94 thoughts on “A New Shed?”

  1. A bigger garden shed, glad the loft children have a window now…but where does the money come from?


  2. It appears to at least be larger than the last lawn tractor sized shed she had her brood crammed into


  3. How long is it going to take for them to destroy this one? I looked on BLH to see what people had to say, but the pictures aren’t on there.


  4. I’m thrilled for the kids.
    It’s not what they’ve talked about but it’s a huge improvement.


  5. Glad they got a bigger shed. Teenagers need some privacy, maybe now they’ll get some. I wonder if the kids will get mattresses in this one or if they’ll continue to sleep on pallets.


  6. Rules must be different in Kentucky. Everywhere else harassment such as this, of a family with young children, would be punishable with jail time.

    You must have nothing to do.

    Why not get a job, or volunteer, or something and leave your neighbors alone?


  7. Well, it looks bigger? It seems to have a good number of windows. So nice and bright. I mean, she’s super pissed off that people know about it but if it provides more room, plus the other one, for the gaggle of kids, it’s good, right? I mean, if one chooses to live in shed and not build a permanent structure. And it’s right by the property line, so they can see everything, right? And it must be by the outhouse so it’s easy to dump the night soil bucket in, right? And she said they’ll protect themselves from people driving by being looky loos so it’ll be easier to film them and fire at them from the window’s, right? I’m trying to be positive here because I’ve been such a horrible bitch lately. Am I doing okay?


  8. I guess cps forced them into this housing upgrade. I suppose cps also paid for it. The Nauglers owe the taxpayers of Kentucky a huge thank you!


  9. It is an improvement, for sure. More space for the always growing number of kids. It almost has a school house look, to it.

    Is this the permanent cabin?


  10. Will all the animals be housed in one end of the new shed?
    Will the offspring have to pay for their own ‘new’ space?
    Where, oh where did the $ come from for this new addition, since hopefully it is better than the old shed.
    Grooming must have become the new secret $ money making scheme.
    Movin’on up!


  11. Huh.

    Kinda looks like they did custom windows where the horses would usually hang their heads out.

    Anyone know if the old shed is still there, or if the new one replaced it?


  12. Since Nicole has decided to direct people over here, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about a subject that Joe and Nicole DONT talk about. That topic being: what Joe and Nicole have done to draw anger from so many people. Did you see the local feedback of people in their community when the local news station ran a story on them? Should have been a big clue.

    Above and beyond the sick shit they’ve done to their own kids….perhaps people would like to know what these people have done to others?

    Critics of Joe and Nicole online have been stalked and harassed.

    Family members of critics have been contacted and harassed.

    Places of employment of critics have been contacted and harassed.

    Even expressing concern about the kids in a neutral way…has been met with threats of violence and bodily harm.

    Joe and Nicole have sucked church communities dry of charity and hand outs..and have been asked to leave by ministries because their behavior is disruptive and inappropriate.

    Joe and Nicole have been critical of our military, going so far as to call our troops baby killers.

    Joe and Nicole constantly degrade our police and abuse public safety with trivial vindictive complaints.

    Joe and Nicole have made fun of parents who have lost their children.

    Joe and Nicole have sanitized their previous blogs of many of the things people were outraged by…photos that showed neglect and endangerment of the kids.

    Joe and Nicole are shitty neighbors. Their kids are often unsupervised. Their animals run as loose as their kids do. They never concern themselves with the rights of others…only their own rights.
    Joe and Nicole did and probably continue to dump human waste on the ground all over their property. If you had a private well, would you their shit water running off onto your land? Would you want flies landing in their shit and coming to your house spreading illness?

    Joe and Nicole’s kids have a lot of high ticket luxury items (a horse, kayaks, purebred puppies, an XBox, computers, phones) and they have a VERY nice grooming salon for being as rat shit poor as they claim to be. But they still have their hand out for “donations” with their Paypal button.

    Have you figured out that you’ve been conned yet?

    Joe and Nicole love to play victim…after THEY stir the pot 24/7. They go looking for conflict. They harass other people in horrifically over the top inappropriate and illegal ways…and then bitch and cry because someone calls them out on it.

    To Nicole….because I know you’re reading. If you quit stirring the pot, if you quit the juvenile behavior and harassment of your own….people would forget about you so fast it would make your head swim. But you can’t quit being a nasty bitch and seeking out negative attention, can you?

    Karma is real. Those poor kids.


  13. Nicole asks: “But still how would you feel if people drove slowly by your house taking pictures of your home and your children in the yard and posted them on a website.”

    I dunno, Nicole…..but I would GUESS it would feel a lot like when someone takes VIDEO of your dog outside your business and puts it up on a website without ever consulting you or asking permission. And then….you know….refuses to take it down.

    Remember when you did that, Nicole? Remember when you said you had every right to take and post any photo you want from a public parking lot? Same would apply to public roads, I’d expect.

    Do tell….why was it ok for you to do this? Why do different rules apply to other people and not you?

    What a shit-stirring hypocrite you are.

    Do you honestly wonder why people are compelled to give you a taste of your own medicine?


  14. Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to move that new shed once the hill dries up? Maybe my perspective on size and distance is off, but in my mind it would have been cheaper and easier to reschedule the delivery wouldn’t it??


  15. Wow, that is ALOT of windows in that shed! I’ve never seen a shed that large before and I’m just sitting here wondering what the dimensions are…LOL


  16. Why are you Hrassing the family? No one deserves to be harassed. Just because they don’t live like us does not mean they want to be a sideshow freak show like people are trying to make them to be. Where is your common decency and respect for the family.


  17. Nicole is trying to make it sound like people are taking pictures of her children and posting them online. Nobody has EVER done that! Nicole is lying to get people upset.

    Why does she have her kids so afraid that they run if someone stops to take pictures from the road? No one is talking to her kids or coming into the yard.

    She has a blog with 42,000 followers where SHE posts public pictures of her family and their daily life. Doesn’t is seem understandable that someone would be interested enough to drive by the property? I’m sure the Duggers and Pioneer Woman and other public figures have people taking pictures and driving by too. Do their parents teach them to live in fear too? I’m sure most people with 42,000 or more followers have people that are “haters” and “trolls”, but public people have to just ignore them because it’s not illegal to “hate”, “troll”, or take pictures from a public road.

    I have had some “troll” neighbors for several years. We don’t have a homeowners association and this particular man and his wife are cranky to everyone and have taken it upon themselves to keep the neighborhood in shape. He and his wife take pictures of us and our yard over the fence, they sit and stare over the fence at my children, yell things at us, call the city code enforcement office if our grass is starting to get too high, and call the spca is our dogs look like they need groomed. The police told us to ignore them and we do. We have told our children that we can’t control how other people choose to live, but we can control how we live and behave.
    I don’t want my children to look back on their childhood and remember being afraid of these neighbors or of having parents who were controlled by others behavior. I want to slap the snot out of these neighbors. But I don’t. I also don’t publicly document their behavior or teach my children to fear them or run from them. We just ignore them and live our lives the way we choose. I wish Nicole and Joe would do the same for their kids. I can’t imagine growing up with parents who are controlled by others actions the way Joe and Nicole are.


  18. Methinks someone is happy you remembered her, Sally. She was feeling kinda left out.

    I’m on the fence about the shed. Let me be clear; if it’s not properly set up, it’s NOT an improvement. Without being FULLY insulated, without a proper site set, without the floor being properly finished, without a safe wood stove being installed, it’s just another shed she’s cramming a bunch of kids into.

    So, after careful consideration, I don’t think anyone should consider this an improvement. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the age of the last shed, what it’s constructed of, what little extra work, how much moisture accumulated without a vapor barrier, and how many times they had it moved, just​ to get an idea of it’s condition. It’s also just about 2 years from when the kids were returned, and until right this week, there has been very little actual improvement in the situation that caused the children to be removed.
    Sorry, no judge keeps a case open without an end game. There is a case plan, and one can extropolate from Nikki’s posts, like you have collected, just what some of those requirements are.

    She always gives up the ghost. We now know there were charges, and a plea on those charges. This had nothing to do with homeschooling. That was just one paper out of many detailing the individual causes of action.

    So, no excitement here about the kids finally getting a larger place. It means nothing without full follow through, and Nauglers have never followed through with anything.

    Now to sit back and wait for my rape threats from Nikki’s sock accounts


  19. I thought you guys were moving?
    LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 12 mins
    Blessed Little Homestead
    Blessed Little Homestead No. Several months ago we announce that plans have been changed. The group of people stalking us made it clear that they would follow us where we went to and the new location didn’t want to bring the drama there.

    I find it funny they try to hard to run us out of town and by doing so ruined the only opportunity we had to move out of town. Kind of a slap in Al’s face lol

    Can a landlord or land company really refuse to rent to someone because they have online trolls? I mean, the court video clearly showed that Nicole and Joe didn’t have any evidence of people driving by or stalking them (even at work).

    So how can the Nauglers tell people they can’t move because of the “haters”? I guess that looks better for her followers than telling the truth. Because a landlord doesn’t care if people hate you or blog about you or stalk you. They care if a background check shows you have a conviction for criminal menacing (threatening a woman with a gun). They care if there are court records that the county had to force you to use a port a potty instead of dumping the raw waste of ten or so people on the ground (not proper composting, just having the kids dump it somewhere).


  20. So do they trade their old shed in on the new one or do they keep the old one to put their tools in? I am curious about the pride they feel for their lack of progress.


  21. Nicole you are the one be who would post pictures of other people’s home even when they would come out and tell you not to and ask you why you were doing so. Do you remember that??? You proudly posted it was your right to do so!

    For the supporters of Joe and Nicole. Joe doesn’t work. Won’t pay taxes. But has NO qualms with you working, paying taxes and giving him the money. It is not worth it for him to work even part time and earn 250 a week. This was posted by Nicole.

    Who buys Joe’s weed??? You do if you give money to them. Who pays for fireworks, pure breed dogs, a pig, rabbits, a horse and any other thing that they have?? You do. You are supporting a able body man to sign around and smoke weed all day. What kind of example are the parents giving those kids? You are helping them to live s homeless life.


  22. Nicky, since we know you read here, maybe its time you drag lard ass out to the van and do one of your live shit shows. That is if lard ass isnt to stoned to do it.
    Just looking through some of your commenters seems a lot of them have hd run ins with CPS. And talk about free time , you sure seem to have a ton of it.
    I dont think there is a new shed. you would hae posted it long before you took pictures of shed that I think are out of a magazine.
    You critize Sally about her son Nathan, you called her a worthless mother and put your pity face on for your commenters, your a POS, no one wants to attack your family and you have no problem taking pictures of others, yet you scream to high heaven if its done to you.
    Water cathment system, GTFO, you would never do it, but you ask how, ever heard of U Tube, of course you have but you just wanted comments to make it look like you actually cared YOU DONT


  23. Am I the only person who’s been on a hayride without hay?

    Shoot. A favorite past time in my part of KY is to drive to the courthouse square, back into a parking space and watch traffic go by. Sitting on the porch after supper is also enjoyed. And who doesn’t love road trips? Even short ones. I remember once driving to extreme western KY to view tornado damage. Everyone likes sightseeing trips.

    What’s the problem here?


  24. Well, at least they finally upgraded to a larger shed. They won’t build a cabin until at least several more kids get old enough to do the work. Joe is useless and won’t lift a finger, but he’ll be the first to take credit. When you hitch your wagon to a lump of suet, you better not expect anything more than a prefab shed and plastic buckets to poop in.


  25. If those windows open, and they properly finished the inside this new shed could be pretty nice actually. Certainly an improvement compared to the stick shack.

    I personally would have sunk a well before ever moving to that property though. Even a hand pump well with storage tank would be preferable. Have a couple porta potties delivered on site each month, and no need to “compost” waste.

    They absolutely could have a good setup without water and electricity if they chose to. When we are without power we have no water since our well pump requires electricity. Septic pump requires electricity too. So I have actually had to consider how to function as a larger family with electricity and water. We’ve even done it for periods of time before. It doesn’t have to be squalid.


  26. Why are you Hrassing the family?

    I’m confused. You are here, Panda, commenting on my blog. I own this blog and I am allowing your comment to reside on a blog that I own and pay for myself. I do that because I believe in free speech. Even though I don’t agree with you, as you can see, your comment is here.

    So explain to me exactly how I am “harassing” anyone.

    does not mean they want to be a sideshow freak show

    Let’s assume that I didn’t want you to comment on this blog. Let’s say that I don’t like what you’re saying and I don’t want it to be here. Because I own this blog and pay for it myself, I can simply disallow your comment and it will never show up. But you know what you could do? You could go start a blog of your own and talk about me all you want. In fact, people have done just that.

    You know what I did about it?

    Do you suppose I trotted over to their blog, raising hell with them? Or maybe I posted a link on my Facebook page where I display every teeny detail of my life and that of my entire family for more than 40,000 people?

    Nope. I did not.

    I did nothing at all. I don’t even know if any of that blog is still on the web because I haven’t looked for more than a year. I just don’t care.

    If you don’t want any attention, it’s easy to avoid.

    common decency

    What does that mean, exactly? The expression basically means that one is expected to adhere to certain social norms. What social norm am I neglecting here? Nicole makes public statements. Make no mistake about it, she is actively seeking an audience. She seldom blogs because doing FB is easier, but she’s seeking readers. In fact, she and Joe go to other FB pages and ask people to come read their shit. Am I required to simply say nothing, ever, about anything she says, ever?

    respect for the family.

    Why? I don’t bother her children. I don’t use their names here. I never show their photos. The only time I even mention them is in direct relation to some bullshit thing Nicole has done or said. I can’t pretend she doesn’t have any children, but I allude to them less than she does.

    As for Joe and Nicole, I respect neither of them. Read some of this blog and you’ll see why.


  27. Discrimination

    Follow by:
    The rest of the story

    I’m not certain that Nicole is actually outright lying about all this. She and Joe have a tendency to be told something (Answer A) and interpret what they were just told in a completely different way because they wanted a different answer (Answer B). Then they declare that Answer B is the truth, the whole truth, and all that.

    Kentucky Land Company doesn’t care about anything at all except getting their monthly checks. It’s not rent. It’s a land contract. Please go read all that stuff I carefully wrote including the comments.


  28. sunk a well before ever moving to that property though.

    There’s already a well. It needs to be reevaluated and possibly redone, but there’s a well. To be fair, the next door neighbors haul in water and they are responsible people, so if they can’t dig a usable well, then it’s quite possible the Shitstead doesn’t have that capability either.

    NOTE: I have been informed I am wrong. 🙂 Wouldn’t be the first time. There is not a well on the property, which makes sense, since the Sneeds don’t use a well (apparently) either. There is a cistern.

    There is also a septic system on the property. It simply needs to be evaluated and possibly repaired.


  29. I guess cps forced them into this housing upgrade. I suppose cps also paid for it. The Nauglers owe the taxpayers of Kentucky a huge thank you!

    I strongly doubt that the state of Kentucky paid for a garden shed.


  30. I dont think there is a new shed. you would hae posted it long before you took pictures of shed that I think are out of a magazine.

    There is a new shed. Those are photos of the new shed. Nicole did not take those photos. In fact, let me go clear that up.


  31. Everywhere else harassment such as this, of a family with young children, would be punishable with jail time.

    It’s not “harassment.” Kentucky is not different from other states. She already tried this shit. Give it a rest.

    You must have nothing to do.

    Well, here’s what I do.

    Why not get a job

    I’m 68 years old. Do I have to?


    This is voluntary. Nobody is forcing me to write a blog.

    something and leave your neighbors alone?

    My neighbors are fine. We’re all good friends. Thanks, though.


  32. I looked on BLH to see what people had to say, but the pictures aren’t on there.

    That’s because they aren’t her pictures. They’re mine.


  33. Sorry Sally that you abused some of your patients, well according to her, and that you had a junkie for a son, now of course she is making light of it, People can read between the lines, at least the intelligent ones can. Come on NN,, do a live show. COWARD. Show us the kids running for there lives because a truck went up the road lol ,,
    She is like a kid that got caught stealing cookies, She was forced to do it. What a bitch.


  34. One day my son and I were driving past the middle school and high school. There is a place across from the middle school that sells these sheds. My son proceeded to tell me that he wants to live in one those. I tell him like hell he is. I told him no child of mine will live in a place like that. I told him there storage and garden sheds.
    I’ve noticed that some people around here will have them in their back yards for storage/a sitting area, which is actually I really good idea. But I’ll be damned if a child of mine will live in one.


  35. If there is existing septic, why in the #%^* are they spending money on superfluous money pits like canoes and such instead of septic?

    I actually researched those Amish homes that can be built and delivered; they really aren’t that expensive over there in KY. I don’t understand why they continue to get sheds instead of actual houses?


  36. Maybe I’ll put my page back up. That way when she gets her toadies to complain and to take it down I can direct Facebook to all her pages and all the heinous violations of the terms of service that Nicole does. Wouldn’t that be divine justice if they booted her off of Facebook based on complaints she had made.

    To all those who have had their pages taken down based on a Nicole inspired smear campaign I would suggest that you have a golden opportunity to get a real person at Facebook to review her many pages.

    As to getting this blog taken down. That’s not happening, imo. That’s part of why I don’t bother with Facebook anymore and come here with what I have to say. The other part is that the Naugler’s sordid tale never changes and they are yesterday’s news. I got a hobby. Traveling.


  37. what exactly is the end game Sally. What do U see as a end game. Joe in Jail, his kid locked up on a felony charge. Theres no sense in warning others of there grifting, let people learn on there own that they have been scammed.


  38. If there is existing septic, why in the #%^* are they spending money on superfluous money pits like canoes and such instead of septic?

    Because a septic tank is evil, materialistic and statist. Only shitting in buckets and dumping it on the ground (“compost”) qualifies as “real homesteading.”


  39. Lisa please put your page up. This new one sucks. I enjoyed yours more. I also decided today that I’m done following the other pages. This is the only one I need. Facebook honestly is just getting boring.


  40. THIS is what Nicole interpreted as “abusing” a patient. (It’s at the end of the article, the last few paragraphs.) You know, after the shitstorm that caused, I asked a few nurse friends of mine to read it and tell me if I was wrong. They laughed.

    As far as Nathan is concerned, fuck her. She has no idea what she is talking about. Her children are mostly young. She tempts fate terribly.

    One other thing. There is a guy who didn’t like what I had to say about Cathy Harris over on the other blog (a lot of that is over here now as well). He decided to “report” my blog. So he contacted my hosting service. They forwarded the email to me. I put it in the trash. So did they. I pay the bills. I’m not doing anything illegal.

    If you want to complain about this blog, you get to complain to the owner.

    That would be me.


  41. I love Sally’s blog. It has given me hours of entertainment. Nicole has no problem dragging other people thru the med, then screaming victim. Those who are on her bandwagon, do some research. Search out and read he old blog, if you look hard enough and can be objective, you will be amazed at what you find. Granted, she does like to scrub things. If you look hard enough, there are interesting tidbits out there.
    Sally has never allowed anyone one to speak post pictures of the minor children. She has even asked for us not to make assumptions on her mental health.
    A garden shed is a garden shed, not a cabin. Hell. They blew thru $45 k, it would have been cheaper to get a manufactured home. You reap what you sow.
    How’s the garden Nikki?


  42. Huh. I expected more naug humpers here defending her.
    Not much.
    I’m not horribly surprised.
    Her new crop isn’t as much fun as the old ones. Too seeped in jeebus and sanctimonious twaddle.


  43. A septic tank requires WATER to work right. No water and all you got is a concert hole in the ground to pile up shit. With no WATER it will not perk right and the shit will never go away LOL Nothing Nicky does surprises me any more you just can’t fix stupid. To fill everybody up with bs that the shed (Cabin coughcough) did not get put in the right spot cause it was to wet is just that BS. A family waiting for their new cabin would of made sure a road was in place so the truck could haul it all the way to the foundation. What she meant to say was LardAss was to lazy to get the pick and shovel out to cut the road then spend some of that hard earned money to buy some gravel. ANYWAYS the new Cabin coughcough is a MUCH BETTER improvement over what they had. Can’t stop singing “The Jefferson’s” MOVING ON UP!


  44. Your educated and know end game is a term, I am curious as to what you see as the outcome in all this. What exactly do you want to happen, I mean there has to be a (end game), The kids rescued? We know if you shut down this blog today and every anti Nog page shut down, she and her shop manager (ha) would find something to bitch about. She and Jabba are like a addict on crack, they crave the attention, Notice how when things seemed to settle down, she lasted about 3 days before the goblins were at the gate. So again I ask what is the wanted outcome, for the record I see them as grifters and beggers, they just do it in a way the ignorant never seem to catch on


  45. I haven’t posted much, I haven’t read much, just here and there lately. It’s summertime, life gets busy. The weather is gorgeous, if you like heat and humitdity. Summer is filled with lots of busyness. Going on vacation, hanging out with friends, going to barbecues, trips to the amusement park, trips to the beach. Seriously who has time for Facebook when it’s so lovely outside?

    Nicole loves the drama. She seeks it out. I won’t make assumptions for where all the money is coming from. My family tends to buy a lot of unnessary entertainment items, so I won’t judge her on that. Perhaps when you don’t have electric, when you don’t spend money on activities or education for children, extra money is in abundance.

    It’s her life, she can do as she pleases but part of going viral was waking people up. When you go viral it doesn’t mean you’ll only get good press. It means you’ll be called out on your bs when people feel like it. Such is life. No one is perfect, we all have our flaws, most of us just don’t feel the need to invite 40.000+ people into our lives. I know for me the money just isn’t worth it. I value my family and our privacy more than money. So Nicole and Joe remember you invited this crap into your lives. Suck it up buttercups.

    And can someone please tell me how much these sheds run? The only sheds sold around here are the ones you see outside home improvement stores and they are not anywhere near that large. I’m just morbidly curious and the internet doesn’t give me a very good idea.


  46. What exactly do you want to happen, I mean there has to be a (end game),

    Why? Really. I’m not being snarky. Why does there have to be an “end game”?

    I’m not certain that I have a “wanted outcome.”

    She says shit. I say shit about her shit. She says shit about my shit.

    And then I talk about cheese and tomatoes and pressure cookers and the Stockdales and Cathy Harris.


  47. My favorite post was about the donkeys.
    I want one, my husband says hell no.
    I think they are cute 🙂
    Guess I should be happy he let me get a rooster.
    For someone that has 45,0000, ever notice nic nog doesn’t even get 2k in likes?


  48. Works for me Sally, anyway, she and her lard ass husband are beggers and grifters, 🙂 In case no one knew


  49. I just took a look at Nicole’s BLH page and she is having a wonderful time twisting facts and lying by omission.
    Appearently she has picked up some new admirers from somewhere who are not familiar with her past.

    Trying to understand Nicole’s psyche is fascinating.
    I think she actually believes her lies.
    Maybe she has to, or she really would fly off the deep end.

    I think it’s wonderful that the children will have more room to sleep and play.
    I’m glad CPS is watching out for them.
    No telling what would happen to them if there was no overwatch of the children.


  50. Nicole is upset, she doesnt know what to do.

    Read up on Newton’s Third Law, cause and effect, Nicole!

    Log off. Simply, stop exploiting your children and glamorizing poverty for the sake of your precious, precious online persona. Why is this online persona put before the welfare of your family? Dont tell me life on the homestead isnt enough, all by it’s lonesome, without the praise of thousands of internet-strangers?! Guess what – most of those “views” on your page, are silent critics. Do your kids a favor, log off. And let the wind take that paranoia and dysfunction far, far away… Everyone knows it’s the right thing to do! Any friends and “fans” will understand.


  51. Reality check! She isnt scared, she is feigning scared. And if she dosent recognize this actuality, indeed, she needs psychiatric treatment.


  52. Speaking of donkeys, my neighbor has two. They are pretty donkeys, white with black spots, sort of like a dalmatian but not. They make these sounds when they see their owners drive up on their four wheelers, when the cows move away too far, or when my little yippie dog goes under the fence. In fact, my little yippee dog likes to go under the fence and stand waiting for the donkeys to come running and just when the donkeys’ have lowered their heads, she runs back under. I’ve tried everything to break my yippie dog from bothering the donkeys, but nothing works. This morning, after the crazy storm that blew through, I made a check on my garden and yippie dog followed as well as two of my fat cats. We walked up and down row after row with me stoping here and there to pick a cucumber, some beans, some peas, and a few tomatoes, then, there it was…the fence and yep, yippie went running and the donkeys started making their warning sounds and came running. The fat cats moved front and center, I think, hoping to get a good look at the yippie dog’s death (they hate her). But, like all the other times, yippie dog made it back and the donkeys contorted their mouths and stood their ground daring yippie to come back through. If they ever get a hold of her, they will kill her and I know it. But, aside from keeping her in the house, nothing works.

    A few weeks ago, one or both of the donkeys killed a coyote. I thought they may have picked it up with their mouths and thrown it and then trampled it, but the owner said he has seen them kill before and it is usually kicking action and trampling. Donkeys are good coyote killers.


  53. I’m thinking ahead to a few years down the road, when I retire, to where I might live. I’m considering moving to a 55+ mobile home community, and I like to scan through listings on craigslist. I have noticed a certain number are for homes that have to be moved. Those are often much cheaper than comparable mobile homes in a park. If I already had some property and $45,000+ in cash, I’m pretty sure I could have paid for a nice mobile home plus the charge to relocate it to my property. Instead, these greedy parents blew through that money and all they had to show for it was a rinky dink garden shed, probably the cheapest one they could find.


  54. Whoa Nelly! No matter what pile of mess the Nauglers step in next, or don’t step in, Sally can keep this blog going as long as she wants, end game or no end game for the Nauglers Chronicles!

    Sally’s got interesting stories to tell, and “how-to’s” to publish. I’m hoping she’ll listen to S-Town and share he thoughts. I mean, there is just so much Sally can say on a plethora of issues and events, that Naug’s are almost like a footnote to this blog, albeit an interesting one.


  55. She’s said she hadn’t been feeling the fetus moving as much, but if she we’re really worried she’d get to the ER.

    Where she could just pay in bitcoin for a voluntaryist doctor to help her out.

    You know because nobody should be forced to provide a service against their will.


  56. Joe and Nicole never think about what happens to the hundreds of photos they post of their children. Why should they? They’re trying to prove a point, get likes, and get donations! What could possibly go wrong?

    Hey Nicole….did you ever once think about this?


    I don’t know ANY parents who are stupid enough to share their kid’s photos with people other than friends and family. Who DOES that???


  57. Your educated…

    Lol, you’re not.

    I would attempt to speak for a number of critics, by saying the “end game” is accountability.


  58. Father’s Day weekend – again.
    Groups of people driving down the road – again.
    Vehicles of unknown origin – again.

    Put it together, Nicole. It’s not ALWAYS about you, you’re just not that important.

    I want to point out a few other things though.

    1) The shop is doing well enough that there are kayaks, a horse and yet another garden shed purchased (for the kids, right?) so that belies your whimpering about how The Trolls ™ are ruining your business
    2) Despite it doing that well, you don’t have the good sense to put up a privacy fence
    3) You plaster your children’s names, birthdates and other personal information on a public page with over 42,000 followers
    4) Then you bleat about losing your privacy which was of your own manufacture (this is going to go viral)

    Newton’s Third Law, look it up.


  59. Woke up this morning to the post about the thrift store buy of a giant cassette playing (when was the last time you saw a cassette) stereo system. Good luck finding a reasonably priced needle for the turntable. Smh.

    Unschool this. How much energy must the solar panel array (if it is still working) generate and the battery hold in order for that stereo to run? How long can the stereo run from solar power? In the alternative. How much energy from a generator to run that same stereo system? How much gas must be hauled in from the big bad outside world? How long does that stereo run with each gallon of pristine wilderness polluting gasoline? What is the energy trade off between other energy necessitating things on the homestead such as their cell phones, tablets, computers, television, vcr/DVD player, or video game console (you know those important my family lives like the pioneers) homestead necessities.

    Do they even bother with things like a water pump or refrigeration/freezer to adequately feed more than a dozen people, especially the littles, or do they haul it in daily from the nice on-grid kitchen in the shop or maybe that’s just a luxury for those that work there that day?

    Teaching Naugler family priorities. Obsolete stereos, television and video games before abundant fresh water, proper sanitation, perishable food or milk for the littles. It’s all part of why they will always be shed dwellers and never cabin builders. Dented can consumers and never farmers. Permanent bucket shitters and portapotty renters instead of composters. Virtual squatters on rent to own land they are stuck with in a contract with extremely high interest payments on a piece of crap land they overpaid for.

    Little wonder Ma and Pa spend so much of their time far away from the gritty homestead in the luxury of the intown salon as the garbage and shit pile high on the “homestead”. Little wonder Pa prefers being management to homestead father. What a life!

    You too can have it for as long as the duct taped vehicles keep running. No problem if they shit the bed. You can just go online with pretty or pathetic photographs and beg for another. After all excessive breeding equates to guilting people into giving you stuff for free. The only price you have to pay is kissing up to imbeciles and banning silly trolls on social media and a lifetime of CPS and family court pulling your strings.


  60. So according to Nicole, the incident of a car slowly driving by happened 3 hours before photos of the new shed were posted. The children were on edge. But there was no usual posting by Nicole or Joe of this event immediately to let her followers know that they were afraid.
    Nicole had no problem photographing a truck that parked on the public road. In fact, she ran like a gazelle to get a photo of the truck’s tag. She had no problem mentioning on FB that a truck pulled up in front of the property and the person got out and pulled something from his pocket (her son’s accounting of what he observed).
    But this time she and Joe waited 3 hours to post?

    Also, she and Joe are concerned that people drive too fast on that one lane road and also complain if they drive too slowly. I guess you cannot please them when it comes to that public road.
    Most of my other thoughts have been expressed by other commenters. I noted that she once again blames the drama as the reason the family was not able to move (Yet there was no video/audio of the land company stating that the drama was the reason for disapproval) Thank you Sally for posting a link to information about land contracts.

    I also noted that Nicole states that they have been advised by the proper people to publicly document. The proper people certainly cannot be the attorneys or law enforcement as they are corrupt according to Nicole and Joe. They cannot be social services as they don’t care according to Nicole and Joe. I wonder who the proper people are.


  61. Dinah “And can someone please tell me how much these sheds run? The only sheds sold around here are the ones you see outside home improvement stores and they are not anywhere near that large. I’m just morbidly curious and the internet doesn’t give me a very good idea.”

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page for pricing. This looks like a 14 X 28 to me and a “Rent To Own deal.” According to the website this company also customize for more doors and windows at an additional cost.


  62. Aw how cute someone used my screen name! I can guess who that was. You do know sally knows all about IPs and knows I didn’t make that comment, right?


  63. So funny that big brave Homestead Hubby is on Facebook pretending to be so afraid of a little retired nurse lady who lives far away. I thought he was a martial arts expert and packer of heat? How does a mere woman, a senior citizen, no less, manage to inspire such fear and panic in our fearless leader? Isn’t it emasculating for him to cower so publicly? I’d be embarassed.


  64. She picked up some new admirers by tagging on to the anti-cps (child protective services) show put on by the Schwab and the Holms families. Both families tend to lie and twist facts in their favor. And they have a lot of online followers that tend to threaten government workers and CPS supporters. Just to warn you, the anti-CPS rabbit hole is never ending.


  65. You do know sally knows all about IPs and knows I didn’t make that comment, right?

    Absolutely. I didn’t notice that or I would have edited the comment to clarify it.


  66. Donkeys are good coyote killers.

    That’s our donkeys’ entire employment requirement – that they deter dogs and coyotes.


  67. I guess when she posted on Memorial Day weekend about the “new cabin” she was trying to get people to ask about it. She does that a lot, puts tidbits out so she can get responses. As of September they will have been on their land for 4 years. How in God’s name could they not be farther along??? They claim to have so many close friends who really know them yet none of them have helped them get things cleared out or helped them make a road or helped them get a water catchment system going.
    We had horrible tornadoes here a couple of months ago. Entire homes were destroyed or badly damaged. So many of us were out there with our tractors, chain saws, chains, etc. helping neighbors & people we didn’t know. That’s what people do out in rural communities. If a family needs help you help them. Apparently JN has so alienated people no one will come help them. Although according to him he’s wonderful….yeah right


  68. Independent Living Is For Statists and Suckers “Virtual squatters on rent to own land they are stuck with in a contract with extremely high interest payments on a piece of crap land they overpaid for.”
    Exactly what I was just thinking about both the land and possibly the new shed. Few conclusions I’ve come up with here. First, maybe they did get a tax return even though she said she does not accept the check. Second, if they did RTO on the new shed, that’s how those companies rack in the big bucks. You typically pay twice as much as the sticker price AND have sky high interest on top of it. Same with RTO property, at least in my area. You can look at a 70K house/property/both but RTO (contract for deed also) it for a whopping $140k, for real. THEN have sky high interest on top of it. It’s a clever way to make a lot of money. Especially in areas with a bad housing market, where houses aren’t selling well but poor and/or people with bad credit sure have this big idea of OWNING a home NOW. Little do they know that they won’t have it paid off for 3 times as long as it would take me to pay off my mortgage and/or 3 times as much as a property of equal value. When you’re about to throw down that much money, on that kind of commitment, for that long of a period, use your fricken head.


  69. Nicole lies.

    I drive a big VW bus with “Troll Machine” in groovy letters on the side.

    She’s not scared of Trolls, or her children’s wellbeing, she’s scared of not getting donations.


  70. Generally speaking, you don’t use windows like that on animal barns because one good kick or head toss and you’re calling the vet. Or worse. You can put bars on the inside but it’s easier to have different windows.

    Also, if it has a floor, you don’t use it for animals. Eventually the urine and manure will take its toll on the flooring and then you have an animal with an injured leg and a potentially expensive farm call. I like rubber mats on top of railroad ties on top of a level crusher run base. It’s “giving”, easy to clean and the treated wood lasts a long time.

    I hope that the kids get to use that space, not their parents. But after 3 – 4 years you would think that Joe would have succeeded in building a CABIN somewhere on the property, perhaps on the concrete slab that is present, square and level.


  71. It just boggles my mind that in 4 years with so many able bodies, they’ve done so little. We’ve been in this house 3 years today, and it’s almost unrecognizable. And we had really not a ton of money to put into it, so the work has primarily been done by us, sans the fencing that we felt it was important to have done professionally and to code, given that it would be containing our beloved animals. I’m trying to imagine a world where my husband and I were so apathetic that nothing at all got done in our home and we just talked about plans and plans and bemoaned all the haters. Good lord.


  72. Thinking about the work they’ve done and not done on their property it amazes me. We do not homestead, nor do we pretend to. We live in the city on a small city lot, we actually have two lots which is pretty rare. We’ve been here almost 8 years. In that time we’ve replaced the roof, re-sided the house, pulled out bushes upfront, built a raised a bunch of garden bed, refinished the attic into two plus bedroom, painted every room numerous times, scraped and repainted the garage, insulated and put up walls in the garage, stripped and refinished the porch, repainted the kitchen, tore out the front stairs and rebuilt them, rebuilt the back stairs, put in a patio, put in new floors in the kitchen and one of the bedrooms and then a bunch of little stuff.

    My oldest son was 12 when we moved here so he wasn’t much help then but the kids are all very helpful now. We are planning (our plans get completed) on redoing both bathrooms this summer. In that time we’ve vacationed all over the US. And my husband runs a business and works 60 hours a week. I homeschool and the kids have tons of activities, yet we manage to accomplish quite a bit but still enjoy time away from the house. I just don’t get it. Home ownership is work. There are always projects. I understand they have a bunch of littles but they also have two adults and several teens. The only excuse for shit not getting done is sheer laziness.

    Nicole is the one that says it’s not difficult to manage a large family so what the fuck is her excuse for not maintaining and fixing up their property? Oh that’s right the evil trolls. Whatever.


  73. My husband works beaucoup overtime and I have physical issues so I can’t help him, but he ripped out some nasty bramble bushes that were taking over our 1/3-acre property, burned them, pruned 2 years’ worth of dead canes out of the raspberry patch and burned those, overturned a burn barrel made from a household oil tank and cleaned it out, helped us start an 8-tub vegetable and herb garden which gets daily care, replaced our hot water heater when it gave up the ghost with a new one that required putting in a fuel line splitter and rearranging the basement (he was helping the plumbers on that job), and successfully protected us from some dippity-doos who were using our woodshed as a springboard to get into their window when they kept locking themselves out of the house next door. All in the past month.

    Four years and they can’t even get the cistern working. But judging from their buying pattern, they are going for stuff that requires them to click or swipe or just show up with a truck. If cisterns came from Amazon, they’d have six.


  74. Quote from Nicole’s FB today…

    “Some corrections:
    *Lofted Cabin. And it’s a perfectly fine place to live. And it’s insulated. It’s not being replaced, you wish you knew tho! You also wish you knew what else we have on the property but we aren’t advertising crap so trolls can steal and vandalize it. I’m perfectly fine with you thinking this place is a shit shack.

    GFMs can be used for legal assistance. Edumacate yourself 🙂

    Ask Linda about our vans. She’s quite intimate with them, she hit one of them… twice.

    But wow, talk about emotional ineptness. And cowardly at that.. even your friend Sally talks about that…..”The commenter above is saying that she wants to fight in the battle, she wants to have her say, she wants to fire bullets, she wants to feel empowered and effective, but she does not want to face any incoming fire.
    She wants all the positive stuff. She wants to do damage, speak truth, feel mighty, feel smug.
    She wants none of the consequences.”

    And it’s Faque Ewe Mon Fool.”

    Nicole is unglued or stewed.
    If, in fact, this is the “real” Nicole.?
    … ” ” ” “


  75. I just want to suggest something to Nicole: if you have kids in a loft, I noticed a window. Place an electric fan, blowing OUT of the loft window, and you will suck the heat from the upper building out. Like an exhaust fan. It really works for cooling in the evening. Poor man air conditioning. I do it at my place.


  76. And cowardly at that.. even your friend Sally talks about that

    Nicole is talking about a page called “Trolling the Trolls” and a commenter sock called “Daisy.” I don’t where she gets the “friend” thing. I am “friends” with none of those people.

    Here’s an unpleasant truth. There are so many people who despise the Nauglers that we simply don’t fit into one basket. There is only one thing you can say with an accuracy that describes all of us. We all really, really don’t like Nicole and Joe.

    Other than that, grouping us is just silly.


  77. You also wish you knew what else we have on the property but we aren’t advertising crap so trolls can steal and vandalize it.


    1) You keep posting photos of all of your crap all over the internet so everyone knows what you have
    2) No one wants filthy, rusted, busted crap
    3) No one wants filthy, rusted, busted crap
    4) It took Joe quite some time to get down to the road to see what alarmed the kids. Why wasn’t he outside too?


  78. How does Nicole go from people driving past her shitstead on a public road to saying people want to steal from them? I guess when your husband has a conviction for threatening a woman because he wanted to steal from her you tend to think everyone is a thief. Nope, people are just doing what people have done forever, gawking. You don’t have crap, no one wants anything you have. No one is jealous or envious, no one wants to be you, except for your leghumpers who wish they could get their own kids back.


  79. when your husband has a conviction for threatening a woman because he wanted to steal from her

    That isn’t what happened. He was not there “stealing water.” He was there to intimidate a teenage girl.

    But yeah, nobody wants anything they have.


  80. She complains about people driving by their house too quickly (dog in the road that was struck and killed), she complains about people driving by too slowly but time and again she overlooks that people are legally driving on that road. They can do it to visit family, friends and neighbors and they don’t need Nicole or Joe’s permission to do so. There is no toll booth set up. If a dog runs into the road and is injured or killed, it’s the fault of the dog owner – not the driver.

    If they take photos from the road, that’s legal too. She knows this quite well as she does it herself. There is no way that she knows whether or not there is SOMEONE in the frame when she takes the photo while driving along.

    Stuff it Nicole. You made a spectacle of yourself. You are upset that there are critics who follow your antics. You were banking on supporters only, sending cash through the mail, in perpetuity. Well, no. That’s not what happens when something “goes viral”. You lose control of the narrative.


  81. So she posted some interior pictures today. Looks like an unfinished shed. I had to laugh when one of her supporters said they were impressed with Joe and her sons handiness. Some of her supporters don’t seem to comprehend that it’s a shed. At least she did correct them. She said they’ll be moving in Monday. So I am assuming tomorrow all the insulation will go up, along with some sort of walls and some flooring, right? Nope they’ll just move in as is. Not really much of an improvement. My garage has nicer walls and floors than that thing.

    Oh and apparently they are keeping both of the sheds, she’ll blog about it next week. I can’t wait to read it. Tips for shitstead living.

    Oh and in her hashtag was with the FJ folks she said that people can’t figure out how to live simply which is why they couldn’t exist on her income. Nope most people would rather their kids have real walls, really bed, and running water but hey her kids have dollar store crap and kayaks. They don’t need no hygiene. Hahahahaha!!


  82. 6/20/17 Blessed Little Homestead

    “Lofted cabin. And it’s a perfectly fine place to live. And it’s insulated, you wish you knew tho.”

    6/24/17 Blessed Little Homestead

    “But it was just a little too small. It was only supposed to be for a year. We have a little more space and like I said better layout of windows and doors with the new one.”

    We knew. We didn’t need to wish we knew. We knew they’d never build a log cabin. We knew when we saw the new garden shed that was the new family home. I don’t know who she thought she was fooling. They have become a parody of themselves.


  83. Oh and in her hashtag was with the FJ folks she said that people can’t figure out how to live simply which is why they couldn’t exist on her income. Nope most people would rather their kids have real walls, really bed, and running water but hey her kids have dollar store crap and kayaks. They don’t need no hygiene. Hahahahaha!!

    Or retirement savings! That needs to cover everyday expenses, taxes and medical needs. Medical expenses in particular tend to go up as we age. Not everything can be treated with aspirin or rubbing dirt on it.


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