A Love Story, Part 11

Our lovely religious Baptist lady continues her plot to get money out of Lovecakes.

A little explanation is in order here:  Morgan Muffin made a comment that Lovecakes was “prefect” and Lovecakes failed to get a screen shot before Morgan Muffin’s “friend” Alice’s profile got removed.

But Morgan has lots of friends, including Violet, which is where she shows up next.

True love conquers all, even Facebook removing fake-ass profiles.



5 thoughts on “A Love Story, Part 11”

  1. Seriously though, I think that was the funniest thing I ever read. Marry me, al? I’ll carry your shit bucket anywhere, anytime!


  2. That was hilarious!!!!!! Thank you for sharing! It’s been a hell of a week in my neck of the woods and this is just what I needed!!


  3. Oh my, love cakes you’re such nasty bastard. You got Muffin all twiterpated and then you beg off. Too bad for you. It could have been a wonderful thing.


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