did feel sad for those children. I really think it’s because you can sense the emotions coming through in the music. Your son was very talented Sally. I know you don’t want to take credit for his talent. You are a very talented writer as well so he had to get it somewhere. Well done!


  32. What a talent your son possessed. The second time around I closed my eyes to listen, and felt my heart grow. Watching the video of the shack filled me with sadness and despair. How fortunate I am that I can close my eyes and those feelings disappear. How unfortunate for the children that when they open their eyes it is their reality.

    Thank you Sally


  33. Sally,

    Congratulations on making your first Blessed Little Movie. I do hope there will be many more to come.
    Especially now, after reading Nicole’s BLH Blog on “7 Things You Should Know About Karen Brightbill’s Blog About Us.”
    Nicole is trying to explain away every little detail ever written or blogged about this Train Wreck. As if everyone has it all wrong and it is just misleading information.

    We have seen this pattern of behavior many times before in the past. Like when Nicole tried to explain away every little detail in all those horrible PICTURES of the children. Explain away ALEX, the fifty living conditions, the pond, outdoor kitchen, the dirty cloths, explain how C.P.S and police had no right to even be there when in FACT they had every right to be there.
    No matter the topic or issue Nicole just try’s to explain EVERYTHING away.

    We all know her game…but not everyone else out there does. Which is why this blog is so important in letting the unsuspecting public know the TRUTH.

    Keep up the good work Sally…… 🙂


  34. Nicole wrote that she saw the movie and was “highly disappointed” with it and its “boring music.” Translated to mean…. It bugged the crap out of her.
    Maybe she came here just to see her movie because we all know she doesn’t read this blog and doesn’t have the “time, or energy” to stalk Sally.


  35. “Why is blh taking photos in front of a house that is not theirs?? Ashamed of the shack?”

    I would guess it’s for a brand new set of supporters, or supporters-to-be, when they roll out their holiday grifting, excuse me, GIFTING opportunities on BLH, Facebook, Amazon, GoFundMe and other venues.

    Abject poverty porn isn’t working so well. Now they’re going to try being slightly more capable at caring for their family, but in need of as much help as employed “whores of the state” care to give.


  36. Nicole can certainly prattle on trying to debunk Sally, Karen Brightbill, whoever. Nicole will toss out a passel of revisionist history and try to persuade people that they were never screwed by the Nauglers. The truth is that just about everyone who has ever met maw and paw Naugler or had dealings with them suffered through and from the experience. Folks who know the Nauglers in real life really don’t like them, want them to be around, and are really happy when they leave. Why? Because the Nauglers con and bully everyone and are the hugest nuisances (parasites) while asking for handouts.

    BTW Nathan was a heck of a musician. I really enjoyed the music and sly editing “sleep with the devil” showing Joe and “wake up with dirt in my eyes” showing the holy bedchamber.


  37. Does anyone else lay awake at night and wonder what happened to Nome Thompson.All I can picture is that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when they are serving BBQ.


  38. I know where there pictures were taken, and if we were into taking family photos I would go there as well. It’s such a beautiful area. We used to go there a lot.

    Family photos don’t need to be taken on your property, whether your ashamed of it or not.


  39. I think that the interest was solely because the photo of the kids is taken in front of a cabin and the impression given is that that cabin is the Blessed Garden Shed, which of course it is not.


  40. No she tells people where it’s taken at. I’m not trying to stick up for them, but obviously people aren’t reading the comments, cause she is telling people where it’s at, and that it’s not their cabin.


  41. I know she said it wasn’t their cabin when she was specifically asked. My point is just the one you are making. People do not read all the comments and they are assuming that it’s the Naugler cabin. Many of her “followers” don’t really follow very closely. That’s why they make comments about how many boys there are. I’ve seen some of them ask how many children they have.

    It’s not what is in the comments. It’s the impression created by the photo itself, which is all most people bother with.

    And for all I know, the photographer picked that site for the picture. I am not specifically blaming Nicole for it. It could have been completely unintentional, however it is what it is.


  42. The family picture with everyone fully clothed including shoes in front of that cabin was done after Sally’s video revealing the appalling Naugler living conditions to a new group of potential “fo$$owers”. Misleading by omitting relevant details until specifically asked is typical of Nicole.
    If you’ve followed for any length of time you know Nicole is reactive but deceptive, and will always attempt to counter truthful insightful and revealing press. She believes she is defending her family, but she always bends the truth or gives outright false information. She also will also delete or simply ignore any questions that force her hand at revealing the truth, and many here have experienced that. But when another FB page showed that exact cabin at a local park, only then did that question suddenly appear with an answer.
    The staged photo occurring when and where it did and the timing of the revelation that the cabin pictured was not theirs all pure happenstance? The odds so unlikely as to be impossible.


  43. Sally, please blog about Nicnog’s latest post on BLH. She thought all of the leg-humpers would jump on her train. But it back-fired and you can bet she is seething over it! She is probably having nightmares of birth certificates and social security numbers chasing her down the path to the poo.

    And Nathan’s music? *swoon*


  44. it IS odd to take a family photo in front of a house that is not yours. Why have the cabin in it at all? Nicoles life is an illusion.


  45. Correct me if I’m wrong but is that not a Mock Orange Bush in the Family Photo?
    If it is they bloom in late spring to early summer telling me this picture was taken earlier this year. They are out of season to be in bloom now.

    If the picture was taken a few months ago why would she have not posted it before now?

    Wonder if she really is pregnant again and trying to hide it by posting older photos?

    Thing’s that make ya go humm????


  46. Sally: “I know she said it wasn’t their cabin when she was specifically asked. My point is just the one you are making. People do not read all the comments and they are assuming that it’s the Naugler cabin. Many of her “followers” don’t really follow very closely. That’s why they make comments about how many boys there are. I’ve seen some of them ask how many children they have.

    It’s not what is in the comments. It’s the impression created by the photo itself, which is all most people bother with.”

    Exaaactly. It is so clear that all of those critically thinking supporters don’t read the comments when every few posts remarks on the assumption that there’s “only one girl!?”. What a frustrating cohort of people lol. They are all about as sharp as poached eggs.

    Also, the time stamp on the question and answer about the cabin shows it popped up just a few minutes after people started remarking on that deception in other places. This way she can cover her butt by claiming she was honest, while obfuscating the truth by burying the answer in a comment section that her followers–all of whom seem to have questionable literacy skills–will never ever read.


  47. “If the picture was taken a few months ago why would she have not posted it before now?”

    It wasn’t. The baby does not look a few months younger in the photo.


  48. Honestly I don’t even think she is pregnant. I see her regularly where I work right now, and she does not look pregnant.


  49. At @ElMacho…I do, I most certainly do.
    “Does anyone else lay awake at night and wonder what happened to Nome Thompson.”


  50. I’m up to my elbows in apples (applesauce, jelly, apple slices, apple butter, dried apples…well, you get it) so I’ve been too busy to post but I do read. BTW, the blessed mother of the blessed shit shack recently asked her blessed followers how they respond in stressful situations and someone wrote and I’m paraphrasing…I scream for the cops to shoot me and scream to the kids that the cops are going to shoot them….love it.
    Loved the music. Gotta run but will be back.


  51. So, I had to watch the video again so that I could listen to your son’s music again. There’s an apparent dichotomy between the visual and musical rhetoric which may or may not be intentional: On the one hand, the music of your son is pure and flawless, provoking strength and hope, but, on the other hand, the images of N and J and their “improved” land are of filth and defect, portraying weakness and hopelessness. When I went back and read some of the horrible things that N has said about you, your husband, and your son, at first I thought it was blasphemy against his work and against him to use his music in the video that showcase her, but then I realized that whether intentional or not, the rhetorical device you used shows the fruits or the lack thereof of the labor of two women and the legitimacy and authenticity of reliability; perhaps that’s one of the reasons why N and J hate this blog so much…they can run from the truth but they cannot hide from the facts….facts pure and simple: Sally raised an exceptional young man and sadly N is free ranging her children and if they have potential, no one will ever know because those kids, from the looks of all those pictures, are in survival mode…just trying to get from one day to the next without being called on to carry the shit bucket.


  52. Nathan would wholeheartedly approve of the movie. He’d be laughing along with us. He had a super good sense of humor and he would have found the Naugler situation beyond appalling. My overwhelming motive, though, was to avoid copyright issues. People set all sorts of YouTube vids to copyrighted music all the time, I know, but I am just allergic to doing that.


  53. Sally: “People set all sorts of YouTube vids to copyrighted music all the time, I know, but I am just allergic to doing that.”

    Also, youtube goes through and removes those videos eventfully so using copyright music is not a reliable way to go if you want assurance that your video will remain accessible.


  54. Just bought the 12 cd’s(had them sent to a friends house because I’m in the middle of moving), I thought that was your son when I watched the video but wasn’t for sure… Regardless of us disagreeing on some things… Your son had an amazing voice and talent!! I’m sorry for your loss??


  55. Thank you, Kendra. Got your order and it will be in the mail today. Keep in mind that to keep postage costs as low as possible (we wanted to get as near to “free” as we possibly could), it will be sent via media mail, which is slow.

    Nathan would thank you very much. The LIVE cd is awesome.


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