2 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 20”

  1. About prepping

    I leave them out in the weather for at least 1 year…between the sun and the rain at the end of a year they are much lighter and free of any foreign life forms… that may seem like overkill but i have been doing this a long time and pushing the process by bleaching is not my style.
    Side note..i found out the hard way that ants love the driftwood on this particular stretch of beach..on one particularly successful beach combing morning i had a bunch loaded into a wagon (yes..I’m that girl) and unbeknownst to me they went full on attack..in my shirt down my pants… you name it they went there…so now i am more careful when i harvest.
    The shells get buried for a few weeks until the bugs clean them….they are easy.


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