30 4 30 Day 3

I said that yesterday’s offering (the Shitstick) couldn’t be topped.

I was wrong.

Where do you go if you just can’t live without this?  Once you stop laughing enough to maneuver,  go here.


13 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 3”

  1. I wanted to bid on the shitstick but then I saw the “dred that got away”. Can we wait until the end of the campaign to start biding on the one we liked the best?


  2. These are great, Deb! I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with during your incarceration. Will Cindy Cinderblock make an appearance?


  3. Bethannie that’s why I wear Poise! LOL.
    OMG, Deb is getting better and better. Amazing work.
    Scared the dogs.


  4. they are all 3 day auctions designed to send 2 more kids to camp by the end of 30 days.. .so you have 3 days to bid starting from the day i list.


  5. I love the description!

    This lucky quasi-dread has escaped the blessed’s head and is onto greener pastures.

    Armed with the former owner’s Kryptonite, a comb, this dread should be safe for now.

    10″ tall, I made the comb removable in case you want it to hold something else.

    Made with years of lies, faux hair and polymer clay, this dread deserves a second chance at life with someone who knows what they are doing.

    Who can resist this ad copy?


  6. Deb, you’re not only talented and generous but extremely clever! The dread and your description are simply CLASSIC.
    I’m very impressed 🙂


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