5 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 4”

  1. See, it’s not all about them. Incredible talent and imagination, Deb. I’m trying to win something! Thanks for your dedication to this project. From another Deb.


  2. She’s going to have to do something with lumps of coal too. Father Christmas also had something to say about naughty children.


  3. Sally, do you know if all the trolls that were ordered in exchange for donations were finished? I was a bit late to order, but I still haven’t gotten my two… I’m hoping the box wasn’t stolen, but I don’t know if it was mailed yet or not. I guess I hoped they might be done soon, especially since Deb is now busy on other projects. Thanks


  4. The original trolls are not complete…i had a couple set backs…everyone who ordered one will get one…i promise!!!

    i wish i could do it all day

    But i can’t.

    Thanks again everyone…i am close


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