4 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 8”

  1. That’s cute. If Deb needs ideas for things to make, I have yet to see a cell phone themed troll or a rooster troll. Maybe a troll mug shot wall hanging? Just spitballin’ here. Hmm. Spitballs?


  2. Okay, despite the fact that I’m sick and tired of the War on Thanksgiving – this is adorable.
    Note to the retailers: first it’s Thanksgiving and THE NEXT DAY is the start of the Christmas season.

    I’m releasing my inner grump for that one. Now back to the bidding wars. I’m going to win something eventually.


  3. I have to admit….the JoeUgg scares me. There’s a very creepy something about it…that would make me feel watched or something. Reminds me of a really BAD B Horror movie called Jug Face. LOL

    Suggestion: Use OOAK in your Ebay description title. It means “One of a Kind”. Lots of collectors of original art/sculpture will search that term.

    Loving the art, Deb. You’re fantastic:)


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