A Humper

I just want to make sure it’s clear that the screen shot below is from Nicole BLH Facebook page.

As I write, the comment by Susan Frise has been up there for more than three hours.  Nicole follows everything, all the time, closely. If this was a negative comment from somebody she thought was a troll, she’d be all over it.  She knows it’s there. And she has said nothing.

So I will.

This is the comment.

Susan Frise is a white supremacist, a nationalist.

That’s a nice way of saying that she is pretty much a Nazi.

Just in case you think I’m being too harsh, here is some more, from her Facebook page. It didn’t take me very long to find it.  It jumped out at me and hit me in the face.

These people, who look ordinary, but Hispanic or maybe from the middle east, which is not Hispanic, but no matter since Susan doesn’t care, are “prone to stupidity.”

That’s what she said. They’re “prone to stupidity,” and this is part of the “communist world order.”

You know what?  I think Susan Frise is prone to stupidity and I also think Nicole ought to pay more attention to who in the hell she has following her and making comments.

Susan’s hobbies include volunteering with the PTA, baking cookies, and burning crosses. (That was shamelessly stolen from a friend.)

She also is friend with Joe.  Here’s a conversation from Joe’s wall, which occurred almost two years ago, so they’ve been buddies for quite some time.

Notice that Joe’s argument with her is about voting. He totally ignores the overt, over-the-top, flagrant racism and white supremacy and nationalism, and all he cares about is what Jesus said and some bullshit from the Old Testament (it’s the story of Israel asking for a king).

This woman is an out-and-out neo-Nazi.  She would deny that, but she embraces everything they believe in.  When somebody explains patiently to me who they are, I accept it.


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  1. Sally, Sally, Sally…

    Nicole only seems to mind if the comments are negative and directed at her. One militant group is as good as the other, as long as they support her and Joe. I mean, it’s even better if they can throw some jingle in their pockets but hey, if not this white supremacist chick, maybe one of her gun-toting buddies. It’s all about the jingle.


  2. Nicole believes the same philosophy. It’s all over in her writing. It’s a major motivation for the movement she gets her memes from.
    White supremacy is a big part of the anti-government movement.

    And that Susan twit is a class A fuck up. An easily dismissed idiot. Well, used to be. Back before trumpers reared their ugly heads and reminded everyone that intentional ignorance, bigotry, and misogyny are still more common and celebrated than rational people had hoped.


  3. Nicole and Joe don’t care who follows them as long as the money put in their hands is green. Joe the dumbass even claimed our libertarian, gun toting, evangelical fundie, New England carpetbagger, Tea Party republican won’t help him and Nicole because the Nauglers are too “conservative.”


  4. The fact that Nicole has a ton of sick fucks who follow her is not news.
    Tons of unemployed potheads, tons of other degenerate parents who have had their children taken away for neglecting and endangering them. And a couple of really scary sick fucks who make my spider senses ping off the chart.

    She’s also the pied piper of stupid….and apparently broke…since there were so many who professed to WANT to donate if only they had a buck…

    Comments left by the very creepy who follow Nicole would make me terrified to post photos of my children if I were her.

    But why worry? Nicole doesn’t care about her children’s safety…the blog must go on!


  5. Bull malarkey. I have an aunt that was a foster parent for years while raising her own two children. She adopted one of the babies she fostered several years ago. And not a perfect white baby. A baby born addicted to drugs due to her mothers usage while pregnant and who will face a lifetime of learning disabilities due to the brain damage she suffered as an infant. My aunt and her entire family love this little girl. She’s in middle school now and just a doll due to the unconditional love and support of her adopted family. It’s not a racket. It’s not a get rich quick sceme.


  6. Nic herself refers to African Americans by outdated names. Like colored folk and negro & the other n word. She is very prejudiced.


  7. Sometimes I’m so embarrassed to be white.

    And nuthin like bottom feeding for humpers…holy shit…what next?? You are so desperate and pathetic.


  8. Need some eye bleach now!
    Wonder if Susan is being ‘watched’, if you know what I mean? Does Joe even understand what her themes are?
    I guess I’m gonna have to go check on this wacky Nazi.


  9. That is horrifying.

    Since Facebook allows you to advertise directly to people based on ideology, one wonders if she directs her advertising at those people because she feels like they are aligned with her skewered world view?


  10. I was reading some of her stuff. Well, I should say I was trying to read her stuff.
    Can anyone make sense of this???

    She’s wrong about her people building America; it was the race of mixed (who fled the South by the hundred thousands in the 1850s) and they were NOT of a black (Afro-American) mind-set: they settled the west and south-west and built, built, built to be overrun and overcome in the ’70’s by the white emigrees from the former Soviet Union who go out of their heads to ‘house’ on everyone and are so retarded that they HAVE to have everyone around them in their mind-set; all that causes retardation and hurt-minds to those around them and the killing off (fake cancer diagnosis’s by THEM as doctors) of the mixed whites who have no group mind-set and are therefore too individually minded, as opposed to the “US’ house (sort of like the social model of the insect world and their queen -bee/termite/ant who tells them everything) of those retard whites who are building the most hatefilled house here in America–I hate this country nowadays too. Maybe, if you’ve got enough money you could try Asia or Australia? Their mindset is not the same.


  11. In the very beginning, one of the first groups formed to defend the Nauglers was headed by a white supremacist. They have deep ties to that group. My guess is that the majority of whackadoodle libertarian types (voluntaryists and anarchists, etc) do.


  12. Maybe, if you’ve got enough money you could try Asia or Australia?

    Yeah, you can fuck right off with Australia, we don’t want your racist, paranoid arse here. Sadly, we have enough of our own, although I have to say, some of the American fruitcakes really take some beating.


  13. Not that I didn’t believe you because I totally did but I had to read this shit for myself. Interesting that she grew up in the same city as I did. I recently went back and it hasn’t changed much. It’s the same culturally diverse city it was when I grew up. The people are still pretty friendly too. Sure there is crime, it’s a large city, it’s always had crime and always will. But it certainly hadn’t drastically changed. She’s just a blatant racist. Pathetic.


  14. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s creepy that that’s who she’s comfortable with.

    And then those groups probably think, “Yeah, they are really sticking it to THE MAN!”

    But the reality is, they’re just “sticking out the hand!”


  15. Holy shit! I hate to swear but racism is my only exception. My ex’s stepmom was/is a devoted racist. She is part of the, sadly successful, push to resegregate NC schools.

    I don’t care for labels of race. We are all human.


  16. Alright, this is a subject very close to my heart. My aunt and uncle, both living an affluent lifestyle in Westchester County, NY chose to foster. Not for money, not for a ‘feel good’ thing, but because they wanted to better the lives of children in their area.
    Originally, they planned on having two boys since my uncle was the one staying at home, and that was just what they thought would be best. Well, their very first foster child ended up staying with them for years. The goal, I stress, WAS INDEED reunification with his mother. For years. But, for numerous reasons, she was determined unable to parent him to meet his basic needs, and my aunt and uncle did adopt this wonderful child- my cousin (ironically, once there was an unexpected encounter without the social worker…his birth-mother went off and was furious how he was being stripped of his racial heritage). Yet he is now 11 years old, plays sports, has many friends, is in one of the most diverse public school systems in the country, and, above all, is happy in a stable household. He still has a hard time seeing his older brother and doesn’t like to do so “because it is tough to say goodbye”. I cannot imagine the things he has seen growing up.
    I’m just going to say it bluntly. My aunt and uncle are far wealthier than I ever will be or anyone I know. They want a larger house but have been searching so hard to find a home they like in their child’s school district to provide him with a sense of stability and security. They don’t push the “Mom” and “Dad” titles- but have given him a great life to the best of their abilities. He is now struggling a bit with school and they have pursued tutoring. No, things are not perfect, but the foster care system is not what these facebook pages make it out to be in terms of some evil, money-making thing. Period.
    It’s still a loss for him that I will never be able to fully comprehend because I myself have not experienced it, but there are so many families out there just wanting to provide children with a better shot at life. And that is all.


  17. I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand a damn thing that ladybird trying to talk about.

    So I’ll just point out a couple things in the BLH post. Um, she basically says that foster parents “should” “love” and “care” for their foster children.


    If you publicly tell Joe or Nicole what they should or shouldn’t do and they disagree with your statement, you then become a target and a troll.


    She is talking about foster parents loving children that are their foster children. Does she even love her own children? Is she even capable of loving somebody other than herself? From what can be viewed from the world wide web, it looks to me like Nicole and Joe are doing a piss poor job showing their own children that they love them.


    Here she is saying foster parents should care for their foster children. Does Nicole know what it means to even care for a child? For one, this means you take care of the child, not the child takes care of you. Second, this means you make sure all the child’s needs are met to the best of your ability. No child should ever be responsible for their own needs.

    Good foster parents provide their foster children with a bedroom, a real mattress to sleep on, clean sheets, hot and cold running water, a bathtub or shower for bathing, a flushing toilet so they don’t have to handle white buckets of shit, and food cooked by a responsible adult. They are given clothing that fits, and most importantly, they are provided a chance to receive a real education! When it’s cold outside, foster parents make it their responsibility that the house stays warm.

    Normal parents don’t make their children work for their basic needs.

    Normal parents want to supply their children with the tools for success. That means giving them an education. An education that prepares them for a real high school diploma or a GED, and provides the knowledge needed to pass the ACT with a high enough score to get into college if that is the path they choose.


  18. One day a few months ago while my daughter was in class the boy beside her asked if she was a Jew. My daughter wears a mezuzah around her neck..A mezuzah is a small cylinder with a scripture inside and the star of David on the outside…My husband gave it to me when we first started dating and it drove my mom nuts because I was raised in the Catholic faith….anyway, she replied yes because she is proud of her heritage..at the moment she replied, the kid exposed his arm to her and showed her his Swastika tattoo..these are 15 yr old kids btw..It scared the shit out of her and me to..I called and reported it to the school….I tried to tell her that his ignorance was because of what his parents or adult figures is his life have taught him…and so the cycle won’t be broken while shit like this goes on….I was going to post this last night but was really tired because I had to report to jury duty yesterday..I thought about the Nauglers after I was sworn in. Although it is a legal obligation to serve..I was happy to do it…I was also equally happy they didn’t need me and I was sent home…


  19. Normal parents don’t make their children work for their basic needs.

    I want to build upon that a bit. Nicole and her ilk apparently believe that no children, other than their own, have chores to do. That there are things they are expected to do as a member of a family or a group.

    Newsflash: Lots of of families assign chores to their children. It’s nothing special, Nicole. Sometimes that may even entail chopping firewood but here’s what good parents do in that instance. They provide decent tools, including appropriate protective gear, and they don’t set them up to fail.


  20. I posted a comment about 30 minutes ago but the screen went wonky and I think it went into cyberspace….that being said the comment was really a short story of something that happened to my daughter this past school yr. To make a long story short someone in her class asked her if she was a Jew and she said..yes..at this point he lifted up his sleeve and showed her his Swastika..I reported it and told her to remember that he has been influenced by his family. This cycle will never end when people are this ignorant.


  21. I see so often her leghumpers saying “it’s so nice to see kids outside working and using their imaginations.” Do these people know any kids in real life? Today my kids went outside with me and helped do yard work. We mowed, pulled weeds, and did general cleanup.

    My kids also go for hikes with friends, ride their bikes around the neighborhood, go for walks, we go out on the lake. When we are outside enjoying the outside world we see lots of families doing the same thing.

    Sure kids are inside playing video games, heck the Naug kids stay inside and play video games too.

    Oh and my kids do chores too. We don’t have chore charts but we work together because that’s what normal families do. Notice the normal family.

    Her kids being outside isn’t some anomaly. What is an anomaly is kids doing all the work.

    Oh and I know two families that have been foster parents. Neither were doing it for the money and both have spent far more than they’ve been paid by the state to care for children that ultimately end up going back to the parents. It’s such a bullshit claim that people are making money off caring for children.


  22. @ Dinah that shit drives me nuts too. My kids ALWAYS played outside. They built forts, skateboard ramps, “water parks” using hefty bags and the sprinkler….I think most children do that kind of thing. And they did it outside of their school days spent at the dreaded “public school” system. My three oldest go back to college in the next few weeks. My youngest will be a junior this year. She too LOVES to draw and has sketch book upon sketch book of her creations throughout the years. She is very good at it. However, she is super busy being on the school varsity dance and lacrosse teams, being on the high school debate team, working her part time job, and keeping her grades up. Drawing is her release. She does not do it with thoughts of it being her career. If she wanted that, I would totally support that! But honestly, Nicole’s DDs drawings are really just kind of junior high art stuff. Nothing phenomenal about them at all. And it makes me sad that is all that poor girl has. That and “training” her dog. And visiting her horse. Why Nicole does not understand all those kinds of things can happen while receiving formal education astounds me. Based on her criteria I am the biggest, baddest “unschool” mom there is.


  23. Newsflash: Lots of of families assign chores to their children.

    Absolutely. But there is a difference between chores and forced/coerced child labor. I’m sure Nicole and Joe know the difference and that they just don’t care. Normal parents who love and care for their children do not make them work to earn their basic needs. It makes me sick.


  24. Nicole is going on a tirade about how no one knows what causes placental disruption (so it wasn’t their fault that William was stillborn).

    Newsflash: Nicole had at least three known risk factors. Age of mother, multiple miscarriages (per her own blog), multiple pregnancies and her statement that she was 42 weeks pregnant. If she had been going to an ob/gyn she and the baby would have been monitored and the risk to their lives would have been minimized. She may have other risk factors that she didn’t know about because she wasn’t being seen by a physician. Like high blood pressure which is often called a “silent killer”.

    Not being seen by a doctor wasn’t in William’s best interest and this time, the outcome was tragic.

    Spin it however you like Nicole and Profit Joe, but that baby’s death is due to your irresponsibility and arrogance. Pay your medical bills. Guess what? If you had had insurance it would have cost you a lot less money and grief.


  25. Dawn A-L: where is she talking about placental abruption? I don’t follow her very closely, but I’ve seen several references in the comments here about her discussing it and absolving herself of responsibility. She must have a guilty conscience.


  26. I think that Joe and Nicole will always have a base number of supporters – people like this white supremacist Susan Frise, people who have lost their children to CPS due to being terrible at parenting, and a few others who just aren’t bright enough to realize that Joe and Nicole are common grifters. Real homesteaders figured them out a long time ago; people who are serious about homeschooling figured them out a long time ago; the Mormons figured them out a long time ago; even that group that defends homeschoolers aggressively figured the Nauglers weren’t worth their time and energy a long time ago.

    I’ve noticed that most of Nicole’s FB posts don’t get as many comments as they used to, and I doubt they are getting anywhere near the amount of contributions they used to receive either. Their biggest fans don’t have the money, and those they took for a joy ride the last time around have learned their lesson.


  27. @Dawn A-L

    It’s tragic that they saw fit to purchase a $200 table when Nicole was 42 weeks pregnant instead of using that money to see a doctor.

    She had been remarking since late June that the baby’s movements had slowed down.


  28. I wonder if the uptick in kid pictures is due to them realizing how precious children are? Not that the Nauglers’ll give them the luxury of toilets and running water or anything crazy like that, but maybe they’re appreciating the kids more.


  29. She must have a guilty conscience.

    That would require a conscience. I’ve seen evidence of one.

    I wonder if the uptick in kid pictures is due to them realizing how precious children are?

    I think it’s because she needs people to send more pity money. Grubby irresponsible adults who fail to go get prenatal care are a lot less sympathetic than their children. Or their children’s arts and crafts that they hawk.


  30. The uptick in kid pictures is to try and paint a different view of her life for her new followers. “Look how healthy, happy, hardworking we are! I can’t believe those mean nasty trolls won’t leave us alone! Quick send monies!!!!!”


  31. And now on her NCN page she is sharing ridiculous GoFundMe accounts and seems a little pissy. Hey at least the two she posted are being totally truthful.

    Sorry, not sorry, Nicole, I would rather donate to a guy who is obsessed with fried chicken than to your nasty ass.

    Oh and sweetie, you created your own damn fan club, that’s pathetic.


  32. Nicole would hate me. Out of my nine kids I only gave birth to three of them. I guess she would say I stole the other six from their drug addicted parents. We didn’t foster, and were never paid a dime. We love our nieces and nephews as our own. They each came to live with us before their 2nd birthday and we were at each of their births. It’s heart breaking to see your siblings (one sib on my side, two on my husband side) make bad choices and neglect their kids. Yup Nicole would hate me.


  33. Ok…so in Nicole’s last commentary about their garden shed….she claims it is 16’x40′ which would only be 640 square feet for 12 people. But keep in mind…that’s exterior insulated walls. You loose at least six inches (or you should) when you build an insulated wall for winter. So now we’re talking 15.5×39.5 which brings you down to about 612 square feet.

    But I don’t buy that the shed is 16′ x 40′. Not that it matters, because 612 square feet for 12 people is insane as it is….but I think Nicole exaggerated the size of her garden shed. God knows why she’d do that, but I strongly believe she did. Here’s why….

    If you go to the Built Rite Barns site where she claims they ordered their shed and look at window options, you’ll find exactly two sizes of windows available. 3’x3′ and 2’x3’….and the “barn doors” are 6′ across.

    So looking at the exterior of Nicole’s shed, we know that square windows are three feet wide and that rectangular tall windows are two feet wide.

    Let’s look at some pix… http://blessedlittlehomestead.com/a-new-cabin/

    Note that in the first photo…the whole thing is being towed by….a pickup truck. Now, keeping in mind the size of the windows….estimate the length and width.

    I’m getting 14’x36′ which would be 504 square feet….or about 480 square feet with insulated walls.

    612 or 480….both are fucking abysmal for 12 people all winter.

    Ah, but they have the LOFTS!

    And you know, the word “loft” makes you think of those wonderful huge spaces in the attics of barns. Maybe you played in one as a kid. The hay would be stacked high up there. Maybe the older kids had a swing…you could climb around and make forts in the hay. It was a HUGE space. What a wonderful memory, right? Or maybe you’re thinking of a converted industrial loft apartment where the artsy kids lived in the city? Lofts are spacious and open, right?

    The Naugler’s “lofts” at the apex…at the highest fucking part….are three feet tall. Yes, you read that right. THREE FEET. Any child past puberty would have to crawl in there on their hands and knees watching their head. They can’t have beds because it would squeeze them up against the ceiling. Literally.

    Here’s the REAL problem with the whole loft thing: Trailers/Sheds/Barns are firetraps. They go up in flames like cardboard. It can happen in a blink. Not only would smoke rise and fill the ceiling and smother the kids before fatass and toothless figured out they were on fire….it would be impossible for fatass to fish the little ones out in the thick smoke on his hands and knees…and that’s IF he could squeeze in there. The entire scenario is a thing of nightmares. There is literally no way out. The kids would die. This is one of the many reasons you can’t get an occupancy permit for a fucking garden shed…and why the government tries to protect idiots like the Nauglers from themselves.


    Have been stewing on this rant for a while and just needed to get it out. It will fall on deaf ears. But I feel better having said it.


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