A Father’s Legacy

His name is Franklin Graham.

He is the eldest son and heir to the kingdom of Billy Graham.

He shares his father’s religion and worldview. What he does not share is his father’s ability to finesse things so that nobody realizes what total assholes these people are.

Franklin (who is actually his dad’s namesake—Dad is “Jr” and Franklin is “III”) was something of a prodigal son.  He spent his youth in, as the Bible puts it, riotous living, and had his miraculous conversion experience when he was in his early twenties.

This coincided nicely with Franklin’s realization that he was all through with school paid for by Daddy and that he was going to have to earn a living.  He found such a living running a charity, Samaritan’s Purse.  Franklin earned a hefty salary doing that, and has lived well (net worth something like 25 million dollars).

He now heads up Daddy’s organization and has become a big-mouth on television, much more so than his father ever did, busy offering his oft-controversial, always entertaining opinions on political figures, world events and the larger culture.

I hope you’re figuring out that I cannot abide Franklin Graham.  I have never had much use for his father, but Franklin is way, way worse.

Take this example of his lunacy dating back to 2010.  The president he’s talking about is, of course, Barack Obama.

ABC News

The truth, of course, is that all of us are born atheists. We have to be taught to embrace mythology as if it’s true.

He’s a turd.

He popped up yesterday to offer his excuses for why it’s okay for Trump to have paid off a porn star.

You guessed it.  Trump is a prodigal, and evangelicals love prodigals.

Just to be very fair, and  so we can all laugh out loud, here’s Franklin in a much more friendly setting (Fox News) explaining how wonderful Trump is and how fabulous the economy is (I thought that the love of money was the root of all evil?) and then he slides in “Jesus died for your sins” as they always have to do, like none of us ever heard anything like that before.

But thank you, Franklin, you dumbass, for proving my point about evangelicals and their love of prodigals.


14 thoughts on “A Father’s Legacy”

  1. I grew up with 3 and if the clouds were just right 4 channels. We could not afford and my parents did not want satellite tv. (44 years of marriage later and they still don’t have satellite tv.). A Billy Graham special was akin to the president being on to me growing up. If never failed he prempted my favorite show to spout off crap I had already listened to at school all day. No wonder I grew up loving books and sci-fi.


  2. Yep – been a while.

    Anyway, Stormy Daniels, the “paid off … porn star” mentioned in your blog, was in Greenville, South Carolina (yes, that Greenville) at the Trophy Club (just off Haywood Road not too far from Bob Jones University) kicking off her “Making America Horny Again” tour…

    Next stop was North Carolina.

    Don’t know if there are red hats involved.

    Or red balloons, for that matter…


  3. Yep – been a while.

    GRAINY DUDE!!! Good to see you.

    I saw that Stormy Daniels (what a name!) was in Greenville and just howled laughing. I did not know where the Trophy Club was, though, so thank you for enlightening me.

    Red balloons. LOLOL


  4. So he’s not even consistent with his own religious beliefs. There is one important issue missing from the Trump saga that is present in the prodigal son story and other similar biblical stories……. repentance When was DT’s conversion encounter. Plenty of biblical characters sinned big time but generally we are shown a confrontation and acknowledgement, which for old testament biblical leaders tended to be quite public and probably pretty embarrassing; it can’t be easy to take responsibility for the plaque or famine your people are dealing with after all. Where is Trump’s encounter on the road to Damascus or a prophet publically announcing that the nations ills are do to the great leader’s personal sins. I don’t recall David paying off somebody and then denying it. So Franklin you are just being a big old hypocrite aren’t ya?


  5. I’m not easily disgusted but Franklin Graham makes me want to vomit. He is such a hypocritical asshole. I wasn’t fond of his father’s preaching but he if was still on the circuit, he’d certainly castigate the Cheeto.
    And the FRC president saying “Let’s give Trump a mulligan”. Fuck that. They’d never give Obama a mulligan, not that he needed one.

    OT:Mom is still critical and she’s begun dialysis because no production for 5 days. I think this whole mess is because of the blood loss from the ulcer. The Afib, the ulcer, fact that the nursing home didn’t address it ASAP. Now we add a DVT and a drain that’s not functioning from the abscess drainage. I was optimistic when this started but I’m not sure now. I’m taking today off.


  6. It’s good to know that a rapist is perfectly fine to be president as long as he was a rapist before he got elected. Maybe next term Jack the Ripper will be elected.
    I also love when someone recites verse, and the Bible trumpers face goes blank while he tries to figure out what they said.
    Billy graham is an ass, his son is a bigger ass
    Thank you for this post


  7. something’s really wrong with a world where you can end up with a net worth of $25 million from a career running a charity.


  8. Beth I totally agree. And I also throw in politicians with that thought. Preachers and politicians have a lot in common.


  9. Lot od money to be made screwing the sheep, This jerk along with Joel Osteen and lets not forget Ceflo Dollar who told his (flock) that he needed a new jet to spread the word to the tune of 45 million bucks.
    As I recall Samatiarns purse is kinda like medicare for evangilcals , you hope you are covered and Pray others send you money, all for a monthly premimum of course. Its nowonder I walked away from that nonsense and ofcourse be told I had a false conversion, Fuck them all


  10. There are a very few charities that get some of my money. The Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch is one of them. Remote Area Medical USA is another.


  11. @outsider

    Samaritan’s Purse runs oversees mission outreach, as far as I know. There are a couple of ladies at my church who run one of the shoebox for kids Christmas programs.


  12. Annie, when a person makes over 800,000 a year like this guy, something is wrong. If it cost that much to spread the word, then a janitor should make 50,000 a year


  13. @ outsider

    I am by no means defending his salary, I am only clarifying what his charity’s stated purpose is


  14. I’ll never understand how people fall for any of this religious stuff. Really it makes zero sense to me. Too many religious leaders are blatant about their need for, and demand of, money, control and power. It creates a really huge excuse for disagreement, warfare, murder. No thanks.

    I respect it if that’s what you desire, but I will never understand why, and I sure as shit won’t ever accept anyone trying to force their belief system on anyone else. I rate wanting to know about people’s personal religious beliefs with wanting to know about their porno consumption, TMI. Keep it to yourself, please. The world will be a happier place for it.


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