30 4 30 Day 5

You know, these would be brilliant in their execution even if there was a committee someplace coming up with the ideas and Deb was simply making them come alive.

But that’s not happening.

This is entirely, totally Deb.  Start to finish.  I never know what they are until she sends me the link.  We have 25 more days of this.  Will she run out of ideas?

Go ahead and laugh.  It’s okay.  And then go here to bid.


8 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 5”

  1. If Nicole tries to claim that the carrot is obviously her it can be argued that NO WAY does she have skin color as healthy-looking as the vegetable in question.


  2. And she gave her teeth! Maybe if Niki asked politely, Deb would make a set of teeth just for her. She could bid on them on eBay. Niki *and* the Boy’s Ranch would benefit.


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