8 thoughts on “A Girl Crush”

  1. Waiting, with bated breath, for Joe’s version of a yoga video. Isn’t this one of his self professed areas of expertise? 😜

  2. Britt- “Joe’a version yoga”? He probably thinks the downward dog is how he knocked up the blessed Mrs.

  3. I managed to do the splits once…..in my driveway….after slipping on the ice….100% rupture of my right hamstring and a hairline fracture where the tendon pulled off the bone. Yeah I am graceful like that. I had no understanding of the seriousness of the injury but knew how painful it was to walk. When I finally had the MRI, the doc chastised me for walking on it. Well, I am a grown up with a small farm. WTF was I supposed to do. LOL Somebody mentions yoga and I see ICU and a bunch of beeping machines.

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