A Gift in Celebration

Joe’s Gaslighting part 1

What are we celebrating?


1millionWhen I started my first blog, several years ago, I knew a blogger who celebrated having reached 170,000 page views in a year.  I thought that was just astonishing and tremendous and was terribly impressed.

And when I did Romancing the Victims, people responded by reading it and I remember how delighted I was when I surpassed that other blogger. Not that it was a contest, but in the sense that I felt that I had accomplished something significant.

This blog has been in existence for about 14 months.

Total page views refers to the number of times someone, anyone, has visited the blog. If you visit five times in one day, you count five times.

Unique visits refers to the number of times people have visited counting one visit per 24 hour period.  So, if you visit in the morning, and again that evening, you only count once that day.

First time visits is pretty much self-explanatory.  You are only counted once, ever. This means that more than 56,000 people have come here to read, voluntarily.  You’ve gone to the trouble to seek this blog out, via Google, or follow a link  on Facebook.

Returning visits is just that. Of those unique visits (433, 343), more than 377 thousand decided to come back again. And of course, you have come back over and over again.

I’ve said before that I don’t check the stats very much. I don’t because I do not want to know which posts generate the most visits. I don’t want that to influence what I write. In fact, somebody else had to bring this impending million-view milestone to my attention or it would have slipped right by me.

That said, I am grateful.

Thank you to everyone who is part of this.


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  1. Fantabulous!!

    I became a first time visitor, probably within a month of this blog’s inception! I forget now, how I discovered the blog. It was probably by a post on some Facebook page. I quickly became intrigued and entertained, as it became the primary resource for following the Naug story. If you may recall, it became a little challenging on Facebook, to participate or engage on pages, without concern of being doxed, stalked and other “insidious” activities. In an attempt to extinguish one’s opinion and voice.

    The months have rolled on, and the blog has never disappointed. My favorite! It’s always exciting to see a new blog post. Along with all the comments and discussion.

    I join you in celebrating this fantastic milestone! Bravo!

    I look forward to more of the same. Good work, Sally.


  2. Well one positive thing to say about Free Jinger is they led me to this Blog! Congratulations on your milestone Sally. Great video Deb!!


  3. I just want to note a few things.
    Going back several years to several different blogs, sites, forums, even the original news article, no one really believes a word the naugs were saying. All of them point out how misinformed she is on her rights from day one and how bat shit crazy she sounds screaming to her kids that the cops are going to shot them. I thought this was a slow descent into deceit but everyone has known from day one. The original news articles, multiple people comment “there has to be more to the story”. Wow. There always is with you isn’t there? Joe can’t even say how old he is without lying.
    Naugs-Who do you think you are fooling? No one sane or informed has believed anything you have said or say from day one.
    Naugs-The ONLY people who agree with you and post happy rainbow shit on your facebook are people who are either fake (yep, I looked at some of the profiles, fucking fakes), are criminals, have lost custody of their own children many moons ago, or are rarely online. Often when you post something multiple people will reply with something along the lines of “oh I didn’t know!” because they don’t, they don’t know because they don’t follow you, they’re just bored people who check your page few and far in between. You announced your pregnancy a while ago yet people continue to comment that they didn’t know you were pregnant. They clearly don’t click the follow button.
    You are getting far less comments and likes on your FB posts. Sad times for you. I’ve notice you’ll even comment on your own post to try to draw people in and sad for you the only person that comments regularly is your own husband. Ummmm also not normal. My husband doesn’t comment on my facebook as if having a conversation, we have this thing called a relationship where we have conversations face to face when we see one another, not on facebook.
    How do you post video after video and not hear how crazy you sound? Oh! That reminds me, your video on youtube about unschooling, good way to show how shitty you unschool. With all the negative comments I’m shocked you haven’t removed it yet. Ya know, like you scrub everything.
    I dare you to not delete anything for a week. Even your sock pages are scrubbing now. Like that’s not a sign as to who is running them.


  4. Nice work, Sally. Thank you for the hours and hours you’ve spent on behalf of all of us. Thanks for sticking up for those of us who have been harassed by the Nauglers, those of us who have been doxed, stalked, had our families stalked and harassed, had our employers called, those of us who have endured the sickest attacks. Thank you, Sally, for bringing the truth to light.

    Thank you for looking out for generous folks who were innocently taken advantage of. Thank you for getting balanced information into their hands before they open their wallets.

    Thank you for being a champion for the kids.

    And thank you for the many many times you’ve shown a lot of heart and goodwill toward the Nauglers with heartfelt advice. Al, too, on that one. Thanks for going high when they went low.

    Thanks for creating a place for those of us who have been injured by the Naugs, for those who are concerned about the kids, for those who support law enforcement and our troops who appreciate their sacrifice. Thanks for the community, for a safe place to speak, and especially….thank you for the humor and the weird assed topics like cheese making. LOL:)

    Congrats on a job well done.


  5. I don’t always have time to leave comments, but I love this blog! I read it daily! Than you for all you do and all your hard work! Congratulations!!!


  6. How exciting and congratulations!

    Okay, we loyal readers should once again consider donating a little money to the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch to share the celebratory mood. They’re great about sending confirmation letters with little handwritten notes on the paperwork. At least the last time I donated someone drew a cute picture on it too.


  7. I tend to think of this blog as a public service. I have often wished that something like this sort existed a number of years ago when Medusa would prattle on about her idyllic life and her idyllic Ewok and any criticism was scrubbed. Many criticisms were pretty interesting in the sense they came from people who had encountered them in real life and universally it was always negative. The Naugler penchant for stalking goes waaay back. But there was no place for Naugler victims to go that Medusa didn’t control. Hence my joy at their going viral and the subsequent, after a lot of harassment from the Nauglers, creation of this blog.

    I think Medusa has this neat fantasy vision where she stands triumphantly over those who criticize her and beg forgiveness and she says no. She so conveniently forgets the bits where she and her Ewok acted like fools, were helped and basically kicked sand in the faces of the givers, doxxed people for merely disagreeing with them, harassed people, threatened people, stalked people and it goes on and on.


  8. I still cannot believe those dear children are still living in such conditions
    No nice warm bath and bed at the end of a day
    A teenage girl with no privacy or warm shower


  9. Congratulations, Sally! That’s a large number of readers! Did you ever think you’d be a successful writer in your retirement years? And while I come for the story, I only have ever really stayed because of the writing. You write clearly, fluidly and intelligently. You do your research and back up your words. Plus, your wry humor makes me chuckle out loud. You’ve got it all. I hope, when this content dries up, which it will one day, you keep writing or put together a book. I’d definitely read it.


  10. Congratulations!!!! I love the blog, I’m just sorry I took so long to find it. Sally, you are a fantastic writer, thank you for sharing your gift with us.


  11. Congratulations! This blog has been the one place I’ve found that sorts fact from fiction as it concerns the Nauglers, and where I can post my own thoughts without fearing that Joe will start creepily following me around and trying to intimidate me. There is no surprise that Joe and Nicole hate the fact that this blog exists – it’s so unpleasant to have their pretty fantasy tales destroyed by actual facts. They were forced to amend their homesteading claim to “quasi” homesteading, because you and others made it clear they are not actual homesteaders. I notice whenever Nicole films inside the shed, she never pans around to show her viewers more than a limited shot of the interior. She has stopped talking about her oldest son and his fiance and my guess is because they’ve chosen to live in a home with hot and cold running water, real beds, and obtain good medical care for the fiance – a big no thanks to the shit stead lifestyle. That’s gotta sting and it probably also makes them realize that if one child defects, quite possible more will follow.


  12. Congratulations! I found your blog after I gave money to this mess. I was on BLH FB page and I questioned her on why she always let Charles be her spokes person & why she & Charles always answered a question with a question. I was nice & civil. I started noticing when I commented Charles would post stuff about me, even though he wasn’t my friend, my account was set to private, and he mentioned stuff that happened years ago with my health. My account was secure. He was snarky about it too when he posted, saying things like “she better be careful if she doesn’t want to get sick again” or “oh Nicole, she has money, look what she bought her niece, maybe she can help so & so with her bankruptcy”. That last one I realized it was Nicole & joe being Chuck & they were fishing my account. I know this as I have family that work for FB. They told me my account was secure & the only way that Charles could know about me was if he was using another account that I was friends with. I was FB friends with Nicole & the BH page. So I posted this to BH page and got band.
    Right before I got band someone commented on my post saying to look you up, so I did!

    Thank you for your hard work!


  13. Congratulations! I will echo what others have said and say thank you for sharing your talent for writing with us. Also, thank you for helping bring the truth to light when it comes to the Naugler’s. Over a million views is a huge milestone when compared to the relatively short amount of time since you began this blog.


  14. Just knowing this blog exist, and everyday (they) wake up and know its there has to feel like a board stuck in there eyes is enough for me. Way to go


  15. @ChuckJoeNicoleCharlesOneBigAsshole – I understand what you have experienced. I have a life threatening illness and they have mentioned a couple times about starting a pool on when I will die. Funny thing though, I am doing very well and Nicole will likely die from rotting teeth or in childbirth long before I kick the bucket. Charles also tried to taunt me one time about how the Nauglers will be the last thought that goes through my head. Yeah…..not likely. Unless of course I am thinking of giant hemorrhoids.


  16. Besides enjoying the fact finding, intelligent writing, knowledge of REAL homesteading, and sharing of your amazing sense of humor, this blog is amazing for another reason as well.

    Profat and Medusa have been running for the last twenty years. Unfortunately, they have not yet figured out that everywhere they go, their troubles follow them because they are, in fact, the problem, and they will never escape themselves.

    They have run from CPS, the IRS, creditors, the legal system, and all the kind hearted people who tried to lend them a hand. Previously, the victims were sort of disjointed because they did not know if they were alone or unique, definitely did not know each other, or truly what was going on behind the sunshine and rainbows bullshit that Medusa spouts.

    As many have said, Medusa has always controlled the narrative by banning, doxing, and harassing anyone who dared to speak the truth. The voices of all those people were quickly intimidated into silence, and I imagine that they thought that they were the only victims.

    With this blog, lots and lots of people who have been hurt by these two disgusting wastes of oxygen have found each other. Friendships have been formed, a community has taken shape, we have had lots of laughs, and the narrative is no longer the sunshine and roses bullshit that Medusa previously controlled. It is truth; it is facts. (Not alternative ones ?)

    I think it kills Medusa that she has lost control of the narrative. The truth is being revealed bit by bit, and she and Profat are finally being exposed as the parasites that they are. I think she is unraveling so quickly because she is doing exactly what she’s been doing semi successfully (in terms of her ability to “play” the system without recourse) for 20 years, it’s not working anymore, and she has absolutely no idea what to do next, as the lying, drama creation, and grifting are so ingrained in her that they are her only coping skills.

    She and the Profat deserve whatever they get; I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for either of them. But the children…..

    I just hope that SOMEONE in CPS is watching the bindings coming loose on M and P, and the children will be removed from their care. That may sound cruel, but it has been 23 years, and things are getting worse rather than better. Further, I have not seen any propensity (or desire) for change in either of those two idiots. They just dig their heels in, and keep forging onward into the abyss.

    Those poor children deserve a chance at a normal life. Foster care is bound to be painful for the kids, but ultimately it has to be better than having no running water, little food (just what can be foliaged ?….moron!) plus mystery cans, no medical care, (3rd degree burns, a finger sewn back on, and a head wound stitched with fishing tackle IIRC), no beds, living in 32o sf with 13 people, no education, living in filth and squalor, shitting in a bucket, and having no path to escape without birth certiificates or SSN.

    So, Sally, thank you for giving ALL the victims (including the Nauglets) a voice, and for all you have done to bring the truth forward and expose these charlatans.

    By the way, you mentioned that Frances is knocked up. Is this from the secret night with the young stud a few months ago? When will the calf be born?


  17. Oh, forgot to mention something interesting that the Profat Bloviator said in the “Chain Reaction” interview.

    After he pontificated about being disconnected from his food (clearly that has never happened, but I digress.), he mentioned that society has not only become disconnected from their food, but also disconnected from their elders in that people send their elders to nursing homes to die.

    I found this odd in light of the fact that (so far as we know) neither Profat nor Medusa have any relationship (or even communication ) with their parents and family of origin. Does this mean that M and P were disconnected from their food when they were young, and hence became disconnected from their family? Strange thing to bring up…..


  18. I have been following for about a year. I just love the way you write, Sally, and I appreciate the time you put into this.

    I have a feeling your talents are too vast for this subject, though. I would love to let you , and Lisa, loose on our new administration. No alternative facts for you two!

    But in the meantime, I look forward to your posts and to the comments that follow.


  19. By the way, you mentioned that Frances is knocked up. Is this from the secret night with the young stud a few months ago? When will the calf be born?

    The secret night turned out to be a bust, but she was AI’d last fall. I haven’t done the math but I think she’ll calve in early September, maybe late August. Dairy cows are preferably always pregnant. They are much happier when they are pregnant. An “open” (not pregnant) dairy cow is a PITA. They come in heat every 21 days (!!!) and behave abominably for about 24 hours. The hormone rush is just unsettling.

    So Frances has spent most of her adult life pregnant.

    We dry her off for two months prior to calving to let her udder rest and regroup for the new lactation period. She generally comes into heat again within three months of calving and we breed her as soon as possible.

    The typical scenario is that she comes to the barn for milking and is obviously in heat. (Uncooperative, irritable, older calves trying to ride her back and way too interested in her rear end, sometimes a little vaginal discharge) If it’s her first heat after calving, it might be “weak” and we’ll mark it on the calendar and skip it. But then three weeks later, we’ll watching like a hawk and we call the AI guy the second we notice her in heat. He comes out and inseminates her within twelve hours. And that is usually all there is to it. The gestation period is 283 days, very similar to a human being. And she rarely “shows” at all. After about five months, you can often “bump” the calf (feel it by gently punching her side – I am not very talented at doing that and it has to be obvious before I feel anything!)

    There is a blood test you can do but getting the blood drawn is the problem. I’m terrible at that too.

    And recently scientists developed a milk-based pregnancy test. I’m considering looking into the possibility of doing that, but never have. Most of the time, with Frances, she’s either bred or she’s not bred. If she’s not bred, she comes back into heat and it’s obvious. I don’t need a test to know. There is no urine test for cows.


  20. I found this odd in light of the fact that

    I found it odd too. But Joe tends to engage in flight of ideas to some extent.


  21. I’ve also received harassing, disgusting calls from the Nauglers and had my family stalked online. They messaged my children. I’ve made a police report about their harassment.

    I wasn’t even obnoxious or rude. I merely asked some questions that they didn’t want to answer. I asked them in an unoffensive, but straight forward way. They could have just deleted my posts and banned me. Instead, they stalked my family and did crazy illegal things.

    I get the feeling that paranoia runs very deep for the Nauglers. It’s like they’re convinced there is a huge organized group of people out to oppose them, and from what I’ve seen, that’s just not the case. What really happened was a whole bunch of people saw the money they were amassing in donations…and they all had the common sense to ask some good questions. And the Nauglers didn’t want to answer. So we all got a similar over-reaction that was extremely scary to experience and abusive.

    Just knowing the Nauglers have done this to dozens of other people makes me feel a lot better.

    Of course it makes me feel worse about their children.


  22. Thank you Sally for all your hard work. I came across the Nauglers story because I am interested in homesteading, I found her BLH page and started following. Somehow I ended up here and I am glad I did. Initially I was trying to stay fair to both sides to see who was harassing whom. Well I came across a pic of the Naugler kids when they were sick , outside on blankets laying in the dirt sick as he’ll with animals roaming all around! That infuriated me to no end! It also angers me how she keeps her pages separate , the BLH page is clearly the scam page , created to sucker hopeful homesteads like me into feeling sorry for them and donating money. The other pages is the real Nicole thru and thru! I think people have been scammed out of their money and they should report it to go fund me, I really do, they take fraud seriously. They also need to be reported if not already to the IRS, go fund me donations in most cases cannot be taxed but it can be if it’s $20,000 or more or depending on what those funds were used for lets say starting a new business. Any way my two cents.


  23. Their disturbing extent of stalking and harassing is why there are so few people who speak out against them.
    My question is-If they weren’t so vile, mean, and harsh with their harassing would people dislike them so much? Probably not, there is a healthy way to handle criticism and their low blows is not a good way to handle it. I said ONE thing and ONE emoji and Charles instantly made a post about me on his “personal” page. I didn’t say anything mean. I just agreed that showing birthing pictures online was not my cup of tea.
    I don’t get it. I don’t! How do they find out such personal information?! Even people who have locked down profiles, they still find shit. Hacking is illegal right? Since I commented a month ago on one of the pages, a neutral comment mind you, my email has been repeatedly locked down because of failed attempts to log in. Who the F is doing that?! I didn’t think they were smart enough to hack but I beg them to keep trying, go for it, I don’t care. My Viagra spam emails need some combing through anyways.
    This is one hella rabbit hole to fall down….


  24. Thank you Sally for this wonderful blog and even better, your friendship.
    I am more than delighted that so many people recognize your talent and truth. To the next million mark and the book.


  25. Congrats, Sally! I knew when I found your blog, I had found my people!

    It must really chap Nicole’s ass that blog success has never come to BLH. Ironic, isn’t it? That Nicole has never found the success blogging that she thought would bank-roll her pathetic life. But a truth-filled, well-researched blog that exposes the Nog’s for what they are has great success! The printed numbers don’t lie. You can bet Nicole is just seething over this.


  26. As one in a million, I’m adding to the avalanche of applause….Congratulations!!!

    I think I’m in the running for the Most Repeated Visits; even though I get notifications for your updates, I still reflexively reload and refresh this page many, many times….I fear my online addiction rivals Nicole’s at this point (makes sense, because I’m sure she’s one of your most frequent visitors as well ?)!

    I love the way you write; your strength and focus is so effective. I can’t think of a single time I haven’t hung on every word right to the conclusion.

    Thank you for calling out the Naugspeak!


  27. I first came across the Nauglers’ story because I was interested in home schooling. I made a comment on her page, I can’t remember what it was about, maybe a question or constructive criticism. Next thing I was banned from BLH and had received a warning from Facebook because I was not using my real name on my account. I love your blog! Very well written, witty and in formative! Ah and I live in France so your blog has got international readers too!!


  28. Congrats on passing that HUGE million mark!
    I came to your blog looking for answers and wanting to make sense out the the Naug chronicles.
    I stayed for the insight, the snark, the valuable information …. one day I may need to make my own cheese!…. , the fun, and the balance.
    My views can sit at times, on the other side of the balance beam, but you as always kind, yet firm, and fair when others views are shared.
    Will be sticking around for the next million!
    Already in line for your book……


  29. It’s always shit said: “he pontificated about being disconnected from his food (clearly that has never happened, but I digress.), he mentioned that society has not only become disconnected from their food, but also disconnected from their elders in that people send their elders to nursing homes to die.”
    I wonder if Joe took a brief moment to think about his future and wondering who will support his lazy worthless butt when all his kids are finally grown. I.E., which of those unfortunate children are going to be stuck with these two good-for-nothings in their dotage. All I can say is “run Naugler kids, RUN!!!! And don’t leave any forwarding address.”


  30. [Admin: I’m going to be editing out stuff about pending court stuff. I know this is awful and difficult and I’m a bitch and I feel bad about it, but it’s temporary. Hang on. ]

    How long is the community going to allow the Nauglers to harass their victims unchecked? Who supports these foul people?

    This is insane. [Admin: I certainly concur with that assessment.]


  31. Every time I scroll down the blog I see the still of the video in which NicNaug’s fake ass crying face is front and center. Scares the shit out of me!


  32. BlessedLittleBlog – where people with common sense hang out to read common sense stuff. How can you not succeed!!


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