A List of Accusations

This might be my favorite thing in the whole world.  A list.

Cathy made a list.

God, I love lists.

We’ll begin at the beginning.

First sentence:  That’s a matter of opinion.  I have been writing, first with a static website and then blogging, my personal opinions coupled with lots and lots of screen shots.  It’s up to the readers to decide if I am wrong.

Second sentence:  I give not one single fuck what “others have publicly published.”

Actually, the rumor was that Camille got the whole thing to go away, not you. Don’t take too much credit. She is the person that gave the impression of being powerful.

Your take on it might be correct.  I have no idea at all.  I just know that there was a rumor and that the rumor persists to the present time. Make of that whatever you will.

I’m going to say it again, Cathy, because you are slow.  I do not believe that Cleo Smith dumped boiling water on you, causing burns over 61% (or thereabouts) of your body, because you failed to please Bob Jones Jr as he watched Carl McIntire rape you.

I think that whole story is a figment of your highly inventive imagination. I also think it’s absolutely hilarious.

I do not believe you had Stage IV bone cancer, complete with bone-saving surgery on your arm (we’ll pass for right now about which arm it supposedly was), or that you got chemo almost nonstop for years, or that you were on experimental drugs, or that you had a terrible time because you were dying and what were you going to tell your teenage daughter that didn’t exist.  No, I don’t believe any of that.

I have no idea what occurred with the Canbys.  I raise questions from time to time. Tough shit, Cathy.  You go very, very public with your bullshit. I go public with my observations.   Funny how we’re not hearing much from them, though.

Oh, “codicil.”  It’s codicil.

Cathy, really.  You repeatedly said that you never laid eyes on those guardianship papers until July, 2017. That’s what you said, not me.

Except, of course, when you were bragging three years ago to Jeffrey about all your research and specifically mentioned those papers. You even mentioned that there was something wrong with the names.

You can’t come back now and pretend you didn’t concoct all this years ago.

If you think Richard Harris committed fraud, by all means, sue his ass.  Do it.  Quit talking about it and threatening about it and just fucking do it.  Your whole “I have an active case with every law enforcement agency in America” thing is getting really old.

This may be the best one.  That really chapped you, didn’t it?  You went bragging in your secret little groups about your fine speech to the Pennsylvania legislature and you never expected anyone to check up on you.

Cathy, I contacted all the senators that sponsored that legislation.  I clearly said so. I really did. All of them.  Nobody ever heard of you, and there were no speeches. Surely at least one of them would remember you if you ever had made such a lovely stirring speech, wouldn’t they?

I don’t even know what you’re talking about. As I said above, I contacted all the senators. You’ll need to be more specific.

I believe that Karen Nelson Lee may possibly be the most gullible person I have ever encountered.  She believes every word you say, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and that’s really astonishing. Camille finally got sick of your shit, and even Maytag got the hell out of Dodge.  But not Karen.

Well, let’s consider this. It’s an absolute fact that you impersonated “Elizabeth Tozar,” both online and on the phone.

I also believe I’ve presented enough evidence that any reasonable person would conclude that you impersonated a GRACE attorney, calling yourself Beth James.

In addition, I believe that you impersonated Richard Harris, by calling yourself “Concerned Pastor.”  You’re the only person with the motive to do that.

You absolutely plagiarized at least one entire essay (actually, two if you count “Ed Tozar’s” essay on communism) and claimed authorship and have never retracted it.

Don’t you think Camille is probably old enough to handle her own affairs?

This is completely irrelevant.  It has nothing to do with me. Someone got publicly available documents in a totally legal manner and shared them with me.  I do not care about Daniel Flint.  And Lisa had nothing at all to do with any of this, no matter how you try to slander her.

Of course you didn’t. You wouldn’t.  You didn’t want anyone to see them except the little bits you chose to share.  And when you did share bits, you claimed to have them “in your possession for years,” like you owned the originals. Unlike you, I don’t care, so I’m going to publish all of it. Every single piece.

The word is “exonerate.”

I’m going to publicize more information, Cathy. All of it.  Go after Harris if you like.  Be my guest. I’ve told you I don’t even know the man.  I have no connection to him.

And before you or Karen drag out something where I said that I knew people who knew him, yes I do.  Beth Murschell, for example, worked for Bethel.  She knew him.  I spoke with Josh Scheiderer at Bethel.  He knows Harris.  I’ve spoken with other people who know him.

That doesn’t mean I’m in cahoots with anyone, or being paid by anyone, or have any vested interest in the innocence or guilt of Richard Harris.

Does the fact that I was in contact with all the sponsoring senators of that bill in the Pennsylvania legislature mean that I am colluding with them, or that I am working for the employer they had during one summer while they were in college?

Seriously, this is so dumb it makes me cringe.

Present the “match,” Cathy.  Really, present it.  Exactly who did they compare your DNA with?  One of Lou’s brothers?  What did they do? Call him up and say, “You know, out of all the people in the entire United States, we think you might be a match with one of our missing persons. Will you give a DNA sample?”

Or did they, after you “found” the Canby family (which you bragged about knowing all about three years ago), did one of them say, “Oh, gee, let me be tested”?

Which Canby relative donated DNA for that testing, Cathy?  When?

No matter. You won’t answer any of that.  It’s sort of like the fake rape guy.  What’s his name, Cathy?

I don’t doubt they have memories of you.  What they don’t seem to have memories of is your mother, do they?

Well, that won’t be very hard for you to do, will it?

You know, since you already have my complete name and address and give it to anyone who wants it for any reason.

Should I do something like that with your Social Security number?


6 thoughts on “A List of Accusations”

  1. Oh Cathy – you know that taking photos of documents without first registering with Princeton and getting permission to do so is a violation. If someone were to contact the curator and ask about your use of those images, would you be concerned? If they were to go looking through their files, would they find your form? Properly filled out? They do keep records of who goes fishing in what box.

    Use of digital cameras is subject to the following conditions:

    1. Those wishing to use digital cameras in the reading room must first fill out and sign an application form that will indicate that all images are provided under fair use provisions for personal study and may not be published without RBSC permission. All applications require the approval and signature of the appropriate curator. Curators may limit the number of copies that may be made by the researcher and may require the use of a paper or Mylar flag to be placed on materials which will read, “Original housed in the Princeton University Library. No copies may be made.”

    3. The Department will provide each researcher a copy of the signed form and an information card about requesting permission to use the images captured. We will also provide information about copyright and how to determine what is in the public domain.

    4. Cameras may not be brought into the reading room until necessary approvals have been obtained. Only cameras (not cases) may be brought into the reading room. Researchers need to allow sufficient time for curatorial approval and photography.

    5. All photography will be conducted using ambient lighting. No tripods, flash, or copy stands may be used. Audible features on the camera must be turned off. Scanners are prohibited.


    A paid researcher who sends the same information electronically to their client has already worked it out with Princeton. Sneaking a camera in and photographing or scanning documents on the sly is a completely different matter.

    Email comments to mudd@princeton.edu

    Obviously this wasn’t an issue for the copies that were paid for and electronically sent to Sally.

    Records donated by individuals or organizations outside of the University (including alumni) may be restricted at the discretion of the donor in consultation with the University Archivist for an approved limited period to protect personal information or privacy. The restriction will be recorded in the finding aid.

    It would appear that it wasn’t an issue with the copies in Sally’s possession.


  2. Cathy is an idiot, imo, who is obviously not equipped to “threaten” people who aren’t vulnerable or who aren’t idiots too. She has run several long cons, but not very inspiring ones. Just crap ideas she has stolen, not too successfully, from others. She’d be a joke if there weren’t so many vulnerable people fooled by her moon face hiding her evil beneath it.

    Even her lies and made up stories are designed by an idiot for idiots. Her response to being caught out, which is so easy, is to fling really juvenile insults involving rape, bestiality and homosexuality. I am pretty sure she has some major issues in the sexual fantasy department. Who the hell even thinks about these things? it would appear Cathy Harris, Cathy Tozar, Salina Smith, Salina Canby or whatever name she will go under next year.


  3. Speaking of lists, here are two people who posted on the Romancing blog. I doubt their view of Cathy has changed.

    Church Directory

    July 22, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    Friends of Frances, it should not be a surprise to you by now that Cathy is not willing to give her contact information for the FBI. It is difficult for her to admit that she has been untruthful.


    July 22, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    Difficult? You are wrong. She is incapable of admitting that she is a dark morbid liar. She is also incapable of telling the truth either.

    Cathy has been fantasizing about being raped ever since I encountered her. She or her surrogates are always asking various people when they disagree with her if the plan to rape her. Wow wow just did that a few days ago. Nobody has raped Cathy. Nobody wants touch her in any way shape form or fashion.

    And Cathy, I have the office phone number of every elected official and their email too. Google is my friend. You don’t have a real case. You don’t have a case number. No one has EVER been convicted of doing ANYTHING TO YOU EVER EVER EVER!

    And you didn’t speak before the PA legislature either.

    Is she going to blackmail them into silence?


  4. Speaking of chemotherapy – did she have a PICC line? That leaves a mark or a scar that her roommate at the time probably would have noticed.


  5. Seriously?

    Cathy’s Story of Kidnapping, Rape, Abuse and Cover-up~Part 1
    When I was just three years old, I was kidnapped by a very disturbed woman by the name of Cleo Smith.

    I went missing from a local grocery store while my biological mother shopped. She had just given birth to twin daughters she had three very small children with her as she shopped for groceries. I disappeared while she shopped — we would not be reunited for almost 30 years

    This is what Cathy Harris wrote, she doesn’t lie so therefore there was a reunion . Did she ever write about her twin sisters? What about photos of the happy event? (You need a sarcasm font)


  6. So do you think she is running to Martinsburgh WV to explain her Tozar family reunion to her new Canby family?

    Is she bringing Daniel as her fake boyfriend like one of those romcom movies?

    Is she going to provide the Canby’s with an internet created certificate of DNA authenticity? Like a cheap coin from the Franklin Mint?

    Will one of the farm animals corner her and finally, finally, her deepest darkest fantasy comes true? (Seriously, who even thinks of that stuff and then searches the internet for bestiality clips. The Weebel should hang her head in shame.)

    Perhaps some FBI documentary evidence downloaded from the X-Files fan site?

    Finally will she meet with some improbable crisis that prevents her from getting to Martinsburgh?

    The possibilities are endless. Check in tomorrow same place same time to follow along with the Impossible Life Of Cathy Harris Professional Victim Mimic and Weebel.


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