8 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 6”

  1. Maybe Deb should send some to Nicole to sell in her shop. You know, since Nic thinks the sheriff’s ranch is making money off of her. This way Nic could do one positive thing for the universe!

    On another note…thank you, Deb! For putting your talent to work for the love of children 🙂 You have true heart.(said no one ever about Nic and Joe)


  2. These are obviously much better quality than what NicNag’s churns out. Not only better looking but better quality materials as well.


  3. Maybe Deb should send some to Nicole to sell in her shop.

    Nicole should buy them herself and learn something from Deb. Hint #1: Don’t use feathers covered in chicken shit and try to pass them off as something they aren’t, Nicole.

    Also, are those made of vintage material and lace? The buttons too? Can you elaborate on them a little bit, Debra?


  4. How much you want to bet she’s gong to copy you Deb on your fabulous bows! The feather bow is fantastic!


  5. Eat your heart out Nicole. You keep purchasing the cheapest bows you can find (Oriental Trading Company? Walmart?) and then you mark them up 100% – 200%. If they aren’t flying out the door, it must be because people can get better quality bows for the same money or less, locally.

    Naturally, it’s not because Debra’s are actually made with high quality materials (vintage fabrics, buttons and notions) or something. No, that couldn’t have anything to do with the selling price.


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