30 4 30 Day 26B

Now this will get you.  Really.

By Stella, to help a kid go to camp.

UPDATE:  Here’s what Stella had to say about this whole thing. She doesn’t quite get the idea of what an auction is.

By the way, I was outbid almost immediately.



6 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 26B”

  1. LOL…Sally “bited” the fish. You know what stands out too me in this sound bite? The love between mother and daughter. My eyes are leaking.


  2. I had every intention of stealing this bid at the last second, but I wrote the ending time down wrong. I’m so disappointed these fish slipped through my net! Great job, Stella and your amazing mommy. I love these fish and am so jealous of the owner. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  3. I got Stella’s fishies! I am thrilled (sorry Just Thinking). She is so precious.

    Deb, please tell her I really like the green one.

    I was so excited about winning these I forgot to thank Al for his part in the collaboration: the sharp rusty edges and tetanus. Al and Deb and now Stella are amazing artists. Al, the hand is so anatomically correct. The fingernails are especially nice.

    Will be looking for my Franken-box in the mail. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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