30 4 30 Day 19

My apologies for the delay today on my end.  My internet has been down most of the day. It’s back up now, but sort of iffy.  So Deb had to send me the photos because I couldn’t access them on eBay.


Here you go.


3 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 19”

  1. wanted to inquire how Frances is doing?

    She’s well. She’s been confined to the barn at night when the temperature is really cold. Last night was relatively warm (41 degrees F) so she went out to the pasture (which she prefers) for the night, but it’s supposed to rain tonight, so she’s in the barn. Most of the time, we leave a door open so she can go out to the little paddock area if she wants to, but she beds down in the barn. We made her a very thick bed of old hay/straw. I think I could even sleep on it. 🙂

    Thank you for asking.


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