14 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 21”

  1. As a collage artist myself, these are my favorite yet. Brilliant!

    Of course… as a collage artist myself, I don’t need any more around the house, so I won’t be bidding. But seriously, I love these.


  2. This is a bit off topic but I watched an 11:26 minute video on youtube that features a guy putting (or trying to) solar panels and a battery pack in a van to run some things. It was fun and was still better than some of the stuff the Nauglers get up to. Bonus cute, well-cared-for dog makes an appearance.

    THE SUN WILL (not) KILL YOU can be found here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71nOceASXqQ


  3. “Brought to you by weed” – I’m laughing so hard. Can you smoke the cards too? Are they made from hemp paper? That might get Joe to bid.


  4. Riddle me this …

    Who has an open CPS case for possible abuse and neglect?

    Who has a husband that has been accused, by at least one of his children, of incest?

    Who posted publicly that CPS was investigating a claim that a minor daughter was pregnant as a result of an incestuous relationship with either her father or brother?

    Who publicly posts a heinous story about a mother engaging in an incestuous relationship with both her son and daughter and calls it a “victimless crime”?

    Who believes a father having a sexual relationship with a son, or a mother having a sexual relationship with a daughter, is not incest because no offspring would be produced? Who believes that same abhorrent behavior should not be regulated or punished by “the state”?

    If you answered NICOLE C. NAUGLER (wife of JOSEPH E. NAUGLER), from Breckinridge and Radcliff, Kentucky, you would be correct.

    Where the hell is child protective services?!


  5. At one point, CPS apparently received a tip that the oldest daughter might be pregnant. They followed up, as they are required to do. Apparently it was not true. Instead of just letting it be, Nicole went online and told the entire world about it. That’s the sort of parent she is.


  6. Who publicly posts a heinous story about a mother engaging in an incestuous relationship with both her son and daughter and calls it a “victimless crime”?

    Same woman who also feels that prostitution is a victimless crime and posted that on a board while living in Maine. It’s probably long gone now and I don’t know that I screen shot but she did write in defense of prostitution. I wonder if she shared that with her LDS wards.


  7. Joe and Nicole really don’t want anyone around. Send money don’t come out and help clear land or build. I used to know a family where the parents were like that, and as their kids left home they told things. There was a Reason that the parents didn’t want anyone seeing the family interact. I hope the Naugler kids don’t have the same problems but with their “intimate father” and weirdo mother who the hell knows.


  8. Lol! I love these! What would go great with these is a blessed little to do list for all those things that will never get done!
    All brought to you by weed.


  9. These comments went deep. Incidents I was unaware of. My skin is absolutely crawling and I want to bathe in bleach. I’m with the commenters that hint that shit is going on behind closed doors, not even closed since there is no privacy to begin with on the shitstead. Behind closed tool sheds. I’m that person that tries so hard to give people the benefit of the doubt too but something isn’t right.


  10. Nicole Naugler only thinks prostitution, incest and drug addiction are victimless crimes, and shouldn’t be criminal, because Nicole is not the victim. Disagree with Nicole Naugler, gossip about her or laugh at her and she will run to the police, the FBI and DOJ insisting that you should be locked up.

    Victimless crime = not about Nicole
    Gossip about Nicole = “off with their heads.”


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