A Declaration of War

It’s bitter cold. They want to share our space, our heat, and our food.  We can’t allow them to do that.

It’s war.

This is how you win.

We’ve explained to the cats that they are skating on very thin ice and need to get busy.


10 thoughts on “A Declaration of War”

  1. Two in the same trap? Show-off. 🤣

    No cats here because allergies. No traps or poison because dogs. The field mice invade every cold spell. Always have. At least they don’t come into the occupied part of the house. Just the garage and basement.

    One lumbering Anatolian doofus who is wreaking havoc in the lower level in her never ending quest to eat all the field mice. I haven’t the faintest idea how she manages to catch them, but she is very successful. She insists on showing them to me. She swallows them whole and waits for a cookie (biscuit). She is a fine dog.


  2. My one cat has already killed 4 so far since they started coming in the house. My other cat just plays with them.


  3. Two in the same trap! We’ve never been that lucky! Maybe you and Dave should go buy a lottery ticket with that kind of luck.

    Our house is surrounded by corn and sugar beet fields. Around harvest time we always get mice in the house. We’ve got two indoor/outdoor Manx cats and I have to hand it to them… they are pretty good mousers. We knew we had a mouse in the kitchen this fall when one of them sat in there for two nights until she finally caught it. I’m not a cat person. My husband is so we’ve always had one, or two cats. What I don’t like is when they catch a mouse, or bird and make it into the house with it. They leave it on our bedroom floor. My husband has told me that I should feel honored as the cat sees us a part of her pride. Forget that! I stepped on a dead mouse in my bare feet that was generously left on the bedroom floor one morning. I’m not afraid of mice, but that grossed me out!

    One thing I will never, ever do again is buy a clue trap. I think I only bought it because I didn’t have to go to the trouble of baiting a trap. Instead of letting the cats do their thing I put this glue trap between a gap we have between the refrigerator and the wall. I did catch a mouse, but the thing was alive. Half of its body was stuck to the glue and it was suffering a slow death. I’m not a PETA person, however, I did feel sorry for the thing and dispatched it with a hammer.


  4. My hubby is a soft touch and sets out live traps for the mice. We don’t have them in the house, but at work he’s always fighting them.

    This trap is amazing: https://www.amazon.com/HUX-EYE-Entrances-Anti-escape-Upgrade/dp/B06Y29FJRZ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1515038668&sr=8-5&keywords=live+mouse+trap

    You can catch several in these at a time.

    Hubby keeps a ten gallon aquarium full of wood chips and dumps everyone he catches in there together. They get cat food and water for a while…..then, he takes them for a ride to state land on a warmer day. The idea being to fatten them up so they have half a chance, and dump them far enough away from people that they can’t cause trouble.

    I know…kinda crazy…but I love that he’s a soft hearted guy. Guys at work tease him mercilessly about his “pet mice”.

    But as long as the mice are gone, people just think he’s kinda funny.

    I think it’s sweet.


  5. My German Shorthair pointer catches the rats that seem to like our house. She’s very patient and when they poke out she pounces. She’s brought me presents but now knows not to drop them on Mommy’s pillow.
    2 in one trap… wasn’t there a fairy tale about that?
    I hate to think of what vermin and other critters venture into the blessed little hut.


  6. Oh Sally, you only have two cats and the gestation period for a mouse is 20 days. They sexual maturity in 6 – 8 weeks. So cut them a little slack. The mice outnumber them significantly and your home is toasty warm and tempting!


  7. Every fall we get some in the basement and eventually they’ll make their way to the main floor. We didn’t have a cat for a while so we did bucket traps, worked wonderful. Now we have a cat and I call her the “Mighty Mouser”, she has claw caps but still catches them well. Only one problem, she gifts them to my daughter while she’s sleeping, on her pillow, so gross. So she shuts her door at night now lol. One dog enjoys eating mice, she found a nest in the wood pile last summer and swallowed them whole, I was gagging and shaking her head, trying so hard to get her not to swallow them but she did anyways. She is a beast. My husband caught one on the steps but I’m telling you, that was one cute mouse! He intended on hitting it with the broom but just could not bring himself to do it, so I tossed it in a container and dropped it off on my way to work the next day. A friend is staying with us and he thinks something is very wrong and that we have a “infestation”, city folk. We only get one here and there, no where near an infestation. Our home is very clean but I suppose they are seeking warmth. We resealed the basement last summer but they still slip in here and there. They did find my bird seed bag a few months ago, what a damn mess.


  8. At night I would set the hounds free in the garage (Daschunds), for hours they would sit motionless waiting for mice to move, it was curtains for the mice. I saw our one take on a 6 foot black snake and win


  9. We have terriers. We also have mice. Every year. Apparently, the dogs’ high prey drive/bred to go after rodents only works outside. Inside, they do everything but lift their skirts and squeal like a little girl when they see a mouse.


  10. My little male cat that I bottle fed because his tramp of a mother abandoned him when his eyes weren’t even open shows his gratitude by killing every mouse, cricket, and moth that dares enter our little construction zone. Of course, he tortures them and then drops the at my feet. I smile and tell him how great he is and he trots off stalking something else. My inside/outside cats scoff at him and are probably calling him a big suck up, but those girls kill moles so it’s all good. My little shiztu female just sits and looks pretty. She sniffed out a mouse the other day but when she was getting close to finding it, she ran back to me and our little mouser did the rest. I would put traps down but my husband is opposed to killing the mice with a trap because he says they are inhumane and I say, have you seen what the cat does to a mouse? Okay, we have a washer and dryer but they are in the processes of getting new hook ups so we are going to the laundry mat yet again. My friend owns it and she closes it down on the nights I need to go because I cannot do laundry wearing that stupid mask and laundry mats attract children…snotty nosed children. LOL. I have good friends. Did I tell you that when we went down to do some tax stuff, the tax person closed her office for me so I could come in and not encounter people who may have the flu or worse. She kept assuring me she had her flu shots. Small town life is good, no? So, I’ll go do laundry and it will be locked and my husband is going to pick us up food and bring to me at the laundry mat and it’s almost like me eating out but with me not really eating out. Three more weeks and I am off of house arrest and I can go out side without a mask. I’ve been on these damn autoimmune suppressants for so long now I think my gut is never going to be the same. On a bright note, no shingles yet so that’s good.


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