A Nice Milestone

stats March

Thanks, everyone.

I know this is sort of small and hard to read, but I included the whole thing so that those idiots  can see that I did not make this up.  You can clearly see “Blessed Little Blog” in the upper left corner, and “Howdy, Blessed Little Blogger” in the upper right one.

Not bad for just a few months.


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  1. Those 5 or 6, or maybe 11 or 12 “trolls” are responsible for all those page views? Laughing! Congratulations Sally on providing a stimulating, interesting and educational blog centered on truth.


  2. Congrats and thanks! For having a place to discuss these issues and bringing the Truth to the table.


  3. Congratulations!
    Thank you for your fair, unbiased blog. No Sugar..straight to the point. 😉
    I’m an avid reader. If you have other works…I would love to read more. I find myself drooling while reading…and impatient when I have to wait.


  4. Thank you for the blog and all the accurate and informative information.

    Congrats on the mile stone.

    I am sure it is not just the trolls reading. Probably a good share of those that are starting to see all the outright lies and stories that change with the wind thus the reason for the decline in supporters and the increase in more questions being put to Nicole by people who have said they have been following for a while. Now that they have a place to get the truth they are able to see her for what she really is worth.

    Please keep up the great posts.


  5. Congratulations, and well done! I’m a regular reader, and while all the posts have been quite interesting, there are my very favorites.

    I echo Michelle, thanks for creating a place to discuss these issues. Accurate information and truths. Interesting and stimulating. Educational too!

    I am enjoying the commenting community, too. Keeping a mature and respectful environment.


  6. They tried so hard to silence us all with their bullying tactics.

    But Thanks to you Sally, we finally have a safe place to speak up for the children and let our voices and concern’s be heard. A place where others who walk into this so blindly, can read and see the real proof of what is really going on and what is happening to these children.

    Congratulations and keep up the hard work Sally.


  7. Just in case Joe and Nicole Naugler were wondering why so many people are still paying such close attention to their activities, it’s because you defrauded people with your plea for money in 2015. If you were being persecuted for home schooling, HSLDA, the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, would have defended you. They decided against it after getting more information.

    It goes on and on. You haven’t yet grown a garden to sustain your family. You flunked at chickens once already. No current photos of the rabbits. No evidence of a working humanure composting site on your property. You (Joe and Nicole) couldn’t figure out how to get a cabin built during the 8 weeks your children were gone, which may have resulted in them returning to you sooner and then when they were returned, you STILL couldn’t get a cabin built. Despite good weather. You had at least $45,000 donated to you and probably quite a bit more via USPS (cash and checks) but it took a GAL to goad you into providing something with a floor, walls and a ceiling that was reasonably weatherproof.

    You’re frauds, Joe and Nicole. You’re the moral equivalent of James T. Reynolds Sr. and I really hope your children don’t actively participate in your scam after they turn 18 years of age.


  8. Congratulations on your milestone.

    Thank you for your courage, your willingness to share your own experiences. And most of all thank you for the truths you have uncovered about the sad state of the infamous homestead.

    You are truly appreciated, and, I applaud you.


  9. It is great to see the blog getting so many hits; it’s informative, well written and good fun. Keep it up!


  10. Did you notice Mrs. N’s growing waistline in a February picture on her personal Facebook? She is shown holding a small dog she has just groomed, and has a very obvious bump, along with the netted dreadlocks.

    Please, not yet another little Naugler on the way. Please, please, let that be an old picture. Please.

    I enjoy your blog. I do think the young piano-picker has good (at least relative, possibly perfect, but who would be able to tell??) pitch and perhaps an interest in music, rather being completely lacking in musical talent – too bad he is unlikely to receive piano lessons on a tuned instrument in the foreseeable future. to see if his talents are more extensive. I also found it interesting that he was either transposing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” into a minor key – or else he couldn’t tell the difference between major and minor. I hope it was the first.

    If only he and his siblings were given the support and interest to pursue their talents and interests. His sister has some gift for art – to what extent is unknown, and will likely remain unknown. Even without formal lessons, the children’s parents could do much to encourage their children’s creativity. Do they ever borrow library books on art and on artistic techniques? How about listening to classical and traditional music on the radio or online? The older boys have a boom box (or whatever it’s called these days). There is a PBS station in Louisville which is readily accessible on the car radio – WRFL. Does Nicole ever tune it in while driving her kids to and from work?

    This sort of support of their children’s interests and gifts is standard fare for most homeschoolers. We do know that the Naugler children have at least a few art supplies, and that’s good. But so very much is lacking for these children, and claiming that one is non-materialistic just doesn’t hack it, under the circumstances. There is just so much neglect – spiritual, physical, educational, cultural….and the more Nicole is criticized, the more she fights back and the more defensive (and offensive) and entrenched she becomes. Yet how can one not speak out, knowing what needless neglect and cavalier disregard has been consistently present in the lives of her children?

    Just please, please – no more little Nauglers on the way.


  11. “Just please, please – no more little Nauglers on the way.”

    Now you’ve done it. She’ll make every effort to get pregnant now – just to show up the “haters” who would wish otherwise.


  12. Thank you your well written, informative posts, which contain a treasure trove of advice and information if only the Naugler’s were intelligent enough to use it. There is so much they could achieve by listening to experienced people such as yourself, but sadly I don’t think they have the stamina or energy required to successfully care for a potted cactus, let alone a few acres of land. It is far easier for them I’m sure, to sit on their hands and criticise others, taking handouts when they are given, than to actually try to turn their lives around and possibly experience failure. I’m sure it is fear. If they don’t ever try, they cannot ever fail.

    Thank you also for the gift of your sons music. As I’m not from the US, I hadn’t heard of him before, but am awed by his talent. What a truly amazing young man he was, and what proud parents you must be.


  13. Sally,
    Thankyou for this truthful, well written intelligent blog.
    I feel very safe here.
    The times I’ve read,on my IPad, Nicole’s different face book sites. I’ve been afraid I’ll accidentally hit “like” while scrolling through.
    That could be bad if I left an identifying trace of myself there.
    Here, I have no problem at all with your knowing who I am.


  14. Lol my clumsey fingers or old phone “likes” things all the time. Sometimes it’s not so bad but it usually happens on something terrible.


  15. I do hope you’ll update this again at the end of the day on the 31st.

    I’m amused at how upset the Nauglers are about this blog. They should go read what people write about them on FJ.


  16. I love this blog…i think whatever topic you wrote about would be interesting.

    I actually do like some of their (Nicole&Joe) posts…i know we all disagree with what they are doing on the whole, but I do believe they love their children, so those pics of the kids and the video of the son playing the piano, i found very sweet by the way, i tried to make it sordid and horrible but i couldn’t.
    I dont believe they are monsters…they are sick, pathological and caught up in this vortex of insanity they brought on themselves.
    I understand the purpose of this blog, to protect and educate those who might send money or support her or rather enable her
    delusions of creating this world she is so desperately clinging to.

    “The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear,resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there?-Buddha

    (I was trying to get in all my thoughts…sorry this is so choppy…i have a 3 year old…i have only a minute here or there)


  17. I dont believe they are monsters…

    I have a very hard time having kind thoughts about a woman who called my child a “dead junkie.” I don’t forget, ever. Not ever.


  18. Blessed Little Blogger, nor should you waste your time with kind thoughts for someone who would trample your rights, your thoughts, your life, your very essence given half a chance, because they firmly believe that their desires trump everything else, and believe that they may use any method to achieve their ends.

    These are people who have shown that they are comfortable with online, as well as, real life bullying, intimidation, harassment and threats of physical violence to get what they want or to silence their critics. They aim their vitriol at family, friends, strangers, whomever they deem has slighted them in some way.

    I leave turning the other cheek to others. If life experience and history have taught me anything, ignoring and appeasement don’t work with such bullies as the Nauglers appear to be. Revealing their heinous acts does. Countering false propaganda does. Refusing to let someone treat you in such a manner does. Do not let them hide their vile acts in the shadows. The truth will set us all free.


  19. I am changing my statement,she really is a monster. I just listened to the audio recordings she made from when the state came to investigate and subsequently remove the children. She sounds crazy and cult like. Those poor babies.
    And the craziest thing is she posts these pictures of the kids like its quaint, but the latest is of the children playing , i think she said, “mealtime” …they are on cinder blocks and plywood. WTF is quaint about that?? I look at their lifestyle and just see booboos, splinters and infections. What was i thinking? Some people just cant be helped, they must be forced to do the right thing.
    And that previous statement I said about her loving her children, she may love them…but she doesnt love them enough.


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